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Jan 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Final -- or sports talk continues here on a Saints radio that he hit nearly 70 AM overall 1053 take out the New Orleans pelicans taking on the Washington Wizards operated -- or opinion poll. Is online at WW dot com getting your take the NFL is talking about how they can better -- the current play -- in the NFL some -- saying and more teams. -- the six team playoff -- six teams in each conference. Ford division champs and two while Colts would you be in favor of adding more teams or would you -- -- seeking the six teams. Ankle by record meaning you would be seeded by best record available -- it because best record overall. All four division champs. But while -- in game see him and today you put your own spin on posted a benevolent on this a little bit. Talk about Jamie you know announcing that he is going to state they come back to play for LSU another season quickly to the phone to build a Lotta folks want to talk. We'll go out to Lafayette for -- on line 3 -- good evening thank you for calling WW yeah. They -- -- Bobby creature thank you real quick -- -- keep the same -- -- according to best record as the best way to go next. Seattle pose a problem the rain will be there. Also the wind will be there yeah there -- Our approach in my opinion -- we have a Kinsler. Run the ball thirty -- the more last. Our receivers didn't get off the line. In the last game they were jammed and we round that the line yet. Do we see what's -- bunch formations and motion to offset that to. Have a better result this time. Yeah yeah you know it it very you say you almost have to have movement is that it -- lining up. And you know as far as indicate get their hands onion jam even if you go on emotion -- only gonna have one guy in motion and then you had to feel in. Then the thing is you almost say -- me you can out fox is so we trying changed the play and you get Billy -- -- wasting timeouts. You almost have to hopefully coach Pete calling -- great game. Along with -- -- had the right level at the right time and he may be if it's not. The played its ideal with a deep that you got to live with him maybe make adjustments. That way all I know as. It is that I look at the sea -- defense did an outlet pass defense for a reason. Because I think you have the best safeties. And corner Richard Sherman. I mean it they get any better than him and now look at that safety Earl Thomas. Along with chancellor and that the -- to be the top of versatile safeties that what they've done. And it was what's ironic though. I thought they would slack off Brandon Browner you know he was suspended. You know hidden you know the -- whatever. Because of maybe the rules their violating decided to abuse policy. But then if you look at. What would Maxwell eat he's been outstanding and corners so the media we have to attempt to run the ball. On the I'd -- likely -- last week have 36. Rushing attempts of thirty passing attempts. But what else that it doesn't like you eat we don't need drew -- -- throw the ball. 04045. Times that that that's like good. Could simply because at the way the Seahawks are structured. And at their very opportunistic. If you've been a tip they haven't sort of ball -- there's a reason. A wide applause -- and a turnover ratio and they have twenty interceptions. Think about it. You know you have leading teams with 31 takeaways. And and -- it you'd be satisfied you know we had 39 takeaways -- year we -- -- Super Bowl -- what what they have 28. Interception. Still the -- like you you have wanna burn him at their own game and they get the place Florida they all but the -- gonna put a lot of confidence. Considering how well they've played against the Eagles Ingram look who would maybe -- -- lately. You look at -- Robinson. But Venus and it's the that would Pierre his status and that you got Darren Sproles that no I think truly. We have to tip their run the ball and I think we can run the ball. Against Seattle but that they're not. That to -- against the run they're not as good as this day the jet. Carolina. Are even the 49ers and and if you look if we get around a hundred yards and and now have built attempt to maybe average four yards a run I think drew would be even better but you can't fall behind you can't feel like you're desperate -- -- sort of bought a plate catcher. -- Metairie on I want thank you for calling WWR. Much pollute into the playoffs if you lose. Only. Two division. There's no reason board that relationship to division the champ. Hit the bye week and the next best four records. A lot or than -- either -- the best record. We got to what he's a guy yet that that that's kind of like like east to west I know you say yeah obviously wanna keep. The rivalries now it's AFC NFC the proximity as far as driving distance that to me it always puzzled me commute via natural. But that yards in Houston. Over that he had the same conference artists they've division because you with the -- did -- to be closer than Atlanta. But yet that it that there is some merit to that I don't know they would go that far. And change it. But what you saying -- makes a lot of sense. All right back to the phone to go let's go to Shawn Terry town line -- Sean thank you for calling WW yeah. -- -- Not doing it the probable. Oh so in that -- that we saw in the morning. Yeah. You got at -- bit