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Jan 9, 2014|

Dave talks about Saints vs. Seahawks, Seattle weather, and balmy New Orleans

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this ninth of January 24 team hey it's that TA before Friday happy Friday. Hacking into the plane and take off for Seattle access -- -- get there this afternoon spent Thursday night and Friday night there before play in the game Saturday afternoon in the rain and cold in. Cystic northwest's. Those are hanging on the major chance of rain my guests. Unlikely. Of the games. Coach saying though it really matters is the winds man. It's dialect and -- that the winds could be anywhere from fifteen to thirty miles an hour. During the game are Donald that'll send the past some of the other way you're suffering -- and -- the way to your back. -- you're happy. Now the game like that when you're going into the went to do it customized makes throw on the ball in kick in the ball into the wind a little more difficult to will keep -- -- -- that forecast for Seattle Korea. As we get closer to game time to see if -- any changes here. 41 at the airport that's all I'll -- -- what we -- -- it is freezing north of the late yeah degrees. In Slidell right now 31 and blows. It -- 36. There you go on. Most people not freezing no no no I know horrible shivering and yeah maybe you can take off a lawyer or two out. I'm I don't hear a complaint Mandela sent cold weather with out around I'll I did see one of my friends on FaceBook. Who said on Monday or Tuesday. Said yeah this is what winter should feel like I wish this cold with stick around. Immediately lambasted by one commentary after another -- does. Discreet as. It suits would refuse to -- not well. Yeah a winner should feel that way if you live in. The mountains of Tennessee you're out of it this Chicago or New York actually this morning is. What where there should feel like where the afternoon higher round sixty arguably that that's not a bad weather now fifth in the at all. I'll take seventy for the weekend at all yet that's even better. We we down here because we don't like people. We'll deal with the brutal heat in the occasional hurricane -- he winter here that polar stuff away yet it polar vortex. And have your polar vortex -- they would intuitive -- board backed. Thank you David -- about fifty and its efforts to beat them you. Well AM -- man that -- to go closer look at the saints' injury report with Steve Geller coming up next. Often Pierre Thomas still out with the rain and wind in the forecast beating Mark Ingram can carry the load for the saint Justine now the man has he proven he's out what it takes. Mark -- he key -- all the way to the Super Bowl if Pierre Thomas can't go. Twelve minutes. 516 it. This morning I'm Dave -- the early edition of WWL first news of a Texas -- 87870s -- do you think that since Seattle hasn't played in two weeks they may not be as sharp as they could be. I don't think they got rusty having won by week and historically that bye week is proven to be a good thing for teams. While that sounds like good -- that wishful thinking. Not sure it's gonna make a difference when you definitely feel the difference in the whether or not nearly as cold this morning. For -- Thursday partly cloudy and cool conditions today -- -- later around sixty degrees then tonight. Partly cloudy skies and lows in the forties on the North Shore and fifties south the lake. Then tomorrow we see those clouds increase along with an increasing chance for showers 40% for the afternoon and evening. With highs in the upper sixties and Saturday a cold front arrives early in the morning bringing their round of showers and storms after that -- in the seventies. From the eyewitness -- forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark walked out. Clear skies and east winds at seven miles an hour it's 41 degrees at the international airport in -- feels like the -- with the -- clear and thirty the National Weather Service office in flight now that north wind at three. Feels like upper twenties and Dave -- at the early edition of WWL first news some attacks -- 78 -- and although we have the perfect cold weather. Food gumbo and still had its warming up yet gumbo will warm your heart and warm your body and make you feel it when it's cold outside bit. -- is just as good when it's warm -- It's I don't even cold weather things. -- -- -- Present another present text that the only thing and they could have made this cold snaps better in that heavy doses now. Gas. Sports time on seven hits -- -- well have they ever had that level. And figure out their car at the snow bank and I don't think so yeah daddy on the unable -- are people who never had to do that. I mean I enjoy snow skiing every now and then that's nice. But having to deal with