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1-8 7:35am Tommy, flood insurance premium increases

Jan 8, 2014|

Tommy talks to US Senator Mary Landrieu and Michael Hecht, President & CEO of GNO Inc, about the fight to delay hikes in flood insurance rates

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thank you David 73822. Before -- we talk about flood insurance now. And yens and text. From. A lot of people's saying in. Senator Landrieu flood insurance what are you talking about she voted for bigger waters. As did the entire Louisiana delegation on the campaign and for everybody and just trying to keep it factual every member of the Louisiana congressional delegation. Voted for the bigger bigger waters act. Representative bill Cassidy who is a challenging. A senator only Andrew for her senate seat I'm not taken any signs you're just trying to keep it factual. He says at that time he voted for -- the only way to make flood insurance available I do know this every news accounts. Every news account rather will tell you. That senator only Andrew was the one on the floor of the senate -- warned that this is going to be a terrible thing when he came. Still homeowners and and being priced out of their houses are not immediately coverage in senator Landrieu joins us right now would you say that is a fair assessment. Tommy how would it -- -- -- a fair person and I'm really appreciated. I think that was that said by Johnny Isaacson is my good friend and Republican senator from Georgia yesterday and Michael -- epic has joined as it was standing right next on. -- that some issues. A more powerful than politics and this is one of them and I could not agreeing war this is not about Mary Landrieu built captivated the senate race -- about. Helping people in desperate situation and you're correct. Uggla delegation most of the senate voted for big orders because that was included in. The entire transportation. Funding for the nation in the restore act it was an unimaginable. -- and commendable bill at the time however -- correct when -- voted for that that I am voting on the protest. Because. There's the provision of this bill that's gonna come back to bite in the rear end and it has. And it is not right and we need to fix that the second thing Ellison is Michael -- is spectacular. Are at sixteen parish presidents and works so far it. Raising -- dollar over the country and be content that we have a great build on for the about it. Next week to get this bill postponed delayed and ultimately. Get this program fixed in a way that worked for every one. With that will say hello Michael presidency yield you know in mourning Michael Moore. Were. So much -- talked about the deal Michael if you cool it. In terms of the area in terms of business in terms of people Jews living in their homes explain if you will. For people had no alternate that don't know about it what exactly. -- will can add here that bill doesn't go through Tuesday. Well it. -- bigger wars -- play out in its entirety what would happen is two things the first thing is that new maps are coming out from team and the problem with these maps. As a -- it is -- right now they're not accurate don't include all flood mitigation elements like things like levees which tend to matter. At the same time the waters legislation removes grandfather -- grandfather to remove protection from rate shocks. And so -- have is new maps that are not apple formation but that's gonna cause is massive rate shock for some individuals looking at 2000. Street doesn't percent to one example -- His -- witness has never played built above code it's gonna go about 600 dollars to 141000. Dollars and you'll see that portly coming not just in. Created -- war on not just in the Louisiana. But actually across all fifty states. Yeah that's it does in Nassau I don't know. Why there wouldn't be more support for this and -- only Andrew maybe you can address that it would seem like it is gonna affect. -- massive rates rate hikes in fifty states idea -- the senators and representatives that. Or maybe in dry states it. I don't know but although it. And honestly since learned a point. The great news that when I want to communicate. According to the people listening in the metropolitan area in the 300000. Direct currently that are affected by this officer effective Michael can explain that and keep -- out. It's some other time that. But we have tremendous support to this building ethnic -- coalition that includes. The bankers from around America. They -- national association of counties. The realtors to home builders and we've got sober. Twenty me almost thirty those sponsors you know a third Republican -- -- Democrat but very good balance. And when we bring that to the fool which will not be today but hopefully sometime in the next few days. We believe we will get north of sixty -- we have to have sixty votes to break the cloture. We we think we'll have north and if we can get close to the Japanese which I'm hoping for. Apple that the strong signal to the house -- -- -- move there isn't known how it debacle as Graham and waters after it. Vaccine is carrying herself acting like it because she is. So upset that the first bill -- -- didn't work out the way she thought she tried to fix that she should get credit for that. And -- -- the coalition coming together and how does well and Michael. And that. I would missile as part of what you said Michael. Did what to that. It is Michael and -- Well here that think it's better to become I think what gives me yeah cause for error for optimism and hope about the waste can be resolved that. It is no longer seen as just days in Louisiana or Gulf Coast issue. The coalition that we develop now has over towards organizations. From thirteen states across the country at the senators. The legislation the whole border but in church affordability act. Has -- there because sponsors meeting yesterday -- quite a statement erupt there with a dozen senators from across the United States bipartisan. And cause the entire country realize that -- -- issue but you're talking about new -- Colorado where North Dakota. That's what it's gonna get -- to be honest army that were seen as just -- Louisiana issue we've been emotional response that we are defected to national issue that people are realizing that. -- and in terms of what this bill is gonna do it doesn't. Would do away with -- -- -- delays at their house at war. That Michael thanks well it it does two things the first thing that it mandate that the affordability study. He's done. Before the programs implemented and that seems like common sense but the argument that's being made right now that the current legislation does not mandate the first -- to do the study. To understand how many people are going to be impacted before the programs -- out the -- -- in front of the horse this legislation will fix that. The second thing that you'll. You lately I mean represented Mike -- delays it. Pending further studies. That's true but again the the delay period tickets are forty years which is actually to the point of pre authorization of -- wars and 2017. Citizen to -- and think about it like running the clock as well. Got to that that's what I meant as senator to land right I saw this you know referred to as a litmus vote but then you'd you'd I'll make it seem like it's. A done deal I just don't know when the vote was delayed just procedurally -- am wondering. And so. It was delayed because. We can only under the current circumstances take up one bill at a time and it's and it. And by the appointment. And unemployment insurance. -- spot and not be able to acquire the sixty votes to get on the debate and privately it did so we're on the unemployment. Debate now once we've finished that debate in the limited time we're gonna move to flag. I mean the leadership in the senate Harry Reid is committed to bring them to the floor and let it get to the floor we believe because of coalitions on. Phenomenal work with -- very strong build together. That we will get sixty votes and hopefully closer to Stephanie if we can and work really hard the next couple days. I appreciate the time -- has got off either one -- you know about this I got a call from somebody that says he pays. His flood insurance is state farm I think he's and they take 30% of his premiums some other people -- taxing insane the same happens. And I pay mine a FEMA outside did you don't know anything about better why some people would not paid directly. I do and now Michael can keep -- in detail but this does not. Different than other part of being waters that need to be -- it's not. Currently extend this particular piece of legislation but we've heard many complaints. I and it's because this is sort of the private sector public partnership and the private sector can take up to twenty to 30%. Some people think that's except as I do well and that's another good reason to vote for a bill could will be able to expect as well. Well Michael how can I pay nine directly to -- somebody else's goes in their insurance company. Yes I I I don't understand time most people go it was called write your own -- power companies which are the private sector companies are actually right in the policies. Even though the government holds the risk and but senator referring to is that they take 30%. With the premium it's 500 dollars -- 151000 dollars as potential windfall there but in your particular case Thomas amateur look at offline. Now I'd just like to know because. I get the bill from team and a write the -- to them. Hey thank you both for your efforts thank you both for your time and hopefully we'll talk to you again after tests all right --

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