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1-8 5:35pm Bobby and Deke, Voice of the Seahawks

Jan 8, 2014|

Bobby and Deke speak to Steve Raible, the Voice of the Seattle Seahawks.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

No we were at Ralph since 4500 capitalist uptown New Orleans it you said for the big one Saturday at the wanna kicks off divisional week in two matchups. Saturday into Sunday August 18 left -- conference in the National Football League playoffs Steve re able to voice their Seattle Seahawks. -- now Steve thank you so much for the time in the our first meeting about an hour talk and not. -- first couple of drops the Saints. Offense that didn't turn out well at Seattle jumped out to a seventeen zip lead and then after that it was really. That was the hit what he's changed since that first meeting between these two teams back on early -- them. I'm a little between you would me and I holed absolutely nothing to get a -- over Agassi exactly the thing. You know we. We had a couple bumps in the road offensively. And never got a pretty much knows that means there's been hammering out here today. You go thirteen and three which you don't win by enough points and fans are a little nervous when Arizona comes in and plays very very well everyone knows -- great defense. However our offense was doing enough to put some points on the board we made some mistakes and -- at home for so I would have depleted your home in Seattle two years. So there -- a couple of blocks offensively but I think our defense is playing as well they've played. And then to go back a few years Bobby would would make you remember these days back in the days. I mean Kenny easily Jacob green we're here I mean would go back right decades now but two Olympic football players this defense is playing every bit as well maybe better. Now the Steve you could say let every team that's the deal when injuries in next man up. But but I've been a big KJ Wright fan. And -- -- I don't know how high you can't replace them because I think you all look at all around linebacker. Along without Bobby Wagner be about as good as it gets. -- you're absolutely right and then you can you don't just replace KJ -- you have guys heal and that spot. My book Malcolm Smith has played very well he's not as big he's not quite as long as KG is KG is. Phenomenal and his ability get out and pat -- especially underneath those routes and those long arms. They can almost impossible to roll were going to be in the area of the receiver. But Malcolm's misses a nice job and as you know you you can tailor your defense is a little bit if you need some help. On a guy and looks great and I mean the Seahawks are going to be looking first and foremost Jimmy Graham where -- every play and how many guys can we rally you know. But I think that's the other part of -- to -- wanting to make a catch and so little Jimmy goes down 8910 yards turns out or. Got cut back inside or whatever balance of mass rally to the football. And all of these guys on defense whether its KJ whether it's Malcolm Smith. Can't chancellor pulled Thomas are free safety and they rallied to football and and they are a treat to watch it that way. Now was they've done looking at their weapons. And the question I have is. I think he's going to be available what how much he truly can't contribute. And that being Percy Harmon when you look at Golden Tate. Doug ball on think very serviceable. Most on the rated tight end Zach Miller I think he's a lot better to people at times give them credit but you look at Golden Tate. Average eleven happy -- depart return anytime it double digit you -- those hidden yardage if you position. That kind of speaks for itself but you look at Percy. Harvick disappeared one game. Of about on the -- we all know what he did with the Vikings and Indy had a great numbers in the one game you played it. Do you think he's that X-Factor could he beat navy. That Darren Sproles that the Seahawks and how they utilize. Well he made a play as many plays as -- Sproles battle remains to be Q yeah I mean we. We're we're under the impression that that -- if you Israeli ego he makes it through every day practices -- which here which you appearances so right now. He's practiced every day to a pretty good. That he will go Saturday how much they have to do how much he's the actual game plan and they have a good forecast for. How -- their special teams visible because he's been terrific kick returner and we'd love nothing better than to get out there as well. But even if he only plays ten or fifteen or maybe twenty plays on special teams and or alternates. Know -- point plays that they that the -- have to account for they have to prepare for and what you have to prepare for a guy like. Dorsey -- I remember when Pete and George Schneider went after him. Because he play here. He's an I have to go with the Minnesota Vikings and came in he injured his ankle as a matter fact but he cause sleepless nights. That's seahawk headquarters try to figure out how do you defend this guy. He will do that whether he makes a big play or not he will cause sleepless nights for defensive coordinators so. We only hope that he will play we hope we played a lot but we also but he stays healthy because. We're looking at you we get by the Saints this Saturday -- would host an NFC championship game appearance and that you look forward to after that so. Right now they hope he's gonna play but nobody's for absolutely sure. Now -- Steve go one area. That I think the hawk is the Hawks beat every team especially when you look at it it is. Evenly matched in the turn overs are not the difference the say that Stephen does what the Seahawks have them on their special teams. To be deadly wanted to strong issue and it's you look at their punt coverage -- you might as though it does call a fair catch. And how fun at this. Gentlemen because he went I'm alumni northwest Louisiana Jeremy lane. Who's been unbelievable where I'll get to see all the force. Thirty fair catches that I got to look at John Ryan the -- And hate time all like goes hand in hand. But would you look at to have it done to present our reined in and went as far as kicking the ball has to be somewhat different and the question I have is what about. As far as accuracy with the kicker Stephen horsepower and out of Auburn out there right but. I -- look at 33. 35 field goals three retrieval of fifty yards. Eleven of twelve a party the 49 yards. I'm really easy cable -- those kicks even though it's raining or. Barbeque because we have a new kicker indicate through -- against the Eagles and Shayne Graham but he couldn't -- -- -- belt. Who can make -- big big game winning kick in that decides the outcome. It is true accurate and your rights program stepped up and really pressure situation for you guys have -- huge -- particularly to trip to Seattle and congratulations if but yeah I like our guy he's -- house here has been terrific this year you're right on those numbers as well third recruited by. I had one of those blocks so the other when he just clicked off the operating there was no idea of topics from like it five point five yards. Something -- -- -- probably if he was in high school right but it was just one of those things that sort of well -- that maybe that Arizona game your goal was going to be our day the waiting to happen Rihanna got. Drop a kickoff return. He comes out from the opponents unbelievable -- at all resolve needs. Inside the forty yard line and Arizona recovered it. So we had a number visions of special teams but overall. They have played excellent football issues the coverage guys you're ugly you're right in the New York people -- the way he covered we got several of those guys. Who have done a terrific job on coverage so. I think our special teams stack up there who's anybody. Our kicker John Ryan's terrific yeah I hope it doesn't come down to fuel but it if it does. With the way that we need to -- century league field and we're gonna get -- we'd be days no question about it -- B rating is well. He will be a real pitcher out there not only for the kickers -- proposal Turner's. Looking up to that. Sky trying to find that balls of sport around it should be very interesting. If the -- the Seattle Seahawks the great Steve thank you so much for the hell have a great call Saturday afternoon. Got my pleasure look forward to the right time and I.