WWL>Topics>>1-8-13 3:10pm Scoot: on religious monuments on public property

1-8-13 3:10pm Scoot: on religious monuments on public property

Jan 8, 2014|

Scoot takes calls on the monument to Satanism being erected next to a statue depicting the Ten Commandments.

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All right the saints are two wins away from a Super Bowl but let's just focus on the game Saturday. The sequel in Seattle the saints in the Seahawks -- a shot at the NFC championship. If the saints win our coverage begins Saturday morning at 9 o'clock people already starting to have their parties lined up -- -- -- invited a couple of parties already. A -- Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia antibody -- a -- from -- mark Ford the big story in Kenner. Stop by there you can go in and talk about the saints and pick up here and you knew Ford Fusion why you're there state court -- -- -- will follow that with the first take from noon to 130 apple mark Ford in -- And then at 130 our crew heads downtown at the French Quarter for countdown to kickoff. With Bobby indeed and by you burger suburban street and content in the French Quarter and that's a fun place if you -- -- -- place to go watch the game. And kick off we got the best play by play team in football at 335 Jim Henderson -- guy John and Christian Garrett on the sidelines. And then after the game the cajun cannon and the big chief will be at the point after show. DD seafood in the French Quarter wall to wall states coverage begins Saturday morning. At 9 o'clock on the flagship station of your New Orleans Saints. Have a WL. I CBS a sports dot com. Is picking the saints to win. Here's what they have to say this is going to sound weird according to this this writer Jeff -- for CBS sports -- com. He says this is gonna sound weird but I think the fact that New Orleans lost 3047 to Seattle during the regular season is actually going to help the states. Crowd noise in Seattle is a huge factor but now that the saints have heard it. They know what they're up against. And they can adjust accordingly. As for Seattle's 37 to 3047. Regular season win statistically. Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. Played one of his best games of the season and -- -- Brees played one of his worst. Basically it was a perfect confluence of events. That led to the blowout. As long as there's no beast quake in this game I think New Orleans can pull off an upset saints 27. Seahawks. 24 that's according to. CBS sports dot com right. Most of the national media is picking the Seahawks to win but I think the states are great position and I've I love the things that Sean Payton does like. Like paving the Seahawks logo. On the fifty yard line on the practice field because that's on the fifty yard line of a century link stadium in Seattle and hopefully that's something that they're gonna cross. Quite often. Satan and the ten commandments that's the title of this group blog and there are people who I totally misunderstand my point I'm not standing up for state. But it Satan worshiping is a religion. Mr. -- -- you might find that religion. If we respect freedom of religion in this country don't we respect. All religions. Now if if being a Satan worshippers declared not to be any kind of religion that's something of this Supreme Court would have to decide. But then I would I would like this challenge. These sorts of the topics are our challenge for a -- controversies challenge us. It's real easy to support what you believe it. It's not so easy to support what somebody else believes it. And you know I I've had calls and in text from people -- you know it's all about what our society accepts. Our society changes. Think about how our society treated women and blacks. -- society does change. It seems to me that these these the freedom of religion is something that should supersede. Any reference to christianity or any reference to god in the ten commandments and again I -- I am I'm curious as to why so many people support so much emphasis on having a monument to the ten commandments at a courthouse. That's not gonna cause anybody to become a moral person. If it's a it's a battle that did -- that people choose and it's so it's a way of throwing it in the face it's it's a way of trying to prove something. Do you really need the ten commandments and I I'd look we should all follow the ten commandments. If everybody did this would be a wonderful world and we probably have nothing to talk about on and on talk right. Except how wonderful the world is. But why is it's important to have that that religion. And they're they're still was an argument in this country about how this country was founded why this country was -- It's always been my understanding that while Christians founded this nation. This country was founded on the premise of freedom of religion. The people who got on those ships which were not carnival cruise line ships. And came to this country. That was a hardship. They came here because they were persecuted for their religious beliefs. And in my opinion from what I understand from history. The idea was above and beyond christianity. The idea which was founded on freedom of religion. So if we even take satanic worshippers out of the equation. If you put the ten commandments up which -- BOK with some kind of structure represented. -- Now I realize that most of this country might be Christian. But the bill of rights and our history. Always points to the fact that we respect. Individual rights. Even if they conflict with. The consensus of a majority. -- from Morgan City frank -- WWL. Actions you know medium. We have I totally agree that freedom of religion. I mean that's I think this country great nailed it. Have people think what they -- think that. The thing about satanic panic -- the