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1-8 6-7pm Bobby and Deke, SAINTS Wednesday

Jan 8, 2014|

Today is SAINTS WEDNESDAY…and SportsTalk hits the road again to hang out with the Who Dat Nation! Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia are live on location at Rouse’s Supermarket UPTOWN at 4500 Tchoupitoulas

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome our number three of sports -- we're on location that they need to sit for the big divisional matchup between the Saints and the Seattle Seahawks -- all -- -- WWR dot com of course check out the latest early in the morning on thirteen fifty in 3 to -- the morning drive double covered Christian -- -- -- about -- -- -- to cover today and here on sports talk and all of off. A sports that post coverage of news it is the talk of the down the Saints and the division around the -- -- around in the NFC it's down made about the south with two -- -- in the Panthers and the west with two teams the Seahawks. And the foreign -- match -- thoughts at 330 Saturday coveted Manny him coming up this sour what top blew out the New Orleans pelicans there at home the night at New Orleans Arena you can -- The pelicans radio network 01053. -- at 7 PM as they entertain the Washington Wizards John this chase is pelicans color analysts also on top of the saint took it to -- thoughts on the Saints and the delicate tonight. And Mike -- of ESPN will be with us as well -- -- staying put he will return for another season -- -- got to having a whale of a game and LSU's big victory over Iowa a week ago in the Outback Bowl he will return for leaving the door open for what could be one of the best 12 punches. In LSU history if they they were today expectation certainly -- Hanson now. Incoming -- that has verbally agreed to sign whatever issue of course not the official to national signing day when you signed that Letterman tent. And the nation's number one prospect in minute phone that Jeff from memo. Or Jonas and the 7 o'clock now and the NFL again ongoing talks about -- possibly looking into. Changing the current NFL format sixteen of these conference. That being twelfth overall six in the NFC Ford division champs have two -- cause the same and ANC Ford division chance. And two while caught operate -- or opinion poll on line at WW up. Dot com is asking you what would you rather see in the national football they -- add more teams to the current playoff format. And make it they expanded to seven or eight in each conference all would you rather see him keep it. The way it is sixteenth inning go by teams with the best record can't joke vote on line. At WWL. Dot com that -- call to go above it's clear some out and let's go to -- on line five -- thank you for calling WW. Then I would go on about it it's -- for the end on it aren't on that this is very do it is. Okay you have a tibia I think it was I broke well why trying to fix it right in night it is that they try to. They're built on this why is that it's a slant that it's about money it's a money grab. Or is it not only easy to overlook that they'll all I wanted to see it nobody talked about that you know okay this is a two part question -- -- today. If they I want to see it change. Where's the best record gets the holes -- -- -- -- really -- but not a lot of that head. Another well on the on a -- down sixth best record as the elected -- -- down. It to be that that that would be good is that what you see Antoine. No I don't it's to -- and I think. It is -- -- -- getting bit I think one of the great things about sports and heading into sports is that they didn't mean to -- in the right out and I think. If you could be better. Do racquet and I think some of some of those great rivalry than it did it going to be lost beneath and that's been in the record and it is to get ahead of the directed and I -- -- -- I don't necessarily think I don't I don't think -- gonna lose your robbery because it used to be playing opening playoffs. You just deal with just below his the other race the still the racing is if you get the play a team you division twice to have. It's this -- of the formerly as you've got to beat them to have the best record tell you that don't know the robbery because of a bag and you got lose and any significant as far as winning -- division because even though they NFC east was sorry. And Eagles and Cowboys our votes are playing with some the close out the season is still go to playoffs. Even though the Cardinals had a better record in both of those teams. You know I understand it. I mean but still. I mean it is you think you've got to. If you gotta go it's that actual event he is is done. Amplify a between the out -- you can -- -- yeah I mean it works then. Then just. That -- -- in the net that was our only hope. Viewpoint you what you're saying is you don't agree -- at this time but but to say if you if you only premises is that discotheque where robberies. The it's not gonna take away from because winning every