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WWL>Topics>>1-8 9:10am Tommy, JP code enforcement

1-8 9:10am Tommy, JP code enforcement

Jan 8, 2014|

Tommy talks to WWL-TV reporter Tania Dall about an alleged crackdown on code violations in Jefferson Parish

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- adult joints right now -- the talented reporters over it. Channel four -- WL TV our partner good morning Tonya. And reporting that the integrated -- -- a partner in doing it as a -- -- -- it's interesting because even though I work in the morning I always -- you waited nine. -- just wanted to scares and the other doesn't that's fine just getting tell me about this code violation thing on on and Jefferson Parish. Well you know you're out there. Week because they're a resident living in her hair and that is -- political science is very political. I'm on the front line I'm -- -- senator entry owners supported if we're. Health care act. I'm he does he -- -- who is a GP code inspector. Couldn't -- Specter stopped. -- -- -- -- -- -- Aren't you reached out saying that he -- out unconstitutional. And eating right but whatever aren't on the -- one. So in turn he reached out to JP. Church officials. They actually director and actually that important to look and actually responded by saying -- the gentleman he is being reviewed. And you know occasional had been issued but -- -- being -- all over there. I'm still under residents -- came out -- -- -- About. Without. Violations this event. JP code enforcement Israeli crackdown in the year. Apple people two -- thing that is on the apple he. Photo way to hang on -- eyeing is seriously not to. Not to repair a gutter that's hanging down or anything to install gutters. One woman that lived in the -- neighbor and said that the inspector. She showed her a violation of the action and tore out things that are being Packers are requirement -- -- -- and JP code they're actually a bit. So a lot of these residential thinking you -- call it a little too far we -- -- for decades and has never ever happened. So we reached at again. I hit it JP absolutely essential. Although I'm background that code enforcement printer actually happening to several times the month. And -- part of a quality like initiative a lot the pair officials actually I'm on Q and and support. It begun and he said it was an email or not but -- no point did anybody respond to the First Amendment issue war. The -- issue I hate to call that an -- was there did anybody respond specifically to that. He actually acts. It director. In action in code enforcement she said that she'd actually provide the back. Matt I'm violation and shouldn't occasion. I reached out to her yesterday we we did the story actually on Monday. And again and got in that department today hit Apple's numbers for us. Like we got the same thing eight violations -- is founded Jordan and handed it to me eight violations when he 1112 and 2012. 38 and 2013 and I don't know if they come. I guess is meant for you -- it says as requested by WW LTV reporter died Tom Udall. -- don't have anything for Tony fourteen it was not something I saw a news story as well about painting a doorway. Yet on what he said that we didn't mean factored into our house again in the rare -- and it was like the wooden -- and it was kind of expose your record should abandon it like that for years. I'm in an empty locker. Proved and look at it as well so very specific. Code requirement and again a woman out. That the entire property in cheek and I understand why. Code enforcement and the -- on the books that are reached far and it. Our people to do the acting out. Tonya before we let you go anything we're missing -- 21 man. Look like he's back. Everything pretty much covered and they -- really following up on the story. And thank you for those numbers I'll be tracking that down -- like that -- out. Thank you very much. Think you quite welcome thank you for taking the time with us. -- Golf Channel were -- WL TV.

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