WWL>Topics>>1-8-13 11:35am Garland: on legalizing marijuana, part 2

1-8-13 11:35am Garland: on legalizing marijuana, part 2

Jan 8, 2014|

Garland talks with Tim Cullen of Evergreen Apothecary in Colorado about what is entailed in selling legalized marijuana.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right welcome back once again we're think about legalization and their -- Eighteen states. Are now allowing some illegal use of marijuana amber -- forum and mutual purposes. But a Colorado and Washington called -- particular. Has opened up to read tree overlooking them to give border those retail errors. Tim Cullen with -- evergreen pot -- -- to shore appreciated that time. It. -- of Reading you know when campers heard his side just OK to use the -- and at some pot in short selling. But it's a -- that symbolism tell me. 11. What's going. Boortz distraught sure. How to people gather once again -- want to be allowed to do with that and so forth and so. So -- Senator. And we're over warriors started and October. -- nine and and ordered the retail and the senators had the medical center in its standing. So the application process that a lot like opening your business we went to -- inspection at the city in the state. Really angry voters and -- that big deal because there are. A store that's a candidate. We are packaging our exit. And and -- in the compliance and so the new rules. Maryland and on what are radically different the biggest change and it. What -- large numbers keep -- coming to store every day. When you do. As does that. Tamper proof packaging hundred. Every person. The door and ample proof packaging. There's new warning labels from the state that have to go every model that could doors well. There's a lot of packaging and let the biggest deal. What's a tamper proof package locally. ArcelorMittal is the six mil thick plastic that keep sealed walks out nor. And it's not like it's not unlike a bag of potato chips you and carry it opened. Outside world could not certain and. All right and once people walk out the door and blocked or of the -- to. That. What education campaign gets going along with the roll out. Are we had a slider bet that it different. -- public consumption model -- -- used to noddle out. I'm crossing state lines the candidate is not allowed into the important people of the rule it a big part of what would you well. So public consumption is not allowed you know you can't smoke it in the car. Oh -- he would argue dialogue on the tree Colorado line is. Five demand programs per mil liter of -- and so does stick like. Q -- To get it you lie. It's not a simple the Brookline there on the road. And not -- and. Renders the law allow a blood -- when your stock. Not a not happen in the hospital the police are not our. -- people are on the side of it. All sorts of bodies in -- suspected thereof or that he take into -- -- our. And you can smoke -- I would assume in your home. You can and that's that's the intent of the law. People make -- purchase and consume it that. In the privacy there. If Goran to -- because them being -- routes -- and -- believe. In the -- can smoke in their home oh in the smoke and in rest. The. -- I heard that there are some candidates and the tunnel in Denver. Via the Internet to -- about where. And and they don't they would legally be allowed to be. Kind of the friendly hotels. Absolutely I blew it and you're an adult over 21 you're allowed to -- since Canada's sinkhole that. Aren't -- it would be a little bit longer view won't take -- break come back Stephen Jason. Will put true under the constitution listeners that. What the doctor Tim and -- think about Colorado. Retail pocketbook for sodomy is legal with a lot of qualifications will find out some more. And hopefully choose your questions and listen to your comments to 601870. Right. Well welcome back home. With about marijuana. Latest. -- don't hold that red. Through the 4% of people in America think it should be legalized in it has been. -- broader we've been -- with this every in a pot security business owner. Who was involved initially with medicinal marijuana and an up and parole permits and all the regulations. Now have agreed to -- up to -- funeral mindless bring in some of our listeners Steven your -- -- -- -- appreciated. But he gave me a little historical in in 1931. The -- certainly being Republicans went to governor Roosevelt. Gave him ten million dollars or is campaigned on the people who deliberately prohibition. 1937. Came along our apartment number. One news was making -- So. They say that benefit the company got together and they refer madness and children to congress and then congress. Have the marijuana. Prohibition. And that you know and then if there was legalize marijuana you'd be able to go to Walgreens or wherever and by cold brand. Of marijuana that would make you need if you had stomach problems are needed to simulate trumpet parts. -- Bartlett and Marlboro. If you wanted to. Eliminate party wanted to sleep you would have specific brand that you can do with what you want to. A little history and Tim. That's that's an interesting correlation. Do you sell all different categories that help you do this help you do better as this reaction about react and. Absolutely -- We have superb. Seven -- -- the Merrill -- that we sell back to provide they're percent of that. And -- just like. It's like I'd alluded to different strain. Or current facts on the people. We -- about seven beside different strain than one I'm probably ourselves start with thirty different strain. And that that children can be overwhelming for people. -- there -- strain called independent. That didn't. He'd bodies Ewing and honor those -- hated it people who say and it makes all week. And there are other street Tyler Moore -- Cuba oriented. And then the more cerebral created it. Strange. But a lot of critical patients who use forward -- -- -- east. -- at that point there are so many different readers. Around so long that there are a lot hybrid that are out there. That are under the best of both worlds so want to find that your interest in and you can narrow that selection down to if you like it. It's the land that -- and when Annika that would that ordinary Latina and or different strain themselves. Our lives bring in Jason Jason appreciate droll little. Yes it will prompt manner actually -- -- thank you should be legal in Nam look phonetic from the economic and part of view it is. I gonna have our middle everybody has -- friend -- family member that is really a professional I'm not talking about you know those on the street. Well it has not went into the work force what could they couldn't pass a drug the company. It'd been forced a great job -- that you are either you know law and not work going on -- Somebody that's another angle that I mean you know these people and I would trust my kids we have these good people. That could default -- you know get out and get to work but they can't because most employers. You know we're not gonna put to work if you can't Chris -- -- It's a good point good point Jim one thing to have reading a lot of fluid. A slow and employ you vote and marijuana store attaching -- you frequency tracking tags to the pot plants. Correct that is part absolutely that's part of the state mandated inventory tracking system. It's called -- and down. Every every plant it's ground in Baghdad where the world to become the club. Our site each bag and that that tag will follow all the way to the transferred to the retail store. And it's Internet portal that secure that we can look on one side and marijuana enforcement and look on the other side and and I'm sure that our inventories tracked all the way from the sale. And and pleased when -- talk to the regents legalism additional marijuana. They -- civil Garland today's -- and much much stronger and you can be in the past and oftentimes are laced with meth amphetamines cocaine Errol what. Whatever there is good reason to believe -- cure of the -- marijuana it's just going to be marijuana. Absolutely. It's in our hands for a round he'd just cereal. Demand. You're on at least the line starts orbit -- door. About an hour before opening. Transaction every nine seconds or -- and our expert on -- now. They're not only to. -- our candidates it is anything other than organically on candidates. Demanded and Larry -- exported and high quality product that. Track speed they'll -- and in fact on on the industry. Ultimately requirements and that being around. He's saying that it applies to not plant during -- lifetime you label on the model. You can shop and an organic food store. -- Side that side -- label on your news. That's an industry and that it -- consumers wanted to know what what's actually in the prior commitment buying. And so street -- on a plane labeled. And all of -- a lot of book concerns from those against legalization. You're gonna have born to be born driver to run and liberated from putt but I would assume. That appears to opt in your high on pot you're going to a hospital for blood that sets a pretty good reason not to drive. -- What is actually in DUI laws for all my attitude candidates -- that your license for a number of months. You can. -- -- breathalyzer installed in your car the purist view attached. The new life. You automatically lose you license for one year. I underplay it deterrents to not to not drive whoa load -- consumer -- And I think it's. What I remember sitting -- oh. There -- a large mantra people who want one purchased Canada's legally. And my expectation is that people were purchased candidates legally to respect the law -- -- it will purchase alcohol. And -- respects the law as well and a drink and drive. I. Have only seen two videos on opening dairy and Colorado when they mirrored in the wrong could you watch. C a total of young people were those isolated -- users that. Kind of the way to. I don't see people. From 41 to seven side walk in the door it's sizes and colors. An amendment to -- here in Colorado past. 64%. And at and it's one thing. War. They legalize it and actually and it's not that they can stand in the holding Colorado and wait for hours to be able to purchase. Let the support for the -- candidates -- From all across all walks of life. Final question everybody have a -- is how much this will provide in tax revenues. I've heard numbers lying around I can tell you that last moment. My company's paid about 1000 dollars in state sales tax and let's state this month. Blue okay well over 100000 dollars and detailed accident. And that that give you some idea. The revenue that's going to be generated. Win column all the stores that are in and Colorado come on line their traditionalist and that. It's not only. -- you know. A large amount of money that the city brings them but also the state and that you model that you replicated in Dayton and in our country. And the whole world is watching color matter. Amen Jim Cullen I get the feeling -- may be a little busy so was it truly you appreciate that thirty minutes. You've given us better educated us is what's going on. Have a great and prosperous new -- And then in Utah and Portland shot on board or. Logs and all right all right and Robin -- would call to the.