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1-8 6:20pm Bobby and Deke, Pelicans LIVE on 105.3

Jan 8, 2014|

Bobby and Deke talk to Pelicans Color Analyst, John Deshazier.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He's the color analyst of the pelicans radio network also Saints insider at New Orleans Saints dot com. John these days -- John just now I know -- the up pelicans account home Bible before we get to the pelicans that you all atop the Saints alone time product in this city. -- from many different venues and of course now would New Orleans Saints that comment with the New Orleans pelicans your take on the Saints in Seattle part two young. Blood you know outplayed at flew straight day and people are gonna get -- what the Giants note likely -- the mourn the and you all records updated. It ticked off about the way they played the last -- it would -- wanted this now upon you know you can be careful which or you might get it. Sometimes you you know -- but they -- when you go back not that there. End of the game we've gotten want they donated but -- that -- forward in December -- -- before you really really bad game and -- all. And they -- people looked like they don't all I -- it would -- -- -- but they wanted to gain that kept them that game was over the war another crack at the Al. But sure what they have to look at it yet but the. Now John. Going now looking at the pelicans. Obviously popular -- disappointing. It games this season. Silly because called the Miami -- bloom out. I mean in a lot of fans they're telling me on the street. They'd not too optimistic going forward. Because of Ryan Anderson -- now -- what is your take as far as close throughout the season let me know where they had right now -- that all star break. As far as -- still having a chance. But that eight maybe twelfth -- that to forfeit Ottawa. I don't look at blockers but I mean -- -- -- getting conference opera and what happened this mean now big big -- improvement -- let the ball at my they have to have a win there. Victory game and be six feet and aching and heavily last year they wanted to pick the game but it would be seen. At 33 at the bumper obviously had that great but -- a key element like line in which. You know really got obstructed the more you learn to create his own shot. He rebounds these these court and court that would not have that element fourteen that didn't have a slept for about five shooter. On the album lord -- nationally for your thought got an album but that rule that -- that he they look at them to that rule that. Tyreke Evans managed Jrue Holiday at. -- stretch there for eight yarder straight down because they are got to respect. But the -- -- -- -- and so like becomes a lot more difficult get to the take the is doable but they've virtual maturity I mean I know we keep saying that they're young team and people buckle my weakness -- that on another note you. And regain the lady at Miami -- being on the role that their travel problem. And although they -- at Miami -- and actually -- a -- game that you want -- better showing that they can. And they get ready to them desperate Miami can do that to you. But you've got to chill better murder of more work repetitive that you've got to -- a little bit more back ball when you play and down the stretch that way it. That's what you wanna the other team you don't want to beat him. Pick up take a counterpunch. From the opposition that they did in Indiana and Miami and not be able to take to not break it open to the better teams in the league. Even the NBA big knockout punch on the you can take I would leave nothing in the but he. They've got a look out what you've got to be ready for you got to be ready to respond to it and they haven't been able to do that Atlanta probably gain the I don't know how much that it. The do it not -- line at the how much had to do with the guy that people a little bit more negative atmosphere and get a little bit more -- -- jumper about that it -- -- mean they've got off to street outside you just got to play through. And they haven't shown that ability all of the plate through camp we'll get that the dilemma or everything on the earth speech I just played two Olympic medalist dot. Mark dating you talk about -- way he had it now means that many feel Indiana -- -- the best two teams only -- but it but he initially came prior rightfully so but. If you would a win tonight JP did not come by you being the pelicans UV sixteen to eighteen. -- -- be a game and a half out of the three seed in the east that's how bad the ease the if right now that you got by Atlanta is at eighteen we hands and then you know with two to offer them so that's so big east. From three on back man battle open more competitive -- at -- when you look at Dallas -- Phoenix used to belt point 12. 22 victories as of right now Tony Eason is. Quote of the margin of victory there that -- 38 win team you might be you might be in the number to get it get that eighth spot a bit in that these. Yet -- the thing about -- -- -- -- we're hoping you know that's the delicate little. You can be ordered a change from the heat and stink right now and it ended -- we'll let -- year. And a losing record and get your number I -- they needed to eat but. You know I missed the bit to go out and grab a guy that they had to learn how to deal with that. And it kind of you know it on the -- -- that -- can be competitive and where the conference. And they got represented and block them it is not about on the popular you play -- they are out in exchange ball. They've got to learn how to be so mentally down the stretch. They -- saying that someday -- -- formula called game report about really do anything but that when that at all but our. JD happy folks -- on Twitter. They hit me up on the street here. Just my -- they'll wait you DHA. You are about bowl call up the -- toward the net but did you follow me there and appreciated greatly. Isn't being out to you about -- this at before we go to new oh sometime to get on the team combo all may have a guy that is a guy that. TDS nonstop point 47 right now mean -- -- that have pelicans and like today he was out All Saints. Being the -- it is delicate uniform on -- -- -- tonight so whatever. Then we -- and I thought I -- we look at you as politically. All that. You knew them all for it on him like a ground have more advantage of it the way it does go unnoticed we know it's DD -- great work. I appreciate it got all right John estates a color -- of the New Orleans pelicans tied at 7 o'clock just like a major network that's what we are a tribute video. You can stick with beaten him back is to continue that Rouse -- -- at -- in Seattle on LSU football almost they all 1053 at in the tech got the pelicans and the Washington Wizards.