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1-8 4-5pm Bobby and Deke, SAINTS Wednesday

Jan 8, 2014|

Today is SAINTS WEDNESDAY…and SportsTalk hits the road again to hang out with the Who Dat Nation! Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia are live on location at Rouse’s Supermarket UPTOWN at 4500 Tchoupitoulas

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon and welcome as we get set for the final four in each conference the American football conference and are in AFC divisional week continues here on Saints radio WW LA MF NN dot com -- -- you heard Saints coach Sean Payton. As Christie Garrett but you laugh from Saints camp. All sorts of things on line with the hope of information at WW dot com Kristian -- has authored several pieces that are out there. For HBO Bobby's -- we take we talked about yesterday it's in the form of a feature also plus our conversation would Drew Brees and so much more. At WWL. Dot com coming up on today's program as we are at around says on location by -- by local by around the sport of average opportunist uptown. Come about Jonas we hit -- 8 PM this evening. Chris again it will give us today's practice report at coming up at the bottom of the Allen news we'll have a conversation. For you as we spoke with Drew -- -- that -- will replace that for -- at five. -- the voice of the Seattle Seahawks the rabbit or B what does -- 535. Pelicans color analyst and also saint inside a foot or in saint dot com -- to change -- will be with us as the delicate return home tonight to take on the Washington Wizards tip off that. 7 PM at 1053 FM tonight you have chances they hit us from 78 -- -- -- a 1053. But even at options like big networks do the pelicans and the washed it. Was -- it's a long time riding in New York over the New Orleans Saints now for ESP in -- -- -- would Jonas and the 6 o'clock now. At different MO would tell us about today's news involving Louisiana State university's football program that's been reported that running back. Jeremy hill will stay for a another season and also offensive line coach. -- from Dow off as -- leave or actually -- -- say exactly what it is if Lee's play at a few football staff to pursue other opportunities that is coach -- well it's. I -- two weeks ago right. I mean is as obviously. I don't know truthful that this well look at it now I really don't think I've coached. Truly developed LSU linemen. To be held. You know pass block an NFL level in the UK coach on the if you don't know it. And then having on the flip side coach Cam Cameron probably. Has his home. A mindset on a guy that he trusts that -- and knows babies at that level I get there right now and I'll take. That I'm I'm talking not a place here but I can tell you right now a great hire we'd be beane will oversee. We will rescind all American -- memory he blew out his knee I don't know why he was in the game against Vanderbilt. You know right coach Saban but here's a guy that have played four years in the NFL. And and -- he should had a twelve year career. Yet that will be ominously with the foul with him with the singles through the but he could keep teaching technique another name. Because you got a no tricks of the trade when you gonna get -- events give him why. I think that's another one potentially we can't Kara might have -- line. Then he wants to develop all of its -- -- one -- L issue has always been able to run block. Power of football they've been able to do that now you almost have to be not just one dimensional but also excel in pass protection. And even navy -- talked a number of L issue of -- of linemen that are in NFL. And that as you know plain and they've made it. Is that that's one area that that you have to get better at it to be a complete linemen. Because Ellis who called the ball they can knock the snot bubble and not Joba they got to get better as far as pass protect the quarterback. And Bobby you know and it day in time I think some people you know take that approach all you talk about that well thought it promises and talked about it. When players verbally commit to a college or university they just commit. The recruiting process doesn't stop -- school day at the right you'll stop. Now be interested to see how schools who happen and a format. Continue to put to him now. That Jaime hill could remember the whole predicated on getting minute phone net there and I think both on the got a would be who. They just -- of dog -- game date but the hope whole premise of recruiting year was that. Without recruiting another back this will be your back feel when you eat here and out here is there it's -- -- -- care. Yet. Deacon that -- 12 punch that that no one I think truly can match in the nation now it that was gonna occur. But you sort of bottom line -- on you've seen theory. That you are student athlete and yet you providing what a college education is so that'll help you