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1-7 7:10pm Bobby and Deke, Around the League

Jan 7, 2014|

Bobby and Deke go Around the National Football League. They talk to Joe Person, Panthers beat reporter for the Charlotte Observer, Mike Shumann who covers the 49ers for KGO-TV in San Francisco, Chris Price who covers the Patriots for WEEI.com, Rich Nye who covers the Colts for WTHR NBC TV Indianapolis, Michael Gehlken, Chargers beat writer for U-T San diego and Renaud Notaro who covers the Broncos for Mile High Sports Radio in Denver.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is divisional week in the National Football League meaning there are four teams in each conference the Saints. The Seahawks than the islands in the pan in the AFC it's the Colts the charges the Patriots. And the Broncos timeout to go around the national for about it. Panthers to rush for Carolina five seconds away from the NFC south division championship Matt Ryan loft a pass down to their sideline is incomplete and I don't know I don't do it. Left on the clock and that was done and again hooked with the coming from a tendon nothing down in Atlanta. And taking the NFC south division championship if belongs to Carolina -- go back up by 85 with the the first round -- And they had their bats as the rest up get ready fourteen they defeated. Down the stretch of the season another rematch game and NFC has the Panthers in obtaining the San Francisco 49ers. If there was talk about the -- as they get ready for Sam sisco is. Joseph person and has been reported for a shot -- -- joke. The last time these two teams met the count on defense was tenacious. San Francisco's wasn't too bad you are you expecting another low scoring defensive -- Yeah thanks so I mean about -- -- basically -- -- there aren't there just continue to get stronger in the Panthers the one picked out. That you got so down there and early to them are aware the saint got a but they bounced right back from that and and took care of business appear. Against New Orleans in the week seventeen at Atlanta. There -- these days if he had had this bye week to rest up and and the niners there are better defensively you know -- that first game back in November when one Peppers went out there altered now. Was just coming -- that my attention. He only played twelve snaps at me he is barely a factor in the game and you got dollar against the Packers QB is he locked and loaded right now that pat church. He had joined and speaking of players that you know -- avid flow of the season and is locked and loaded. And things like Colin Cameron he's playing a whole lot more confidence now they needed a first time against Carolina. Yeah you know it's intrastate he he was the guy who it's just been made a living is. With his leg -- in any tittle green but it the last two or else. A 10189. Yards and 8000 racquet yet. Yeah married quite ready this year but that mediocrity was the leading rusher and he had they took the back breaking runs one on third down conversions. The pampered I like gap outlet back today and then it got that staying on an electronic you subscribe to it. You can watch the coaches build and I watched that first game. I want to see every now that the and niners took in in any kind of passing situations. And they -- that they introduced as they didn't really do think they had yet. They had mostly format on a bullet to about nine time. And that saint and it started back with that what Sean McDermott the defense scored it. That saying about the Packers and Bobby you could speak to this better not accurate the Packers and a lot of in demand defensive backs that they're they're backs turned to the line of scrimmage when when cap predict took off a lot that -- I don't play much man play and so they feel like the corner to safety linebacker. Trying to keep it not now not. Back field and and can -- campers it might start leaking out there. Now Joseph it took me if if you look it also. When you look at it is a slugfest in. I you know like at thirteen ten and 1713 tie game. And you know the depression is going to be on the canyon and Colin -- he could be also a lot easier said than done. Of which team can run the football that being. DeAngelo Williams who would Carolina. And you know -- get it done and then also. -- things that a mile mile of the 49ers. Our -- Craig gore yet I mean because that because I think once they get it going. What they -- a quarterback's best friend. Yeah yeah no doubt about it and the -- but I think are better rushing team we're about Jonathan Stewart and and it's no that's no knock against -- and banged up all year. He's hurt right now it's kind of mean talking about my comeback that brings me to practice tomorrow. But I think it's true Manny. While this year too -- care to share in the back Gil -- the end -- it rhythm back he's been to get better. -- when he in the game -- shot Lennon and now and then for short yardage situation they've got a terrific ball back I would go to Pro Bowl Mike Tolbert. Though I mean not. You know other night. It out on the Stuart at the on the it is eight LP but not I don't know how big of a factor -- gonna be in and you mentioned Frank Gore. Act guy is a tough game you know late January China -- Egypt's. It is gonna -- a key role in the day is not that pertinent make demand but he he might run you know where. And and and we kinda element that we get it going to be cold like Green Day. But her call