game is even more or not yet -- -- -- play -- -- -- -- though the game still have unbelievably important. Carolina Tampa Bay. No you still obviously you -- what I have the best overall record and all the games are counted. And are you playing and not only with the new division -- in NC what you play. All at different divisions in the AFC. Heavy -- to me. Oh why would -- say the NBA. You -- do it that way our hockey. And that they go about the best record because it makes it and instead of what you should review warm hearted if you have a great season because you record develop the holes to gain. I've ever every guy is it because it division Ewing individually divisions are like the NFC east was. Well why you don't think that the three got a bit terrible I think it is still kick their butt. Above all why should the Cowboys if they would have beat the Eagles. But be able to host a playoff game against the Saints. -- then having the cup did you Marlins but they wanted division that that that's what I'm saying -- we don't want like three more days and live right but answers that that that the language -- -- -- -- and I know about that and again because apparently that's the way it is and what you need to 44 -- at 32 line all owners. And it's not like ours is the game is not like the teams who who have done as of late they they didn't do anything because they'd been -- I mean let's face it Seattle with a seven win team they beat the Saints. Arizona with a man -- team. They want to that they wanted it's Super Bowl so it was like eat do you all look at these team and university kept another one out on that. It's even worse record as of late they won they won games in the playoffs. Well to me on that try to keep out the play also be the right if you division is so sorry -- I -- on Saturday when I'm under would just say you know we and then some would agree with you. They would've made it. But what I wanna guy that's seven and what I'm saying if you still wanna the only reason why they got caught they wanted it and still wanna count you -- -- division winners in the playoffs. That's seven and nine okay arguing a division you're in the well. But that doesn't mean just visually the that you get to holes to gain. Right. You know and all of a sudden got the rock I look at it. Division does that give what you think initiated that the team that won their division. But Green Bay would no wind -- San Francisco for the difference in how wrong I mean I got him notarized too common sense I guess I don't know that you -- course and had been and then and that's and there have been San Francisco. Would have been. -- yeah they -- to -- -- man I think the NFC should not agree it's they're not even bid in the playoffs. If that AFC east this'll sorry if they did they weren't that you might not -- game a hole by that's -- -- -- better and Eagles it was it and as you know we shot ourselves in the foot that we still beat the Eagles. We are minus two Wheeler -- I've done -- we'd have beat the Eagles by two touchdowns. If we're even on the plus sign that there ovaries pretty jaguar opinion poll at WWL dot com NFL is mulling around this it's in. To try and -- the playoffs maybe expand the blouse to include more teams all to like him to keep the same number of teams. But golf by based on best record. Meaning regardless of what it is you're in. The team to have their sixth best records. Goal to the playoffs. Cast your vote online at WW dot com what chime in here that's going to -- on line six Nicole thank you for calling WW well. I see out on the car and I think I am seeing them on the spot each if -- can keep the playoffs this fame and it is out. My thought is why not they eat out according to their records that way people see your cap and you know and panic if you have a better record you all but and the other part is you know I don't expect it. I'll tell I'm kinda torn between arm and the best sixteen or keep it at the same way I read feed them you know according to -- And you know maybe what what you're saying in the co Q if you win your division your in but the end that you use that OK to four division champs again and then the two while caught in an -- do you. Determine those. Did you see everybody mean we're OK if you he's like Seattle -- -- -- -- in TN. But they would have been a six seed instead of the fourth -- because they had the -- -- you don't exactly I hear that. That MMA that that makes things in the Conan makes a lot of things don't thank you so much for calling with the here for you. He's the color analyst of the pelicans radio network also Saints insider at New Orleans Saints dot com. John these days -- John just now I know JP the up pelicans account home Bible before we get to the pelicans that you all atop the Saints alone time product in this city. -- from many different venues and of course now -- New Orleans Saints that comment with the New Orleans pelicans your take on a Saints in Seattle part two young. Blood you know outplayed the