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1-7 6-7pm Bobby and Deke, SAINTS Divisional Playoff TUESDAY

Jan 7, 2014|

Today on SportsTalk--“SAINTS Divisional Playoff TUESDAY” with Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia: QB to QB with DREW BREES. Plus, now that the Saints notched their first road playoff win, are you more confident they can beat the Seahawks…why or why not

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Agony and you are now animal Dario sports saw six -- if I Drew Brees joins us here on Saints radio WW LA MFM and dot com -- ago continued preparations. For the big matchup with the Seattle Seahawks will have lap press -- -- as they they'll appear. On Saints radio WW AM FM and dot com operated jaguar opinion poll since 1990 nicotine that loss by twenty or more points than regular season. Came back on fourteen down to beat that opponent in the playoffs. Will the Saints make it fifteen -- as a vote on line. At WW ago. Dot com Bobby. -- so we look forward to is meant to -- then we'll talk about in the of beating -- we shot you can look at him with some early keys. One thing he thought about with little balance. And as we look forward to Saints were extremely balanced against the Philadelphia Eagles 68 offensive plays thirty passes 36 rushes. The last time the Saints play the Seattle Seahawks 56 offensive plays Bobby 38 passes seventeen -- Well I've and begin and you look at it and I and I thought just speculating and I think Mike -- -- this up. Then -- Sean Payton is Sean Payton narrow. How many games we actually runs the ball morning we have passed that in. In that and I knew I was than usual and all said and done now because and you have Drew Brees is things like. That obviously. Instead of having 36. -- thirty pass attempts to be flip. You know you have 36. Like 45 pass attempts and maybe 25 to thirty -- it's just loving. The of argument we had told me. I think it's six times since 2006. We've actually had six games. Where and we rushed the ball -- we passed them in that and I bet -- just speculating here again. That the reason why maybe we surpassed the past at camps -- what occurred in Philadelphia was then maybe we had a big lead. And we're close enough to gain in the fourth quarter or something and in that's what we had the rushing attempts and that's that was encouraging. You know from the get go. How were able to run the ball efficiently. And you know was just dig into the running game in and that was pretty much from the get go. In in and begin I don't know what more can you say in and and you look at this to me when have we seen this. That the saint. You know gain. 94 yards in the ground in the first half. When they gain in the first half we had 94 yards and win you know when a 185. And and pretty much when you look at the 36 attempts that we were almost halfway there by halftime. And I think a lot of it has to do it also your opponent. And Anglican and Thelma I think. Coach Payton in and put in the game plan together it was area very optimistic. Then you know that who we would be able to run the ball against Philadelphia. A -- that I think. Looking at Seattle's. When you look overall where they're ranked. -- defense overall is really is when they excel is. Number one past the sleeves things stands to reason he's still we may be attempt to run the ball in Seattle. Because when I look at them we've really struggling got no yards are mine -- -- It's kind of like stout run defense like Arizona Cardinals like New York Jets -- I think and as of late you know. The second -- -- -- a first time we ran well against Carolina. And that's a tough team the same thing you know going as the 49ers. So that's a positive thing going forward. Compared to I'd say the first twelve games of the season. Edwards is in like that we couldn't run the ball even if we tried to I think we -- obviously having more success. As of late not only attempting to run the ball. But actually do any productive as far as average for carried. So that's encouraging -- matter of it's by committee Mark Ingram. Carter Robinson whatever Sproles Venus and -- -- Pierre where he's at his that his status. That the get back into the mix but the one thing I've noticed and that. Dig it just seems like as of late as far as game plans and and that by teams is sure surely aware of outlaws green game. And of them -- -- -- to get like. Against Carolina. I against the Eagles there a single one name going to be on top of -- screens and obviously also. I'm trying to eliminate Jimmy Graham in the habit of. Day coming up tonight at seven at 10 factory as a fan it is the New Orleans pelicans at the Miami Heat with a heat. Had been dominant this season especially at home. At Miami as they take on the pelicans in my Miami's 1583. At home and American Airlines Arena you know bust talk about tonight's matchup is Michael MacNamara -- with the pelicans. For -- -- shots dot com and Michael is as they are very tough matchup with a potent tonight. Yeah I mean that's it's a team that likes to get -- -- on the court which Republicans do but they do with much more speed much more length and it's a team that's been together few years now what Republicans are still trying to. Gel together so you're going into the -- for the best speed. In the NBA. Luckily they kind of player around what he usually in the first half of the public and might be able state. In it for awhile but they're gonna have to get really -- to steal one. Now I'm Michael. I mean what is the status what is your take would Anderson and his injury. Because how much rarely. For the -- that you know getting that playoff race impossible ought to be an eighth the though what is your take. With him and and his injury. It is something -- this week to week I dated dale explained that way he's that. Yeah I mean I herniated disc today. Is there is really a couple of options. I haven't been through it myself when -- it's literally a pain in the neck. I mean he could undergo -- you epidural shots like that. And and being on the court later this season may -- I would say on month and half the earliest. But it's an injury that in obviously could require and usually eventually lead stood at. Some kind of surgery. So. I would if I'm a betting man I would bet that we don't see Ryan Anderson again this season and as far as the playoffs. I think it's going to be near impossible you know I think if you think of this team for those hurt for fans who are in the the Saints it's human -- listeners are. It would be like taking the Jimmy Graham away from the team I mean he may. Single handedly make defenses play you're so differently. Despite his one incredible skill and mean knockout blow it it is Jimmy Graham -- work on the Saints were the Mets. That your multiple weeks like Ryan Anderson. We're gonna see a total totally different offense and I think that's what's gonna happen with the public -- -- Now Michael again at. You know obviously as of late who's hot and all Mike has -- Tyreke Evans. And he's feeling and what like -- his third second -- third sprain ankle and and you look at sixth man in and really what he's done for this team in and is all around game. One what is your take will he keep playing -- his consistent level usually -- production. As far as points somewhere it all around eighteen and a half. About seven rebounds in to have this is the largest break down Tyreke Evans because voice in like you sure come on strong as of late. Yeah I mean he's money Williams has -- for awhile that he's still learning how to coach Terry coming. That's something I think people underestimated that takes awhile for coach really to get that feeling on who players what he likes. You know where elects to be on the court. And you know with him get help in money understanding your game more -- seen Tyreke attacked the -- And and he's really not making a high percentage at the -- Over his career usually makes about 6061%. Of the shot. In restricted area this year he's he's a little over 50% so. He's not even really playing to the capabilities that we seen in years past but he attacking. It's pretty open on the boards and he basically plays point guard down the stretch so. I think he's been huge I don't think it's any coincidence that we saw it really take off when Eric Gordon went down. Sure a couple of games that mean you are guys that should be hit 333435. Minutes -- only get about six. So far this year so I think offensively there has to be some room -- for him but you we we've seen what he's capable of it's us couple. Michael -- know what's available on the site. C'mon Albert urban streets I mean we're always obviously destructive games live game previews recaps we have great information about some of -- pelicans lineup obviously an update on Ryan Anderson injured chicken -- -- so come on over join in the conversation in Rita. I'm Michael thank you very much enjoy the game has seen. I will be talking around me here right certainly aim at 1053. Check out the pelicans and the two time defending NBA champion Miami Heat on pelicans basketball. WW Bobby you know talking to some folks it may be trip to Philadelphia. And -- were to open it really. Say -- everybody -- route to -- Like if they just had on -- -- -- some people would make some some disparaging comments Baughman rocket if they haven't won a ball and -- is something good. And they they tee it in the you know and he lets keep it down with through the death of the good you know -- -- all -- -- -- go free. And I got that they can you know he has so much about batters thrown at the hands in the -- how mean people of Philadelphia are and I kept thinking you know. Did they ever think it. The reason why I mean oval one and Austin -- the -- was -- mean. Made -- they weren't so mean. The Eagles might want to Iraq the last town