out for pretty good chance to rain so running game could be greater import. Knowledge also. You know you gotta have the health status to be key players. My in the standings these mid that you be ready to go is is that had to take on him right now. It got a flag and the question becomes then how effectively going to be in and he would keep that -- -- that you know I'm I'm not sure. I think. If you. Doll any week seventeen and Atlanta. I don't know your packet thing played later in the day out yeah we need the well there there's certain unions saw out -- true opinion or passing and I was without speed. Brandon -- a guy who's had a pretty good -- LSU guy. Had pretty good -- here is the number two receiver. He would catch -- pass that day when he was the focal point of you know Falcons coverage. And and nobody. Much credit in juniors but you know you need any kind of look at it. You want to only play. Sparingly in news and a could go over top but the defense but. My point is that he's been a -- there that say eighty or 85%. I think. Gives you something that the niners at least have to be aware of and maybe it opens up some things rather get. Joseph person covers the Carolina Panthers for the Charlotte it was a joke thank you so much enjoy the game send. Groucho. Right footed kicker from the near hash mark kicking from left to rights. To win it for San Francisco. It's a good snap good hold the tickets on its way and over ended. As San Francisco. 49 yards out on it. Bio final score of 43 that's bloody and they will bull behind in the post season and sank to conduct. On you look at that the drive dead -- What he has to Mike Sherman John just now the talk about that matchup and now San Francisco and Carolina again if kgo TV in San -- Michael on that drive earlier. We made it Kona he had the ball right his hands and dropped dead heat and the -- knock -- down a theater made them pay for. -- I tell you like DH yeah. Yeah that each -- -- one like it could do you know it all. -- now that they're -- dead right on and media the trip to Maclin accounted outside keep that drive alive and it was game lovers. You know -- made an average out they've football team to the Packers but it's seven water -- -- play that great but. I thought about it last week college coach so touched. On dry clothes. Don't want to burn it dated for a touchdown a couple of break galore like I've never seen him do that the quarterback so maybe there's a little development there at the quarterback position for. The MI got there I was gonna ask you considering how where he's at right now and obviously a big win at Green Bay. And has shown his toughness and and obviously when you have that kind of game it builds your confidence. Of I can recall -- that long ago in the Carolina game really can use -- any college -- again bullpen do anything. I'm sure you know you live in that game -- there was almost an old school type game. -- where is look like almost single digits in the low teens. They had a collection Japan there's been erratic as we can contend that nine at Campbell yeah. Yeah it -- at the battle of the draw on the actual athlete playing quarterback this week I had two great deep threat that but I think that the gentlemen it was speaking earlier. I think it's a matter to have more talent at the skill positions on offense and that probably going to be the difference in the game -- I think they get all the -- -- -- out but that bet their defense to stop making acute column a little bit the bullet sitting in that. Can make it game by they really struggled a lot receiver position. And then and you know -- -- alt field and it's early game Betsy lock clock game back. In the 10 o'clock and let's go to that could affect the organizers called back to back on -- sister spots. Cap ridiculous -- based -- -- -- -- -- -- comment is that because if he continues with that. Mike how about it is how about the first time in Iowa a five post is 60. Nancy win -- round as well from the trip. The Super Bowl on the line I would like to see Sam Siskel holes in the wall next week will Whitcomb we -- historic land on -- -- Well I tell you -- -- it would -- me that the way you'd take care of sick part got to commit. To the last possible game you can only. And your thoughts or Drew Brees and his -- -- not happy the way they've played last week even though Whipple that the victory and that they got. I think that block or is that an advantage here they want a playoff game. While the other gave an adult choir separate watch himself. It would surprise me that that's up called B yeah in Seattle but. Anybody can go to mr. -- Now -- -- it seems like to me at the 49ers. Especially this time boy they can get out -- opposing quarterback in really. The officials that they wanted to -- you call holding every play. I'm I'm looking at the Packers they couldn't blog -- -- Smit and and speak you know where he's at right now it seems like boy he's. A played himself back into shape and he's ready to roll where that one necessarily they case the first time around against Carolina that. That all by it's -- is a force to be reckoned with that. Well there's no question and I think that line better corporate people in matters is -- bad penalty straight across the board. Tomorrow quality QB people at the player of the year Patrick well. A lot brought the ball and get it you're at it -- -- -- and what the world you -- the -- swelling in that group you know itself. Yeah I think