that day in day out in the cold in the frigid temperatures for months on -- now thank you can take -- Arctic cortex and shove it right up. North and keep it yeah I just wish we could get snow on Christmas in and that's it. It's just one day here delegates go on -- and then boom -- within right the saints game and bring us a late Christmas gift that I had up to Seattle Steve -- isn't with morning sports. Good morning everyone and saints running back Pierre Thomas missed practice with a chest injury so we could see Mark Ingram get the bulk of the carries again for the black and gold. As the team gets ready to face the Seahawks in their NFC divisional playoff game. Ingram says that he's anxious to earn some redemption for the beating that they took in Seattle back in week thirteen. It's not so often get second chances and you know we're all excited about it after the game we all of us was hoping that we you know have a -- of America there see them again. So we are we asked for so we have to prepare hard and right now play our best game casinos a great team. Well the pelicans came out flat against the wizards and lost 102 to 96 in the New Orleans Arena. Coach Monty Williams says blame the team's third straight loss and a lack of effort not because they were on their second game of the back to back. And -- not an excuse. Thirty plus games that are maybe fifty to sixty. But not right now. LSU offensive line coach -- stroke rally is no longer part of the tigers' coaching staff the team would only say that he left the program to pursue other opportunities. Johnny football fever is over in College Station after just two seasons. Texas a and -- Johnny -- Zell has the clear for the NFL draft some analysts have millions they'll ranked as high as third. Among quarterbacks expected to be available. Bobby Petrino has accepted an offer to become -- bills next head football coach. The 52 year old returned to the school he led to a 41 and nine record from 2003 to 2006 as the first time head coach. He has -- 83 in thirty career record as a college head coach including eight in four more last season with western Kentucky. And baseball's hall of fame will be conducting three players this summer as Greg Maddux Tom Glavine and Frank Thomas have been elected by the baseball writers. -- on sports talk live from -- on bets in -- it's the -- players show with former linebacker pat swilling -- Steve Geller and that your early morning look -- -- when he minutes after 5 AM the early edition of WWL first news Steve Geller and Dave Carlin that's hanging out with -- on your radio we get the saints' first injury report yesterday. Wednesday as the -- they've issued that first report and Pierre Thomas still not able to practice. Is Mark Ingram able to carry the load for this team at this point has him being kind of anointed. As the guy who with Thomas out kind of helped his confidence and he ran pretty darn well last week in the win over. Eagles yen it -- with being room that he really does need those. You know more touches to get more active in the game he gets he gets going he stays more focused the only thing that I do see suffering without Pierre Thomas is definitely. Is obviously the screen game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So wrong. Now having here at this point. How much do you think that hurts -- wearing -- Seattle where wind and rain will be a big deal can Ingram gated -- can he beat the man. I think Ingram can be the -- the saints expected when they got him in the first round he deathly runs Harden the biggest thing about him as well. He doesn't fumble the football knock knock on wood. He he has great ball security and that's gonna be key in this matchup. And while the good news also on the injury report is that Mike Keenan Lewis despite his head and neck injury -- the saints have described it's still not calling it a concussion. Ken Lewis was able to participate full. In practice yesterday with -- Armstead who apparently hurt his knee at some point on limited players guard Jahri Evans and defensive end -- -- mechanics. -- placebo those guys share yeah I think it's a positive sign at least they were limited in the practice the only one I would worry about obviously is Pierre. Didn't go last week it also not seeing action in. The practice of all yes and we'll see what happens in today's when today's practice report comes out but. I still feel the scenes ground game can get it done without him it won't be as easy obviously but. The biggest factor will be -- the screen game could suffer the most. Branch. Coming up then about twenty famously to back -- there was and Switzerland that you more about the weather Seattle how much rain and win these things well in this game. Operatives go to the NFC championship that's what's on the line vote Saturday afternoon the