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1-8-13 2:30pm Sean Payton press conference

Jan 8, 2014|

Coach Sean Payton's Wednesday afternoon press conference.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- they schedule looks like -- Thursday for us. We're pretty good practices with real good questions. Years ago. If there. Is. Upset over. -- Game. No I don't think so I mean I think. Listen when you get in the post season. In. Your play in the game you're playing good football team. And when you have to travel in the post season certainly. You're wondering when and on the road to begin with as difficult challenging in our league so. You know that game kind of early all went in one way and then all of a sudden. Turned around momentum going in you know we weren't -- we weren't able to overcome that but. I don't I don't think. It. -- Well you know there's been an important part of the sixteen game schedule were playing is that attrition but. You know fortunately we we have some depth there we've we've got some experience in some young players you know lose a player like Kenny and the corners we've lost -- to glory. Patrick. You know those are. Obviously things that you'd rather not have happened but I think the the amount of time on tests that some of these guys have had. That are veterans and then some of the younger guys that -- community you know in in. Been able to play you take a guy like Corey who's starting the season -- -- -- in a role that would be nickel. And -- here for the last however many weeks has been now starting outside so. I don't I don't think it's unusual for teams. You just hope that it's. Always kept in a minimum. They have a guy like Corey -- the high and he even admits like I know teams are coming at me because pieces in place of but he gives them today. Ready to go and. Well I think you know there's combination of things you know you're always looking at matchups and you're looking at your own scheme. And you're looking to change the looks so it's just not constant. Kind -- game here in the audience. Is that something -- -- -- you can improve -- and over the years in this era there's been a few games Chicago San Francisco last week. Standouts. Well. Yeah I mean I'd I'd like to think hopefully with experience and you know. Be finishing up you know. In the middle over at the end of -- seven season. You know you. You hope hopefully trust your instincts and if you're always. Pretty critical you know in in looking closely at things you do differently after games wins or losses. So. And it's also paid attention to the game I think that's really important because you may have an idea or what you'd like to do and then all of a sudden. You know -- in the third quarter Carolina and it's different you know you. You've got a downpour -- at Tampa Bay so a lot of things can dictate that but. I think it's been flexible. Elements. I don't I don't. I don't yeah I think. It -- there there are a lot of things that are different from. Back in eleven when you look at the roster and you look at. It's always changing you know world wasn't a little bit of transition year to year and and I think. You know with the young players we have here in the combination of veteran players that are able to adapt to that. Our coaches. All. -- up there. Yet. That was unique. And different just with regards to what we were seen from Philadelphia. And you know honestly it was a short yardage situation where we were treatment tied in with motion. Him. In the front was going from one to the other you know and so that was a matter of us deciding when we saw that front -- we snapped the football. -- have a little bit of leverage advantage. So after the first time we ran it -- like anything else -- was it looked a lot better than we thought the next thing you know that. All of sudden there's three government. One was a penalty. That would have been a first downs that was just something that was in for that game because of what we song for a it. Absolutely that they have a great scheme got you know the right players that -- it. And you know they played a division that that's very good run the football so. That's tremendous challenge you know to begin with there's a lot of eight man front you know and can't -- down. You know and it's got to position the next plays in the box. As an extra player the next play -- so they do enough. Where they challenger -- angles. With with the amount of people that that are populated in the box and they trust the corners outside and -- at free safety. On the back and so it makes it makes -- yeah. -- coach. It was it -- it was a it was a tremendous room. And you know it's. That's what's great about the playoffs. You know you. Yeah had a chance to do things. That. You know. Can be remembered for a long time and usually. It's accompanied with a win. And I think that. Should you watch it you admire it in. You know you look closely at. They want to make sure that you read that from happening again. And based -- the greens. No I think you pay attention -- that very closely. You know. They're called forward. A 100% chance of rain. So that can mean a lot of different things but the wind. Means a little bit more and I think you you you pay close attention that. Well I mean -- How long can you make the quarter last when -- with a win how. Quick can you make the quarter go by when you're against it. Paid attention to the clock with regards to your last honor of their last punt. You know it's all -- field position related. It was just a few of the things but if if it gets north of fifteen miles an hour then you know limits. That it is it impacts what's going on in two quarters your return game your special teams. Or significance you know there's chances are others who quarters with the kickers that. Both teams have -- there's there's good chance of touchback not necessarily guarantee and then the other two quarters your coverage units. You know gets stressed more because the ball's not going is the same thing in the -- Which you can sit there and just say we had to win and you get near the end of the that place where he -- it's. That time. We we did -- we did it I believe in Carolina. Maybe Philadelphia runs together but recently we did that to force them to punt into the wind so is the opposite scenario yes. Yes. Yeah yeah Hendry didn't. Okay. Well look at the similarities are there outstanding quarterbacks. You know in. Yet the offenses -- little different. The challenge of defending someone whose won as many games as he has you know statistically in. His first two years. Playing quarterback he's won more football games and he won. In this -- since the Super Bowl began. So he's doing a lot of things well is a great decision makers -- great leader. He's accurate and then he can escape and extend plays. And hurt you from both the pocket and outside the pocket so they present a lot of challenges. You know you're studying closely formations you're studying the offensive sets in you're looking closely at you know how do you. Had you. Keep -- and looks up so it's not one constant. Thing that he gets beat on but yeah. He's he's done a fantastic jump. It well if he's he's healthy this season last year you know he'd he'd battled some injuries. It's great to have him back healthy in. You know he's having a good season he he runs well he's got good instincts and tackles well. In has been. Applause for us with with him being back in the lineup in. In been healthy so it's it's an important -- this defense. She got here. -- -- -- -- Well look I think that. No different than Mark Ingram the offensive line you know the guys that get most fired up about a a game where you have those rushing numbers are. The running backs the linemen you know when your strength coach. Those guys get excited you know and and. The key is to win you know and in each week that might vary on how you do that. Hopefully you you know as coaches you wanna make sure you you have the best best game plan in. You wanna pay attention to you know handle the noise in it with regards to communication plays. All those things factor in but I think. Whenever you can win a game and win it in the four minute and in close out a game rushing the football. The -- were able to that there's. You know that there's there's a lot that's. Kind of permeates through your team not just the linemen in the running backs that it carries over to your defense at setter. Thanks you.

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