they're gonna get that New Guinea and happy uses -- you -- to make the plays happen for them and I mean there. It stopped on honesty bit at -- under you're right here so I just don't see the panthers' offense. Put up a lot points and that can put a lot of pressure on their defense. Now -- might -- follow in in the NFC west have particular a week in and week out what is the -- is in your opinion. To be this Seattle Seahawks who looked as of late obviously at Arizona Cardinals in FC west opponent when of this Seattle Andy beat them. Now Russell Wilson had an outstanding. A game against the -- there really hasn't played at that level us since that outing against the things that what is your take that the winning formula to beat at the Seahawks of their. Well I think it's like a cap pretty got to keep Russell well you know in the pocket. And they'll get outside make polite we're talking about it to be a little shorter and about six -- -- that. Speaking to that that pocket real quick whereas with Colin could be at 65 it takes a melodic you don't -- he used to Atlantic in millennium ago. You out there -- value not the -- -- -- golf ball but decided that yet he brought the world and in the pocket make it goes -- agree. And -- Lincecum and you know he's had to Outback Bowl now that you could stop that run they're gonna come out to -- -- run -- play that play action pass you know that. Rookie of the year -- Cardinals showed that beat him there and then there's going to be a lot of that they'll look at from that game by Portland's. And you look at you know might be stopped and more -- and just had 45 yards rushing and but they jumped all over the -- you know they got a Davidson touchdown it to me with them being plus one a warning -- that turnover ratio having the most takeaways. You cannot afford to shoot yourself in the foot and especially the beginning of the game with a crowd goes crazy and they have all that momentum. Well others that questionnaire and I think the Saints you know went -- on the road for the -- them to play out they're really going mirror competence. A better quarterback like Drew Brees could play into that annoys you remember that use a lot of hand signals -- that. -- big receivers the Saints they can kind of can't -- it the physical play the Seattle defense the secondary so. That matchup I got here but he says Seattle and -- all over Portland I think that's the case. Might Schuman who covers the sentiment sisco for -- spoke kgo TV in San Fran might always applies in dog games Sunday. I'm focusing Uga Candlestick Park it and I'm like. -- -- -- Are you can't single setback for the -- they go to trips on the -- side including a win receiver Michael Coleman now and really haven't got lucky in the slot left with short motion whose life. After the left out of an outside receiver can't golf to -- That's what made this. What's for dinner. And the New England Patriots are at home again and they're. Divisional round entertaining the Indianapolis Colts Chris -- from the big one WEEI. Dot com -- is now Chris. In -- Tom Brady era. How many Thames had they not started the playoffs in the divisional now. Amniotic it it it seemed like it was just not raise -- -- -- a year when -- went on as -- in Austin Raiders that year. But it it just seems like a beat the Raiders that but the majority of times they've seen him play a wild card game it was it was an end -- this around his. Yeah that the two time could jump out to mean your back in 2005. And 2009. Have to double check but I think those -- the only that they start in the locker room -- supposed to -- a playoff rounds so. Collegiate all the played I think -- got a great matchup coming up with a cold Saturday and they took over a lot of fun. Now Chris look at that with the -- come in the town in it you know it is amazing. Not at the Buick come back but I'll watch them a couple of times. And a one game there were down like twenty to six that it Texans and his ceiling ever since then Reggie Wayne. I got hurt dead days -- tended to make themselves a hole maybe early in that first half or the beginning game and in able to turn it around and buoyed up by great comebacks them Andrew Luck but what more can you say. When you have a quarterback like that in but had to be in they get off to slow start in the Patriots I mean I can't see him there's no way they can win to me. Being makers. Both in this think where is gonna control the tempo with the burly government witness. Because I think the Patriots to a really good job the ball. Colts don't to a great job at defending the run and think of the page return and put 1014 points on the board. During the control that terrible terrible move the ball public and you know that clock. I don't know how much the Colts are going to be able to do it comes to -- -- -- possible comeback and that occurred so. Think it's on the Patriots control so poorly you do when you see those go public figure blunt even remotely credible -- career. Output to get to seven ignored and drugs and I think to be prediction that the typical -- -- -- that that -- pretty -- -- depending -- -- -- -- -- -- Look NN like players and all of a sudden they have unbelievable form it is and football fans are recognized. Their names. Like a TY Hilton. You -- broke -- -- franchise playoff record with thirteen catches 224 yards. He also caught a couple of touchdowns. But to me that's what they records Belichick. That how would be shocked. If the