WWL>Topics>>1-8-13 1:10pm Scoot: on religious monuments on public property

1-8-13 1:10pm Scoot: on religious monuments on public property

Jan 8, 2014|

Scoot takes calls on the monument to Satanism being erected next to a statue depicting the Ten Commandments.

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All right saints -- we talking about that again later this year dale while my issued it to show on pages could hold this press conference. At about 230 and we're gonna carry that live here -- WWL. But the saints deceitful in Seattle is. The topic of discussion really go wherever you go people we're talking about the saints. And this battle for a chance to get to the NFC championship goes through Seattle. This Saturday afternoon our coverage begins at 9 o'clock Saturday morning you might remember that. I joined Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia anti about maybe your life from a mark forward to the big stores. In -- Stop like talk about the saints pick up your Ford Explorer while you're there -- Steve -- top Manassas will be there with fans first take from noon to 130 that's chaplain mark Ford in Kenner. And then at 130. They had downtown to the French Quarter for the countdown to the tick off. But Bobby beer and great TVs they -- at the food's great as well. Then kick off with the best play by play team in football Jim Anderson -- -- guy John and Kristian -- at 335. But remember this is like 135 kick off time so what's the saints get their and I believe they believe. I believe they leave tomorrow to go to Seattle Silva get acclimated there -- so this is going to be like -- 135 kick -- for the saints. Then after the game toward the cajun cannon. Deke Bellavia for the point after -- from DC food the French Quarter it's wall to wall states coverage beginning at 9 AM Saturday morning in the flagship station. For your New Orleans Saints every WL. The year 2014. Is starting off with that debate that was prominent once again last year in 2013. It's a debate about free speech. It's a debate about the power of words. The clothing retailer Urban Outfitters and we have one in in New Orleans I believe it's only one it's on Decatur. Right along the the day of the shops that are leading to the -- -- Urban Outfitters very interesting -- -- -- -- in addition to them and in other cities but they're very eclectic very become -- to some degree very modern. -- Urban Outfitters has been criticized for selling a woman's cropped top T shirt. Has the word depression. -- all over. And the criticism comes from shoppers who thought it was appalling that Urban Outfitters would sell a shirt. And profit off of making light of the serious disease. Some claim that Urban Outfitters was glamorizing the serious mental illness which indeed depression candy. The promotion of the year of the shirts with depression on -- Also according to some could be damaging. To their young target audience. The company also sold a T shirt that said eat less. And daughter and that was also criticized. Urban Outfitters has pulled the depression teacher I don't know about to eat -- teacher. But he general this country should eat less. So what's wrong with the eat less T -- I know we have just become far far too sensitive. When it comes to words. We do you really think that cropped top T shirt with the word depression triggered all over it. Could have a negative impact on young America. Do you think -- T shirt. Like that makes light of a mental illness I gotta tell you later this hour I'll tell you -- and the reason behind this tee shirt it's a very interesting story it it comes from a company in Singapore. And the name of the company is depression. And and basically the two guys you started this company. Were on advertising copy writer guys and they were depressed to work. And they've they were just depressed that every day they would dress anyway it's it's -- today testing story and there's no malicious intent behind it. The the name of this company whatsoever. It was kind of a positive reminder. For them to not be depressed. But again I just I find it curious that that that people think that it T shirt like that would somehow have the power. To have a negative impact on on a young audience. Can -- a teacher really affect. Behavior and attitudes. Urban Outfitters is also criticized for selling items that offended Irish Americans. -- Patrick state they were selling -- T shirt that had printer on it kiss me I'm I'm I'm drunk or Irish or whatever. The baseball cap the words. I wish yoga and her daughter with a stick figure type person on all force. Throwing up. Those who were offended said the items depict negative stereotypes. Of the Irish as excessive drinkers a stereotype. That many. Many. Are trying to overcome. I am exactly. Half Irish and half French. I lived in Philadelphia. And many of my friends word. From Ireland there working of the United States they were from -- they were they were Irish and -- moved to America. And you know they're out there aren't. There are Irish. Or Italians. There are a lot of different people who drink excessively. Stereotypes. Are usually based on general perception whether it's true or not general perception. But it the stereotype of any group that -- putting into -- that stereotype doesn't really applied EU. They don't take it personally. Again I just think we have become far far too sensitive when it comes to things. I mean if you're Irish are you offended by -- T shirt that's his kiss me I'm drunk or Irish or whatever. I mean as soon as I looked at the picture of this. This baseball cap with the words Irish yoga program -- stick figured type person on all force throwing up. I chuckled. And I'm half Irish. I guess I should be offended but I'm not. If you're enjoying our show with a -- are numbers 2601872. All 38668890. What's happening in our -- -- street 7870. Also a satanic group. Has revealed as a