war against that may give them there -- Is -- spared being you know former columnist. Something people putting up a monument like that there it's -- -- I'm usually does not as sensitive. That's an -- about -- -- -- say that I think the New Orleans Saints on Saturday. Are going to be having stuffed Seahawks for lunch and afternoon it is. I think you what you that reporters the truth about earlier yeah. I think that -- and I think we departed Peter -- we know what to expect. We know -- allow this stadium is I think we're gonna go and there are a lot more prepared. And we're going to be in pretty good. Jim butter over gonna be a pretty good I think we're gonna beat him eyes and and I'm not saying that as the saints fans who looks through everything through well afford league colored glasses I try to be realistic and I just I think the stage is set for the saints. I'd knowing what I know about Payton Brees and and you know -- not have a good game last week. And he's the kind of guy that comes back in and it doesn't have two bad games that are rose so I think he's going to be sharp. Mark Ingram and Robinson and to the running game seems to be on track in the offensive line -- a good job life. I feel really good about the saints Saturday. So much I Jim I'm glad you called a show -- nationalistic. As I said earlier many of you were figuring out where to go to watch the game because that you wanna be in that -- in the crowd to watch it's it. It's going to be sick and you mentioned Howard and all feel. If the saints do win that game. And I think they will. If you wanna join our show with your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. In a text jumper is a 7870. Here's the text at least 100% chance of rain in Seattle. Then the rain may keep many of their fans home to watch a quieter stay -- no. -- in Seattle. You can tell lead the visitors and tourists because they're the ones without the umbrellas. People in Seattle don't let the rain bothers him. Sometimes -- -- said. In an outdoor cafe if it's just if it's a missed. So the rain is not gonna keep anybody out of a stadium I'm scoot differential will be back. As -- up a little bit today might get a pin into the fifties and and even warmer tomorrow and into the weekend. I'm stewed in -- Angela graduates like -- -- your text you're just a moment here's an update on our WWO party general opinion poll this afternoon. Even if you don't like it -- freedom of religion in America protect those who worships Satan. 80% say yes and only 20% say no. You can give us your opinion Michael into our website WWL dot com. And and -- issues that -- count down to the saints to debt continues joint Deke Bellavia live from scooters that are slightly in Metairie. Tomorrow. It's the -- divisional playoff Thursday show. And our saints player of the week is going to be pat swilling former linebacker who was part of the revered don't patrol. What's the biggest challenges facing the saints in this rematch against the Seahawks and what are the keys to winning the game that'll be part of the discussion -- -- a meeting place for the food -- nation. With the big chief Deke Bellavia and former saint pat at pat -- all that and polluters tomorrow for 48. Your -- is ready to -- WL. I enjoyed going to shooters. Mean I don't -- the wings but appeared in their other things that -- I do enjoy. And you know I just really like the -- From Metairie Louis here on WWL. And -- That it keep it simple a simple person but we tell our kids you know. It's a campaigner -- -- -- and no means no. When you get to a certain point and you look at statue -- -- And at ten commandments. Here in to -- -- -- a couple more we got to understanding. It's OK and no police say this people. And you say it in and believe it laughable that you just countries about. Makes you believe it's what we ought to -- you know you can that the statute. Screw it it's temple. But it but he goes to our constitution goes to something has to be determined ultimately by the Supreme Court you can't pick and choose which religion and if again this has to be determined if worshipping Satan is of -- Did the Indo should start with no we don't need ten commitments we don't need any religion displayed because if we do one we have to do while others. Well -- what about Islam which you say -- Islam. No world -- signal to anybody believe in who wherever they believe. So which you wouldn't what would you say about and some correcting something to the nation of Islam on on public property. You know. Not so we know straighten stay in school and you're okay with model. At least good thing and -- -- -- such strength and understanding now. When you look it's safe and well -- -- know that and that much. A look at what I believe it is strike that would not erecting a statue strike. When Clinton Kristy Campbell things to say. -- -- -- Try to keep it to one ticket stay away from them any building care and other things like that. Not great history -- know one thing that really weren't big station I believe. Is yet to -- -- what you. Note to these people saying we want you. Statute. Scandal which -- that scoot -- a big difference. Well. The more common -- what you believe in the capital Christina. That's when -- -- if not not if worshipping Satan is determined to be your religion it's illegally in terms of the law in this country it's no different. Our work at. It okay but if you open and let's then let's not open the door we don't need the ten commandments on public property we don't need it and yet he. Why not we don't need. Why don't need. These guys -- people that. In the area accounts or not. All our school field trip and they can't rules are out we have 200 vehicle to -- except it. Mail lately we -- Kicking all the people who don't believe. Well believe in Gary -- Well OK -- that