if he had -- evening near that I'm not even -- he might even get shut out of the way Belichick. Ten like we did it would Jimmy Graham tend to shut shut down their best receiver. Yeah it's. Defense -- -- here. You've got intrinsic weird number one up and that option though. If you can go it would be -- would mean their return to retrieve -- Tippett that they would Booker for you but I do I agree yeah I think it's -- who knew that set up in the matchup. Where the Patriots are interest in taking out Q white oak note going to be interest and cute beat -- you keep to -- you like don't get no. He used to -- budget degree every month and injects a wide variety. But he's struggled against some of those smaller shift -- it -- -- -- but -- paper kind of matchup. -- -- underdog and Calvin just looked kind of being globally. Catchers. He struggled against. Some guys in the spot most notably deep threat earlier that your -- for a couple of deep ball so going to be written the article about you a lot of told you bunt they'll. Think in order to help but yeah I think they're number one thing for the Patriots are currently the number one priority sure that you're trying to make the call one dimensional team who -- a pitcher to go to run the ball. COLT have been able on the ball wrecked and took only Richard Donald Brown. Of Richardson struggled in that department -- and impersonal winnable match -- prevalent on the ground. You can beat up and got a couple of that late game magic it's gonna be a shall we look at Q well we'll get. It now Chris when you look at the their running game that being the Patriots you know LSU fans. If you know their concern and now is he still includes Belichick's. Dog house that being Stephen rarely are here's what Gary -- the guy now. Well I think controlling interest in because they and it hit short putter this week or go to the web site WER dot com that looked at. Agreed to cut back but. If you look at Wrigley -- Started strong regret -- with a bit but he got a budgetary -- stretch what you call their probation recruit the pretty good about what has really started on strongly in Europe in -- -- more that are the under naymick out and the option they have reasonable actually in the gaps. The Patriot to win the Super Bowl this year they would be the it would be will be the first and the Redskins to win a Super Bowl the true running back by committee that it is that -- outpouring back at least forty dirt. Over the course -- and so. We talked to -- ago about that today inaudible line of options at the putrid out of the running game to look at. Talked to defend so going to be interest he should start the utilize those guys. Article goes you know a lot of bought an awful lot of Wrigley. In the arena kinda change a guy that that that Patrick option out spectacle that. Covering the New England Patriots for the big on WEEI. Dot com is Chris price Chris thank you so much enjoy the game this weekend. -- acquired kicker -- -- -- roll four man rush with Kansas City lock steps up throwing over the middle of the final. Yeah. It's just not pulled away it's team I know it isn't good with the touchdown -- a six feet cooling. The second largest comeback in post season history the Indianapolis Colts are moving on that they're turning 4544. Come from behind victory. Obama beat Kansas City tees here to help us talk about the next matchup is rich. Nine who -- with a coach for WTA taught in BC TV in Indianapolis and rich. I have -- kind of settled down at the bit thrilling comeback the Colts had this week. Well they certainly. Cool down but I mean by that is Indianapolis the -- after that remarkable game early you know that very next day after that Saturday game. It was a sports no. And for the last two days we've had temperatures. Below zero with the wind chill of about minus forty lol. It has been asked vehicle looking forward to -- in England wicket warm out there. Yeah now -- do you like forty degrees -- Well yeah that now we Illini in it below zero but I originally thought it looked good and Andrew Luck didn't. Boy -- what what more can you say and and how tough he is images the middle of this particular. But look carries. Turning a steady stream at halftime booms. It's a chorus of cheers polite about what every department lately. That I'll have been in no one game where it's a kind of I hate love or love hate relationship and and obviously appreciating good -- did that. That was indicate the beginning as the fans -- given it to them. Well I think what we saw on Saturday night was one of the first big step in Andrew Luck. Committing himself as a very good quarterback in this in this league and obviously we although it. Your career ultimately judged on what you could do you would play -- And the kind of come back that he led on Saturday night is so special and I don't know exactly how to describe it. But Andrew -- What has it. Right I can talk about is. Athletic ability he can scramble out of the pocket he's very athletic he's strong in the pocket he can -- it hit deliver a pass. But more than that between your ears upstairs. He's not a Smart. But he had it and he knows how to make plays and he makes them at the right time -- like I believe it -- -- Comeback in the fourth quarter. And more rain its second season this this group especially young man and called stand. Really still don't understand it -- getting our career they're upon target means they'd -- How important that they are replaced Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck. Now rich job that I watched obligates like DC you talk about those come actually might be casually flipping the channels watch at a game. I can remember are believed it Texans game when they were down like twenty and his six. In a -- like you said I mean and ain't over till it's over because you can't count the Colts Al because they've had those great. 