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Jan 8, 2014|

Dave talks about the Saints simulating Seattle, radioactive diapers, and frost

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM it's early edition of WWL first news on this the eighth of January 2014. And not special Larry and -- -- more than a week into the new year and for only the second time today. Com. Maybe I can. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know I would expect it changed them not with. Well happy whole slew of New York zero early edition of WW golfers. News. And the good news is that Natalie as a lot of wind out there -- adds to our mental illnesses on election. Bad news is that means that this frosts -- out there this morning as is no wins to keep it away. I was just on Hamburg master control -- on her car parked outside this Mormon. And it looks like it's been sit there forever because it's covered in from your -- Everything but the windshield has a layer of ice on it but I know she just got a little while ago and -- so it's that cold and then that even though she drove. All the way over an hour is just like got the ice is staying on her vehicle I'll and a little bit on the wind Shiite insurgents attacked she didn't have to goes great finger -- -- but I saw some that were part that desperately to cars you may or may not absence repeating it is. Now when he gets here vehicles more meaningless text indicates that the 870. If you wanna warn folks in your neck of the woods that nasal. But Ross and not having that -- -- makes all the difference in the world I mean you can actually at -- pretty darn cold. -- stand out there but when that wind yesterday which it just hurt your -- with that. You're really -- -- -- field and pan and into the governor tender vegetation you out tender people they are writing your phrase and it in now you get the frozen eyeball things back on now and that's fine I'll never forget that the die hard freeze warning is -- in effect until nine. Until then. -- you can expect freezing conditions across the region but then the warmup begins ask -- today sixties tomorrow seventies by the weekend with the the range it. And rain in the forecast. Forced Seattle -- ever done as well. Not making me fielder right now 50% chance of rain game time for the saints and now -- a 100% chance during the pregame activities. As they look at the system company. Off the West Coast and making steadily. At our place this is not -- than normal misty thing that they usually businesses like real. Heavy Rain Man in his name. Interestingly. Yesterday the saints decided as they returned to practice for the first time since the win in Philadelphia for estimated practice -- to hear from the guys in the locker room to get outside and they -- on the practice field in Metairie and there. In battery on the practice field it's painted with Seahawks colors. Even Seahawks logos. On the field and now. So we asked coach on paid out -- time coach would you do 100 you do know where you are right it is battery -- Seattle. And essentially said they just want to make it feel like okay now they want the players. To experience. Here in new war islands. What they're getting experience -- in. Seattle the logo and agree that environment. You know crowd -- field everything this weekend. The unit these speakers pocketed out noise if you drove by saints camp on a lot and yesterday -- -- part. Many wild cheering got sharing its intimate loud it was you can hear it from. The highway. Yelling and screaming yes things like Graham I hate you. -- -- I. They're just trying to make it feel like cattle well. There are no doubt will be chance like and worse. Much worse up -- on the sprinklers on today when they practice. It's really nice to replicate rainy. Yucky conditions that they'll probably -- just wish we could get lucky and maybe get a break at least for the game -- off. Now there's an encouraging news that the money is shifting back towards saint it is going to an evening half point line some of the casino seven. Others at eight. The saints are -- -- less of an underdog anyway. That bought the protectionism in the attorneys get the site. That it works and whatever -- Mary bring -- -- you know. Change the Gatorade changed the suits and warm ups and -- you know he's he's different ticket. -- -- whatever -- Take a bigger play -- it in the seventh -- seven well the price big big big thank you David. -- effectiveness of mourners here at WWL am FM and that count and that makes sense -- to paint the -- logo on the field. In Metairie. -- recently did in the indoor facility to hear from him coming up -- your full forecast. And we had the text messages about people who got frost on their cars we'll tell you aware that that text create 7870. Getting it makes sense to paint the Seahawks logo on the field that Metairie and if he got little ice and you -- you must know that as well here at WWL. Happy home. Now and I think the person expects case that in the days haven't you says. Only aware of it that are now okay well there you guys you know why not try it get to the Santa get -- comfortable playing on the Seahawks. Updated field and then they'll feel like -- at home and they go to Seattle. -- be used to the crowd noise it's been pumped and on the speakers so when they get there that. Hollering and screaming won't bother them Italy yet on where David doesn't work and -- well this forecast work Korea. Some sun and some clouds today but actually -- -- -- -- warmer day ahead highs around 51 this afternoon. And tonight only dropping to 34 -- north of the lake and 41 south of the late. In tomorrow's the clouds begin to move in for Thursday