of Judea and in the war that -- did you count. Have like a while ago the week that you know which you did what -- all we would be it would be or all the while all. And bite you walk or an Indian. And I mean there are more but what about the week. But revenue couldn't we don't know Martin right. Yeah you take the fourth best car you know not count for more. Bomb. And and that who you -- these two walk or be an employee you know like. Because then a minute I'd never been out there -- revenue that way anyway and. All can answer a question -- -- one. -- come back again value loss we got Ford division champs and you see it didn't take the four best teams get to while cause it got eighteen there. Bite you if you've got the all divisions yeah OK I'll write it down and makes our act in this fourth division because that -- -- these baseball the commission and in. -- Eddie's gonna propose this the kind of take me for me for a division -- They get the Big -- and they get a spot okay they get about all right and that for the next four best record. Apple spoil the plate for the -- all these. And then -- that 20. You know I got so that what the right -- well. Wear them -- -- -- talk about that now but it would be a plane for a while caught it would be two more teams and he had eighteen the conference. Very I mean yeah I mean it is now it's stood -- lay out what I call a play and I'm not. The teams who would win in in their first -- would advance the played division today yet now of Sean every day it is what it. They advance the speed speed ball all these from grant it would be if they did make the playoffs. You don't really think -- what they packed. You got fourteen. That have good records. In NFC. It could reveal -- parents are good I mean if things went right Aaron don't go to been in the. Right right did at the bottom the bottom line is listed as we all think because -- -- -- -- you know you give it to him to -- a -- and basically the top two teams should deserve about that 34. Note note all that conference champion would be that. Right but that's -- -- but if you if you taken a poll before teams you know those two comment that you don't have division champs plane -- -- Oh it would be in the same way. Right accused of you're saying the four teams that don't play you got the next four to play right -- okay and two of those have all come out right. Correct OKC's took -- fourteenth. So two of those teams go to two times into and other so you are you got Hampton to -- it up and out of -- or want it would be cricket -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know I idea out just how I got the last sound -- -- out not while on holiday is like I think fans are truly objective about this night talk back to back. New album and -- thing I think fans inside the -- are truly objective about that listen. If you in the cardinal's position. That'd be a case scenario maybe the extent expand the welcome they wanted -- right what you don't want it so watered down quite well well apart what you know what it's a watered down every year you're in your route eight in eight are 79. Is -- a playoff -- that. Yeah you you want it to be like you've achieved something you accomplished -- that and I take it right now I think is average for sure once maybe twice. They always gonna have an open date two weeks -- think that is suitable. Not only develop the game in the height right with the players union the players union don't wanna go straight. But an NF CR if he captured game straight to his noble next week. That that that's that good to promote the game and the players don't want that. They want that extra time because all the I have to put all the family members wanting tickets -- -- do it all that. It's just not enough hours in the day if you go straight to -- end of the AFC championship game. Utah bottle campus Pro Bowl week golf whatever you wanna call it. On no way is that that. In the player's best interest and I think promoted the game's best interest. You you need to have a break there or -- -- you have a break where there's nothing going on and I think there's more build up. And the players feel more comfortable that did not overwhelm. -- try to get their family members -- -- on their backyard. Acting upon about being a watered down if you AA teams it will -- -- yeah I have a -- -- -- more likely to have a stated that caddie that a yes without a doubt -- when you talk about it to five. -- a coach on the face of -- walk to class -- that none now you combat BM off two weeks before you played a game in the playoff they don't want to be. I don't care how good record you've got which -- home you've been complete this event if you talk about it if you rested you could be all well hole. Our -- they have a number of people they've talked about this around the nation. That they kind of you know one reason why they give San Francisco and edge. Well even though they traveling across the country going to Carolina played good they play you know. And then not now. If you play you beat up with somebody started games played notre Leggett LB -- review about the game healthy. And you wind you got that momentum you got their -- got that swagger yeah that's live today right now eight overwhelm -- big win at Philadelphia. So I think it's more competent as a team -- on the role will we accomplished our goal what is Seattle vs that we data by. That outburst gave what I had to be at