Philadelphia Eagles point. It that you could hang on a wall was one non vamp Rocklin was -- -- three name players left in sports now audit. Well and that they generate -- may be and he was that the year to be that 1960. Which is forty and had a suitable and had just NFL championship when he called those who is and I -- thank you know -- they -- -- through -- and I want to -- did you. Yeah. Well. I don't know sometimes and you have of the parents and right now would wanna be a north when it's so cold. Did you see on those pitches in and it was frozen they showed some lighthouse like off a late Michigan. An idea movie of the day after tomorrow I mean just all froze up. It's amazing how cold -- was yet. But the only place that was really nice. Is leniency in national championship game all of politics. And that that now it was nice in Pasadena the rules bull from the floor is that an alarming news balls a big in Miami it was like 82 so wouldn't. Too many players at places in the country that when bitterly cold and it of those called for us like today. But a north I mean if Blanco had daylight that he did they with the bills loss. Only -- functional with special this on now yet -- it's not often down -- these points with thirty degrees. In -- -- day. And signs now -- and I use that let's go to Lee and Charlie online seven thank you for calling WW well. And Charlie. -- paid DK bodies first the with regard to the Saints. You know. Whom he wants Mercer and -- You'd put me -- assured him on the but I don't remember what element to talk about so -- frogmen. Because. I was listener which is certain hampered efforts each -- to go there to celebrate the birthday of the year. -- -- -- Leaders and you lie yet this year as well you know you stand them up well in that category company where. You know -- -- that my grandpa was career -- victory but it won't want to grant Korea but my father was in Korea okay. And -- he gets passed away Tuesday pictures no matter of fact. -- written -- about that is uniform and all I was looked an advantage was -- to me it call. You know and I think it's really economy insensitive of him. You look over here to celebrate the birthday in my Americans understand is Bart de. -- dictator of the same regime. Yeah yeah if you look at at SS and Americans don't understand because nobody has called us until they understand that they brought people I think a lot of people that. That do with a resource to understand what's going well our NATO radar they know our relationship or lack there our relationship with -- -- -- that -- they don't understand Dennis Rodman's stinky and yeah I mean who does. I mean it is not as Alec Charlie's not like the NBA's back in this well you know here's the thing you know who's warns them. Inking it did is -- saying that he's the he's that. This is what this where even by Dennis Rodman don't ignorance. He's not doing his -- anything other than personal gain. And I guarantee. I have not heard anything about a charity they do and it's for goodwill or extend an olive branch to maybe have some talks. They get nice days comedies and not associating with the news. The NBA has noted this himself from some of the -- one point -- -- conducted. One of the best power forwards in the league can answer was the best body elite -- -- -- the best -- falls in the league so these are not known many people. Gators -- called he's got at least it was as a some water race you win it and he's a look kimono Leah can jump on the brother wants the players a lot of money it will wobbled voted -- -- But he don't give you X amount of dollars that's -- they -- they -- vote for no other reason but to go to get a sort of I have a damn damn damn do based stupid for a final -- -- Islamic. You know look if he would gators traveled since Tony's would you following in eighty land. May be ready would you followed in his -- me anyway. Much less on a plane somewhere where it's Siberian cold you gotta be a photo followed in his -- somewhere -- and all Korea well of first off that is. -- any as should be speaking Charles Smit would have been. More articulate his -- maybe trying to express written and he kind of was trying to defend Rodman because he knows rob -- make an awful lot of themselves that. And basically with Smith said it and made somewhat -- even -- I don't agree with it because you're talking about a brutal regime we -- North Korea. And atheist society. I mean and that's really why -- hole and -- than individual captive. Because I think is something. There's some came -- a question about some prison right yeah yeah Colorado on CNN Atlanta the last things they write and and that is sensible you like who. Is being detained as a devout Christian. And it in that system. -- that they'll put -- You know breaking rocks and and you're going to be you know gone and tell labor camp and and supposedly -- -- -- fifteen years I mean so that adds is the