out. If you're able to graduate long term the bottom line if you're atop a high school player they look at to see how they can be developed. To play the next level and get paid to actually play games and the -- you can get to a point. Where you can have maybe a handful of seasons or. A couple of hand full season that we truly are -- he get paid to play game you love. I mean that then you almost hit the lottery. As far as a sports goals but the first things first obviously you wanna get the education. But also what you wanna be in a place and be an institution university. That they can develop his skills that if you have the ability. To -- a complete player that can make it in National Football League. Because because there's a lot of players. The idea -- you know this the only reason why I'm not saying to slam dunk. There's always a -- college that they go to school. Is that it to develop their skills that they can play at the next level out. Whatever you would go close to it when you are considered the number long and eight positioning coming out of high school I think that you ought in the months it sure you go to college education. We do any elite group that his move and it's all predicated you've proven yourself through high school to get to college but when you do -- the pro. -- you all the best of the best of the high school level so it turn. Your private a small novel overall body that can think. Long term thank -- he would like you say it because now it's not likely used to be 2030 years ago or four years that I think have before you know you tell them to -- Two years inning you'd done and you could go -- -- make your money so it's a shot about -- -- -- -- 2.4 -- 36 months at the most of the time you leave price who two when you can target your first trip. That's like you look at it a number of players and in this -- In the matter what the program was not like. But what are we doing wrong why -- KQ med school. And ability of the Canadian. This definitely don't trust it it if they look at an opportunity here heard a financial background in Jones and who's leaning upon them. You know whether the you look at Steven Ridley and how the Patriots to -- on him because that does a number of different examples. And you know win them make it enough for instance now not the ultimate pay day. But at least they got something a -- aware. -- aware are you look he's played with the Seattle Seahawks Michael Ford. Right the Chicago Bears that there's a number of examples I think that yet that that they look given an opportunity. And and I -- what that this is what a lot of declares I'm telling you that don't talk to what they look at that'd be truly one of collegiate mom. As far as getting that degree. You could always come back to school now are you just enough to come back to school you know who did two players that made it big time did that Shaquille O'Neal. And Emmitt Smith right. It was meant that. With the came back he got his degree to a -- you're -- all what he accomplished the same -- with -- so I mean -- kind of look at it you can almost get it -- you can. And then if you want a truly because the -- laws and the parents that what you. To truly. Have -- to fall back on and that is a great. College education that you are graduate. You big graduated so then that's why the likes of Shaquille and immature they went back to school and so that's why when you tell people like all I believe in early. You know the more loyal to the university -- able did not paying you. But there to play the game and as a capitalism society. So you ought to be but could be provided -- skill -- -- you get paid that you might say well it is that you can retire alive. When you went but -- visit this habit at the bottom line is. Think about what where your background is if you make an NFL team -- -- on the roster in the coming out of college getting paid for 2000 dollars. -- what got a job that you can -- coming out of college that they paying you look forward to thousand dollars in. Around this year well I think you don't need to look any further for example of why you stay awhile you -- Jeremy he'll the only real idea merely stay even because the last not maybe -- well because in a short amount of time you overcame what he'd be when he was every dampers. And -- had a thing that happened this past all right he's in his sum up and I can't. It's a little too soon. Because look he's come off -- -- worry our performance seven they ought to get there right now that's a -- to -- -- the only reason why -- -- -- the main reason they beat out because he's probably graded out I would say maybe have a third round us up and any the first round but he was hired another reason why is because his off field issues that it's worth gives the Indiana. Because it's part of I'll make 7800 maybe a million dollar 78 -- about how -- -- is a lever against a year from now so it is worth him not even a year from now. So we'll talk about all that as we continue it -- week now as a team we'll prepare. Fine now. Tomorrow gates at for the big on Saturday 330 kickoff against the Seattle Seahawks divisional talked to 60187866. 