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1-9-13 10:10am Garland: on food stamps and junk food

Jan 9, 2014|

Garland talks with pediatrician Dr. Floyd Buras about whether junk food should be disallowed for purchase by food stamps.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

That's our. Very interesting debate to me because I've read enough. To find out it's not a simple as it's been. On the surface I think. And that overlooked and food stamps but Britain it's the super glued fruits and food stamps and the fact that -- -- -- you can buy chips and soft drinks and canned the in the in the kind of junk food. We're looking at 70% of adult Americans wouldn't whose children overweight pets according to its -- report disease and control the disease control and prevention. Obese and everything our bread and a -- quite a bit over the last week diabetes heart disease cancer it's it's part of all of those. And it costs is about a 150 billion dollars each year so. Summers saying that food stamps. Should not have access. To junk food. Republican from Tennessee your congressman. What for a corporate stamp recipients to purchase only healthy food that the war look it up. Altered food choices act. -- charts 3072. Week. Republicans in general hope to cup portability and from the future boots and program called snaps. And one of things that are found in pursuing. On one so I've received what the representative from Tennessee and another public confronted do -- -- Republicans also adopted almost entire food so -- employee. Of The Heritage Foundation are very conservative. Group. Work requirement for -- able bodied adults drug testing big funding cuts and cutting out. Everything they've been confined to cut except. -- and junk food so. And it's a lot more complicated than that she is always would probably experts. And a doctor -- put aside a very busy days to give us some time but help or hopefully not deployed tourists past president. Emergency medical society and practicing pediatrician. Doctor welcome back the true owners -- morning. What are what are your thoughts in this good idea bad. Well I think today the split step is meant to be supplemental nutrition. It's it's a it's a program that they have -- in its theory is. But it's full opportunity for abuse. Including buying. Junk food in I -- who's it wasn't meant to be that way by. You know in order to be approved for food stamps the food products have to get an approval from the FDA so. You know where that process breaks down you know it's a very complicated issue. And -- to me -- gets complicated and a revelers like candy -- it's. Many times have less fat than children cheese and moved to balloon thing about children cheese that was junk food. Potato chips have lists all the a lot of -- was sure -- you go more than 300000. -- on the market. Thousands added each year. Putting set nutrition standards in delineate. What's -- what's -- Right it's hard to do. But I think the the issue is more the pressure it is in the more work you have to do to prepare it probably the battery is. The more processed or prepared it is. More likely is that I have other things and that before. All right your troops they would media we've got a little global com right back. In questions -- the super important issue obesity in this country. Republicans are looking to food stands to eliminate. Joseph -- what do you think yes no 260187. To Garland with a group called that the they're good about making. Junk food on the available. To those that -- -- food stamps. Republicans. Behind this movement in the food bill we -- doctor implored jurors with the past president easier and medical society. And practicing pediatrician doctor as it is important for the people who just sort of if that's possible doom do we know junk food emergency. Now now he you have to be a good label. Reader. You know generally speaking. More work one -- to do oneself to prepare it. The healthier is anything that's pre processed. Prepackaged. It's gonna have leadership there are salt or fat or something and that adds to the to calorie it's the nutrition -- But you know the real issues if it if -- separate problem one is how we get individuals to make healthy food choices period. And then the second issues. The finding out you know be by just stopping that make -- any healthier and if you bought it with the stand. And and do you see any worry -- and could we always hear about the food deserts will always hear about the fact that and in some of the year is specialties. Help food healthy food stores. The majority of people low income ten board most of the produce some particular. The the approach programs. You see any funding when you talk about that is sure you'd look at this problem. Well it's it's the problem me you know apparently trying to stretch the budget means that typical example -- -- it does make -- And the -- got two kids and she's got five dollars and pocket. You can get to eat cheeseburgers to coax. Probably into Fries for you five dollars but you can't afford one ballot. So you know and healthier foods are more expensive but but you don't have the money to pay ports they ego. With an alternative choice which may be not be so out -- It's a tough question. I think. Getting and individuals to accept and understand. That nutritional content what city. Is the real issues as it if everyone made -- food choices. The -- issue would would be a problem. -- had to lived a -- very introducing articles levs in Atlantic magazine. And it talked to a demonizing. Processed food but it talked to a number of sciences. And number imported 99 to more and McDonald came up with something called Maclean burglar Dele. And it was about it it's healthy you can get very low caloric. And Edwards did it tasted good in the -- those people really couldn't tell that much difference in a