WWL>Topics>>1-8-13 11:10am Garland: on legalizing marijuana, part 1

1-8-13 11:10am Garland: on legalizing marijuana, part 1

Jan 8, 2014|

Garland talks with Neill Franklin of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) about the legalization of marijuana.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You were doing it through -- again marijuana legalization. There were all. Help auto I think the person that literally go and read -- Wear the burqa. Whole lot of others. Portland then. Washington. So you organ that a zone killed porn -- Montana Nevada all. Considering all in old. -- -- -- -- that -- from call Robert went and the District Columbia. Already colossal legal use of marijuana primarily. For medicinal. Purposes. To talk about this 1130. Part of ago we're gonna have -- -- -- and carry over there. -- -- -- is actually selling it in color broader veterans and the walls there this it's horrible talked to a new Franklin. Executive director blown fortunate against prohibition leap they called it VO welcome back the show good -- Welcome welcome we talk and you were -- or yesterday. I'm growing thanks for me and show sure what are what are your thoughts. Is is this it's good role is this going to be. Something to become public in the good showdown would -- would -- India. Crystal ball. It's definitely gonna grow attached to grow. We have no no place else to go. You know we should learn from alcohol prohibition back in 1920s but obviously we didn't. But our grandparents realize that after only thirteen years that the addition. They had to and prohibition of alcohol because they've called so much violence in our communities. Our children were being drafted in recruiting into the dangerous -- making industry. Basically the party created more harm than we ever imagined that and we're seeing the very same thing today. Which drug prohibition and I just want to point out that our organization. You know which is an international organization of law enforcement professionals around the globe. We are not any pro drug pro pot organizations. We are against the policies appropriations which are counterproductive to public safety we support -- public safety. It did one good one of the questions always. If it was legal was all over the country. Who would be killing stopped. Well we talked it. Over pot. I think they able to stop they will decrease dramatically in every city will be creek. Is because. When you look at that total proceeds that are being need by criminal gangs that cartel. Organized crime. The federal government has ended somewhere between 67%. Come from marijuana sale. You know what happens when you take that much money away from any corporation. Its -- picturing. It has to. That just. If rape to do that and obviously the gangs are going to feel -- organized crime and feel it and there will be competition in street. Did you see any of the video or photographs of the people standing in line in Colorado and -- first. Hundreds of people -- Guess where they're not buying marijuana for a a million dollars -- -- is no longer going into the hands of criminals. Who buy guns and sort other criminal enterprises with bet money. -- did this is the reason why Adams. Would be killing sultan pupil. You program whose -- you know what's -- national gay and pro am almost certain. They were killing each -- over liquor where they -- now in legal. -- and I know people get drunk and shoot each other. But I don't see the part and dole the mafia were group ones in bulk. Killing a -- each other in important -- here so via. Back to deliberately. Marijuana -- source of -- To the court to him. -- because of Mexican doing controlled production and trafficking distribution of the raw dog the cold and -- -- move. Have to -- street value and they kill just is march they have to buy it from Columbia so -- wanna. Is the biggest moneymaker 60000. Killings and the president in the old world. Cartel assassins. Didn't carry out the brutal act because it brought our raw logs. Their motive is captured the rockets. Because it's a black market. Role in 1980. Estimated. Induces in you are. In the last year. One trillion. Close to one trillion dollars. If if there and they -- the Romans. Wouldn't kill each other of cocaine. Speed. And the others. Well what -- among this. Of course when we when we end the prohibition of marijuana. They'll still be killing each other over the trafficking route and the control. For distribution over. Cocaine in and other drugs obviously that's why why our organization. Strongly. Suggest that we have to also and the prohibition of those drugs as well and figure out. This title and what will be the best course. For the next direction of -- -- regulated and controlled market obviously not the same as marijuana. But something. Other than prohibition. So that we take the power control the money the influence of corruption. Have been handled organized crime cartel. And our local street -- Aren't listening to bring Cuba and come back at political losers that comment and it isn't subject at all listed so a lot of action he won't talk to suits -- -- -- -- one. Comments questions. This group -- call. Ovary anywhere in the country its exit it and and it's let's contender in the constitutional so -- access for your expert. -- Didn't make it legal. That he decriminalized. It. -- pros and cons and that actual image right after this stubborn bill. -- celebrity medium. To. Grow -- throwing cold water has been personally dual boots or to a retail pot sales making it legal. Up at eight pursuit of the populace here in the United States include should be made it legal AT and obviously it's so. Wrong. And the District of Columbia. Or legalizing pot medicinal purposes and considering. The retail side of the number understand that we have new Franklin executive director. Of law enforcement. Again it's proved a -- Our initial. We -- rug pulled went to show -- Portugal. If one of them that as deep crumble. They -- did the crew was. Judy when liberal listeners. Question ethical. To welcome to show room with new. I changed any OK I yelled in order to do it -- Just like -- -- rare or should be decriminalized. Throughout -- -- states. Just the enormity of ball about a month in which there and keeping people in. Jails and prisons from a short is that it is astronomical. Public that we pick a big part not a criminal justice system. Our problem lecture. In all of you do complete legalization as a way to Europe throughout your marriage states argue that we need to look your column and so these published date due. And now we are we gonna do mean complete legalization -- drugs or pot. -- special -- all I'm not sure not for the rest the drug epic it would be a wise idea to -- -- kind of warned that and she now all of you know we -- Decriminalization legal legalization of partners. What the concern I have with pot especially credential widely accepted. But also because of alcohol being such a level where -- You know well. Target our society. Figures. The real battle rattle availability of both of these substances at the same term picture. The combined action though adding the beat the other like. Multiplying and you know we -- -- -- impaired driving evaluate the people