04 quarter comebacks on the -- it it seems like he kind of started happening. Where they would get off to slow starts what -- Reggie Wayne was hurt. Who's the next leader are the veteran that may be. Could step up isn't -- cars and another person on that offence to maybe helped them out that provide that leadership that when they since they lost Reggie Wayne. Well the closest thing -- to it is Donald Brown they're running back who is a guy who almost become majority. He's first round draft pick but never really became what they hoped he would be as their running back in fact they kept trying to replace him. This year you know a year ago -- Ballard who replaced him this year they've brought in about a -- -- -- replaced them both those guys got hurt her out for the year. And it and then namely that the trade portrait records and and trip really haven't worked out to beat their main backing there and so Donald Brown has. Just force this year. And hasn't had any kind of not stocks -- -- -- that it has been consistent. And admitted that they play. Puppet and that they'll have a lot of veteran presence in the skill position at wide receiver there's no. Why -- -- an incredible game. Maybe overshadowed because the cup back at 224 yard. I would open every play -- -- -- particularly in the second half. -- hit an eagle at second year player. -- he -- shall eat yet he showed tremendous great big play potential but hasn't really shown a lot of consistency. As a receiver and that's what they are gonna continue to meet -- hand we're gonna move forward in the playoffs and moved forward. Coming season as well the good. Rich and I took over the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC south and this week's divisional matchup between New England in Indianapolis for -- WT HR in BC TV. In Indianapolis. Rich thank you so much for the time enjoy the game this weekend. -- -- -- you get third and eat for Cincinnati shotgun formation for don't. Don't take this and we'll system -- gets -- -- -- throws so it's picked up to a foot -- right down the sideline to the from behind. Dalton took a shot from right yes. That Cincinnati turns it over once again. And we take a look now at the AFC matchup. It is a real man's ball rematch is -- in the divisional round the San Diego Chargers and the Denver Broncos here to help us talk about a Michael guilt and that was it charges for the UT San Diego -- Michael. When San Diego got hot down the stretch. Five of their last six. They really they really put on a showing a may be open at the rest of the countries as a how good a team they were a lot of close calls earnings season some losses. They probably should have had when they win a dimmer every dominated above and especially on ground. You know and when the charitable and did well. I only told reporters I was just packed game. But when you're right that you don't believe it charters are not going on her promote and it's fine you know winning streak. I'm that's what they've been great because that occurred on third down the controlled the clock or an intra. We've cut down that it would become difficult to beat out about was a recipe for success allowed on the charter that. The Broncos on December 12 time there and -- other -- Sunday he's gone wrong. Now Michael what is it is its six or seven times federal they've beaten dimmer than being the charges. -- -- -- -- Ortiz but it blizzard like a six of seven or something like as the lady had Denver's number. He's certainly done well again I think it was a lot of matchup will be to 2012. Our children get out of prominent figure. But ball -- -- and I certainly don't think any Indianapolis. Yet -- it doesn't have as it is our record against sub Peyton Manning -- -- -- in a to me why I think the got a great chances simply because I've respected. The Seattle Bengals defense and how well they were able to run against them and I think right now. That never brought the -- Stevens is nowhere near as as good as the Cincinnati so. I think. Just with a common is they -- along. The line of scrimmage with their offensive line and then plus. -- Timmy Philip Rivers is probably the best quarterback. Can never have won anything yet but I think he has that ability. To be a franchise quarterback ought to ultimately have to win. A championship but. I know and my belief is that I don't think the charges are intimidating going to Denver come this weekend. -- announcers. And they shouldn't be frankly no team in the playoffs should be. Intimidated by any other team while Ortiz a -- are you ever going to be opposite view survives. Brought it into it and charters under the law are a minute to beat that. The Buick I don't know that -- chants of either -- mean I'd putt that you. Is that it's a wild. It's just a run and it. And then have a Michael looking at this. And you probably go aware of this and I ever won the schedule came out that looking at this you know last spring in 2013. The last four suitable winners that have played in the Eagles homeowners who've home opener ironically that