Seattle Brewers -- to win at Philly. Very I like our chances silly because what we accomplished at Philadelphia go to Seattle. Let's go to and on line to it thank you for calling debuted at yeah. And the wind. Are you said the right here. For years and very few. Or. All of the games on. Yeah it does. I'll let me be in. In the -- that it wouldn't mind do you are no. And get them ready. Well what what they do is is now put it up on my phone that -- took a pitcher over there as they've as a machine. That they put out on the practice field it was -- a -- speak a box and -- the front of -- is like a speaker box and what they called it part of what you theory that the competitive. The on the back you know ability to beat wolf was right there about -- as a sound machine. Right there and see this is morning extreme high noise area -- away win in operation thick collar piping in the sound. I don't do that like you could actually awaiting Florida media we will before we went to the actual practice him at a young candidate lesson what you could he even if you passed on and I how -- you can be across the street somewhere. You can hear it blood inside out jetted to hear that that's what they do it Al -- coach Payton probably -- -- I'm always like a third down situation. But they got a special machine looks like a couple of big big speakers and they piping in crowd causing you know the team and. It again you don't it's an excited that I'm you think that it just. Affects. You know the office as far as communication but a lot of times depending if you live with the call. And you kind of you know have hand singles. I'm seeing needed deep fences. Let's say even the Saints deep into the superdome or Seattle's defense that you got to have -- there. Because evolves that you try to change -- coverage. And their miscommunication it -- also a new -- -- that didn't wide open who's covered him but I because maybe they could communicate because that annoys. That's why you need better that you got out there and singles down. Could you could be Alex on the look at it like what what would I I don't know what you -- told me. And there if we do in motion. It try to defuse the coverage. That's why a lot of times to battered secondary when you got all young guys that haven't to play. Meant that -- barely surviving you to about the busting coverages. Then you could see guys lifted up over what happened because -- that the ball quick in the superdome against Tampa Bay. Even Darrelle Revis right of the better and that -- a blow late you know Revis island unbelievable gonna -- he's still it was all about forty yards. There was nobody covered them. So it can have and also all on the team -- aside. Communication is so important in the NFL. A ball Auburn did -- decide that that that that that -- because -- the play what you gonna lose a lot of times having the right off it started the pit. We're a -- that arouses winding down off -- get right now. All 1053 FEM your opportunity check out. The New Orleans pelicans taking on the washed in with -- that Debbie WR depth common we've -- -- sports director Jeff Palermo. Joins us now is LSU got some good news today -- Jimmie you've said he was returning for another season. Jeff thank you so much of the time but what does this mean for you know a -- moving forward 2014. Well it's today it's a huge obviously huge in. And unexpected. You know we both the buy dot. Jeremy held because there's. I think primarily because of some of these illegal -- -- -- that it might be that or do I get -- -- -- -- -- but. He apparently -- -- a lot of that this is that that ballot you know it. It would be nice. You know what they're coming back get -- -- -- would you know what you're coming back. Q your bracket in an inexperienced quarterback. And you know about the identity of offenses that. Whoever -- quarterback is -- -- so it's it's not good to have and it's a good problem to have when you have you know Terrence -- -- we Kenny Hilliard and now you had letter Burnett for the victims well. -- it is more that. Not just him common Bagwell maybe he had to come back because of what some people tone of his advisors but it. It's better for you to combat because of what maybe you have had happen you off the feel about being your own -- on. This is strictly a money thing all all we do assume this is I wanna play LSU another year. Well I think the other thing is that this is a kid from backward still and I think he sees how. You know former L a few players. Especially successful ones that are almost treated like royalty around here and that you might want to try to build on it like it's been here about what you and tried to better his name around here because there's probably about that look at them and you know I certainly don't but some people probably look at him and that do quite well well well. And if you want to show that he's a little bit more than that. These you know -- disputed happily. You got it performs well on the field and Bob. -- might be a part of this is that you know what miles really. State committed to it and you know that. You know after he got in trouble it -- school you know what that and they'll have to. Keep a scholarship open for a you know what -- kicked off the team after what -- Happen I'm sure he rattle some of the national helmets out there that that you know plus miles should keep Jeremy ill often. Off the team after what happened this