politics of that but anyway view of the Smith what he said that they were trying to do. Played the players as it was about basketball. I'm not politics but really would this brutal regime I don't think you can separated he says it's so to speak of cultural exchange. And he said we are here because it's about doing a great will around the world. Within first things first it -- this is spent the Asia he was already anyway he was being peaceful but like you tried to what he's saying makes no sense does it not be official know from the -- and White House's. It did -- trap man on a private trip. Yes I guess it ain't got anything we -- -- to do with it because there isn't a violation of human rights in that country is this. You know speaks for itself and like David Stern said although sports remaining Kansas can be helpful. In bridging cultural divides. This is not one of them know that the North Korean. Country empire. I mean it's evil regime I mean. Somebody might think like -- they'll look how they oppress their people. I mean it's like almost a modern day version of Saddam Hussein are above that line. -- and North Korea is that backwards. I mean in an and although they gonna do with Wright doubled the world because they came in feed their own people. You know with the new global -- -- it's gonna -- hunt down nonissue now for a basketball bank and I children say it. Is it is ramming his team going and they've been on that. They've been eluded him all Korean team he -- Denard Korean a senior. Like all stars order. Man oh man oh man only and that's it you talk -- has gone viral there's really gone viral. In the -- the since we've been sitting all the major news network to talk about him Allen went about. This -- well things and then you look at it since Rahman's last trip. You know took place last month less than a week I have that. You know here's North Korea -- execution. The leaders uncle cavs uncle. And huge and so far and -- -- -- and that spot yet. So the mean -- it's unbelievable you know who's fighting yet to be control on the power. Analysts and you know as though -- -- -- you know that that's gonna happen. -- an artist and and as -- diplomacy there. We did is front and going and Aramis stories is it bizarre to say at least it was time now folic helmets -- QB to QB. But Bobby -- Drew Brees in QB QB you brought it back. Great employs -- Crosby dogs downing gallery and Al and also Joe -- got ago. Called Joseph drew thank you so much thought damn big big victory last week on the road -- -- I'm I'm sure that we you guys winning and down at half time. But it just seemed like there was a there was a sense of confidence because of the way. But the offensive glad to meet that Tenet had established that they were controlling the line -- -- Yeah you know we had almost a hundred Russia about Portland let it over a hundred yards and a shall shortly. We're would be able to control ball all virtually no runner then just -- wearing proper treatment got game you know that. That first -- they played pretty conservatives -- so we're gonna have this year pushed all on the field. A lot of things where you know -- -- -- we ever in our return we got. But you know better than the actual run really well we all the cartilage -- -- great -- cart so. We college -- -- where you are now just -- ball you know -- party to salt -- that number double game law ever all their weapons and are at temple watched -- And now we know no matter time and we -- we're come out there I think I think it. That particular turning point against -- -- economic trigger perhaps defense stops straight out of the offense what we hear about that ought to contribute to that and shoot outs. Although real -- great start for a moment changed to the game. Yeah and -- would not -- before and had occurred and and in the -- and have religious. Flipped the momentum and it's things like we're down at halftime even -- -- I'll play in. The Eagles split the question out I had -- is how fortunate did you all feel. Only down seven to six at halftime considering you know minus two in the turnover ratio and in really meant it like the -- and also in the foot we're better than this team. Yet yeah well. I felt we we -- torture. Although you know there. The turn over the result and a touchdown that was -- that they had to bring him back on our side of the field you know that the first or. Our mixture -- to be kidding you know our our thought he was our top our order by -- departure stellar field with that. They keep poker try to get all look so all right around here we're arrogant or certain crops but I'll. You know they got that parity -- territory but. Breeder -- Obviously you don't give him any reason could have hoped right you know I mean you -- You're playing a game as clean as possible. And and is strictly off so. You know you would eliminate the turnovers low cost but I'm 32 great job responding. To that