still a cool day with highs around 63 but by Friday were up to seventeen L along with that we will see a 50% chance forces scattered showers or thunderstorms. From the eyewitness -- forecast center I'm urologist larva. Tell that -- get a text from across the region of people who have frost on the cars had a little bit ice on the windshield in Metairie heavy frost on the car windows and -- to us as one text messages date 77 minutes and -- -- and -- Mississippi's. Yes we do you have with the winds laying down there is definitely. More ice to be scraped and sitting on top of vehicles this morning. The official temperature at the airport is 29 degrees. East wind at three so it feels a little bit colder wind chills around 24 right now slide out clear and 23 degrees. Sports time -- WWL. And please don't start wearing Seattle Seahawks callers when you come and -- sports that you -- somehow help thing right now you know definitely I don't -- any. Moving green neon green whatever that whatever color thing green. Quite agree. Yeah I've seen like some of the alternate stuff it's. He'd take the battery out and demanded an attack uniform and -- collar. The wind I expect -- put out some kind of special uniform that I would be surprised apparent well. -- will be surprised tells about sports is that your job. Our -- morning everyone -- outside linebacker Parys Haralson. Has been placed on injured reserve with a torn pectoral muscle the injury occurred late in the first half of last Saturday's playoff game of Philadelphia. He recorded thirty tackles and three and a half sacks for the black -- After being acquired from the 49ers. -- quarterback Drew Brees -- that he in the offense faced a stiff challenge Saturday in Seattle. As the Seahawks boast one of the best defenses in the entire NFL. You look -- and every statistical categories there. You know if not number one and there certainly tough five when it's completed defense is there is at every position so -- for line backing -- and then obviously the secondary. Seattle allowed only fourteen points per game to opponents during the regular season and led the NFL with 28 interceptions. All the pelicans all to the heat 107 to 88 in their road trip finale but grungy scored 32 points in Dwyane Wade added 22. Tells coach -- Williams was disappointed in his teens after against Miami after halftime. They came on the third quarter ago turned up their purses. That's 64 points in the second that's not a good defense they made a lot of tough shots for our guys. If there's a whole we got to grow up. New Orleans is back home this evening to host the Washington Wizards. LSU basketball open SEC play with a 68 to fifteen loss to Tennessee. The tigers fell into a fourteen point hole at back half and could just never recover. And you tech has kicked three players off the men's basketball team for betting on at least one sporting event. University executive vice president Richard Dido said that he thought the players were believed would not bet on you -- games or participated in point shaping. They have -- on sports talk join Bobby Hebert and di bella via live on location at -- is supermarket uptown at 4500 -- to list. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning -- Wars and tax credits and -- eighth avenue and described it as chicken poop green. I've never seen chicken -- but now take. Dispersants work for the ethical I don't know that's some radioactive Chicagoans -- Galveston that's funny that you say that -- and have a story coming up about radioactive diapers stay tuned for that that. In the next half hour or so -- WWL what do you think about. The saints they've erased the Florida -- off the center of the practice field inside and outside -- -- Seahawks logo there's several Seahawks logos on the outdoor. Do you practice fields it and they're just. I don't know trying to make it feel like it there in Seattle in the practicing here in New Orleans. Yes so basically I think when they go to Seattle though feel as if they're home because they're practicing and right now so we'll be more comfortable in. It's funny the machine that actually pumps in the sound it's called the twelfth man machine. Okay and it makes sense that makes it sound like there aren't allowed stadium and yeah exactly and it just you know blaring the noise out as and it's loud you can hear it I'll absolutely as you're driving incident that facility -- you're driving -- on airline drive -- can hear what where people come from right and it's it's kind of interesting to see this thing's going through this right now in this cold weather it's kind of beneficial. That we're having this weather change right now here because. I know it's gonna be cold and way come. Saturday some significant and the sprinklers on hold -- fields lot of practicing and my bad ice. That about just about this right we'll find. That it's all this makes cents. Hey I don't doubt Sean Payton -- method to his madness that'll work last game hopefully it works again this week and it wanted to Philly whatever it whatever you eat drink where. What plane used what to do it practice. That works. Go for it it's kind of like the whole placebo effect I guess if you believe that works that -- if it ever thank you I believe he'll be back -- more sports 25 minutes I guess that'll work to you. He's the -- line gave conine Margaret comments from late 7870 that you texting and about what you think about the thing to do and get ready. And a lot of people but -- frost this morning with the forecast and a all right we got people who -- straight in the -- someone just tells me -- David Texas eighth avenue obscenities at left the house about twenty minutes ago from Saint Bernard and frost was caked on my windshield to ten minutes to get all the frost off. Good luck that. After another cold start this morning in the teens twenty's even lower thirties. Where are we warming up just a tad this afternoon actually making it back up to 51 today with partly cloudy skies. Then tonight mainly cloudy and those not as the -- at 34 north of the lake and 41 on the south sort. Then for Thursday with some clouds around a cool day highs around 63. And on Friday will say at 50% chance for some showers and storms look for highs right around seventy. From the Eyewitness News forecast sinner I meteorologist Clark. Tell the text messaging activity that is as we got frost in the -- area on both sides of the lake now -- text messages of frost on the windshield clear skies. 