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1-8 4:35pm Kristian, Saints Practice Report

Jan 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well there are 32 and now they're eight for eight each conference NFL sideline reporters -- Kristian -- want onto it and don't Christian T about a bear. Daily for the morning drive double coverage from 6 AM until 98 in the top -- shows in the area. On thirteen 50 AM three WL with today's practice report it Saints out that reporter. Christian -- Christian speak about -- and back on the practice field today working on via Seattle Seahawks game plan here's the opening statement following practice with Sean Payton. Today they scheduled looks like a Thursday for us. But we're pretty good practices with real good and the Saints and Payton knew that Seattle's defense well legion of -- Having just played there early December they have a great scheme that they've got you know the right players that fit it then. You know they played a division that that's very good -- run the football so. That's tremendous challenge you know to begin with there's a lot of eight man front you know and can't chancellors down. You know this guy position the next place in the box. As an extra player on the next play here so they do enough. Where they challenger run angles. With with the amount of people that that are populated in the box and they trust the corners outside and hurl at free safety. On the back and so that makes a good mix -- challenging. Saint making preparations for dealing with some bad weather on offense defense. Special teams 8 o'clock minute Indian government the wind and it'll be a factor in excess of twenty miles an hour. Called for a 100% chance of rain. So that can mean a lot of different things but the wind. Means a little bit more. And I think you you you pay close attention that well I mean they've. How long can you make the quarter last when you're with the way and how quick can you make the quarter go by when you're against it. Paid attention to the clock with regards to your last -- of their last punt. You know it's all -- field position related. It was just a few of the things that Saints don't few footballs and watered a trying to simulate. Some -- wet conditions. The way it could be like on Saturday and we saw. First match up Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson went off against the black Eagles defense the challenges of defending someone who's. Won as many games as he has you know statistically and in. His first two years. Playing quarterback he's won more football games and anyone. In this error since the Super Bowl began. So he's doing a lot of things well is a great decision maker he's a great leader. He's accurate and then he can escape in and extend plays. And hurt you from both the pocket and outside the pocket so they present a lot of challenges. At saint outside linebacker junior less physical this week is to keep Wilson in the pocket. I thought about whether those chances are going to be there -- We -- we did last lets them play games frequently and play better football business leave him alone won't do that. And a first injury report expected to come out around 539 issued by the team yes it is hard to do so under league rules of the issue once today. Tomorrow and on Friday on crushing Garrett -- sees him back now back to that the Soviet Bobby -- for more sports talk right here on Saints radio. And you know Chris and that's why I think top to bottom AFC NFC the NFC west has got to be close this season. You look at the Rams. That they've finished last on the hot -- they are you look at the Cardinals when he came gains I think it would one NFC east and coach being talked about. How slugfest football they wanna run it and and I get -- right now. When you look at any team that you put eight in the box if you do that -- what you have to have confidence in. You safeties and you corners. -- yard island you're by yourself. And I think that's one thing that challenge when you look at it as sea dogs I think they have the best safeties and corners overall in the league that they trust them. That all of a sudden you might say okay we -- run the ball. But if they got eight in the box okay then you say okay we we should in theory. Because we got eight in the box to throw the ball we can't you win those matchups but when you won a lot of -- -- to challenge comes about. Like all the got a lot of comets who ran against the Eagles and teams have run against the Seahawks where they given up a hundred yards a game. But when they have entered defend their -- in the box. The bottom line is when you got the one on one matchup so we have to win on the outside. And diet and really get rid of the ball on time recruit not -- holding the ball -- all of -- any gets him in maybe fumbled again and in all. So listen and it. Those matchups on the outside not to be receivers that have guys like Richard Sherman I mean you know six foot three. He can be physical he can pretty much do we want to just about any receiver but as you were talking nothing before the news there. KJ Wright being out for -- -- DLC that's significant when you consider the game plan they had for. Jimmy Graham early December. That's that's one you look at to exploit them again the wildcard this is. How much although wind it be a factor gap on Saturday and it was there's got to be a whole lot of thrown the football for either team. If if there's you know point four point bomb on our wins this is going to be a run a running football game at that point and they look. 40 PM EDU put the cast your lot with. Marshawn Lynch and the Saints to -- good job when -- shot and got the game and have fifty yards right. I mean I was shocked that we shut down Marshall Russell Wilson Broncos went off in the passing game and -- the guy and look talking to several of the fenders. This week they all feel like -- They've got to do a better job a lot like Cam Newton of keeping him in the pocket you have saint come approach they're different quarterbacks the same kind of approach where you wanna keep Russell Wilson inside the pocket and make it be to throw. Thank somehow -- -- Christie Garrett at Christie -- want on twenty T Bob -- the morning drive double coverage each every morning 6 AM and having him on three W a thirteen 58 year paid off thank you so much should think guys.