flu played then people are gonna get my much of a chance you'll likely go -- -- the and you all records updated. Bit ticked off about the way -- -- the last Bob it would and they wanted this now upon you know you can be careful to which or you might get it. But sometimes you you know below but they -- when you go back not prepare. -- -- -- game we've gotten want they donated but they have been put forward in December they know they played really really bad game and -- all. And they don't of people look at what they don't all I feel it would be -- -- but they wanted to gain that kept them that game was over the war another crack at the Al. But sure what they have to look at it yet but the. Now John. Going now looking at the pelicans. Obviously popular animals disappointing. It came to this season. Silly because called the Miami Heat bloom out. I mean in a lot of fans are telling me on the street. They'd not too optimistic going forward. Because of Ryan Anderson -- now -- what is your take as far as close throughout the season let me know where they had right now Butler that all star break. As far as maybe still having a chance. But that eight maybe twelfth -- that to forfeit Ottawa. Cora and a little bunkers but I mean to let them get tougher and Tupperware won't happen this mean now big big show improvement let people at my they have to get the win there. Victory game and be -- me and aching and -- last year they wanted to -- the game but they were picked Spain. At 33 at the bumper obviously had that great but movement a key element like line in which. You know really got obstructed the more you learn to create -- -- shot. He rebounds these these court and court that would not have that element -- -- that doesn't have a plethora of outside shooter. -- -- the lord young nationally for your inside job and all of the and that rule that you know -- -- look at them to that rule that. Tyreke Evans -- Jrue Holiday at. -- stretch there for -- -- -- straight down because they are got to respect. The -- bad -- -- and so like becomes a lot more difficult get to the take the it's doable because they've virtual maturity I mean I know we keep saying that they're young team and and -- -- my weakness it's that on another note you. And regain the lady at Miami and I'll be on the role that their travel problem and although they beat -- Miami. You and it's still expect to win a game that you wanna be a better showing that they can. And they get greeted them desperate Miami can do that to you. But you've got to chill a better effort more work or that it that you've got to -- a little bit more back ball when you play and -- -- -- that way it. That's what you wanna -- -- you don't want to beat him. Take up take a counterpunch. From the opposition. They did in Indiana and Miami and not be able to take it not break it open to the better teams in the league. Even the NBA big knockout punch on the you can take I only leave nothing in the but he. They've got to go out what you've got to be ready for but you gotta be ready to respond to it and they haven't been able to do that Atlanta -- gain the I don't know how much that it. The do not have a line in the how much we had to do with these guys that people little bit more negative atmosphere and get a little bit more -- Can -- jumper about that -- that I mean they've got Al entry umpire you just got to play through. And they haven't shown that ability -- -- to -- through camp we'll get the book the dilemma or everything on the -- -- had just played through a medalist dot. More dating you talk about way he had it now means that many feel Indiana -- -- the best two teams only -- but it but he initially came prior rightly so but. If you would a win at night -- he did not come by you being the pelicans you'd be sixteen to eighteen. Manny you'd be a game and a half out of the three seed in the east that's how bad the ease the if right now -- -- by Atlanta is at eighteen we hands and then you know with two. To offer them so that's so big east. From three on back man battle offered more competitive or -- -- what you're looking at Dallas and Phoenix that you developed point 12. 22 victories as of right now -- east is. Quote of a margin of victory there that -- 38 win team you might be you might be in the number to get it get that eighth spot a bit in that these. Yes we are preparing them bombs you know mold of what we're we're hoping you know that's the delicate deal. You can be ordered change from the heat and stink right now and it and it well the last couple years. And I -- record number are they needed to eat but. You know I miss the bit to go out and grabbed a guy that they had to learn how to deal with that. And it kind of your father built the opposite that would be competitive and it -- accomplish. And they've got represented and block them it is not about on the popular you play -- they are -- finished T ball. They've got to learn how to beat up mentally down the stretch. They will actually get