designed for a seven foot tall statue of Satan. He points to place the Oklahoma State Capitol building. Right next to where a monument to the ten commandments was placed in 2012. The statue depicts Satan as a goat headed figure with horns. Wings. And a long beard. And Satan is sitting on a -- with a Patrick Graham accompanied by two smiling children. And if I'm not mistaken he's also holding up the peace -- The New York based satanic. Temple says that would Oklahoma. And Oklahoma legislature decided to allow a monument to the ten commandments to be placed on the capital property. It opened up doors for their monument. The group was already raised about half of the 20000 dollars that it hopes to spend to make this satanic statue right that was a moratorium on. On all of this. High and so there's going to be no more religious. Figures or symbols on on the property but but isn't this the isn't -- the door that we open up when we start to recognize. -- christianity. Here's -- double WL pretty jaguar opinion poll this afternoon. Even if you don't. Wanna like it even if you don't wanna admit it this freedom of religion in America. Protect those who worships Satan. It is your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com and discuss blog today which he -- turning on our website is titled. Satan and the ten commandments. Certain to. Get a lot of action to be a lot of response to this Satan and the ten commandments. You know and America we have freedom. Of religion but doesn't that respect every religion. And can the argument be made that those who worships Satan. Are exercising their freedom of religion. So if you allow the ten commandments don't you have to allow other religions. If you wanna join us with your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. -- numbers 87870 here's a text that reads -- -- talk about stereotypes I'm a blunt. And we got a much of those jokes do so we start this new year 2014. With the continuing debate about what is freedom of religion really coming in and I but I still think there are many Americans who don't relief. Understand what freedom of religion means it it doesn't mean the freedom to recognize your relation of the reach deal with the religions that you like or are agree -- Freedom of religion means freedom of religion and this has become a controversy because there's a satanic group it's based in New York this attending temple. And they have announced plans for a seven foot tall statue of Satan that they want a place on the Oklahoma State Capitol building grounds next to a monument where the ten commandments was placed in 2012. If you open it up for christianity don't you have to open it up for other religions. I realize the argument is well America is dominated by Christians. That may -- but the foundation of this country is based on freedom. Of religion. Not freedom to just accept certain bulletin state this -- blog guy I know it's gonna get a lot of reaction today. Is titles Satan and the ten commandments Anderson a challenge here for us to understand. What we mean by freedom of religion and is something that we shouldn't condemn the United States for it's something that we should actually celebrate. And the argument can be made while they don't do that another country's. Well we're not other countries. With the United States. Here's our -- W a party general opinion poll even if you don't like it does freedom of religion in America protect those who worshipped Satan. 981%. Say yes. 9%. Say no. -- your opinion Michael internal web -- -- -- WL dot com and also in the senate discussion about freedom of religion were also talking about. Freedom of speech and that the power of words. And the clothing retailer. Urban Outfitters has been criticized for selling a woman's cropped top T shirt with the word depression printed all over it. Some claiming that he would -- glamorize is a serious mental illness it makes light of the mental illness. Others say they would actually have an impact a damaging impact. On their young target audience. -- teacher with depression on it or anything can can that really have an impact on the young generation or anybody for that matter it's just a T shirt. Why have we become so sensitive why are we so afraid. Of things that we find objectionable. There there's actually no guarantee that you're gonna go through life and not be offended by something. If you and -- show with your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. X seventy. In a -- -- is 877. I'm scoot in torrential and from the plus -- was welcome to WWL. -- of state should go only do you get anyway. I thought it problem one -- I think society. -- is influencing children today Morgan's parents taught. And I think that's partly because of the -- in -- -- in in more apparent -- and make -- -- Parents also. You know society. So our work in and and be pressure. It is it has been called in responsibility. Slept and then that sports freedom. I think for content you view and you know we have -- -- report it player that beat Olympic. Certain kinds of free men and brought a lot of it is where it. It's always going to be I installed because it's -- going to be debatable but -- know will draw new and important to -- I -- -- hurdle. That certainly is the debate Dave arena we have freedom of speech to criticize the president but we don't have freedom of speech to. Threaten the president's life. So there's align it's that strong there you might not like a signal worshippers and it's something I certainly don't relate to but I do understand it in his country we have freedom of religion and if somebody in America -- is that that is their religions and don't we have to respect edit and isn't that the danger of opening up. Things like ten commandment monuments on on public property because you you open up the debate for -- disable wait a minute what about my religion. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're out so much or Supreme Court now it gets light and -- and they come back they say experts say oh. -- need to be more oh -- -- you know we say it and it hurt so so. It. It out that parent out there. That comment they take -- And and and and it's not you know. This is not the hurt will ethnic. You know and -- there's -- there's that there is no question Dave. That we become over sensitive to. A corporal punishment you can legally spank your children and people need not freak out if somebody spank their kids but there's a big difference between spanking a child. And beating a child. So we we need to understand you can eat yell your kids in discipline your kids and people should be over sensitive to that and I understand that that that is a problem but. Make no mistake about it you have a right and a responsibility in this country to be a very active parent and to discipline your -- Steve I'm a college scholarship. I churlish you know under the WL. -- who are really -- lifted you. It and it's not like our camera crew there and errant. I think there era one has the right break here it would -- And there's this morning live with that there -- great government property. Where they're on the opposing view at all so you'd like to go to our country don't applaud fairness. They'll -- -- a great underdog we put Peyton is is what they've worked with bird. I think there are all the war -- in there as people they taught or. Are out there yet and I live there. -- -- It is not on. You know I've I've I agree Charles and I'm going to -- the show here's a text that reads the ten commandments are not restricted to christianity. You're an idiot. Well I don't think of an idiot says that might be your opinion I've realized that the ten commandments transcend christianity but quite often. On the support of the ten commandments. On courthouse steps and on public property is supported by Christians. Are Chris you're under the WL. Are you -- what election note you know it's it's look forward to all -- not a lot of spots you know he can't he can't look at the warm. We're -- you know by not and the one you're you're protect you know hurt him partners. You know I agree or Google -- followed you know if you're durable command on the Arab side had put the put the fate worshippers were -- to -- -- -- and that's what. And this why this is why I have always I I've always questioned whether or not there's wisdom. In in embracing. The ten commandments or symbols of christianity. On public property not that I think they should be offensive to anybody but you'll literally illegally opened the door. Four other religions -- say hey wait a minute I want to be represented their two. Right and I don't have a problem that everybody -- towards you know you don't wanna watch deal you know something on PDF -- future is now. You know why are -- why should everybody else stepped up because one person get better you know dependent upon. That's one way to put it Chris I I totally agree with you again to it it seems as if we have become a society. That now has this sense that we have a right. To go through life and never be offended. That's actually ridiculous. The challenge of freedom of speech is not to respect freedom of speech if you agree with the speaks the challenge is to respect freedom of speech or freedom of expression. If you disagree with that expression. But isn't that the most basic foundation upon which this country was built. Astute differential if you wanna join us with your comment our numbers 2601872. All 3866889. Is nearly seventy. Attacks over the -- and he says it's 130 on what is still a bit chilly afternoon but it's gonna warm up a little bit today and tomorrow and into the weekend. Here's another WWL news updates with Chris Miller. Can you hear me. I can't hear -- in my head and what's going. -- if you can hear me we've got a technical issues here I couldn't talk to him mark can you hear me. I'm for some reason I can't hear myself in my headphones and I didn't know that I was on the years it was just will test. To get that out. In fact let's set because I'm not going to be lead to the callers -- -- talk for just a moment and now switch and had -- here. In just a moment here's an update on our divvied -- -- -- -- opinion poll if you don't like it. Just freedom of religion in America still protect those who want to worship Satan. -- 78% say yes and 22% say no give us your opinion by going to our web site to -- WL -- -- also remind you that the saints are going to be having a press conference with coach Sean Payton coming up to about 230 this afternoon will carry that line. Here and everybody looking -- at the -- had thought that was really strange jacket I can hear that -- they show but I. I couldn't hear myself. We're talking about freedom of speech in the power of words the the clothing retailer Urban Outfitters as -- criticized for selling a woman's cropped top T shirt with the word depression on it. And those who criticize say that. The the T shirt is glamorizing a serious mental illness making light of it and might have an impact on young. People really at the teachers can have an impact on people. I suffered all my life with a very severe case of obsessive compulsive disorder it's under control now thank god. But my life was miserable because of that. If I saw no CDT sure I wouldn't be offended. Were also talking about plans for a satanic group to put up. A statue let's say the seven foot tall statue of Cigna sitting on -- throne with the Pitt program audit. The that the group says that win the Oklahoma legislature allowed a monument to the ten commandments to be placed on the Oklahoma capitol building grounds. Then it opened up the door for them to place -- a monument. On the grounds as well. -- the -- longest title Satan in the ten commandments you can read it and share with others it's a turning on -- website productive WL dot com if you would join us with your comment. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. And our -- number is 87070 here's a text that breeds. What about atheists I don't wanna be symbols of religion associated with government. Here is another text. We have freedom of religion in this country -- this country was also founded on christianity. Was this country founded on christianity. I think that's one of the great misconceptions that many Americans holed. -- from -- Joshua WWL. And still tight so a good. Source taught me tell you that. Are got a couple perspectives on this to our trucks were on that. To which usually -- it's some days ago. What what what we. Our best perspective this is to -- look at the kitchen. In our say so in gay community. The -- that there are getting some -- typically they should get missed the cut as they're looking for equality to save the straight community. That he stay straight community should lose the power of marriage should be equal arms. And that's kind of what these kind of people don't economy. It change change that way these core issues in an awards. -- In America. -- -- Everybody. Right. To -- out their churches and everything else but they don't have a right to change everywhere else -- who wanted to court. Today that it has. A monument up to Satan isn't trying to change your Christian beliefs. I don't know about that when -- realistic about that what what is -- state. Haven't had commitment so they're also is trying to change anyone's Belize. It's it's simply say. That at the tenth commandment is it's just like in doubt we trust on court and like saying guys. In the pledge allegiance which was a ridiculous to try to stop that. When you're sworn into the artery. You have a -- injury and -- eight. He's beaten you and you. You know. I Josh I I I totally I totally agree with you light I do understand the hypocrisy and there'll always be that hypocrisy with money and things like the pledge of allegiance. But when you open the door to accept one religion don't you open the door to accept all religions is sent. Is -- respect for freedom of religion something that he -- supersedes. Christianity in this country. Well yes I can say I disagree with you Warner but I really I -- perspective is returning to -- focus. They do why would you actually. Is actually pretty and so. -- to our people where -- threats to the ten commandments. In the last 200 years. It's only -- -- course. We had. -- there's tremendous amount of misuse of. And I and I understand that and we do it falls visit as a society again remember there was a time when. When blacks were not treated as equal citizens there -- there are times that week we come two points in our history when we've realized wait a minute that was wrong. This is right and I want anybody to misunderstand me I'm not supporting Satan and yet there are many people who gonna hear me. And come away with that impression. And and I'm not I'm I'm a Christian Catholic and I'm not -- denouncing your christianity. But I also understand it but I also totally understand what freedom of religion means and it doesn't mean accepting -- relation it means. Accepting any religions so isn't it better to not worry about putting the ten commandments. On on the capitol building property. If that's been opened the door to. To Islam to Satan worshippers to. A number of other people I guess the question I have Josh is. Why it's important that we have the ten commandments -- means that -- somehow change somebody's. Moral ethics as it is to connect. I think having these these symbols on on property this is a this is really superficial these are these are tangible items when morality and religion really lives and our hearts and minds -- and monument. So as to the tech programs. While you're not separate content commandments. Is something that would -- ST this. An atheist. For one of these people wanna put a stake statute. That to look at the ten commandments. And say. And the reason that does not apply to any one of them. But they put ten reasons to be an atheist. Or say believe. I can you say that reasons applauding you. Our Josh I understand -- -- departure -- but I can't speak from the standpoint of an atheist or somebody who worships Satan because. I don't mean like you bring up this. This question. But again and I I think one thing that we failed to do sometimes as humans in this Americans. Typically fail to understand. That the world is beyond what we see we can't have just a myopic view of the world through our own perspective. This is America and we don't compare ourselves to any other country we do things and we we welcome things in this country that no other country welcomes. And freedom of religion means freedom of religion doesn't it. Here's an update on our -- -- well pretty -- my opinion poll even if you don't like. Just freedom of religion in America protect those who worships Satan. 78% say yes. And now 22% saying no give us your opinion by going to Debbie WL dot com -- -- incredulous. And they'll be right back. They proposed statue. Of Satan -- is. Being proposed for this this area where the ten commandments are the Oklahoma State Capitol building. The statue depicts Satan is a goat headed figure with horns swings in a long beard sickness sitting on -- phone with -- pilgrim. And is accompanied by smiling children. The satanic temple based in New York it wants to do this because -- -- see the doors open for their religion to be recognized as well as. Of religions that abide by the ten commandments. These satanic -- New York says the monument has been designed to reflect the views of scientists. In Oklahoma City and beyond. The statue will also have -- functional purpose. As a chair. Where people of all ages may sit on the lap of Satan for inspiration. And contemplation. They make Satan seem like a loving caring grandfather. As do