WWL>Topics>>1-8-13 10:35am Garland: on Obamacare's exemption for Congress

1-8-13 10:35am Garland: on Obamacare's exemption for Congress

Jan 8, 2014|

Garland talks with U.S. Congressman Dr. John Fleming about the lawsuit being brought against Obamacare over exemptions for Congress.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome -- personal thing good about two senator Ron Johnson Republican was coats and you filed a lawsuit removed through challenging the Obama administration's decision to provide health insurance subsidies. To members of congress and then there's that. Rippled to a doctor -- -- -- Louisiana US congressmen giving the so called to talk about this issue. Ought to welcome sure appreciate your time. Yeah hey girl. Appreciate cheese and -- a great deal which you. Okay. What are your thoughts on this suit is that Malibu dissimilar to basically says -- this. This is not only in very its -- Well it may be illegal I'm not sure returned for a year and let me he explain but before I do. I want to remind you in in your listeners. That back here in this debate Friday in the earliest days. I was a freshman in congress and down also position. And I says. In fact put forward a resolution that says. If you vote for the -- Turkey's support Obama Q what turned out to be Obama care again health care debate 2009. Is a member of congress. Huge you'd have to submit it to all of the burdens and problems that go with it there shouldn't be carve out for congress. And that eventually became an amendment on the in the deal. And as a result. When the bill passed. Members of congress and their staff for required. To go into the exchange which in this case. He is the -- exchange just like some states have exchanges and there's a federal exchange. -- DC actions -- and sort of business study and that's audience. That is where members of congress required to do to purchase. Their health insurance beginning of course would January 1. So well this you know they were kicked all of their federal health plans and. -- because -- you know that the federal employees would be your members of congress twenty years the staff. Whether you you know work for the administration would you work. Out in the hinterlands of America made before one of the agencies the higher at. Efficient while on whatever you're you're peddling. In -- on the federal employees health insurance. The the federal government and that since functions as an important like. My personal war now IBM or someone like that. So what what happened with that was congress and their employees. Work carved out in the senate from the federal workforce. And put in the exchange. Like someone. Who doesn't have an employer or somebody who is self employed in the Moscow. To the exchange where I think they can access insurance. And so here's the problem that one the reasons for the exchange used to create its subsidy to people. Whose income levels are below a certain amount it portal to. Well it could be up as high as 9000. If you have as many -- four people off for kids and your family. But or individuals that sporting. Yeah 45 exactly all right so. Well so in theory members of congress. By -- are forced to go in the exchange. And that the only subsidy that would qualify for would be based on their income. Levels being below certain levels and certain members of congress paid. Find out that they wouldn't qualify that -- the staff would -- not members of congress. Well what the president -- this has waited so can you guys were giving me completely proportions which as. Roughly 65. To 75% of your premium paid. I think on average about 68%. You've been getting at. For many years many decades in fact. So what we're gonna do is create a rule. This that you continue to -- your war proportions he just has to be sent through the exchange. And so that's what the -- -- about some consider. Has tried to come up with laws stopped that to block that. Announced senator Johnson has come up with a lawsuit. Technically from a legal standpoint. The law does not provide for such as -- But on the other hand the president being a commander in chief and head. The administration. Some could argue that the legal authority. That he did as well. The members of congress -- more of for all intents and purposes the police of the federal government and therefore. They're entitled to this thing such -- they've had for decades. Unfortunately it has to go through. The exchange so giving you the technical explanation of this. And so. From the standpoint of what members of congress have received historically. It's essentially the same thing as a matter of fact probably doubled my rates doubled. And so on haven't paid more than that he would even before Obama here. But I don't expect anybody to feel sorry for me because this is the job one in four. So -- so promote fairness standpoint. It's hard to argue that it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- congress back in twenty and it says that there is no provision for employers subsidy become the the exchange cities in the dilemma the discussion. At this point. Brick. And even more as a production numbers in Europe where doctor Joan blooming with -- -- we do at a US congress and comments questions -- six. One except. Think about a lawsuit. I don't get to a ball movement surge and as soon to Wisconsin. Said the unit and administration's decision to provide health insurance sub today. Of members of congress and there's that is illegal. And -- soon. And we have been blinded to talk about and it's a certain customers and drew David editors please separate Richmond capacity. And doctor John Fleming who -- Republican congressman. You doctor -- correctly. And and on the nod but at the cues that. This may be but not this early -- -- -- well. Yes and and and by I'm trying to be objective if if you're comparing the yes. To the way things work for members of congress. For the past decade to even all the way up to the end of 2013. This -- nothing different than what we've already been receiving and that is the employers subsidy. And in fact. We're all experiencing higher rates overall -- -- out of pocket experience. Correctly as a result of Obama here. But on the other hand. When it comes to whether it's legal. If you look at the war quarters of that deal there's nothing only here it's that the law that passed obamacare the Affordable Care Act. There's nothing that the sides. For. This subsidy. Dollars from the employer in this