past spring though there might be a little while he's there as well -- Every time that we've had an opportunity it's immediate it's proctor Jeremy -- in -- hobbled yet. Not a kid that we saw that video -- and some kid in the back and -- You know coming out of a bar so. You know. Maybe maybe see it more of that person that we beat. Talking to after game you know after big game that a kid that will probably -- -- who. Pure that except with the inmates there and doesn't both about the type of numbers that he put up individual. And I -- -- also think coach miles. Knew the ability in the potential. Of Jeremy hill and it almost can look at their crystal ball and seeded ability that. Look I mean that you as a primary reason I thought LSU beat Iowa when he at 216 yards. Russian and oh boy you look explosive. So let me you can you get the benefit of the doubt -- Pacman Jones I mean I look at. You know his NFL career. -- -- you made that if you could play. Look at Riley Cooper when he got involved with. Think robotics team atmosphere locker room atmosphere would be the it would be Eagles a lot of times if you Blake did play well -- you get -- one chance I'm not saying that's right. But that's just the way it is then. That you talk about Jeremy -- coming back and also another Baton Rouge a great player allow Collins. The left tackle I think quiet talk about it he would stay also but that would be huge. You -- and have made that some of the reports. Apparently Jeremy hills China Japan. Collins remembered though he played together recapture his -- go to bat. Would try to get talent and rates turner. Who has reportedly. Signed up what training agents we have signed an agent yet but what sort of -- training agencies and help. Players that I get ready for traps so. You know they can get those two guys back that would be great and offensively you returned the entire. Started -- of the line and that would be -- going to break it in the -- Cordoba. Now Jeff be out for fans ideology fans if you are no like -- date that is critical to know are they and are they going on today NFL. Underclassmen now my understanding haven't -- January 15. -- out to declare for the draft over draw their names as at all that not hired an agent or you know obviously receive compensation. And so but this still a few days in the B innocent to see what's gonna come evolved. Because they don't you might say are we -- all these players but to me in this in a sense when you look at it high school players at times. That if you know you -- NL issue. That that you might have an opportunity because. Luck is skill set and a team year on that may be. To leave early and get paid to play and NFL's iron as I look at. As a bad thing if the players leave early as long as you're able ought to replace them and and having guys that NF LQ ability in and play at that level. Well that's what they went out inside and -- are hopefully it will -- -- Leonard Burnett and February because if today happened a little mr. B you know. You will be able to put the letter format had better move well I don't know if he's got a lot of 14100 yards and expressed that he's -- -- You know out of seeing Leonard Florida play a couple of times I think he can go out there across 4000 yards and expertise and yet -- If you get on the football forty times -- game I think keep that goes so you know that's what it felt. Try to do up. You know continued. Two to supplement talent lost but it it would be -- after C and so many juniors leave it in. Especially last year you know some guys that probably should got a lot you know the courts -- of the world. You know you can throw Sam Montgomery out there we can put -- Simon and very and other there were some guys there. You know maybe should not have -- right I remember one you know I've started covering Ellis feel it was it. The only left the last -- were first round or right you're. I you know I remember -- who left early but. The right on the water -- on Dave it was going to be the starting quarterback next year so you know probably guys that are it'll be drafted. -- the Bradley -- the world that are drafted. You know it would be nice that they have retained some of these guys that you know especially Alex right turner who. He goes back at least -- that will be drafted in the first few rounds. A day. Jeff when -- -- -- Jeff how can folks followed you on Twitter. At -- -- Jeff thank you so much for the time we appreciate. I guess back to right to ask Bob Davie first participation. Slaves in report. For the week of the AFC divisional game is now the Saints at the -- to run -- stay with the -- was a full price will participation. So was Keaton -- Lewis that's good news there. -- you audience FB's stance before participates -- percent of the players normal reps Ian he'd mean did not practice. Of course those are the numbers that you have an LP is limited participation now. Keenan Lewis was voted -- Jahri Evans that a team picks both missed it with ankle Andrews or in limited participation. And have Vietnam as it is that he would -- he did not practice overall with Seattle Seahawks. KJ Wright did not practice even with a foot injury this that if -- yes same with cam chancellor of the safety with David with the hip injury. But it was interesting wind -- -- Luke Wilson he practiced with an ankle injury. Full participation. And Percy hopman. With a hit entry but full participation so full. By