34 degrees at the airport on the lake front that's the warm spot 23 and flight out when he nine. And -- with just a little bit of wind making it feel bad. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news it's January the eighth its 2014. Is a special they'll. Every day's specials a -- double double out but I just above ground and into. Yet today the guys like Sosa Smart -- -- -- 77. I figured the only adjustment amount. Ice on the windshield now that it's freezing outside and we have -- really. As as if I'm -- agreement. Yeah out asking people this brought the telling people about it and even brought it up like yesterday we did not have -- now -- ten degrees colder here. Yes it is home to thank you -- But no today the winds died down. Yeah so we're getting text messages from the coast all the way through. The North Shore and admit that oil. Level right on their vehicles this morning because of the late night so I thought it was necessary to warn other people -- units of time -- That and what we we get this like when three times a winner something on the -- pretty -- I think it's worth talking about really artsy yeah. President next meeting that -- -- so much frost on my window and Saint Bernard and drive like -- venture with -- and out the when cold morning to be doing that while he now I would suggest that futures up a little time let it warm yet what is -- some you know room temperature water right now shield and then turn on the windshield wipers and you should you know. Frost I've I don't know why they're just leave it there not an alternate machine of the only time I can remember doing or driving like that was in fog where it was so brown I thought for some reasonably -- my head out the window are you might see a little batter and and a little bit. Maybe a little bit no way to dry. Notice. Out of your weather's warm or cold not good so people attaching estimates 7870 about the saints and all these things they're doing. To get ready for the seat Seattle Seahawks on Saturday. On the road course in the Seattle they needed Seahawks logos on the field at the Metairie training facility both indoors and outdoors they're practicing outside in the called. They're pumping in crowd noise and sound like there in Seattle. One person -- -- if Dan Clarke if we have not continue to be called a genius we believe in patent wheat -- in -- -- Somebody else says -- -- Seattle with no doubt patent gonna have this team ready notices that makes sense Dave because the Seahawks -- going to be easy way to get off to a fast start. But that's who cares if it makes cents. If it does anything about that wins so be it who we question. They can put up -- twelfth man sign Wear green underwear and watch Grey's Anatomy whatever it right now. That's as I'm hoping that he taste of Seattle practice will give the thing that attitude to go kick some -- this time saints quarterback drew breeze. The likes it bought likes and all. It yourself for the moment as much you care it's. It's an indoor facility as well you know also. This. -- you're gonna see a lot of but those colors you know when you step in that stadium and you know you for very good player best out here on the practice field and then hopefully that carries over. The president love that the saints are painting their facilities. Though one big mind game and -- as they should of people he ought clothing. Following the defensive players around taunting them everywhere they go parent in public and they should roll the -- government. Toilet paper so they're good and fired up angry when they get to Seattle and take it out on thereof are now. But then. Period they're going to be up there early enough prepare whether Italy Thursday to look at like -- that the Canadiens Thursday and Thursday night Friday Friday Friday night in Seattle they walk around anywhere up -- there will probably be counted taunted him and I just -- -- Kamal from the LB ready to go. I don't this belongs in the problem with people file or not but in Vienna Austria. Some. Geiger counters. Detected dangerous levels of radioactive activity in the truck that was arriving at the dump. Not good so they started unloading the truck and firefighters from the Hazmat unit found that it was diapers. Setting off the radio active equipment sensing equipment that's wrong well. It's not what you think -- three adult diapers worn by people having tests for the had a drink radioactive iodine. Does that then that is the equipment could sense where. Eight -- they gel and liquid was moving through their news so apparently when they than. When the radioactive iodine exited their body and county adult diapers they were wearing during the procedure all it's -- -- that when they ask all these papers together off set up -- Radioactive snipers are well they quarantined the truck they put that'll lead box that they nobody