case -- federal government. To go to the exchange. And the help pay for the premiums were members of congress. And and and that. What of course sectors trying to do year's entry jobs has decided well law doesn't provide for the again once again that is a case where President Obama has created a world of whole cloth to make it happen. Our idea if you'll let shall suppose that this is illegal use in Dominica. Pretty good case that that may be so it's -- its junction pews like it is oil boom we have shows here on immigration as you probably know there's a rumor world highly conservative straight. I could cause -- text end -- talk or congressman senators. That said the same thing to me when when -- debate whether or not we should allow amnesty and prevail. They also Garland. What part of illegal. Don't you give. If this is a legal and we've got to a glitzy Wisconsin Republican represented jaunts into Brunner. Well only when -- in the Arctic to appliances and this -- that I'm fortunate that the colts don't. And I don't see any of the Republicans. Joining. Senator Johnson in his lawsuit why is that if this is you -- Oh well. To be honest. I was taken by surprise me into the drew Johnson did reach out to me. I might join the loan losses. Rules will be capital background. What the problems it is. The you know members of congress -- that are not don't have legal standing. When it comes to lawsuits. Legal standing is only achieve. Witnesses citizen's assembly agreed. And conceivably hurt. By at all. Well I know he can call him that he was heard. -- hosted the which members -- those that have or subject to change. -- and that again that I'm not a lawyer and he may be correct about that that he's taken a unique approach. Against senator -- is consistent element amendment. Two. The loss coming through must pass legislation. To try to reverse what -- the rule was created by the president. And again without Harry Reid -- without an override the veto. Which would likely come that way senator visitors not been successful either. So this really comes down -- the fact it. In many cases the president can unilaterally. Do things are certainly this president. And only congress joining together both houses it's coming together. And slapping the president's hand for the courts. Coming out in pushing back. Can that be stopped and as you can tail and Harry Reid hasn't gone along with the Democrats in the house or the senate did not go along with it. And of course centric Johnson is trying to get into the courts. I don't know that he's going to be successful in doing. Of team. Once once the average salary of Gore's staff members. Tom I acted and -- can tell you what the average is I would tell you is that. It starts around. 30000. And and most Korean -- range. And 30000. Would be something equivalent to probably 20000 in most places because. So that they would not qualified for the it's. Subsidy from the offices of personal management anyway. Well I think media -- -- good but it is indeed a problem with that he has that. It's oversold. These these. These. Things that are promised by Obama keep all the subsidies. Or not going to be generous and helpful. When you consider that the cost to the insurance in many cases doubling and tripling especially for young people. So it's kind of like. Mark in the prices. To give you this can make it look like it's a good deal. The net out of pocket -- most. Young people on the -- and staffers -- -- -- lower income level whether they did. Necessity to you know his employees or whether they use it as a result of that -- in com. They're still going to be taken more further injury. Well one fun torturing concerning perception. -- goal is what the illegality or isn't suitable regardless what the -- The perception is congressman Greg may have problems started somewhere and 175000. Dollars a year. And to qualify for the federal subsidies and on the care individually port 5000 dollars and when you have the boating public hears that it's important 175000. Dollars a year they're gonna give subsidies that may be illegal. Where we're all so being 20 were being kicked all of -- or insurance we -- it in many instances and what we see. Is is not something we think has that been a patrol. We're not getting subsidies. And the perception. Journalist. Encouraged that thought that did you guys and girls get special. Attention to come to this kind of thing. Well again use you have to decide defying. Is that the as a result Libyan employees. Which members of congress have yet for many years or is it because of their income in which case. It would be. So. That that's the dilemma. I would -- on the -- I -- I would like to see all the all the subsidies go away. Because I think it all members of congress had to pay the full forty. Other health insurance. They would be far more motivated to repeal thing I think the bigger problem here is not a perception. The bigger problem is this is destroying lives and jobs across America. But the more people lost their insurance and getting it under Obama here. And other costs to sky rocketed. People refine your -- pocket the one way and when it comes to. Cancer drugs and things like that people are having trouble seeing their doctors and getting -- draw. On the other hand because of the the indicated the yes specific essential. Mandated benefits. The people women -- -- free birth control pills well think again it for nine dollars a month before. Is that does that really make sense to provide free birth control Pringles. And then on the other hand with the money that you provide. You deprive the people of gaining valuable access to specialist worked to their chemotherapy that it's so necessary. Work for the the top line hospitals like Sloan Kettering in Indian Ocean and so forth. So you know for most of -- and I think this is true of senator Johnson. What he's trying to show here is. Just outside -- on the economics -- of obamacare. And the best thing to do -- to scrap this thing and start over. And you know if Americans Jews. 22 once again put -- members of congress back in -- federal health benefits program within the normal kind of employer. Subsidy that other employees keep it in other companies. And do away with obamacare and the exchanges he worked together to make that does the market place work its workstation. Fine. Doctor. Brought them on -- appreciated -- much Gibson talked. Of church and -- Like so much. Doctor John looming US congressman from here.