the that is could be owner wrote to playing it. Yeah the end if you have practice in the and you think you'd be available. But peca I'm talking about -- and advancing it it's all about matchups. Well you'd think Jimmy Graham. -- who actually cover him. And what's a mismatch. KJ Wright can hang with Jimmy Graham. And there's not too many people you can count on one hand or -- to a couple of fingers. You know had success against. Jimmy Grammy KJ Wright is one of them if you look at it -- also. As far as the move the Saints have made. -- outside linebacker. Parys Haralson. Was placed on injured reserve -- -- pictorial muscle -- a linebacker that we got from the 49ers. Now if you ever. Boy they kind of snake bit against back to back see it does he miss the entire 2012 season -- -- torn triceps. With the 49 and now we got a torn pictorial. An eight year veteran if you look. Played in every game this year for the saint. He had eight starts he finished with three and a half sacks. So he was part of that sack total. Will we had a I believe party nine sacks and a pass at the end at 31 tackles in the regular season so. Now big I'm not think it's X-Factor. But if he's active or inactive I don't know. But he seems like he's probably not a rookie considering he's been practicing and and that of -- how they could develop him. In a six foot 5272. Pounds. Rupp was Johnson. You know they're promoted from the practice squad and active roster. He was a sixth round draft pick out of -- state. So what the previous active. And I'm not -- years but balloting in a pass rush this situation. That rule was Johnson would be in the game. Who beat third along okay go get after Russell Wilson. Now I don't know a few reactive which just to go in the practice squad and active roster. They must like what they're seeing. Not heroes the fan not -- safe fan favorite but it player it Saints and the familiar with. Is that Duke eight youth. You know he was -- And you know as of late he hasn't been he's been inactive the previous two games and you know we sign better give it to back -- few. Well spent next who's jarred beauties of four year better and he was a 2000 sent ten sixth round draft pick. By Carolina out of Texas seen them. He has been two seasons with the Panthers. And now most recently at the Redskins and he was released in October. If you look at his background he's played 44 games he's had three starts so you actually played in a real NFL game 41 career tackles he's had a sack. -- later receptions and six past the pin and he's also. Force the ball also that that that's a -- when you look at the waiver wire in what players are available. This thing tonight is. Bring in a one board at this time because they like -- this a lot of potential. In Jordan -- and and I must say a lot. -- because the Redskins defense is terrible. You -- -- -- word -- words the bases and then he's able he got waved. But im an October oh we don't know what came of bobbled that. But but some reason they think that's an upgrade bring in -- jarred fuel on board and -- might be silly just to help with special teams. You know a -- Tuesday he'd driven it in that area. Raphael bush is more guy you Cotter but defense. And -- is more like a special teams guy. What they might consider that in a great I'm just speculating here jarred fuel what have you cadences fours. He has active help put us out of special teams. It off of it coming up tomorrow a special addition of the course like Crown Royal saint players show it we will be coming to you live from. -- some veterans boulevard in the -- and on -- on special -- -- Saints hall of Famer and member of the famous dome patrol -- -- think we'll be with us. Made our will on the program to be sure it took us out and also -- yet this year to a on Saints radio WW all at the -- here. On the same treatment off if we will be back and paralysis and we will be ousted in the city come up that -- And it's -- on and off count an avenue on Friday afternoon thanks so much of -- but folks around to see a count on -- -- was born 500 in my store manager of course that cost of the round that I -- beautiful still it is always -- -- -- -- we did a couple of. Show him on yeah yeah ankle and bring the bill had a -- this be nice door -- very convenient. You look at this uptown area -- a lot a lot of old friends because in high school friends. Who've come up I've seen. Just. Young friends old friends. It's just a wide variety. That people that have been associated with going back there. The eighties. And an additional and have a hard senior and allow live here now and -- you're out here so coming out and -- so. Like this is a great setting in and and Ralph does -- right they do you know because I like that concept whoever came up. What their marketing goes to in my arouses. -- -- by local -- -- that's that's one to you happened when you look at it -- so you I was the bag and growth is the thing. You learn yeah for free. Man you know majority -- -- -- -- called -- to have them on oh you do get it hit yes and that's it got out of it for you gotta tip money. No I got to look at the bright moment these guys that Doug about it as you look at that a picture it is right you -- even in this fitness dvd look at it. At the bag -- Well -- put to king got beat but he can't out -- a paper got about classical green but you know when it comes to point out if plastic I'm like I'm like April my. Yeah