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1-8 6:35pm Bobby and Deke, SAINTS vs. Seahawks

Jan 8, 2014|

Bobby and Deke talk Saints matchups with Mike Triplett who covers the Saints for ESPN.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Attempt and it's been all over the Saints up for many years now he's with ESPN Mike Triplett -- just now aren't trip without a practice -- Micah Saints at Seattle. You know coaches obviously say that meeting with a long time ago move forward. When you look at this match itself by what what do you take a carry over from December 2 to Saturday that you feel is of importance in his divisional game. Regular -- hearing it. -- it feels like it already apparent that it Christmas they Japanese politics really don't Edmonton and saint season if it -- apples who will obviously it's now like it has. -- -- -- take two things in this two takes on the Saints Seahawks first meeting. What it I don't think that automatically means a Saints can't beat this team and we've -- that a million are yet -- team. Take now like that are on it play out differently. It's possible for the Saints to beat this team would seem him play much better and every other game that -- and and it proved last week they can win the style of game that they need to look but. Our kicker seek out a lot more seriously have to watch that they're opponent but really -- -- up and -- you about how well he played like game. I do think Russell probably at -- that game. Yeah as a pro or or one of his best games as a pro and the Saints really you know they pretty. It's funny you compared to that what they did it against the -- the ball game so we're taking away the running back. We're gonna make the quarterback via. And Philadelphia in the -- couldn't beat up. In Seattle brought the world and -- did mother's army -- -- legs. So I don't think they'll make that same span I think they'll be more disciplined -- be a -- This defense. Presents more of a challenge to the Saints offense than any it'd be an elite physical that the stop the run they stop the -- to step Jimmy Graham they can stop there and both. And you get the weather conditions do so the Saints are gonna happen really scratch out Smart patient. Victory yet to beat the Seahawks this game and they're capable of doing that belt but I understand why did the undergo. Now like I think it's going to be important to is that if you can -- can you a wrath. And obviously they -- harassed Drew Brees though like he did they got -- at that touchdown. The media I don't know that allowed the ball bounce away but just harassed Russell Wilson -- again I believe it will game like you say it the first time bit. If you look at since then -- then Barry human like does curry averaged a 171 yards passing. Completing basically 58%. Of his attempts. In the final four games. Be it if you look at it big he's got after he was sacked fourteen times not know that problem -- -- -- -- But that was -- I know at Saint Louis. And he got sacked five or six times that game but -- -- so we need. I don't know which you elect him -- you wanna be a nationwide household name. You know we come public may be but to a three sacks I think that it via a difference maker also setting the pills. -- more importantly one of those two guys combine them on the exact same today that the Seahawks and Rodney did against the Saints one of them forces although they don't Stoops and of -- to me. That that would be obviously huge for the -- them in the we don't. Make that -- became changing gears like that but. Absolutely at its spotless funny I wanted to pick exploited gain. And you know my tendency is to think that's yeah it's gonna win I think it's great to win the -- in there and then got a little early afterward that the thing about it is. I have trouble giving the Seahawks more than 20/20 3.4 points Cobbs. Because that's not expose about that and I think it's deepened early. And then you know I have trouble given the Saints less than twenty points in any game so like -- -- Seattle and 23 quality because. I couldn't go and the other direction for either team any more than that -- but I think it's completely possible that the -- -- and -- this team and -- You know it. And you know we don't play against so that Tennessee because harbored a little that day today and it sat back a little upset. You know give -- any games more than 567. Yards and I think that's silly plenty but against Seattle. Mike -- invoked Tebow would -- use the foot foot. I'm Mike Triplett. Just my name and a I was Victorino much stuff on the NFL agent and now more or there's so all these dedicated to the Saints Seahawks. Matchup -- get everything out of Seattle and and everything that the national poster during two. Saint inside a foot ESPN espn.com. My trip trip thank you so much by the time we appreciate you so much. -- but I.