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1-9 9:10am Tommy, is marijuana dangerous?

Jan 9, 2014|

Tommy talks to Kevin Sabet, the Director of the Drug Policy Institute and an Assistant Professor in the University of Florida College of Medicine

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We -- -- or against Kevin subnet. To talk about this -- about marijuana and tobacco and alcohol. 77 and of course is the director of the drug policy institute. As an assistant professor in the university of Florida College of Medicine division of addiction and I presume it's doctor Kevin yeah. Agassi work hard that Ph.D. and it enabled though he -- should be recognized for the rights OC NN poll. Released Monday -- and 55% of all Americans. Think that the use of marijuana should be legal. Man is 16% said that a quarter century ago but he big headline here. Is that 56%. I think the numbers and that. Alcohol and tobacco more dangerous. Than marijuana was science. Well you know it just depends on the dimension horrible talking about outside I actually really feel like discussions about what. Where -- what better than the other what can I use one incident the other as. In the real world we're talking about heavy users for example. Heavy users of alcohol abuse -- marijuana at the usually -- -- to do and so. You know heavy users of -- one that you have the users are also happy users of alcohol not as it. -- action -- now won them over alcohol but the rhetoric lately has been. Statement legalize marijuana the secret substitute that alcohol as sort sort of like today. Hey you know -- like it you know breast cancer that 10% mortality verses to get to 20% went out and it just like. You don't need -- in terms of being -- at the heavy user and so. You know we talk about things like violence certainly alcohol has more connected to violence in marijuana tobacco. We talk about cancer tobacco -- out one. When we talk about things like the reduction in IQ. It. -- the development of the analysts and brain and we talked about things like. Mental illnesses to different ethnic vote this. Marijuana and so again depending on the dimension of heart disease really talking about. -- more about the use and about the substance. Yeah looked more just the substance having different effect at all those different effect for different people and so to generalize and say -- more than the other but. I think that sort of we go back to prepare the discussion is that people so polluted -- lately and and certainly aptitude. Have had to have had -- good luck and they've been good here. Basically putting this out there that you know marijuana is safer than alcohol -- legalize marijuana. Or you know alcohol legal wise and marijuana is supposed to be cheaper again. Legalization of alcohol from the public perspective. Has not been successful I mean we know it. You know we have a industry's appetite to do we know that we have very high level we have. Even relatively small percentage of overall drinkers that actually get in trouble and alcohol. That small percentage accounts for hundreds of billions of dollars and social costs that are lost. And just don't see that away from the wanna repeat with the one. Whenever we had this discussion inevitably comes about. It and goes to appoint your make and -- thing about you know is one better than the other and they talk about the talk about driving while impaired. Sure and they say they're better drivers went. I think they have a bit of Merrill yeah laughing because it's a ludicrous argument -- -- -- they're better exactly what yours and is now better when they smoke marijuana as opposed. To drinking and remember joked that a comedian used totality gets pulled over by the bullies and and he was smoke in some marijuana in the offices -- as you were gone guesses on the offices seven. At 7000 dollars so I've never smoked marijuana I don't know I have done a lot of drink and back in the day and it since given Nana. In terms of the -- chemistry on the in the brain's reaction one more addictive than the other again not advocating either. -- alcohol little about equally addictive about what if you starter drinking or smoking marijuana when you're sixteen. Give -- one in six chance at some point in your life. Getting addicted net selling your fourteen at about one unfortunate. If you delay it until you're 25 after the break that developed. Here about a one in eleven chance successes. I -- understand they're the same one in four chance of becoming addicted if they use it under the age of fourteen either all or Merrill one. And yeah in both damage did that young brain equally everybody. Really well -- that damage -- again -- is indeed obviously there's different ways when it comes to driving. Recent studies have found marijuana just about doubles the risk of a car crash course -- alcohol. Quadruples the risk with our back so. But again both are that would Syria Lebanon and it -- -- -- completely double percent to. -- -- and yet somehow that that cut out there is in the in the discussion but yeah I mean again. Pretty good especially for the developing -- but wait for a while I think the policy is. What