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1-9 7:15am Tommy, guns and alcohol?

Jan 9, 2014|

Tommy talks to State Rep. Henry Burns about a bill he prefiled that would allow police officers to carry guns into restaurants that serve alcohol

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What -- talk to a representative here whose pre filed a bill that would allow police officers both on and off duty. To carry weapons in restaurants with alcohol. And as we begin the conversation that text comes and says -- cops drink. How many drinks equals too impaired to know when to draw weapons and with that we while commanding representative Henry burns -- there. Because it is important. Well you. -- Substantial bit better what the bill is. It was thought -- -- about or ulcers. And it's pretty rule says that they could not go into a restaurant. You -- serve back pocket chilies out musical on the mountain home. That technically they were. You know law and my -- -- officers in an award you wanna be without. You know your weapon in the categorically almost. A 100% accurate and he -- and he. But not. Department. And those that are you know protect and preserve as their main. Weapon in the student and -- And children airport at all appealed to clear up. -- But that sentiment in the community and voluntary -- which is basically -- it. It was really hurt. And so just picture you know there's no he's gonna -- -- the attorney general's opinion. Which actually agree that you saw -- him back with but he up. Strong as saying. As opposed obstacles into a restaurant you know losers -- he can do that it is pretty and so my call. Out of our policies and -- -- is still pie within each individual you know department. And so basically technicalities so that act. -- isn't in nineteen weapons having lunch with -- Sure whatever and you know support and rest operators at -- it sure that is not consuming and using weapons. We -- -- federal offices loses that. Supersede state lauded -- can they carry their weapons and. And it -- federal law on that is what here's here's the deal. We're not talking to different law enforcement people and people who would look. You know hold them accountable. And ever and he went and got arrested props prosecuted so you know basically. Trying to. You know. The languages -- stricter law. And being here. You know he brought second in the -- -- and the people who -- not indication. Get involved and who's gonna console. All the discussion. The -- or if you were not really. That your machine that you know -- it is America and what has Iraq and here believes about any topic that they want one of them and for many. Is the question -- into my constituents. That there was not a scientific poll -- general questions. Attribute outlook -- restaurant and police are -- -- are what he'd go better shape yet. If you go into the restaurant and there's -- -- -- -- -- colleague of yours lack of like that. You know he's in uniform as well I'll bet he'd go more -- couple more comfortable. And so you know that was kind of the chances that didn't count -- -- -- because. You know -- -- there's no need to have all of the books that actually. You know incriminate someone really. There to protect to serve and they're trained. If you talk to most usher. Prostrate. You can -- -- tell how the embassy opportunities are even though they're not an issue or they might have whatever. You know theoretically in their mind their own beauty twenty Porsche. -- this surprised me because. My daughter and I read and dinner one -- -- leg in the legacy -- -- the place on vets in Metairie and anti uniformed NO PD officers came in and guns strapped to their side -- was. They serve alcohol there and I did surprise me that when I heard about this -- it was actually illegal to do that. Well at all colleagues have been Laura on you know pocket and -- -- -- -- approximately you know love and respect and all executive director vault. -- really. -- -- aware of that that is all right and so you know usually trying to electronically and well the language so it. Are people who are trying to protect and serve we're not wrecking ball and the so -- -- -- runs -- Panama. -- injury but he ended with me. And it should straighten. You know there's just there's and it's really not. You know laden crazy. -- although. When you first hear only picnic where all. And and Milan and in your intro to it very true I mean you know you watch TV news that he. Officers and probably well promotion party here are. Polarity here what -- and -- had a drink in June and actually real problem now a candidate you know in the end there. Perplexed at what -- -- try to intercede and perform their duties are exactly do they get more trouble in the. Well I think the other side of it too easy on the at a restaurant easy for uniformed police offices and -- always get a weapon -- -- -- -- so I don't know that such a good idea to say thanks a lot on. Okay thanks -- -- -- on -- a good day.

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