some of the formula -- game report -- really do anything but they've -- that -- that at all but -- JD -- folks -- on Twitter. They hit me up on the street here. -- just my -- they'll wait you envy at HA you are about pull up all of the call toward the net but -- you follow -- there and appreciated great. Isn't the out to you about -- this at before we go to new oh sometime to get on the team -- -- may have -- -- -- -- -- -- that. TDS nonstop point 47 right now I mean he aware that have pelicans and like -- say he was out All Saints. Being the team it is delicate uniform on myself -- tonight so whatever. That was it yeah so up until now we look at you as politically. -- -- You all for it on him -- -- have -- advantage of it the way it does go unnoticed we know it's DD -- did great work. I appreciate it got all right John dictates -- color analyst the New Orleans pelicans tied at 7 o'clock just like may to network that's what we are it's -- -- -- video. You can stick with beaten him back is to continue that -- -- talk and Saints in Seattle on LSU football almost they are 1053 -- -- the take out the pelicans and the Washington. With if we I had routes that I've pressed by local by -- that they all on the weekend the best of all those fans got in a -- last week with the Saints which that there routine. -- this -- it's a little bit. Eight is some -- -- -- in last Friday and of course got the green Gatorade were arouses has stockpiled green gators so much that they had quoted the B -- called in -- Make sure they got the right order and say no automatic green Gatorade. Because the Saints fans that we have them at all well okay -- -- a lot of doubt go to good karma. It though you know find out today what the -- I've fried chicken a lot going -- I think if fried chicken here at Rollins can hang -- pop -- all this is the list is that a total them up animosities he would assess that you know I'll I'll I'll have my fans -- -- -- -- -- fried chicken. I love the the rotisserie chicken that if he had to you know by about I -- -- sour candy. I've been on asserts that he notre jumbled up and you UC need to -- solid -- did that you got old school what you put it like those limited the case you put that in my drinks and -- freeze it yes yeah absolutely I think what do you do you like it like a guy like a chronic problem that you did that when you a little -- knowing that at -- and you lose every absolutely we'll see what they got these giant -- here -- about what it is that. It's apple one. Is the great ones to -- eight of them on an instant win. And -- -- that we write -- in -- -- on the so you don't know how excited about the when he did limit him -- -- -- and not -- out you want but a girl. They don't happen to attack -- upbeat clear at all plastic double with container. In my cabinet and it says daddy home you know who would doubt that that that -- you should've fifth call man is it. And I keep on Bynum might stand over -- to a I know yeah that's it and it hits and Allen. And I'm looking and then the freeze them out of this of frozen drink that there is oh that's the -- and -- -- ya don't like because he's always there when -- and I don't mean Ottawa is that -- -- my -- don't yelling at me. I don't know long it's own ticket have you officially selected 0% you know -- -- -- it. Let's go to the fire. Man on senate finance thank you Colin that you do that you. Yeah you don't. Okay so how are you. I'm a pretty good. I think what. Oh yeah it is pretty big one pretty they built it to the sport -- it -- so well -- But yeah I by the bachelorette. I think that worked out that can't take it -- now. When they thought the record you've seen what it -- it is that right. -- will have to -- cracked. Oh well I caught up caught that -- -- in what what happened apart from Sally Carolina would have been one -- -- like they -- -- with sisco would've been 35. Man because they won't want a one game ahead of us the right level class that we outta him for. But it would have -- a little bit because it would it would have been basically the -- -- it would be except San Francisco would have been at home against Green Bay and we would have been home. Against Philly and and and that that makes the most sense of people who are against -- to just glad that you steal it. I guess you'd say rewarded -- it all in all pulling your division. But in I think you would solve a lot but -- you win your division that's automatic -- -- so you're in but the end after that and we see. Our record I don't have a problem that I don't correctly on court but -- now. Would right and didn't hurt hurt the dumb and so I was wondering picture that bit odd that he that we traded away. How how I've been at first round at the beef up the Q because the conditioning the. -- they have an -- look up on F five just to get -- -- wanna give your Robert -- bouncy that it it is a good point now would you look at down the stretch this season though it's a lot of errors thought look at that ball is up. Wreck