8890878. All the numbers to get involved in. About -- before we -- policy and the can't fail as the starting now to talk about expanding in the National Football League you play out you're not cut talked about where we'd like to see expanded but also. Maybe keep the current format. Think all the teams with the best record. Now what that -- and play at home yes the wind on let's go back to Monday night December 2 and everybody talked about how important is to get off to a good start. Was not the case at all for the New Orleans Saints and you look at Bobby RB Seahawks win the toss. And they defer them and they give the ball to the New Orleans Saints the Saints -- their first. Offered the position Bobby three plays three yards. The first play minus four north Vietnam must tackle for a loss minus Clement a saute -- seven north completed Darren Sproles incomplete pass attempted to meet them. The next drive the Seattle Seahawks getting along and they drive they go down the field a little place that if I know it's only get a field goal. In the -- disaster strikes don't happen that. Two plays basically minus yards on the drive the sacked the scoop the fumble and the score about Michael Bennett. And a short amount of time Bobby and. The seven minute mark of the first quarter you down ten to 02 yet while that haven't -- you know winning you might get blown out again in the but I don't think it's gonna happen. I mean I just look and I Sean Payton will have accomplished -- Sean Payton -- would Drew Brees at the Helm. You Jimmy I use that term all the time but it's unbelievable numbers if you look of the Saints are leading after the first water. That they win now well over 80% of the time so just get off to a great start and then you on the road that the fans to educate is to yell at -- B -- A perfect example between -- we are trying to. To set the record for noise it's. The media member you know -- we Carolina -- I mean the first quarter -- -- -- that -- having now. It was unbelievable in that second quarter. We -- look at that leading after the first quarter to think like I said well over 80% their part one in nine is leading at halftime. I dig it with big -- and -- half that were beating the Seahawks out like out chances a lot. Simply because. That this is unbelievable number we're 64 wins and six losses. On the Sean Payton who -- were leading at halftime. Bought a pair of yet all the on the road. I mean that that those are our dominant numbers that you setting there at the temple on the told what I wanna see. And it was embarrassed and you know speaking to the solid team Drew Brees -- That you look at Seattle be that that was but will open that you can't describe now you wanna forget about it. I mean you can't sugarcoat -- 3047. On Monday Night Football we've been unbelievable in prime time without one case where reward. -- the -- -- so you know unbelievable. And -- even more on that bomb by just to wrap up -- their first RCA down ten to zero you get the ball back. On your third driving on the one yard incomplete pass of Jimmy Graham Sproles the three. And then in the -- -- three and now you want so after three drivers Bobby -- down to him as well they're on the ball over to the Seattle and then make go down the field -- and -- -- touchdown and -- an innate but that's when they get it did a touchdown. Now from Marchand and it's so at that the four position the first quarter you've got a yard you got no points. No first downs. -- -- seventeen -- -- -- -- -- what happened in his the last thing the whole game like I alassane if you look initial opinion -- reads this is never happen. This he had all gained the Saints four to 29 yards. 288. Nothing about this we use to us having four yard. And two out even at his plane maybe they have around 200. We know who was it would have the script we stated the script was flipped yes Seattle flipped it on us and you look at only scored seven points. Let's that we won at a high scoring -- -- since 2006. We are along with the Patriots and the Packers for you look at his seven point. We scored that -- the fewest points. -- -- -- -- If they do look at the 188 total yards we we get that inhabit adequate water act at times we've done that. That was the fewest total yards. Since coach -- arrived in 2006. So was the dog that -- there's nowhere to go but up as far as from an offensive perspective as far as scoring points and -- -- -- but the one thing. I'll put it challenge -- be fit and I think cam Jordan is a stud. I think junior go landed just -- that in the making. Considering we have the top -- the Mets have been at this for a sack totals we all NFL team that has to individuals. That