commitment to put any war -- But Louis -- with the ten commandments effective the group of people that you just talked about it. How the ten commandments on public property affect those people they're not taught that in all. So what are their parade and by the courthouse. Nazis not that your -- commanders are out to -- out there it's almost want to read. And say -- I'll live. But the people who need to freedom are not gonna go by there and read -- Louis the bad people are not gonna care about the ten commandments. -- it but he cared about male school they wanna put the statute say so they must cheer on air and the life. Because you living by by the golden rules like I. Lewis and Lewis people who were committing crimes or are not holes Satan worshippers. We all want. Him but the point is I don't understand how the ten commandments makes this a better society I know -- -- no wait. The ten commandments nick is a better society I don't know how he tangible monument to the ten commandments makes us a better society. Because it's one child read that it's capable of Reading. And looked at and goes while -- appeal in our house at my goal was just going through. It must be important screw it one -- -- he's -- -- but it's one chance at all that and. It's I think the problem is is that we we put up a monument as a society we think okay. You know we've done our job we certainly have made the world a better place by putting the ten commandments on display when in reality we haven't done a better job at raising kids. And and challenging to be different people. Don't we don't know that Louis you don't know that you can you can think. I don't like the idea that we put so much faith -- any tangible CNET document. Monument or. What it says should be part of everyday life what is said to be in the hole it doesn't need to be -- kids are not parading by a court house. -- and -- there all old I had to stay and put aside we are -- all the good and. We get this situation. With this recent. You know we -- this war and we shall we get it. Not to -- to -- because those can't commandment that we all issues there should live by anyway. But Richard Lewis I've got to get to reduce break I'm I'd like to call the show on a lot of people agree with you I -- I can't wait to get to a few these tax him more of your calls when we come back. -- scoots differential -- and here's another WWL news update this time with Dave Cohen. -- I'm getting a number of checks and people who were telling me to to come down on my personal phone and also on the news station a 77 team. Website here. Sometimes I get. Excited. I have always believed that faith. Religion. Conviction. Morals. Live within us. They don't live in. Which you might describe his full Scott's. In some ways there's a commandment that almost. Defies the idea that that. Some people feel such a strong need to place the ten commandments. In public. The people who don't understand the context of what is meant by the ten commandments. An article by Peter read the ten commandments and all of a sudden become moral outstanding citizens. By putting this up sometimes we feel like we as a society what we've done our job with the the ten commandments in public. The we have to do our job every day in our lives. In our personalize. If you're a parent you need to do your job with your kids. Here's text that says so that I'm wrong that the commandments represent more than religion they represent the foundation of -- law and society. They also vicariously -- percent religion because it is often the Christian groups is often the the Christian politicians. That are pushing -- religion. And I and number Christian but they're they're pushing their beliefs. On the public there they they want these things in public when in reality I don't think these things matter that much. Here's another text that tells me that two. That I am really get to this text again there's so many great text download to show -- right on your say what needs to be said. I want to share those with you because those are those are boring but here's a Texas is your joke. And they wonder whether radio station -- keeps me on the air so you support pure evil. To this is suggesting that I support pure evil. You rail against murderers pedophiles rapists. Serial killers of children evil dictators that eliminate. Anyone they want but you support the installation. Of a statue. Of the people one god cast out of happened. Pure evil walks around us at every minute of every day. I'm not standing up for Satan. I am simply standing up for freedom. Of religion. Now if you don't perceive it that way. I can't control that I can only control when I actually say. Yeah in the West Bank Ralph you're WWL. A group -- partners at running back yup I'm cocker number eight -- you not. W and read. And what -- understand -- like with freedom speech. Governments. Which means that you can't or religious. -- all public property -- thought the whole are in school. School Korea would not eliminate. Just schools thinks and correct -- the people in Oklahoma. Didn't want that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- -- -- That people. People at every right. To do what they. All party because what the commitment -- active. You know you're missing -- American like fourteen. People don't understand. What you mean. -- -- -- -- Well that's if that's true -- -- the bill of rights guarantees the rights of individuals. On that Spitzer that go beyond protecting the collective opinion of the majority. You know people people called an argument with that all our go to the Christian -- In relation where christianity is the majority religion. Majority of people near Christian this year democracies may not all christianity. Are Christine and constantly and that it would be theocracy the cycle -- will be luckily we have