and I -- the -- to -- a great job just -- going to be references and just try to tell -- so let's be patient. There are opportunities to come and you know what they do figure. Now what would you look at. I again as some. How deep it is -- playing I'll have you filed as of late. That to me like their strategy almost is like okay I'm gonna try and attempt to pay a lot of attention and take goalie Jimmy Graham. And then also just looking in especially Carolina even Eagles likely screen please. The notice campaign into particular pitch in to Jamie and also on the screen time please. -- -- -- I'd say in in different -- He's done in certain situation. But maybe not reaching and that the Eagles -- it you know dominate they -- had. You -- player or. How they wanted to try and serve you know Jimmy Sproles. And so you know. We Chara saw that early on yet another -- we knew that we are not perhaps the pick and choose our opportunities. Get those -- the ball -- -- certainly not. Told surely we're going well you had the game and all that. -- -- -- -- It's great -- art in regards runner up over your take into artwork and apply that here that's gonna benefit. Not all offer. Now drew -- fans of actually it is and that's Obama and I threw it if you feels this way in the you know much is given much is your card and obviously you're the leader of the team. The -- sometimes of fuel pressure. Then maybe let's say if we can't run the ball. That you maybe have to take chances. Now I'm not saying -- take a chance and that is scented DeMeco Ryans I've been there got a blind spot. He was you can pull the ball back. But you -- and it's too late in it's that it's a -- with the ever finds some times that. They may be. That -- attempting carried a team but a Lou might be struggling running it so I have to make a play in May take chances. Without a reporter. You know I don't have those feelings terms of that sport reporting. -- a position learn how to play. You know -- at that level but Patrick but -- figured out. -- our our gain hurt -- more mature become an era in in the position luck on that you know that. I really don't have very good result. You know you try to put pressure so try to force those types of plays now. That since sometime in games. And you know it's going to be a shootout or you know Richard down by. You know if you need a certain number scores in the short amount of time and you architecture or you know particularly for it. And then obviously you you can play important those circumstances but. The most part especially in the beginning of the game you know you're you're trying to establish. Your game plans and you're trying to be as efficient as possible and I -- say like not make too big mistake but I mean you know early on in the game. You wanna. You wanna trial or it goes such mistakes much spot on tour you can kind of -- you were. You know how the game skull. But you also won the momentum especially like he would he would comment on this and I think this is so true like at Philadelphia maybe even at Seattle. Boy if you get off to a great start. Abandoning the crowd and -- B chair just to be chair in and he -- so you don't get Manny thing and then that drew does his once that on the the that you -- does Sean Payton and Drew Brees -- says 2006 -- -- winning after the first quarter but I yelled one over 80% of the games. So -- just -- just a great start and kind of percentages were in your favor because that momentum. Yeah well that's right there are some and I think -- walk -- in the same -- in -- mentioned especially on the road. Like you said you can take the crowd out of it you know don't give memories and cheer. Then both that always -- sure. Now drew. Looking at and they explained. To the fans also but throwing the football like you don't shot plays this say it we calling it 25 yards or more really trying to. Stretch the defense and I try to tell fans. That conditions are different you'd think in theory they shouldn't be you just throwing the ball. About like listening to don't look at the big plays we had in the superdome bridges as a blade against a Tampa Bay. And and I was looking and and goes right at beginning of the game is -- second -- and you trying to he would Sproles on the sideline. And may be -- through about a half a yard or yard and I'm saying. You know that type of play how it is a game of inches pelvis and that could be a touchdown -- a dome but I just because of the conditions in the -- do you dealing with it. I mean. On that play in particular universe no no excuses -- -- try to get near here. He Turkey -- I step on the starter and actually talk about that play today reached an idea how lost it in the light each. And so he didn't -- and so it was right on Saturday that he would have been able to adjust back to it and make the play and try to start on deep balls. I would argue about it there's. You know I trust my receivers to be