that's a concern because. You know it's early you can get on Iran and you know right now. And it says that it does the -- that the way they wanna be putting fifty wins -- right now is with Dallas is and at the eight spot. So you're not far off I mean you're you're used -- -- that -- about it now you get -- all star break and a few weeks if they're wage -- 78 games back what has a lot of ground to make an -- The Lola -- well and a half of the season tell you wanna stay five or move up to two or three. Thought to be in the Caldwell beat O state to a three game big -- to beat the 87 states that. You know and it's it's amazing you know you look at this -- you know Weston vs -- conference. And and he dug deep -- up until and sort of say the EC that you know you can't go top to bottom you united in the united in the conversation. We do look at top teams -- get any better. The Indiana in my no it's not what you look at when the Hornets. I -- civil of their racquet. It was definitely won -- -- not not that because we lost the Indiana loss to Miami but -- beating -- the -- Oh yeah if you know the having having a lot of success. So that that it's so frustrating. Because that the bottom line is we will support a winner that's running I truly believe that you are on the arena this is the football down. But it -- winning basketball program. You know you are by hiding in a probable that I get people excited not the best promotion if you win. And they'll support when he annual attempt and it's been all over the Saints -- for many years now he's with ES PM Mike Triplett -- just now aren't trip without a practice they have Micah Saints at Seattle. You know coaches obviously say that meeting with a long time ago move forward when you look at this matchup -- what what do you take a carry over from December 2. To Saturday that you feel is of importance in his divisional game. Well as he has a regular previewing the NBA is that our. -- it feels like it already thought Erica took a Christmas they Japanese bought him really don't Edmonton and saint season it say it -- you have both of civil obviously yeah it. Now like it has now like. -- take two things in this two takes on the Saints Seahawks first meeting. What it I don't think that automatically means a Saints can't beat this game and we've -- that a million are yet -- team. Take now like that are on that play out differently. It's possible for the Saints to beat this team we've seen them play much better and every other game season. And it proved last week they can win the style of game that they need to look but. Our kicker Seahawks a lot more seriously have to watch out there opponent but really good they're up and -- you about how well he played like game. -- I do think Russell probably at its best game. Yeah as a pro or or one of his best games as a pro and the Saints really you know they they. It's funny -- compared to that what they did it against the Eagles the ball game so we're taking -- the running back. We're gonna make the quarterback beat us. And it Philadelphia in the -- couldn't beat up. In Seattle brought the world and beat. -- -- army deal of his legs. So I don't think they'll make that same as there I think they'll be more discipline NB a well look this defense. Presents more of a challenge to the Saints offense than -- it'd -- an elite physical that the stop the run they stop the -- to step Jimmy Graham they can stop there and spoke. And he got the weather conditions do so the Saints are gonna happen it really scratch out Smart patient. Victory yet to beat the Seahawks this game and they're capable of doing it -- but I understand what it the -- Now like I think it's going to be important to is that if you can -- and you harassed. And obviously they -- harassed Drew Brees though like he did they got to give it -- touchdown. The media I don't know that allowed the ball bounce away but just harassed Russell Wilson again I believe it will game like you say it the first time bit. If you look at since then -- than Barry human like does curry averaged a 171 yards passing. Completing basically 58%. Of his attempts. In the final four games. Be it if you look at it big teams got after he was sacked fourteen times not know that problem with the line. But that was early yet know at Saint Louis. I think got sacked five or six times that that game -- players so we need. I don't know Q did you elect can't -- you wanna be a nationwide household name. You know we come -- we may be but to a three sacks -- that Beckett -- a difference maker also setting the pills. Blah more importantly one of those two guys combined on on the exact same way that the Seahawks and Rodney did against the Saints one of them forces that fumbled it on Stoops and a court to me. That it that would be obviously huge for the Saints and an we don't. Make that -- became changing -- like that but I absolutely at its spotless funny I wanted to pick exploited gain. And you know my tendency is to think that's -- -- gonna