have twelve sacks or more would do that against Russell Wilson. We need to get after it. Russell Wilson and as we going to the news on the L operate. About the Russell Wilson got a vegetable he was a bit to look at the Saints but since then well yeah he's got to struggle. I immediately looked very human so we need to make -- look QB come Saturday M afternoon. Where at -- what you buy fresh by local by -- that they are Louisiana's best for the 500 Talbot to a uptown a beautiful child to -- -- -- Abdullah to 8 PM. This evening to 60187866889. He rates him all the numbers to be involved. On today's program operated jaguar opinion -- if given a choice what would you rather see happen in the NFL playoffs expand the playoffs include more teams. I'll keep the same number of teams that beat choosing those teams based on a the record you can -- you vote online at WW that Koppel at the Christian -- a couple of got on the -- and answer questions it easy illegally used auto official noise makers have a if you buy plastic cup. But have a beverage at the concession Sammy and take their -- they drank it and they scratch it scraper on the bottom of the ground. They take off the bottom is that's the way as often as they get a bag of all like a megaphone yeah well that's -- whole thing that would be playing in the mode though it's not -- it's field turf so it's kind of an on official -- There is not -- among. Well I hit day right now big get that we gonna have to build that we get -- -- -- -- trenches -- all of -- of -- a little bit of confidence what they did against the Eagles. I'm David some high 20s20 some -- I'll win. -- that's gonna affect Drew Brees. He's not Superman now or is it any quarterback if it's raining. And it's like -- 28 mile per hour wind. It's not just throw the ball no it is not like that I'm telling you that's why. What you are looking like a long handoff. With the ego we had a list that are just come by and I think it makes a lot of that. The yards after the catch. How we ought to utilize Darren Sproles are running back Tashard pass but that you gotta make yards after the catch. That now that's easier said than done especially when you going to get the good tackling team. A lot like the Seahawks. But one a player I'm telling you. Just as important as though we lost in the Carroll that he's not going to be available in that dudes a flat out stud is KG right. -- -- EKJ ride their linebacker has a foot injury. He's not available along we KG a -- at bat of Bobby Wagner. You look at there we -- about. But Q we talked about can you be a run stubborn to pass coverage guy. Those guys being run stoppers and as far as McCarver at the peak about as good as they get take KJ Wright. You know he can hang with Jimmy Graham and not to rely -- you do that. We will be available also -- -- to see how we gonna try and exploit that bit. Thought is that all of the way down the field was twenty some miles an hour that you kind of ignored a jump ball that is more luck. Vince Gill because that does it definitely affects the flight of the ball in the air obviously. Well there are 32 and now they're eight for eight each conference NFL sideline reporters act Kristian -- want onto it and don't Christian -- by a bear. Daily for the morning drive double coverage from 6 AM until 98 in my heart showed in the area. On thirteen 50 AM three WL with today's practice report it Saints out that reporter. Christian -- Christian the about it sent back on the practice field today working on via Seattle Seahawks game plan here's the opening statement following practice with Sean Payton. Today they scheduled looks like a Thursday for us. But we're pretty good practices with real good and the Saints and Payton knew that Seattle's defense well legion of -- Having just played there early December they have a great scheme that they've got you know the right players that fit it and you know they played a division that that's very good -- run the football so. That's tremendous challenge you know to begin with there's a lot of eight man front -- Can't chancellors down. You know in the -- position the next place in the box. As an extra player on the next play here so they do enough. Where they challenger -- angles. With with the amount of people that that are populated in the box and they trust the corners outside and hurl at free safety. On the back and so that makes it makes it challenging. Saint making preparations for dealing with some bad weather on offense defense special teams in the clock manager -- talk about the wind and it'll be a factor in excess of twenty miles an hour. 0400%. Chance of rain. So that can mean a lot of different things but the wind. Means a little bit more. And I think you you you pay close attention that well I mean they. How long can you make the quarter less when -- with the way and how quick can you make the quarter go by when you're against it. Paid