the supreme we. -- are always interesting how hypocritical so people can be because they want this to be a Christian led government Brittany. The do not support a Muslim led government in nations where we're helping them on -- democracy. And democracy would mean that they can elect anybody they want but you know again there's just Ralph I'm glad to call the show is a lot of fees hypocrisy in this country and you know we're we're we're challenged. We're challenge to accept things that we that we don't agree with you but what I love most about this country is freedom. And freedom means exactly that it means it means freedom. It doesn't mean I have to like something that I think somebody's free to do. It doesn't mean that I like. I don't like with the -- stands for what they have the freedom to be the plan. I -- both the client. There hypocritical. Christians -- there any of them if they're any of them left. An excellent plan people around. I don't know. I totally I totally agree with their right to their freedom. And you have to be very careful if you start to pick and choose how you apply freedom. It's real easy to make this a black and white issue I don't like that so it shouldn't be. Really. Think about what you're saying -- you stand on American soil and -- that. We differ from other countries and we should celebrate that not criticize. -- differential. Will be back what are the early -- topics you're talking about -- -- year clothing retailer Urban Outfitters has won here in New Orleans under on Decatur. -- -- criticized for selling a woman's crop top teacher with the word depression printed all over it is some say that this is that are going to cause young people just to be depressed it's gonna have a negative impact on their -- clientele. It's also are profiting and glamorizing. And -- mental illness. A guy named Kenny limb is the designer he's with the company in in Singapore and he says that he and his partner were working for advertising agencies for over ten years. And after five or six years of being in the cutthroat exhausting corporate environment. They were depressed. With their lives in the quality of their work. They decided to quit and follow their dream and out of honesty they named their design company depression. As a reminder that design should be honest also was a reminder that you should be happy when you go to work so that's. The origin of this depression T shirt that has caused some people to get all upset and again I just don't see how words can be so powerful. That you somehow depression on a -- -- if you wanna buy it don't buy it. But to pressure a teacher does not gonna actually hurt anybody. Here's attacks reflective of a number of Texas they're just deport him. Askew -- those of us who were actually listening. I know you're saying. I know what you're saying. So. Maybe we're better off not displaying the ten commandments you're not supporting evil -- George W realist from -- thank you. -- from -- Fred you're on WWL. He's just had -- -- appreciate your your position is certainly are looking which is. Which is something. Good chilling for people recognize who we -- and how we go here and what we're. And that brings me back to supporting to a degree -- the other gentleman from great -- for. We're talking about the the rule. And I would take it back to principle. And that that and those principles as he mentioned. -- -- And the declaration and that. Which are spurring the law that we come to appreciate overtime. What actually goes word's meaning and application we all these troops that all men are created equal and about their creator. -- certain in illegal war right. Now. There's a Korea. That four others followed and that the sign preparation and evidently agreed. That there. And so I look at. The ten commandments. Iconic. Basic common LP a fundamental issues. The key to which. Ship country state upper right. And then. Understanding approachable. Idea. I wanna support. And the tradition. That maintain. Those -- that they percent. And we certainly. The United States armed forces. Observed in World War II. Who saw what Christian -- Christian. And seeing who are in and that sort. -- Where people who who who you know and willing. Studio so that people can express themselves street. Where were comparing apples oranges my perspective. And and I agree with you. That people like the speaker at the right to express that on the government. Foundation. On government. Property. It's not religion that's being expressed an. It is. Our principles. And each denomination in its -- I I do I do agree with that however it's interesting that there are religious groups and and and people who profess christianity. Who were the ones who are so supportive of putting the ten commandments on the the -- at the courthouse steps or in. A capitol building like in Oklahoma. But I'm gonna have to get to break I'm I'm glad you called only talk about creator. Some people might see ala as a creator again. This is America. And we should respect the fact that weird we're different we should celebrate the fact that we're different we should celebrate the fact that we. Except. Things that would never be accepted in other countries. And in no way. Does any. Any elimination. Of the ten commandments in public in no way. Does that change who you far. I'm student for Angela will be right back into the WL. It is states Wednesday and WWL sports talk is next they're on the road again for the food and nation with Bobby and 4500 -- -- from four to eight. The ten commandments are religious and if you had somehow missed that go back and read the ten commandments they are religious. -- blog is titles Satan and the ten commandments. It's on our website at W dot com wanna thank -- -- executive producer -- -- associate producer and mark and our studio producer. -- --