pretty heavy items you don't stick your bags too hard to get the note people over the regular put it can't have much a loaf of bread does not say exactly but you beat the -- but he got rabbit people read where are just -- -- -- and look at what you do though isn't what you pack it. You got to put all Nicole items that makes it yet and you got to put everything that he don't put -- like if you got like say a bottle of ammonia. You put him look to now vague answer that it inside the bag you put it would publicly -- -- it -- all -- You're not in Iraq and salad dressing I'll answer yeah yeah it's a lot of -- -- act came up bank in growth and got a lot of name latter rounds out of -- no but you look at because that you arouses little optimistically about a man they let the new -- his overall -- right there. About it don't downtown and we bet that outlawed we give that a New Orleans Bowl we did a great show there on occasion and then but it stands and on lap down have a good day who -- they have their. Two wins you -- yet at the -- how the big pep rally. Would you need done yet a lot of people you know it's it's amazing -- society. A -- that cycles all of a sudden you live in this city. That you wanna move to the suburbs. We're now say is like in this 21 century. Early Torre for -- you got people now what we're back to the city guy where you know like inning getting away in the suburbs against the it would be about action. And you look -- hot you know the warehouse district CVB. In all of the Condo developments. But they need a grocery store down fuel in that area and boy and -- the event it and it's that that's a great atmosphere that we've been there are no. The QB to the Super Bowl the Super Bowl football games that are just right there at -- -- Florida all time -- has been waiting -- -- thank you for calling WW rip. Big guys and Sosa. Are right with so three. It's rained here let it all right and it made it wearing and where are you Florida. Yeah it Florida victory is so much I think pretend that -- coach opened an. I've got two and a well again I think I think it's QB rating Cubs that'd have to do it they can hadn't and every maybe a 100% rain. So I truly hope that I know we can run the ball gets Seattle think it's gonna take it. Yeah with being one thing to write yet but would with and Pierre Thomas and Tyrod it and. Well even marking them and that's that you gotta give mark gave him credit now body is because because what every department lately. He's come up big time and I did just one or two games. And they knew I was playing a lot of cover that -- we've. All by committee I think right now you look at this this -- and they effort -- Robinson along the Mark Ingram. Obviously didn't we all all the comments we haven't Pierre and that you throwing Darren Sproles. I think we're competent if there's a holdup with the line. Get the job done I think -- coveted all running backs. Yes you know has created these are -- forehead with a the right. But you are mark areas while we all are what you need to be down would it mean everybody's easy and I heard Rory dive reducing. No -- our crowd that -- need to produce. Let's look at people do I do -- uniform. Portrait burst. That that thing is Reggie Bush had wave more impact -- marketing of the -- -- Know what Reggie Bush. It is I tell you what -- and I think he's a hall of Famer but Reggie Bush is a great NFL player he helped -- win a Super Bowl. Just look what he did he feels our lives outlook would be -- would adult and now the Detroit Lions. But but he is still one on the level of Darren Sproles in the saint uniform. We'll come back and we'll wrap it up this is sports talk and Rouse is part of that marriage between being good and great. Yeah you know you I love -- -- -- great and grave error via greater yet. All right let's squeeze in -- bad route on -- three Paul thank you for calling debuted at -- Yeah thank you out RBI understand the advantage of haven't won. Win. On the road and beat Philadelphia got -- we won their division. We would be hosting a -- -- it out yet. And we've been much better off hosting some body parts of but I doubt they go about it afraid of Seattle won't cook it could've lost this week to. Right well who they would play you -- San Francisco that would've played out. Apparel line and so I mean yeah the -- when. Great for -- call I agree I agree with your whole holly on the nets that the percentages say it around at the open let me -- ideas. Went -- I would much rather be in this situation right now I'm saying 'cause if the Saints went home this week. I think we all agreed to go to win a critical analytical go to NFC championship game let's say it's at Seattle. You still go on all on the road a first time and he had warning thing. You're going to if you -- on in the Seattle this week. And we took off and we've and we without a fight that anymore you followed up saying out so that what you say is is completely correct because the percentages say yes absolutely went 80 at home they've buzzword -- we crushed gives -- -- -- -- -- AFC championship. But our much -- already have a road game on rob -- like we do Paul thank you so much -- -- call thanks so much so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Mike the manager all excited about it -- of -- back in the studio and the lovely. Casey went right on Deke Bellavia he has the cajun cannon Bobby a bad one million -- on -- people.