winner gets to play Stanford this North Carolina. For a trip to the suitable thank you Steve Fossett went that's what sports night Dave what if the early edition of WWL first news of this. Slightly warmer day before Friday happy. Friday you knew your forecast. For the weekend and it. Five point five on the stage before I today thank you for starting it here on WWL I am not an attack. Mine gave -- the early editions of attacks mediate 78 Tonys as Ingram didn't win the Heisman by a lot that was a few years ago. Goes on to say he's got talent. Coach will lead us to a win let's get on board with running the mark let us believe EPA in that. -- playing around over the city running a -- -- 720. Square foot banner that says believe. Hopefully can -- that for a couple more weeks over the city now what's going to be fine and in the weather warmer conditions that's this year. For your Thursday partly cloudy skies highs around sixty today that continuing to see that warm up then tonight. Lows dropping to 49 on the North Shore and 53 felt that the late. Then Friday's rain chances -- 40% with highs around 68. And into Saturday we're looking at some rain chances early in the morning then clearing sky Temps in the low seventies. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm route just Clark center. Is freezing north of the late this morning so if you're above Lake Pontchartrain do you expect you could have some frost as we clears guys and barely win north at three miles and now it's thirty degrees and slide -- right now 31 it Okaloosa but. A balmy 36 and hammonds. That's 41 and the international airport in -- 44 uptown and -- part. And at the Lakefront airport clear and 42 degrees. And -- -- on it there and the addition of WW well for us to deal like -- called it -- difficult is that to see it go. I'll be glad when those seventies yet here although they become with the rain Friday and Saturday it. We're down south -- -- 60s70s. At them too much better than 21527. I -- Thursday. The day before Friday we've almost made it. 40%. 40% point 406080%. Of the way through our work. It's 530. I'm Dave and think part of the early edition -- WL first news coming up we'll get the latest from CBS news' David placated WWL first major traffic and weather together and sports with Steve Geller is we take a look at. How much the weather will play a factor. -- Saturday afternoon news divisional round playoff games saints -- to Seattle. But do you think it matters. Do you think it hurts to -- between Indian -- Terms of being able to throw the ball which is obviously things of that -- in the field. We're gonna open up the dumb criminals violent get too dumb criminals that wanted to tell you about. One thing I've never understood about people when they're committing criminal acts. Why they'd break traffic over and over again -- hear the cops catch them because they broke the traffic off. We couldn't get to for the actual crime initially. Or they couldn't catch him based on the clues they had the bomb over for speeding and definitely get them thoughtfully. 37 minutes after 5 AM -- the early edition of WWL first news it's January it's the ninth it's 2014 -- it's -- day before Friday yes I date EU. Ban act can use a weekend I -- it was a big playoff game yeah. What you got now. Or -- yet with this meteorologist -- about talent coming -- more specifics on the -- looks like it's going to be windy Catholic could be raining on and off bad really concerns me in fact it makes me. -- -- Or what I'd had in my brain. You know to get started on the week not ready to make a prediction yet because I'm still. Pondering several things I don't like this whether that's what are we gonna do. Does run. And don't throw in the -- economists still not practicing that clear and hold another -- -- so it's looking more and more like marketing and gonna have to shoulder the heavy load of course there and -- plays a role on that and and there are other you know ways that if we got a running backs but now have pretty much its its its Mark Ingram who's going to be the man. And the question is can he do it can't he do it and he carried the load can he be the man. Did -- well open in Philadelphia did very well and then Robinson sneaking in for a couple of nice -- and so you know it's that combination I think could work when. Now there's just a lot of factors well look at your prediction at this time tomorrow we. Right now percent to seven and half point underdogs that like to use the program between -- -- -- -- seven at the various casinos. Wrong with people howl. Guy in London Ohio. Was riding around with 55050. Bombs. And four guns in his vehicle. Here's the good news. He was dumb enough to go speeding down I seventy west of Columbus alive. -- the bombs with a car full bomb on to the cops pull him over for speeding. And