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WWL>Topics>>1-8 6:45am Tommy, home repairs after the freeze

1-8 6:45am Tommy, home repairs after the freeze

Jan 8, 2014|

Tommy talks to Paul Lagrange, owner of Lagrange Consulting & co-host of the Home Improvement show, about fixing any damage from the freeze

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It would get that guy and a second they can keep your house either way whatever you want that matter and he's like a thermos. But as is stands out a poll was saying out hot 68% cold 32%. And we've been -- we'll get John as quickly as possible so doctor nick and and meet a meek quickly the deal want to winter or summer -- you prefer. Ticket twelve not -- right about this morning you can always put enough to stay home hey if someone out. The win or any day of the week I doctor nick I appreciated and similar attacks here very good I'll get to more of those but this and I think is in the lead for text of the day. I. I'll take the heat over cold any day except in the afterlife. Which is not a bad point Paula grange joins us right now owner LaGrange consulting and energy in comfort solutions so. Ago saying he's like a -- you and your house hot he'll keep it that way you know wintertime and if you wanted couldn summertime. His company does that as well morning Paul -- -- on good morning coming up Sam -- and thanks for taking the time with a -- And I -- by a window last night in my house and you could feel. The cold air not not through the beside you could feel it all over the window common through their RL LA what causes it. So but that's that's called radiant cooling temperature goes from hot to cold. In your body of a lot warmer than attempt further collapse and of course the outside they are in the reasons that classes Sokol could be up for conditions so cold. So what's happening -- people to -- is being drawn all for your body towards the cold window. And it actually feels like a draft. It does if you put a couple extra layers you'll feel as much or if you move further away from the glass. Could the greater the distance between the -- object in the cold logic. The -- effect of it. So it did this spectacle when you could Sony's older homes they have but who wouldn't framed in this single glass don't have any insulin Clinton. That is the big problem come with a comedy really cold is it is it really draw a piece you off your body. But it does it doesn't work the operas in the summertime -- -- Or does it yet he goes outside. Yes -- predicted that the heat affect the coming inside on in the summertime so look at that hot from outside the communion -- into your local. If you put your body yes. Again it's -- like a -- to me it's mysterious but it works. -- for a for somebody that. May have suffered some plumbing trouble lord they don't even know yet if they do is a possibility had a time bomb taken -- something. I get stretched or for whatever reason that he is pressuring -- and then you might have to look for leaks in the time ahead. So here's here's the issue of the -- waking up this morning in the waters even running slow or not running at all. It's a good sign they have some frozen pipes. So you're some if you wanna do it yourself or at least try to investigate what the causes and try to excuse up here's an easy steps. First of all go to the bidding war golf that lead into your home and turn it off. -- in the looked relentless about it was before clear if it's not no water -- at all true at all. If the water is still trickling through the Fletcher and threw enough to leave it alone in can lead continued to the running trip. Because as the war goes through that pipe it will continue to follow up. But the ice it's in the pipes so let's put off as -- that's the only step -- theatrical awards but very good pressure. If you have no water turned their main belt off. In the public faucet that is not working leave those files opened the hot in the hole. And the reason -- -- those -- opens that as we're following the ice it's in the pipe we need a release felt for the steam of the I'd be in no particular date. He can be developed close you actually gonna continue to build more pressure inside that part because of the melting ice and -- that building. So you leave that felt open and that you always start at that valve and mortuary back towards the frozen pipe. And the reason we do that is because we wanna make sure that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And you can use that number different -- sources. -- here's some cautions. If if you go by the hair dryer or the space heater they heat source. You're dealing with electricity in if you have a broken pipe. But you don't know it's broken yet as you saw it you are really fast -- it's broken toward electors don't expert well -- to be very cautious about the. That's -- -- like you know I had a girlfriend try to throw a toaster in the bathtub -- Today does it makes her role model for an echo what everybody in older house with pipes in the addict. And you'd only chance that he is to be all or not and could they have developed a minor league can and before you know it they see it. On the ceiling down a wall something. It is possible to develop them a model -- and it could be at the -- -- connection or -- -- help lower turn to transitions. Different how to play toward the exit could be actually the -- the pipe that's really bad. Because -- would you be looking for his faults. Are false color no problem copper pipe. So war if you look at for what this global bold. You know doesn't that analogy that most people use -- if you. Never seen me make this recently eaten in my house the collectible balls in the severed body because that's where the most is that that you look for those types -- And if if again if you if you -- could do it yourself to crawl the war remains though anyway and call licensed plumber typical fixes. Quickly Paul before we let you go Leo glad Texans in what about swimming pool pumps and again she would've wanted. To have drain and I know their time and a little one round or -- big one I don't know. Well typically trampled what you wanna continue to recycle it just like we you know we're suggesting to you when we get cutting trees come to console -- -- -- -- -- possibility dissenting between pull -- to continue circle at the water. There's a war circulating its stock to freeze. Thank you Paul appreciate you time you guys on this Saturday or we'd do in saints comfort. -- good for you by Paula thank you appreciate your time we'll wait I got a million they. The energy insulation guy do you prefer hot weather cold weather bitter cold we've had -- brutal heat of July. You know what border -- here nor one that got so used to -- that does about this topic he. But as much time did you spend genetics. Yep that -- over -- Margaret and I thank you all about it straddling straddling the fence between hot and cool all the money -- anybody says.

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