was the charges this year. You're looking at a starting with the Saints and or not that it all ninth season in the Packers the Giants and Ravens. And maybe that might be a load -- load -- -- comes about that to my karma and that's too much a coincidence that the charges. Are able to make it five streak. Yet recruit that our court right. Rule that trying to -- Eagles all Welker and -- I think of them or boat people that I mean if you wanna look at recent entry. It's that succeed. Art or one of the past five years were playing the number one wool -- speed for one triple and out. -- -- -- -- Vs Peyton is the Broncos not saying security that they are going their way in. There is so recent history that says possible and that team but a lot home game -- the proper at. And it's been charged him -- beat them. Michael Dell can -- the San Diego Chargers and all over the AFC divisional round -- B try to for the UT San Diego Michael thank you so much into all the game. -- So the Broncos today to -- highest scoring team in NFL history. They also will finish this season with 606. Points. Breaking the mark held. By the New England Patriots sit back in 2007. -- 589. They break the Marcos. New England in 201175. Total touchdowns in a single season. The Broncos but. Finished today with fives that gets 77 on the year. -- us what it takes -- snap. And indeed we've come to the end this -- That boat -- -- coliseum is to wrap up the regular season 2013. Denver convincingly. Beats Oakland 34. To fourteen. That was the way they ended the regular season breaking all sorts of records and they put their stamp on the number one seed in the AFC. -- Terrell took over the Broncos some mile high Sports Radio in Denver. -- I'm sure and January is off to a good idea mile high in post can get -- -- mile high mound in the. Affected that yet though but. For the Broncos. I just started pulled -- my recipes receiver out combo this weekend but -- -- was it. You answer about and I'm sure he -- run on true we -- some folks that Haywood would love to see it as it you know and I know -- doesn't want this curb it when it is winning -- that we just -- that the gentleman from San Diego and then. The six seed vs that would the first see Woody said those Ford one. When when that is occurred as of late so another thing to like get to have them and obviously the Broncos don't wanna -- charges come in there and of set him again. No not like last year we are just talk about that might show. Earlier today and then just you know what if the Broncos lost again I don't think it's gonna happen I think the Broncos will. -- boat race the Chargers I think Manning got Welker now. I think national Marino's really playing well. Their defense is banged up and everybody's banged up about the logistical step to make adjustments on defense. And I just think the profits is too potent going against. -- very very porous. Charges that there. Why did you look at analogies I guess made the TV in the ratings. It seems like from a television perspective. That who wouldn't wanna see. Tom Brady vs Peyton Manning at the voters who bowl. Yeah I mean that's that's for a premier match up. You know he sought earlier this year New England was scheduled. Just came out the next here and Rocca looked back to New England again next season together at the great match up and everybody is on the Broncos keep winning and everybody comes to Denver and how it's supposed to be about fifty degrees or so. On Sunday but the weather's looking pretty it's not expose expose -- was being nasty weather and so I think that's looking good then. I don't see any way San Diego put it aside from Manning not shown up or get in terms of like that. Now -- -- when you look at Denver defensively you know that's when you know when you're always trying to ended taken -- -- now -- team might have problems and and you know I go way back -- a real it was my first roommate now with the Saints and you know I'll look what he did as a coordinator alone you know became a head coach and now back being a defensive coordinator. Boy you get ugly -- job last season looking at the numbers are wired different where you're ranked. But the and you look at this year how they've taken a step back is that because of injuries horrible what is your take wire. What where when you look at their defense -- as dominant as February a year ago. You know what being on -- missing all those games he came back about 1012 pounds had the are heavier I think that didn't go low you lose defense -- starting defensive tackle Kevin Vickerson used air wolf. You know that does that TDs to be in -- he's so I think a lot of it has to do was. With the injuries linebackers Wesley wood yard. Has proven he's really not a Mike linebacker. The probably need to it is to find somebody like that the last few weeks seems like he's linebackers have been playing better. And at the -- then. Nate Irving the third year player at North Carolina State. He's come along so let -- -- the play -- a little bit better but. As far as. Down yet make it down -- not -- make excuses jump -- government uses people these next man up. And so that there earlier here from the Broncos but yet -- eventually injuries -- you -- you have to suck it up and play through it. Renault it's narrow got a big and as we -- in Denver the Broncos taking on the the charges he's with mile high Sports Radio in -- they -- always a pleasure thank you so much of the time. You are right middle.