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1-9 6:15am Tommy, NFL playoffs

Jan 9, 2014|

Tommy talks to Jason Cole, an NFL reporter for Yahoo! Sports, about proposals to change the NFL playoffs

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tommy Tucker how -- you down the saints playoff game on Saturday of course who have. All of the action for you here on WWL -- radio we're talking about the the playoff procedure Roger Goodell -- might be open to an additional team and indeed -- additional. Game I guess it went on and that regretted this map better against guests will help us sort all this out and he said receding there's not a a lot of momentum for that right now but it. If not you wind up with the saints with a better record -- -- to a team perhaps some in the division like we did that year with. March on wins in Iran and Novo lock. Com and plan on a road Jason Cole joins us right now he's NFL reporter for Yahoo! Sports we adjacent. A great career as we're gonna. And it's -- -- -- -- action of thrown at it two -- yet we're not really asking ER which is as Kenya you don't anchor at a crux. Get a text saying that since it's you know playoff weekend that maybe we should in world team in this that we should. So are referring each other by last names or nicknames. To make it does seem more like that semantic value coldly. Sure I only is not good to see it could talk -- a tell me about this playoff thing in and see if they -- and another teen from each conference how exactly would that play out with. TVETC. Well there's multiple ideas. One of the world foxes that have a game. On Friday -- a war game on Monday. To compute business they're trying to get another you know another way to generate revenue. -- an extra game and world and there are few X amount of dollars. And they construct in the -- networks and -- take control the other party or another. You know another night of television. I Clement then I was thinking about equity because if you had a team. Play on Monday night it might. Be a disadvantage in the shorter week. Well not a cure ensure that they somehow play on the follow -- Monday. Really you've got some -- which you view of -- truck about. -- can make sure that they don't have -- huge disadvantage you don't want one of five one of the -- of the status but rupture okay. Does the formula or maybe even -- All the problems locating them separate issue by. I have a problem with the idea of attitude that probably uses great -- out with a record. I you know I kind of the Seattle went division and -- record a couple of years ago and that sort of the normal way. You don't have that happen that often but it will bullet with that. I don't think there for a while our. Digital -- I don't feel good that literally. A little while ago because -- have chooses to another eight Beijing. That would have been among Pittsburg jets and Miami. Baltimore almost eventually -- -- -- -- think they've observers now do you promote the industry's side. Obviously though which Edwards -- won ten games and that local network and service. But to me I don't I have a time when your particular real mediocre teams that -- into the world and -- -- I'd like to keep. All the -- sanctity accused of divorces. Along those lines when it comes to mediocre teams and seating the easing it's fair for a on the way it's set up I mean it is what it is but for a team with an eleven win. Season to have the travel play a team with an eight win season. I believe in protecting the business. That because I think winning your division becomes a primary goal and I think -- of the overseas they wanted to visit to -- -- Because otherwise -- disturbed Egypt that the FDA concept. Which is that the -- music and India to disperse some apparently doses -- players about the -- -- -- -- one personally turn. You followed that format. I think the NFL. And old but old school one dimensional but this -- interpreter for the rivalries. Within the -- equally important. And it's not just one big conference. You know again we were talking about it from the fan's standpoint. All of you can either look at it is rivalries with in the division with you know you get to see those three rival games every year war. As -- ticket holder you're not in favor of that. Then you're seeing the same three teams every year's party package and almost half of your regular. Season games that you get to see him for buying you tickets -- really think the fans would. How would the fans feel about that. It the third -- in question and I think the fans ultimately. Just war via trial. I don't printer should terribly worried about what -- -- setup. It does that Providence for an -- period. Believe that there. Rival regional rival rivalry. Obviously Atlanta in the war but about the real rivalry. In effect that would tip of probably. Then sent -- would Carolina no problem with but only for the games in the real simple probably have. India from the old one of Chicago today in Detroit and Minnesota those four teams have been so long established effective as a they have some rivalry and that would protect that much of the parts whichever the affair -- and that it is unfortunate that. There may have CD's that I look forward to a fair amount there. And utility if things happen in the scenes move on Carolina played in the NFC championship rubber game of the match it would make it. Maybe even another rivalry with Carolina speaking her. Before we let you go -- you think wins this -- and Seahawks saints. Well I think he's not broke when when the day. An elephant who was popular with for -- at the moment but. Well certainly we want the truth though there. You know once and I'd have a new look you look back the game to replace. During or whatever you say okay how how old substantially here probably would've done it won't change our results. It's like but -- been able to turn around now that -- great game on the road this while Tom. Eric do you think they have -- -- approach to content Russell Wilson especially if you run for -- -- and felt for him from his inflated inside. That's what we're really effective against them but I think. Try to get it and doing offensively against these are tough. Thank you Jason Jason Cole we Colin -- -- NFL reporter for Yahoo! dot sports thanks for coming on -- we -- to prepare.

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