that are. And by the alcohol and inhaling air water and being real or she should some incident. You're good area I hear that from ward force with a pit -- but the use of pit Schultz. Or the same warns that come on the show rumor not debating pot. Insert media -- a couple of shows last couple weeks Arlen. Heroine in this country is so prevalent that kids can call phone number. A very young people call and I can get her when you've there is easier than I can mcdonalds. So. What makes us think the crowd is not. Only available right now in the what are your thoughts. Well first of five I can't recall speaking ever to -- going young people or adults who have a problem finding pot. On it it's readily available and in common template you said that because when I talk to groups of young people today and I and I asked them. You know what is easier to get for you blues. Or pot you know Dubai and -- also say it. Easier to pot pot because as you said all they have to do is send a text message and so we'll bring it to them. Where they no one directly or not. All they have to do is text someone within their group and -- find form you know get it within a matter of minutes. They don't ask for ID they don't have for a driver's license approved after 21 years of -- And that goes back to what I said earlier all those people who were standing in line. You know in Colorado every day since January 1 not one -- -- Is under the age of 21. Not one. And and and so they should use that we stand a better chance. Of preventing young people from buying pot. If we regulated in control -- is leaving it in the underground. Illicit. Market. Are we going to be able to keep pot ever completely out of the Iranians or other -- completely out of -- very young people know. If we we can do we can't do that now. We can't do it now we have to have the best policy for reducing. Access. Because we can't completely eliminated and then we educate we take those three sources that we head and we educate. And and we make it socially unacceptable to -- as we've dealt with tobacco products. And like with tobacco over the past a couple of decades we've reduced unions are about 40%. And we're not having seen internationally -- not sending anyone the president. It's socially unacceptable I can't remember the last time -- not tobacco smoke as nice as I move around the state tomorrow. For a oh series -- straight to only world wrong. Because I asked a lot -- -- that the disagree with you on -- -- about legalization apartment on report. And indeed they always say that maybe you know it's just one more gateway drug and say -- them. Okay -- you don't want this because as gateway drug bright minutes right. Okay let's say 202. Let's get him pod and -- wouldn't draw. And I'm all for them -- Which one you think goes through the gate where he quit. And Uga Uga is commonsensical NC the majority I'm the person that throat so why. Wouldn't you -- is adamant. In your belief that licked her should be made illegal because it didn't work. People got killed over it. And abruptly announced today we've got to be able apparently can try to regulate it and we get the tax. -- You know it's the issue is. Leo. You know these drugs being illegal. Now that people in Colorado. People who were buying pot worked fine pot from the drug deal on the corner many of them were -- -- that many of them. Many pot from the drug deal on the corner. The drug dealers and offers them something else heroin cocaine meant. What have you because -- in criminal and I'm not one of those marijuana -- that veteran -- Sumner Wyoming Colorado. -- one offered you care went -- one off you crystal meant no one off you cocaine. Certainly the people -- buying from this greatly to market and team from -- criminal in. Seeding gateway is not Boudreau. Is the environment which we forcing people. -- -- It's not only you know not only other being offered other drugs when he by the Merrill from the criminal marketplace. It's awfully dangerous marketplace. We don't know what your marathon is being. -- meant. A group of core question knew where you any law enforcement. Officer. -- and oh yes 33 plus years I. Held a -- different I've never interviewed. Everybody law enforcement nationally or locally. The didn't say yes wherever trump over problem with the budget wherever -- road trip with program broke on. Recruiting people is not that good. Cops aren't that popular of these days in our our budget just really were services. Have a policeman didn't have to respond to the illegality. Of marijuana. Wouldn't that give him more budget in time to go out against it if we keep. Cocaine and methamphetamine and all of those illegal. Doesn't make it easier than -- for them to -- violent. I can speak directly to -- I spent a good portion my career in drug enforcement managing multi jurisdictional drug task forces. And you know exactly what we're talking about but I also spent a good portion of my career with the Baltimore police department. And the head of training. Also as the head of human resources so training hiring and firing and also department's budget -- -- as well. Now. You hit the nail right on it. If we didn't have to -- Currently like in cities like Baltimore 78%. No. More like eight. 87%. Of part time and effort in forcing these drug policies and our communities. Arresting people from marijuana violations. For instance we spent a 106 million dollars. In arresting people. In this state -- Merlin for in 2010 under and six million dollars for pot possession. In in Maryland -- a lot of -- hours a week -- and shift goes man hired to murder to rape. Domestic violence. Crime against our children we would be much more effective than in driving down their rate of violent crime within our community. Did where attacks were overtaxed at the police department with enforcing these drug law. Also if we ended drug prohibition we have so much less violent crime streak violent crimes. -- fighting each other. In our community. A great job below him a minute left of strange question. If it's incorrect -- didn't -- the -- of the local police bust somebody for. Drug violation. Vacancies -- property in the -- get about 20% depending on which state is in the local blues -- -- get about 80% of the news that incorrect. And companies can police forces. Of port. Or Merrill won't be. They can and if they managed their money properly. -- -- Civil forfeiture dollars. Will impact the absence -- will impact police budget yet it will. However they'll be less need for -- money once we get. Did drugs business. So will balances itself out when Ronald Reagan started those civil asset forfeiture policy in the 1980s. They -- can be directed in -- average citizen for possession of small amounts of drugs. It would for kingpins. From drug organizations. And taking your property and proceeds away not the efforts -- -- upon that subject press including Jim we get her back on the show at a later date. -- so much you have great day and happy new year. -- There breakaway in the as the executive director of the law enforcement against prohibition. Welcome back and continue this conversation -- -- -- hold your skull on whether or not you agree don't agree with the legalization. Of pot to Sid 01 league itself.