was -- in game but it is just. -- Now we've heard it doll thank you David we'll talk to you with more birthday is coming up in about twenty minutes Chris Miller joins us may actually get a vote. On Capitol Hill today on that hole. Raising the flood insurance rates today. Actually you're holding your hot this time let's go live in -- to that hot hot hot this meteorologist Laura but now. How why you and the Eyewitness News forecast center. Actually pretty chilly here this morning we just we just -- the thermometer in -- It's in the upper fifties here in the studio also like to be tomorrow. If you're outside it's -- it's not a school is out that I'm not complaining but it's still pretty cold here -- Well yeah I you'll see -- -- sweaters then you know trying to stay warm in here -- I I totally understand but at least you don't every frost to contend have outside this morning but a lot of people are taxing 7870 there's a because the winds have died down this -- -- even though it's not as cold as it was yesterday. They're finding frost on the. Vehicles yep frost on the vehicles hurt from Guerrero and and points you know and north and south heavily. Yep your right with light wind this morning -- are down into the twenty's were not quite as cold yesterday morning. Or ran in about four degrees warmer than yesterday I'll act -- my field and New Orleans at 29 flight now 23 and that -- right now at about 23 with some teams showing up closer to stay and we do get up to. Fifty -- now fifty. I and I. That is the fifties. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Were going to be in the upper -- to low forty's. All right today go folks after this last really cold morning the warmup comes on in with rain just in time for the weekend. Just how cold is it. Across the country is meteorologist Laura but still cold enough that an escaped inmate in Kentucky turned himself -- because he wanted the warmth of the prison. It's like what space on mom and -- I've ever checked and I during the day. I know you doc Otis Otis and may could be an intimate you come back and like you at least you know this guy's name is Robert Vicki fourteen years albeit escaped from the lock up in Lexington aha and yesterday apparently walked into a hotel. And that what you call the cops swarming. I'm really cold. And I escaped from jail I'm ready go back EVE car ride back to jail. You know related wanna walk all the added that he wanted them come pick him up and squat car yet well he had the department says outside the jail wind chill readings were twenty below boxing -- And it makes sense that -- would surrender to do at a six year term before he escaped. And now go finish it out lets get the additional time for -- -- plus plus time well and you've -- released LB or its cold make you do some crazy with the outbreak -- -- Ellsbury back in details. Of how long he'd been out but how about that yeah holidays it was called not that he wanted to go back at a yeah. He was checked out for hypothermia he was okay that and gave his wish but impacted. I don't know but that called out that the that gonna go to jail -- -- it would twenty below that would you know that's pretty cold I have to say -- -- pretty cold this week if I can't imagine what they're 13 north. Who apparently thank god it's just about -- thank you Ed thank you mr. meteorologists have made wonderful list yeah there in your cold studio into your. But -- live and direct from the sport and on this -- day sports with Steve Geller right after -- I was 49 thank you for joining us. Early edition of -- WL offers his retirement this radioactive -- truckers some attacked and an eighth avenue tonight that some of my kid's diapers would come under the hazardous materials category. Yeah. -- -- fourteen outlet box that gap pretty close in my out that's there but. Sports time now you're on WWL. And for that we say good morning and happy hump day -- Steve -- who mourning the gold today. And little warmer but. Not as much wind so I'm happy and little lights on the windshield but I'll take it because we're warming up Fabian let's of this -- he not as they get ready for Seattle's well. Exactly good morning everyone will -- head coach shall pay and let us know that linebacker Parys Harrelson has been placed on injured reserve with a torn pectoral muscle. The injury -- record recurred. As -- tackle receiver Jason about late in the first half of last Saturday's playoff game. In Philadelphia. It started eight games but mostly played any reserve role recording thirty tackles and three and a half sacks. In the last meeting between the saints in the sea -- the black and gold only managed to gain eight total of 44 yards rushing. But Drew Brees expects that strong ground attack in the wild card round to carry over into this divisional playoff showdown. I feel like we're going to run the football. Better now than we were that. And obviously you know last week on the road and get that type -- -- no way in which we did just a complete team when I think certainly helped us gain confidence and hopefully we continue to grow there as we move forward. Seattle's defense gives up on average 102 yards rushing per contest. Well Jeff Ireland is leaving after six seasons as general manager of the Miami Dolphins. Who have failed to reach the playoffs the last five years owner Stephen Ross said he and Ireland mutually agreed to part ways. Ireland had been unpopular with fans for several years and a late season collapse by the team last month left his job in jeopardy. All the brawn James scored 32 points while Dwyane Wade added 22 and Miami turned things around in the second half to beat the pelicans 107 to 88. The heat trailed by eleven early in the third quarter but would go on to outscored New Orleans 59 between six over the next twenty minutes. -- head coach money Williams says its -- this team still has to find that killer instinct to be able to close out opponents after halftime. I don't think our guys understand the game with in the game and so we just we've got to keep working at it. We get -- feel sorry for ourselves when things go -- will force in the third quarter. The pelicans are back home this evening to host the Washington Wizards. And LSU basketball open SEC play with a 68 to fifteen loss to the Tennessee Volunteers. Therefore on sports talk join Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia live on location at Rouse is supermarket uptown. 