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1-8 8:15am Tommy, Saints vs. Seahawks`

Jan 8, 2014|

Tommy talks to Clark Judge, NFL insider & senior writer for the Sports Xchange

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker come down -- the saints. Showdown with Seattle on Saturday. And their questions to you and I'd love to hear from media think would happen in December on Monday night. The beat down debacle whatever you want a college do you think it'll -- the saints note -- site come up. -- that'll motivate them or intimidate them know about you. I would be. Motivated not be psyched opted to show on the that was the anomaly Clark judge joins us right now NFL insiders senior writer for the sports exchange morning Clark Radio One. It was thawing out. It hadn't I would agree year -- well we don't want any part of that. -- so let me ask -- I think if I remember correctly you win you -- -- -- the Eagles use at bald Eagles game you said -- and if they get by the Eagles they are only. Alleges a put off their execution delaying -- -- of -- Stay of execution that's what realized. So tell media still feel -- way after what you saw in Philadelphia. And go yeah I do I that was the night game at Philadelphia like the fact that they won with that Drew Brees or provide zillion yards since. But -- meet them -- one on the road she'll meet them the but the way he did it with important. But -- I got that out of Portland Seattle and it's tough for anyone to win up there on an. But now -- winning two in a row. It just -- The numbers that history everything -- it shouldn't happen it's not gonna happen and again. You look at what happened earlier this year 3047. That was bad and but that happens to teams that opens Seattle it's a very very difficult place to. I a couple of things Seattle loss on the road after that -- on at home after that game on Monday night in December. I conventional wisdom tells -- it's hard to beat a team twice in the same year. And is in terms of history being against teams winning on -- road didn't. And we had a couple of wild card teams Baltimore last year and giants. Maybe the year before that they'll win their way through as a wild card on -- road. He did these guys have a great record on the road here that accurate seven point five factor I'm going into the top left saint visited you gotta watch out for because they get lost the first game one everything else. They're very good proteins. Again look at that you know that they aren't just a bad -- don't seem to I mean that's something that. Maybe -- old school that's what I believe -- don't give up that really struggle and I think you're gonna find that this weekend but again and it's it's not. As much that about the saints to -- that is about Seattle Alberta gain on sale to the better team. And their defense is what -- make -- -- -- secondary second nine and so the arcade degrees he threw for I think that the like a 150 yards in the -- that whatever it was last time topics. A struggle for the bought revealed one again I think it does know and and then the question is what he can do with Russell that -- to score enough points to win and if indeed that's predominate and that's that's because. I what -- boat to when he comes cnnfn Howell and one team getting beat down what do the numbers show. When it comes if you want -- revenge match or whatever. -- I don't know I literally don't know Ali no it I can they ever attempted Siskel and their last year and got destroyed. And they said okay this year it'll be different to go up there and that state torn in the three so. The I don't know what the record has done that but certainly that the -- that different -- into regular season games to have to discuss this in the playoff game in the the difference but again. I look back but does not take this you know go back to 2000 and plant which in the -- -- and we spoke -- a week ago. And they would teach support you have been brought up again at seven and ninety and they lost step there yeah. We know we're still running backs Clark in dry gas in my tennis. Exits have been in the -- -- and -- the -- down -- -- any excuse like that you win and they should've won that game. And and I don't know what it is about Seattle. But there's -- that up there you know their -- places everywhere the last place that it dumped -- about that place it's so difficult for teams to win in Seattle Portland Atlanta games they're winning a there's so. Can't tell you Caspian. And that's what it's obviously auditors are exactly I let me ask you one more thing before we get. The NFL has a rule against artificial noise makers to Dana. Arms and Brennaman stating we can't you know I think so yeah hectic so why why -- -- it was -- all of these booms whalers in the -- every college corn from the soccer game so a lot of those. On -- Monday night game. Yeah I don't know I have no idea that I I mean he did at a time I'd bet big on the court to make themselves are they're very loud again and made the giants -- -- Committed eleven. Opera's got eleven illegal procedure calls because the fans -- -- -- it is very difficult to get to -- and what you fall behind and it seems there. Suffocating defense of lazy you know about decided that the best thing to do a job on anybody that's why I think that they can have to find another way. And it did last week about a wave run of the game running the ball I just don't think that's gonna happen again. Ideas were good deal I went to become on Monday morning -- got it. I'd unless saints lose and probably BT is no walk -- I think I will do it I'm glad it went to the people crow about it thing and -- -- -- not Karl. They are -- pleasures always liked it.

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