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1-8 6:15am Tommy, plants after the freeze

Jan 8, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dan Gill, host of the Garden Show & horticulturist with the LSU AgCenter, about what do with your plants after the freeze

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

At the end you know we go. Who is the plant guy we hear him every every Saturday morning -- Debbie W well good morning Dan. And for those of us that are. I -- elections they've got an appeal plant doctor goes in the garden she'll order calls quarter cultures with the L if you accept. For people at it may be tried to cover the plants and then and a neighbor as I've discussed I think it is -- jest. As sandy is the way it looked and because it was -- and all over the place. It looked like you would visit your from Winnie the Pooh -- yeah. Heidi you know what to throw away went to keep. Glad we have. We need to start making decisions like that a couple of things to keep in mind. You know we do our best to cover and protect tropical plants like biscuits is -- we have these freezes and light freeze in the upper twenties may be down. A little bit of record of the mid twenties and back up again. A good -- -- in the planet reaching down on the ground feeling around the based Lockheed the -- the property back cover. I can do a lot to help prevent damage but once we start getting in the low twenties and we really didn't as a proteins. When the plants we -- to privacy of their lives we know they're going to be damaged recovers and can keep them you know pristine and healthy looking. But it may helpful. May be helpful -- their lives so if you -- plants even calmer than you're disappointed you think all the games to anyway. They did it. But at least saved allies most likely and you minimize the damage and to leave them alone everybody's looking at some game original instinct right now. Let the damage developers can take a few days to weeks and just relax for a few days a week. Don't get out there are having everything America. Our real quickly sometimes the planet looked kind of OK and then the terrible a few days later some plants -- kind of shocked that political. And then they kind of get normal again some of the things some time. Before you start making some decisions -- it. Don't sort -- stuff potter yanked in and out think and it's dead. By no means I mean that these things that would that is the hill right now. That little hole to Google beautiful green should come up from the base so that in April or may. So I'll try to be optimistic that the instantly banner of these major freezes trivia bubble of the late. But try to be you know optimistic about it until something's been on and you're sure. You -- -- clean and now a lot of things a lot of our tropical like courage injures and I king has an elephant ears and -- bird of -- -- -- -- below -- -- to fly -- involved and -- And the ground didn't freeze until below rampart just alive to top could be burned completely back to the ground. Because those plants back from a small over the -- -- -- Detect those below ground part and all of those plans in the right back up growing in the spring about midsummer will never know they were hit. So we'll recover from this pretty well. I got to go before we come back -- a got a lot of questions coming in on a text screening you can also call in -- 260187. He told three. 8668890870. Questions about Croat and and queen palms and Mexican. But -- you as an. And some other things so take your questions when we come back got to ask you doctor guilty alike that goal of the Colby intense cold that we better yet. Had to decide the brutal heat of January of a July. Com Dan don't have my doctorate and I -- much prefer the heat I really do like I can deal with a lot better than I can do with fiscal. In the heat doesn't terrible landscapes like this either corporate trial I come from those landscape plan. See that's the difference like the -- and like concrete so yeah. I think I'll be right back six when he too timely it Traficant for that we go to Terrell -- Only seven Tommy Tucker didn't feel nice enough to spend some time when missy. -- W a planned doctor goes to the garden she don't know horticulturist. With the only issue. And senator and and I get some questions that are coming up from. Anything we can do for a large queen palms. Well a lot of a lot of my answer depends on where people work for the queen -- -- growing. Because this situation or public apology trying is quite different from the situation so public option to the temperature differences. So almost sure according polls are among the most pretender in the least cold party of the palms that are commonly planted in the New Orleans area. They're in trouble around about one degrees so I have some real concern for them on north of the late in particular handling -- route all across that area. They also were killed back in January of 2010. People we planted them. And now that are susceptible to have been killed -- because they've got down via pertains. But in those areas the -- or at least gonna turn brown and you know seeing -- -- on clean palms in those areas. I'd say June or July. They're -- he can take them down replaceable -- try to think of something. But the will be parties and queen owns positions in recent plane and something that really killed every few years in the cold. On the social -- because the temperatures stayed. More in the middle appointees. Of the farm to the -- -- may turn brown how those can be -- off in the -- But I'm much more optimistic that the trees and so made it through. The larger than the older the tree is the more likely to survive the cold the smaller in the under the tree is the more likely it may has to come. But the of the parliament concerned about this particular date pol probably -- -- the small species. A palm achievement only about maybe 45 and six feet tall so real little small wrong Paul very tender however on the -- for its dead. I can't imagine they survived that temperatures in the upper teens on the -- for. It's a war if he some damage has occurred I'm sure but I -- I'm hopeful that most of the a worldly and homes -- dignity homes. Have come onto the freeze on the -- the palms. As far as I know we're going to be pretty good Washingtonian palms on they have their -- -- -- but they can just be approved golf in the spring the rest of the stuff I think it would be fine. And of course people don't know what a queen palm is it's Siad -- Romans off CNN. You see him a lot of the new programs country. I'm my mouth just so open and I'm just astounded Tommy that was -- very good. Which can keep it up. The Latin name of McQueen ball and again and yes -- -- very graceful palms with the long on the cabinet. Kind of Bob -- vertical and they have their little -- campaign down very gracefully they grow rapidly the -- Is wrong on that makes them less expensive and that adds to their popularity in all of their their also their fast rate of growth and that could apply. And I think the point is how quickly and Google something needs days read a word had no idea you're talking about -- I'm impressed thank you what about drones -- quick -- would go to news I would think they're gone again don't be talked and they say they've been covered by the way of violence that out. Okay they've been covered then there's a good chance they made it through. Again they've lost their fullest but this can be management's quite a bark when he plans it's harder to tell whether the stem have been killed. But you can take care of and scraped the bark of the plant. And if you petition the green underneath the bark and that petition was brings then it's still alive and that's that's a good sign. And they also said the question was do they trim it back now or later. I'll leave it. -- -- I would definitely won't let alone at this point you can almost from the back in the spring. That's the approach I take to my entire garden damages leave it alone. You know me -- put off until later on to do until neighbors knock on the door in -- and I'm glad -- -- the time -- -- -- would -- -- for -- on Saturday -- -- -- football. I've known as part of an element the double -- -- -- 79 on Saturday mornings I've called public advocate for partners to call him. We appreciate your time have a good day. But it brought ID -- -- WW up plan doctor host of the garden she'll -- culture isn't the only issue -- senator.

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