attention to the clock with regards to your last honor of their last punt. You know it's all -- field position related. It was just a few of the things that Saints don't few footballs and watered a trying to simulate. Some -- wet conditions. The way it could be like on Saturday and we saw. First matchup Seahawks or back Russell Wilson went off against the black Eagles defense the challenges of defending someone who's. Won as many games as he has you know statistically and in. His first two years. Playing quarterback he's won more football gears and anyone. In this error since the Super Bowl began. So he's doing a lot of things well is a great decision maker he's a great leader. He's accurate and then he can escape and and extend plays. And her chip from both the pocket and outside the pocket so they present a lot of challenges at saint outside linebacker drew Nicholas is the goal this week is to keep Wilson in the pocket. You know about a group of those shows is not going to be there -- We know we did last lets them play games frequently and played better football business we can alone won't do that. And a first injury report expected to come out around 539 issued by the team -- it is hard to do so under league rules of the issue one today. Tomorrow and on Friday on crushing Garrett -- sees him act now back to that the Soviet Bobby -- for more sports talk right here on Saints radio. And you know Chris and that's why I think top to bottom AFC NFC the NFC west has got to be close this season. You look at the Rams. That they've finished last on the hot -- they are you look at the Cardinals when he came gains I think it would one NFC east and coach being talked about. How slugfest football they wanna run it and and I get -- right now. But when you look at any team that you put eight in the box if you do that -- what you have to have confidence in. You safeties and you corners. -- yard island you're by yourself. And I think that's one thing that challenge when you look at it as Seahawks I think they have the best safeties and corners overall in the league that they trust them. That all of a sudden you might say okay we -- run the ball. But if they got eight in the box okay -- you say okay we we should in theory. Because we got eight in -- box the throw the ball we can't you win those matchups but when you won a one I think that's where the challenge comes about. Like all the got a lot of comets who ran against the Eagles -- teams that run against the Seahawks where they given up -- -- -- yards a game. But when they have entered defend their -- in the box. The bottom line is when you got the one on one matchup so we have to win on the outside. And night and really get rid of the ball on time recruit not a -- holding the ball where all of us any gets hit in maybe fumbled again and in all. So listen they. Those matchups on the outside not to be receivers that have guys like Richard Sherman I mean you know six foot three. He can be physical he can pretty much do we want to just about any receiver but. As you were talking nothing before the news there KJ Wright being out for -- -- LC that's significant when you consider the game plan they had for. Jimmy Graham early December. That's that's one you'll look at to exploit the them again the wildcard this is. How much too -- wind it be a fat -- on Saturday and it was there's got to be a whole lot of thrown the football for either team. If if there's you know 2.4 point bomb on our wins this is going to be a run a running football game at that point and they look. 40 PM EDU put the cast your lot with. Marshawn Lynch and the Saints did a good job with a good shot and got the game and have fifty yards right. I mean I was shocked that we shut down Marshall Russell Wilson Broncos went off in the passing game and next rambler BI and look talking to several of the fenders. This week they all feel like -- They've got to do a better job a lot like Cam Newton of keeping him in the pocket you have saint -- approach they're different quarterbacks the same kind of approach where you wanna keep Russell Wilson inside the pocket and -- -- -- to throw. -- -- Pulled a Christie Garrett at Christie -- want on twenty T Bob -- the morning drive double coverage each every morning 6 AM and having him on three W a thirteen 58 year -- -- thank you so much should think guys buddies since the NFL went to the new alignment before division champs. And fourteenth and NFC west fourteenth NFC south. And that it eighteenth six of the eight. Had been the Super Bowl from the west in the south to have won at new all of the Tampa Bay Carolina Arizona San -- in Seattle and it went. All eight have made at least one appearance. And it divisional game and seven of the eight have played. In the NFC championship game that is impressive yet you go back the year before -- he's thought about B you know wouldn't have to bow. Saint Louis -- ultimately. Yep and that begin and and always joke with you about this because beside the Saints I know you love the Steelers that I think the sea dogs. Got ripped off and it's doable and had about a five unbelievable penalties that went against them. In doubt the worst officiated soup bowl game ever via that winning look at Seattle in a game more than Rivera but I've -- is that slot you know -- differentials around the country -- You know we want -- -- -- Seattle hasn't but. -- that they're structured I think Pete Carroll. As they're unbelievable job of that team -- and Sean Payton but the one thing is we need right now. For Russell Wilson. The play more like he's played as of late instead of holly played against us but I think does that assist that game against us. Yeah as a play and that level and the bottom line is you look at but what he's done that so gained. -- he's averaged a 171. Yards passing. Completing right on the 50% of his attempts in the final four games. Compared to you look at his completion rate for this season is that 63 operas that. Now if you look at nobody was able to do. I mean that it kind of speaks for itself. How he exploited. The Saints secondary. And and was on fire yes I mean I don't know high you can sugar coated I mean our. Are trying to -- gonna have suddenly far. But we don't need obviously being in the have a great game Tony to a thirty Bobby returned to Galloway hit a 13 -- -- quarterback rating if you throw in. They're rushing yards Bobby and he hit 357. Of the Seattle Seahawks 400 point nine that's why you know rob Riley needed dollars something get after Russell Wilson. Because if you look because of late now. The tackles they're healthy now know that Rams game at Saint Louis when he got sacked five or six times right now at the back of tackles but you look as of late says the Saints game. He he was sacked fourteen times during the final four games. Well -- when all's said and done so hopefully. Will have at least maybe three or four sacks against him could have those flags out like good not good -- it that's why. Russell Wilson played the game was -- them and a night game it's just I just don't think you do that it gives. To the phone to go to go to Robin not -- on line to -- thank you calling -- WL. -- question for you okay hello. It's legal or eighths while to get that mental problems -- saying he used. When they're not as -- -- -- and tell isn't legal and not cheating wouldn't use the balance and so it'll -- -- -- It's not you're not adept at their NFL rules state to not supposed to use our officials always make. They're not able to use. Really good. You could say that you look at the beginning you could -- If you aren't that we can -- that. Well wait we have to look at that I don't know that it was an actual megaphone like guys that I don't now bounce saw I -- the the I got -- that her camera where I was reading this that someone did an article. About you know Paul Allen who loans. The Seattle sea dogs he owns the trailblazers that I mean you know a lot of feel like say -- command that the Bill Gates right. I mean so he had did there reinsert design the stadium. That would take advantage of the environment in the northwest right there rainy conditions. But also make it -- went to -- next -- you know acoustics like okay bill right because what I've played against the Seahawks it was a dome. It was the -- now we -- the Seattle one time in 1988. And we beat them. And I think anyone that -- the reason why that was we have Brian it and he would do reason why wasn't -- -- Could we were winning at the beginning from the get go right we jumped all over of Indy what that they could cure the data indicate -- not that loud. I think there's a lot -- catcher -- -- that he was -- -- choked up knocks down a Williams yeah I'll I'll ominously Dave Craig. You know the valves after Jim Zorn -- granted it was on out of those -- of there and and Mickey loan was that was actually with the Seattle Seahawks -- our organization at that time yeah. You know but I'm just saying he the candidates about investigation. Would a coach he's not a design of the stadium -- any negative -- for the round no it's not outdoor stadium it kind of goals downward. It looks like ovals like a spaceship. If you look at that. And how vertical it is. It is it's unbelievable look at stadium on -- the sound fiscal straight down to the field. Even though it is an outdoor stadium so if it was planned -- what the despite chants. Then how -- designed to make it that allow. Aren't allowed to get to next now here on WWL radio clouds it about him myself we're here in -- 45 -- -- -- to -- with uptown new ball that's coming up next our. Well have -- UPD QB our conversation with the conversation with Saints quarterback Drew Brees and Steve. Vrabel will be what does he deploys at the Seattle Seahawks all they yet to come right here on Saints radio this is WW.