blog today is it title Satan and the ten commandments you can read it and share with fear. Your friends it's on our FaceBook page it's on our photographers the page at WWL. Radio and you could comment or -- their -- of some of those comments a little bit later. It's also on our website -- -- WL dot com I'm -- in four insulin and from Baton Rouge feel welcome to our show. -- -- -- -- related. You know the great. Country. -- freedom. -- -- -- Walter went for you to rate. The country where you can't leave the country where they. The only -- you're currently. On the new kingdom. -- debate. And that it in great country own alternate plane. And additional award. As an. Pino would -- commandments or and we still blinding. An opinion that well -- and the appropriate -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Can't come in. You know bill and I I can say that about some of the political debate in this country but I but I hear some of the hateful comments and the distasteful things that are said about about politics in in general and and politicians in this country. I have to question why some people even stay in this country I hope that they stayed because one day that they they hope they can manifest change. Through their actions which would include voting. Bill a political issue and I want to thank you for doing which you do for our country. I don't like the idea and I effect has seen a picture of this proposed design for this seven foot. Statue of saint which -- -- sitting at a -- with the Pentagon and it's really creepy. Released the gold hit with boards. And it's it's it's very creepy. But if we recognize when religion. Don't we recognize other religions as well. Here's a -- reach America was not founded as a Christian nation. When you look at the writings of Thomas Jefferson Ben Franklin and the rest of the founding fathers it becomes clear people need to know their history. This is truly one of the that is the greatest miss understood things by a lot of people in America. It's real easy to buy into this idea because it's what you wonderfully. America was founded on Christian values. But it's always been my understanding that the more important. Foundation upon which this country was built. Was. Was on the freedom of religion. The freedom to express. Any religious beliefs you want it just so happened that the majority of the early settlers were Christian. But they -- founding this as a Christian nation this is my understanding of history they were pounding it is a Christian nation. As much as they were from the -- or in nation where people could be free to express their religious beliefs without fear. Of persecution. Which is why they got on those ships in the first place and came to this country. And believe me that's like a carnival cruise. Back then and sixteen Tony when they they came across the Atlantic. It was a tough trip. And not everybody made and not everybody would want to do that but think about -- that the real reason that they came here and doesn't freedom of of every religion. Doesn't supersede. Christianity in this country. And I don't think it takes anything away from christianity again I still go back to the idea why do you really need the ten command are you trying to prove something. Those with those who need. Those who need physical tangible. Symbols. Of religion. Maybe art is. Confident with their religious beliefs and convictions. As they should -- I don't need the ten commandments on public property. To remind me how I should be. If your -- stay with us -- -- differential. And we'll be back and to -- WL. We're talking about this proposal to put a seven foot statue on Satan sitting on a throw with a pedigree Ramona with two smiling children and if I'm not mistaken -- -- -- called picture that I saw just little while ago. I think -- displaced flashing the peace sign. The Oklahoma legislature opened up the opportunity for a monument of the ten commandments to be placed on the capitol grounds and so this attending group based in New York says okay if you could do that then we can do this. Here's a text at least the ten commandments signifies the law of the land thou shalt not kill thou shall not steal. You know that's so important to remember because I don't know about you but. If I didn't if I didn't read the ten commandments every day if I didn't walked by monuments of the ten commandments I think I might just wanna kill somebody. I'm from diamond head Joseph are you going to be -- do well. -- -- -- -- I'll let a little different perspective on this -- and -- that mayor mayor. Skirt around that just a little bit. Took steps and hasn't I get it out of the purpose of the country not a topic for general consensus that religious. And political. The founders of the country. Cops -- isn't it I guess in my opinion probably is not. Religion does it. Ever -- -- -- religious group you know they have their own. View secrecy within their religion -- all predominantly. And ultimate good and how will be and we need to live our lives. Detention unit could be could be. But who would you would you send it to. Be there -- you say that -- about it and it. On but so is being an atheist and and -- -- your definition of this including Islam is a lot of people think that Islam is innately evil. Well -- Ayman -- That it it Islamic extremists but if Clinton. There aren't some more -- Christian extremists. Pop it up not that the electorate isn't pretty -- differences that are. But there are Christians who wanted to kill abortion doctors. And did. You're at that point you're you're you're you're absolutely current. I'd still. Like Russia Iceland and about back but he's -- And not. On board a bigger. Joseph Joseph called back because I'm gonna get to a news break that down yet please call back if you're -- stay with this we will continue this conversation. Right after the news I'm scooting in for Angela on -- WL.