fine. The explosives. Along with tools and materials to make additional bombs. And they said they asked him when he was still allow that stuff and he didn't have any money. Still trying to figure out not talking much he planned to do by. You know it's just to me it's a great thing that criminals are stupid enough that when you've got nearly fifty bombs in the backseat. Yet -- And make it easy for the caps to catch -- exactly not not sneaking around driving -- slow being careful this -- yes yes you know it seems to me that if I had fifty bombs to hide in my car. That I would be following every traffic law. Carefully department calling any attention to myself and suspicion that. Hey what do -- they cut Timothy McVeigh now for speeding yesterday at Oklahoma City bombing yesterday over and over again they catch fugitives for. Breaking traffic law. When -- wanted by the law it waits to me is its color and -- and no wonder cops are nervous these days because. You don't know what you're gonna find. You know you -- speeder and suddenly -- fifty bombs in the crowd hey -- -- that yet I -- -- about tournaments more first is Chris Miller join the party. From the world at City Hall worries talking about the residency requirement should police officers firefighters and other first responders. Be required to live in the city of New Orleans it's back on the agenda. The -- on City Council today. -- god competitively. It's pretty hot out there as we go live in direct Eyewitness News forecast and it's dated march. And I think it'll probably do for the rest of the -- compare it to this. -- airport -- yet he had this week everything will pale compared. I am telling mother nature which you can do with the polar board for guys that I've had enough of that selling out. And belong here though but that will be in that in the buzzword at 2014 yes. If I get tired of hearing the term polar vortex riot yes and now I -- in Africa you pay for a couple of days it was fine and that's what it was it was usual -- the recurrence was really the best way to describe it. But now the vortex has gone up north where it belongs and we are holing out for sure. We are yet you know this morning there's only one spot below freezing at one apartment. Official locations below freezing at thirty down around -- it's also about thirty but -- Elin thirty and recipe areas. In the mid to upper thirties and even lower forties south and the like. And we got into the fifties yesterday. Beat that today on sixty today all right I'll -- and yet 68 tomorrow or near seventy and 73 on Saturday the ego but warmer conditions chemical rain. -- and we do see some rain that I think some spotty showers kind of Friday afternoon and eat -- a washout but there will be some rain that Friday night Saturday morning. As the front pushes on three net neutral kind of a line of showers and storms will ride and really behind that we're not looking at any. Sharply colder Ayers since Saturday we Macy's and seventies or earlier -- sixties to eat it later. So it's just become a cool day but it does Smith out of here early Saturday morning set for saints. You know parties watch parties you know around the area the rain will be gone by then. All right so most of Saturday rain for me yeah it looks like yet yeah the rain comes early inning gets on out of here on. Seattle that maybe not so much does that -- never fully move out of the -- -- about it but yes we are looking at some showers low pressure area coming -- off the Pacific will mean some -- some chilly Temps and winds -- around for Saturday after aides are right -- -- attempts in the mid forties. At about an 80% chance of rain kickoff time. -- that the northwest 25 to thirty miles an hour in. That's pretty -- map -- Arctic football. That rain is likely and winds are all but good -- -- Seattle and that's gonna last enroute to -- yet it -- it does make diminished a little bit down about forty or 50% by the end of the games that maybe there's some hope for the third and fourth quarters but here's here's what I'm thinking. Their fans are very. Spirits. And so maybe then you know kind nasty rainy cold weather. And I think it's gonna keep them away -- celebrity. Yet right but maybe it will kind of put a lid on the -- -- disease. In you know I'm saying yeah like if you're miserable and wet and hole playoff game. -- -- -- and that annual you know be -- out that maybe they won't be as apt and it would be yeah it's you know just. Pat it dry and and cool you know and. I'll tell -- this the saints are getting ready for them to be completely -- I live about two miles from saint. And yesterday afternoon I -- here. Cool any crowd noise. Saints are playing through those big speakers on the practice field orbit so the saints haven't allowed they're getting ready either way this has got to bring their