regular. A McDonald's hamburger win when they were tested -- it is. -- when they put it on the menu in -- people it was a healthy choice. People avoided it like the plate they didn't or search. And found that most people. -- they're told of food is healthy. And and there have been some that each whatever it may be processed. High salt intake -- -- if you tell limits help lead the brain. Already starts to think it's not going to be in the good if that's true how we get past that compliment. Now that's an educational process and made it conflicts with practice. And one at the start with. Understanding that healthy -- can can taste. That a lot of people look at it things he'd for reasons other than pure on there. You know the so called comfort foods that -- to the world -- that. The food in and you know in the city I mean it's the coffee you know we love our coffee with lots of Milken shouldn't. Now. It's yes because culturally this is what we've looked to do. And -- at the top city when he talked about the culture because we like our high calorie foods. -- a doctor bureau mindless bring more than revolution in general for your -- duct -- is so I appreciated call. At. -- and definitely not out. Is that try to help -- -- get salad kit that typical of apple and an amateur. Chat. And that will -- -- The main problem in. Ever HE indicated. Like little that they be accountable I agree or like anxious. Okay here's act like this school and then that Jerry should live healthy snacks in school and aren't helping tracks. -- that -- you like action. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But it -- a -- even occur in Atlantic at the show them. Jennifer I think you're Bure but repeating what we've been talking about that does. Price do is big part of doctor. My white fined and -- daily basis. Drinker Jews can call option the field and five other vegetables not exotic birds will just. Regular vegetables. And it'll cost anywhere from 4500 dollars a month. And that's just for. Making shoes. Out of six objectionable in every day. Aren't yet it is the only way you can stop the problem with the food stamps is to. Is he added that the food stamp act in that sense like the the formula vouchers that mothers -- for the baby formula where you know get it fixed amount of money are. A card with a dollar amount on that you get a voucher for a camp at this formula. Well he she did bounties for you know vegetable he should do about trees for. Needs. So instead -- you know loading that that that debit card with with dollar amount. They be used indiscriminately. They could actually get a voucher for you know -- of -- or six tomatoes or. You know a gallon of milk and he's he's if he's if he's made that food stamp vouchers specific for the food. Then you could solve that the issue the individual actually. Well but that's sort of trouble when -- -- -- lips it's about for specific for boots. It it would have to be up to the blue cash from reduced -- operator. To see what was allowed in Nazis who novel while and and what would you do put a big -- rural. No food stamps. Love everything now it is computerized yours that you brought up in the the clerk checked asking him to do. A scanner. And -- get this program a computer it is -- about your stand me. The item -- even when you buy fruits you know that -- -- in the little. Code number that stuck on this side of the apple and you weigh in on this scale to the computer could be programs to. Again going back to more than 300000. Types who are on the market thousands at a few years. Who determines. What junk food news. Well you know that supposedly people that that. The FDA did do those things but the same argument comes up with -- determined what organic food. You know accept the opinion of someone. But I think that you could you could put together you know select committee. You know I come up with a list it's just a question making. Making the judgment. And you know sort of trust the Food and Drug Administration has to be able to do that -- -- the expert. When you know you're pediatrician when you talk to parents about it of these trials. Do you get a response that okay we're gonna do that to do you seek changes being made. At at the patients that do well and the yen and at any of the way I approach it that. With with parents is the first of let's start with something really simple on that ship. You know every tactic was from a sugar in it and it sparked by using his ship. So you look at practice here and don't get the frosted whatever it the plane went. In eliminate this ship. Don't get drinks with sugar and did you know you -- water ours are artificially sweetened that he can argue about artificial sweeteners but that's just make the point to get rid of the ship. And forget having -- back to that just start with -- we -- -- new -- Surely everything venture with insurance. Doughnut channel in their right mind many fried dough ship that week. So let him number two is if you can buy from a drive up window don't need it. And that everything and the drive to -- -- you have to go inside and make it 48 Euro okay. They've become data would drive up window it's probably loaded with well some things to keep it warm. And that adds to the calendar. And atmospheric factors to exercise one hour. That's that's one we have a tough time convincing people are. You know navigate these -- really prices if the -- it out the game boy Xbox computer. And TV have to deal. In DC parents doing that. Actually could talk about it news days they will. -- out -- is you know Bill Cosby once that -- -- contacting parents were quiet they don't want justice is that the that the Xbox keeps them quiet. I don't play the next. Doctor I know you're mega busy always appreciated that time in the expertise of great thanks very much.

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