win I think it's great to win the -- in there and then got a little early afterward -- the thing about it is. I have trouble giving the Seahawks more than twenty points 3.4 points Cobbs. Because that's not expose about that and I think it's -- deepened early. And then you know I have trouble given the Saints less than twenty points in any game so I keep it. Seattle and 23 quality because. I couldn't go and the other direction for either team anymore than that so but I think it's completely possible that the same speed and all this team and check. You know it. And you know we don't play against so that that they become harbored a little bit day today and -- sat back a little upset. You know -- in any game more than 567. Yards and I think that's silly plenty of against Seattle. Mike -- invoked Tebow would all use the foot foot. I'm Mike Triplett. Just my name and a I was Victorino much stuff on the NFL -- and -- and that more or there's so all these dedicated to the Saints Seahawks. That's appreciate everything out of Seattle on and everything has the natural -- -- to. Saint inside a foot ESPN espn.com. My trip trip thank you so much for the time we appreciate you so much. Tepid when I'm out right he's Bobby bad beat Baylor got a -- visible above it's almost like a Alou look at begin the -- Black agreeing dollars and -- us that they wanted to take -- That was left over and make Klecko recovered I am Alice that's got to in this mix that up with a the Volvo -- a little on and you put in the jaw in the don't count on. Who I don't you talk about them moving actually it's it fried chicken Paulus on it and get anything and now I might -- not meant to synagogue -- While ground it would you walk up their -- -- long distance and we let you go well -- the wrong thing to tell you to me all man or don't like grown a bit of an appropriate thing to get that point united in -- on though because these activities. There's things that. Wear out this morning about hundred. Joba Tillis uptown new all the -- got a lot yet to come out -- in the its treatment to all -- called. Plus Jimmy Nielsen is he staying put in LA -- would that impact will this have. All of a tiger has gone to the 2014. College football season all that yet become must pelicans that where it's at night at 7 PM. All 1053 and allowing it to him with them coming up in nine minutes a chance to -- here only -- AM for more sports talk and routes this point now it's up to -- -- -- Bobby and myself -- -- 8 PM or it's the pelicans and -- the wall it's the north delicate that the once it was at 7 PM tip at. New Orleans Arena to -- on line to thank you for calling WW -- -- -- -- Yet. The ball on the I mean there that are you know gain. But cut back that day is a bit -- in and night that the Indian burial. And the next month or am I came around out and debate is not at the right. Plan. But the -- -- at the -- Is. But anyway now I wouldn't. Saying. Why aren't hurt. While they try they try to get their -- they get it now. Now you say we need to use that a lot of fans. Trying to them is like Kamal we can't be conservative we got to be more aggressive and pass the football. And put it in Drew Brees in his hands. You know you -- Drew Brees a lot of money so the fans to take the approach of let Drew Brees. Will -- -- we get in and week out as far negative plays but I think coach Payton we had talked to him. You know and in the coach's show and everything in the -- were at that time. Carolina's defense I mean -- -- -- converted on third down opening and out defense was dominating them it just so happened. I want that a lot. Hour's drive in the first game. They were three for three. On third down conversions on that drive the rest of those that that gains in the other games they -- three out of 21 in their last 24. They were three points putting open. So -- up you don't look at him -- -- self. But man. If it belongs to Carolina and we I think we all feel. There's still a very very optimistic I don't think our offense again I am very happy and surprised I think they better and airline and they would be the -- Now about to be objective the 49ers I think you flip a coin. That that I think the whole field does make a difference but they sure did happen. But I'd much rather have to go to Charlotte that San Francisco that I think we're better they Carolina now I think going forward. But it never played this way -- 11 down against the Patriots a UN they gained 11 down against Carolina UN they gave. I don't think this time around navy coach Pete would be as conservative. We and then maybe take more aggressive approach. We had a lot to keep to open lines all -- out with disputed. Snippet from -- for them to give it to take on Jimmy you know staying put for another season and LA she. Pelicans fans stick around coming up 32 tocchet -- out the pelicans taking on. The Washington Wizards a 1053 have been more sports talking at -- of down there wallets. Fought a five -- -- -- was on Saints radio WWL 878. Here.