a game you know that. And we did the best way to quiet the crowd as for the saints this keeps score. At that and I beauty and the -- we ran the ball so well last week. He and that's what she defense but yet well -- say that's that's kind of what you do when it's wet weather right yen and a Hartley. Especially when -- -- at -- it's Wendy's so we keep that Palin. Yeah feeling that. Or about health -- get we'll get her predicts home. The saints and the Seahawks tomorrow -- we -- we've predicted the weather shall predict the outcome of the game -- a little more difficult to do it whether. Are right and got another dumb criminal stories oh yeah. If you're going is advice for criminals if you're going to try to shoot your way into a home and then sleep. Don't leave -- issue behind. Oh yeah federal agents have apprehended fugitive. Took them two years but they finally caught the -- they say left issue behind when he tried to storm a Colorado home. He had two other suspects allegedly shot. At the front door of the home as they tried to break their way in but when the homeowner. Started apparently moving around or whatever happened to -- them they ran off. And they say that one of the bank has left issue at the scene could really help -- the -- to find him. Well they saying it's going to be an important part of the prosecution but aren't really releasing many. I like there's left over DNA in the snooze. Or you know I don't think I mean you know she write your name on the bottom of your -- it's not automatic hopefully they'll hand the other one match. I don't know about two years later that's I think I have like that kind of crazy you know I'll be sad to hear how they they. Lincoln to the missing she. Either way. I'd love dumb criminals yet you know here here's some advice that the cardinals needed negativity from me I issues before you go to break -- -- Go to run away you don't leave behind -- you about yet don't play do leg issues and the worst Cinderella story ever effect you at a if that's a -- yeah. It's right that the then bad bad and get the Princeton and the fairy tale like spending federal prison as Laura have a great but I'll live and direct Eyewitness News forecasts. Of -- Not that much at 546 sports Steve Geller. -- -- about how this windy weather that largest -- is expected with the enough rain. For the game in Seattle on senator Sam McKee thanks that'll the signs in the. Somebody is Abe tells us all the time and -- tell -- what have you done for me lately lead and apparently The Who dat nation feels that waits a year remember all the Mark Ingram heaters. Who were out earlier this season all the people who said we traded the wrong running back when Chris Ivory was allowed to ago we -- area and you know. Now analysts and marketing arm as he couldn't get it done but now I'm getting text messages like crazy at 87870. The people are in support of Mark Ingram talking about EA won the Heisman he's a good running back and he will be the man in Seattle and so it's you know he has a few good games and now everyone -- -- -- Mark Ingram. Clearly what have you done for me lately and look at the -- grim situation in the kick the saint scat. You know there were a lot of fans who were ups that are concerned after the saints decided to change kickers. And get rid of the guy -- -- -- into the Super Bowl a few years ago but Nash and -- is zero. It up for me lately that it's -- -- is gonna do a sportscaster for us lately and then we're gonna talk about the weather Seattle -- -- tactic game. Come Saturday morning it's good morning and good morning everyone Mark Ingram could wind up being the -- work course in the backfield again this week. As -- after getting ready for the Seahawks as we found out that Pierre Thomas missed practice with a chest injury. Ingram racked up 97 yards and a touchdown last week against Philadelphia. And knows that Seattle is a whole different animal. Well coast if they did together their front seven of those and they're communicating well they are just runs the bar they're great athletes some men can and secondary that -- cover so just from talking about their great defense and you have to -- game compared to go out there and a half sister doesn't. Former vikings coach Mike Tice has been named offensive -- coach with the falcons. He was out of coaching this past season after serving as offensive coordinator with debaters in 2012. All the Republicans dropped their third straight game losing one or two to 96 to the wizards Monty Williams expressed some frustration with the home crowd. Who apparently felt that they could help the -- had head coach do his job. -- your crowd behind us. Ago screaming at Rio de Novo what I should be doing -- so. LSU offensive line coach Richard dollars leaving the university to pursue other opportunities. Tiger's head