buckle down things -- now with -- alcohol obviously a lot of admitting that he market street and they smoked marijuana but. And it's legal and normalize. You know they had a Rasmussen poll out that says even though Colorado made it did a public sale of marijuana for recreational use is legal. Still 50%. Of the peoples surveyed are -- of that happening in their state. And I guess a question I have is from a scientific standpoint does the Colorado in some -- become a case study for the legalization of marijuana. I mean it I think. You know it's sad that we have it is sort of think about Colorado kids that -- experiment. To just the outlook goes they're already -- relations started. There that report. You know toddlers. To court to that you. Word in accidentally ingesting marijuana cookies and brownies. There have been reports it's. Our lives of people saying the different ways that they actually exporting legal there want to into the -- park it in surrounding states. I I think it was not my worry with legalization does not these -- it is not so much about. You know -- otherwise responsible adult. Talking to join. After work once -- week you know I don't think that's from a -- perspective it's not good for you but from a policy perspective that focuses on worried about it. We're really creating -- -- -- -- back -- that's -- -- -- -- -- -- advertising. Major multi billion -- organizations -- people -- -- public holding more extreme groups have already come together to form a new industries that -- that is my big concern in Colorado Washington is that. We're going -- the topic to tackle and it you know. We've learned any lessons from an industry to believe that there -- he's been questioned the science. They're gonna put out there called science and confused people at a board seeing that happening ads and the product and well and that obviously possible there on these extra solar one and now the disputed patch will which users -- adding that it 80% or so species that is the -- he can't you can't smoke that. It's a fact that -- then combine it with butane and basically you hill want the you know it's sad people a lot of people -- the article and not a lot of people out. I mean this is like highly dangerous and people produces the so called two days ago it looked of the Seattle building accidentally and I mean this is just. You would we definitely bill. And again that you know not about me I'm trying to claim the moral high ground here -- has certainly demise -- drink and then certainly shouldn't have had that much to drink too much alcohol but. -- never smoked marijuana I think part of the reason is I just don't like smoking anything in order that brings me to the health aspect of again we're not trying to its advocate alcohol over -- marijuana either way but I guess a question is if you have two drinks a day or. And of the equivalent would be smoking some marijuana once a day is smoking more harmful in the alcohol is he deliver on you on asking. Well I think liver alcoholic take -- that that -- obviously Maryland and one that I think getting to your point. He felt that you want people to -- not to get dropped. Right community but that happens a lot of -- dinner or something -- that it's the beverage and yet there really any marijuana. Smoke to get -- and you do smoke to Alter your consciousness you don't. So you know period it. Especially do you really think people and I'm not trying to argue with you but are having a glass or tools line. In some cases because they like the taste but but for the most part of -- not you think looking for the. They get a life I think. Obviously be either one and other -- -- people who do not drink to get dropped. And and you only smoke where one is still to -- that there's not you know so so he's. Their level of stones and physiologically like there is a level of well now. There isn't because everybody's. Ball luckily everybody metabolize the alcohol differently but. It's what's more uniform than marijuana is fat soluble data system a lot longer that's like. Would -- when there's that is tailored. And that pilots are given teach -- marijuana. And then a few days later -- tested again when they're not high anymore. They actually don't -- impairment according to those studies. You would have that -- alcohol because alcohol exit the system a lot faster marijuana as fat soluble so it actually does they would -- Yup it's fat soluble it's a good thing I never did smoke because that would never pass a drug test the fat -- and I have. Doctor appreciate your time I really do anything remiss in a 21 man. And I think this is helpful thing for the discussion I think we just before we go to on the path of the country toward legalization. I think we need to really have a hard think about what the possible consequences are because I want to -- that bottle with these -- a million dollar corporations. It's going to be difficult to -- back. Doctor appreciate you time really doctor Kevin Sullivan director of the drug policy institute. And an assistant professor in the university of Florida College of Medicine division of addiction.

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