political -- plays and in -- chasers. They have a lot better while still in the stretch back that they're opera gets dull. I can say that a 100% of the ball that I over stroke we are not gonna catch. But there's a good. There's some good things can happen it by me a little bit short especially if they have been beat. Resemble one what you should try to catch number to go -- -- -- -- you get a PI reap the ball at the spot. You know and -- and number three it's an incompletion and it restriction or they come out by. You know like I trust my guts you know in a lot of Jason so. Now -- Rose -- or church -- eat straight does well polite -- I would just back to at least -- catch but. I would I wouldn't -- condition plate. Any factor in in that game and it surely you know by. But there -- out of nowhere and you know reduction pretty pleasant day by which are standard -- about Q now that's the case may. Seattle to under percent chance terrain vehicle will seek it out that's still what you -- that affects. You know it -- planned you know obviously. When we play Carolina Burt and -- traditions there are fortunate that Burke order so you know you're out there. The play calling -- so you know there's there's times on the road you know those types elements where you got to adjust but. -- -- -- Drew is bigger than that and Sunday's early game -- kind at the cold and rainy as a layer Marino and boomer -- feel sandals on that. The broadcast and they kind of pose the question Jim Nance did okay what you'll quarterback was more difficult. Was it wind. All the rain ought a combination of both and it is there 100 it's more susceptible for -- total -- and then then others it doesn't matter. Well I say really at all about your grip on the ball you know so. I thought that you know a source you can grip so all you -- great tradition back -- or you know whatever Aldridge wet especially when you're soaking wet. That's when it becomes a bit more difficult you know you -- you calculated -- you know the charge Roger on the ideal actor checked but. I mean I think. If you ask most quarterbacks that's what Patriots -- really at all about grip you try to cripple the ball and August it's a tryout -- to get you each -- Now drew looking at Seattle. Obviously a second time around. And now they're not invincible that as of late and you watch this film. And maybe you can explain to fans with the the Cardinals do. To beat Seattle in the latter part of the season. And I know Russell Wilson had a great game against us and maybe he hasn't played as well was since then that. That the one thing in the question I have is that you look at it though we've had an outstanding pass defense now we are dealing with injuries but. The Seahawks double on an in pass defense. And when you look at how they play how crucial or critical it is to get a feel how the officials. Is gonna call the game -- fours when they lead and what they what they letting the secondary. Get away with as far as you know illegal jogs and grabbing the Jersey being physical is that something easy to have the flow of the game and and how you might trying to attack Seattle depending. On how the -- is called. Our circuit you you you just got to you know what they're gonna hold and grab American I think that's -- -- style and you know. There's -- -- W opened -- our -- get the ball and hopefully it's called a long way to go but he's got a great city. Saints quarterback Drew Brees QB to QBs brought to bank the great employees of Crosby -- in -- NL and Joseph set. Gotta go college. Drew thank you so much for the time we appreciate. Are all right drew bug drew and those things are. On the road Saturday about a week and the Seattle to wade is a 100% chance of rain. Wind a south. Violent -- our pain the closest of -- in the eighties -- nineteen points. Yeah I dig and I think it's going to be you know we talked about getting off a great start in. Seattle's crowd they always loud and -- on the going to be into the game. But I think we can't afford to shoot ourselves in the foot nothing you can't win but edges depleted percentages in your favor we can get off to a great start. In. And really even if it's 30 or something really closed just hang in there. Oh win at the initial storm. To save the -- and then. Just said the -- time beginning especially because the way they structure you can out of forward but at the B and then mine decided turnover ratio -- animal and it takeaways and and overall they protected. The ball being plus 21 in that turnover ratio but. You know this too we need to have some sense of balance and I think that they have been someone pass defense. Now that we have to attempt to run the ball and have somewhat success and and that's to be agreed challenge Roberts of line -- be. Glory to his game a lot of -- considering how well they block against the Eagles as -- cannon Bobby -- able bar around the league next right here on WW.