4500 -- to list I'd Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sports or even talk about all things the saints are doing trying to radiance like. Up forced Seattle -- including painting the Seattle logo on the field both outside that the practice facility and inside pumping in the crowd noise. Trying to do everything they can't make it feel like they're in Seattle's they practice this week. In -- And they'll leave for Seattle Thursday spent a couple of days in Seattle getting suggested that time there. Haven't found -- about a long flight and then in Albion all whatever. You jetlag jet lagged whatever that unique moment. And so they're doing everything they can't it's of a -- paid 87870s that the -- in tactics remind me of the things tried in the movie Major League. For them getting hit curve balls yeah remember that Joseph boom boom in golf yet effect at. And Charlie sheen's character Ricky -- wearing long to raid trying to help them throw strikes and and in OK it sure why not. Whatever works and and in of these little things help the saints get the right frame of mind that what they do -- -- -- almost consenting adults. Yeah and listen as long. And to me it's also to loosen the team up a bit and maybe not take things so seriously. It is you know a big game but if you're tight going into this year not to perform as well so. If they're kind of Lucy Lucy like they were with this Philadelphia game kind of joked about. You know not having a great road record and other change in this -- seems to change in the Gatorade to change the pregame meal. Well you know he starts. Lighten up a bit maybe and not be so tight some they can that's another big part of shall play this planet cannot have a theme. So. Syriana exactly what it is still just the gaming you know what. They are great team just play your game and hopefully we don't make any mistakes. And you're able to come out successful. Well will -- successfully deliver another sports cast about fifteen minutes on WW well I am adamant that he Steve O line gave on. But you are about talent here with your forecast the last hard freeze of this run. Details on that in the warmup -- text messages at 877 is well it's. For the -- -- anything to the -- -- was in -- -- confused might ancient baseball it's hard. Report. For your Wednesday some clouds beginning to move van and a warmup on the way not this cold this afternoon with highs reaching 51. And not as cold tonight with some clouds in the area lows around 34 in north of the lake and around 41 south. Then for tomorrow even milder 63 for Thursday and mostly cloudy then Friday a few showers and storms mix and with highs of seventy. From the eyewitness -- forecast center and meteorologist -- -- -- out of. Clear skies and very calm winds that's why we have frost from the coast all the way through the north towards -- 29 at the according tanner clear and 23 the National Weather Service -- -- -- indeed -- -- the early edition of WWL. First. You ministers from 6 AM in the early edition WWL first news -- today 7870 says. To prevent cross anyway and yelled cover the windshield and it before the towel and when you wake up. No frost they go through it all on election. And when I was in Chicago east put cardboard boxes on the windshield so we wouldn't have to scrape the ice in the snow and all latest move the -- Garment on the ground and all the neighbors people towels and cardboard boxes to what's that supposed mean. When you that you're in a neighborhood looks likely that the it's not excited me now obvious -- us. Tommy targeted for the next twelve hours but you know -- -- -- bottom -- -- had no idea that next -- to start right about the cars on the blogs. If we're gonna talk about it. This sub freezing conditions we'll talk to -- -- about plants and media pitcher and he economy back what do you do. And also will talk about com if you do have a pipe leak what are some of the ways to. Take -- until plumber -- says there won't talk about flood insurance and as a runaway premiums and is the bigger threat the water or the premium as it stands now it's the premium. Don't talk about the saints after what happened last time in December a Monday Night Football are they going to be motivated or intimidated. -- psych them out or -- come up. And it will talk about this code enforcement and Jefferson Parish where they're tough citing people for. Gutters that need repair and houses that need painting a. The broken when do you. That is the little things to prevent that they now -- better than in my neighborhood. Yeah I can get cars on blocks until it cardboard boxes are able -- tunnel from writing and cuts to any -- all right. I'm they've gone out of the state to go as far as turn on the sprinklers to practice and -- but I love to begin. Exciting news talk and sports leader they'll create -- seven DW WL New Orleans 1053 WWL a famine HD 110 -- New Orleans and WWL dot com.