coach less miles says. He'll be looking to fill that job he immediately. Texas a and M quarterback Johnny -- -- has the clear for the NFL draft. Means they'll captured between twelve Heisman as a freshman. After setting numerous school and SEC records this season he led that at Southeastern Conference with 4100. Fourteen yards and 37 touchdowns and -- the team in rushing. With 759. Yards and nine -- scores. And Greg Maddux Tom Glavine Frank Thomas have been elected by baseball right writers to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Once again players tainted by the steroid -- failed failed to make the cut. That group included Barry Bonds Roger Clemens Raphael Palmeiro Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire. Today have four on sports talk live from -- on bets in Metairie the saints players show with former linebacker pat swilling. I'd Steve Geller that your early morning look at. -- size 52 gave currency dealer with you on your radio yet the saints we -- have occurred since Claire because it'll be easier they're leaving for Seattle that day. To go get acclimated to the long trip to the time change to the different weather over there. And the weather going to be a factor Saturday in this divisional round playoff game no doubt about it -- -- tell telling us just a few minutes ago. There's still an 80% chance of rain in the forecast rain it's very likely on and off throughout the game. In Seattle and wins. Will be above 152025. Maybe even thirty miles an hour during the game. How big a factor will that be and does that hurt the saints more than it hurts to -- Well we've heard Sean Payton even say time and time again that wind is definitely the biggest factor. Especially for this team because they passed the ball so much and it will hurt the -- more than the Seahawks just because. Them the Seattle team is more of a ground based attack. Russell Wilson can scramble. Obviously a lot better than drew although -- the -- has been putting up some pretty impressive rushing numbers of late but I I think that we look at it the wet conditions. And the wind both teams have to play in it so I'm not considering that. A big swing factory who's gonna win this. Confidence what they did that turn on the sprinklers yesterday and outdoor field at -- -- they did practice that there are I heard the crowd noise again it was loud. But I understand they -- the balls of water and they were playing with wet -- During practice trying to get ready for the conditions got to get that ball security down pat that is the biggest key in every game and Sean -- was to make sure. His players have that condition. Into their system that they know how to deal with it. Saints don't turn the ball over the get a much better chance -- -- the saints are undefeated. Under -- patent when they don't turn the ball over. Like that. Whole line to make good decisions with that make good decisions right. Think if the we'll make the decision to bring you back to fifteen minutes more sports WW -- that's what we'll take your forecast coming up after this I've been describing today's weather. As we into the sixties. As balding someone's question my use of that word. Love text messages -- they -- that I'll share with you open up next. 556 let's get to forecast. A mix of sun and clouds today we're continuing that warming trend up to sixty today feeling cool this afternoon and cool tonight. Data 49 north of the lake and 53 on the south short then Friday look for mostly cloudy skies and by the afternoon and evening rain showers beginning to move then a 40% chance. Highs on Friday of 68 and then Saturday morning some showers and storms moving through with our cold front after back clearing skies and Temps in the seventies. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark -- Tell 41 at the airport -- now Hammond. Reporting and it 36 degrees yeah I think today will be bombing someone taxes make 787. Merriam Webster's says that means more -- wasn't haven't caught the ball soothing. Think compared to what we've been having teams that want sixtieth and partners 78%. Of that. Not -- and for the next for the front -- gas will be talking about change in a playoff format in the NFL. The commissioner says he would be for expanding the playoffs. Including another team from each conference would not for changing the seeding procedure to me. I'd rather see the seeding procedure changed way just as your division champion you know necessarily get those it goes based on record -- that would still mean anything if you won your division. I -- here I think it's more incentive to -- everything on throughout the year act that way as he would if they're gonna get rid of the division. Title meaning something that you should -- -- it isn't quite that. Interesting point we'll talk about -- some other things.