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1-9-13 11:35am Garland: on the Middle East

Jan 9, 2014|

Garland talks with Chris Preble of the Cato Institute about the ongoing fight in the Middle East.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We'll let you book will not bring about the Middle East late in particular Syria mean one rebel group. Try and give group -- fighting the rebel group Detroit and Britain's odd. While wrong and Owens over the rebel groups by adding the rebel groups in -- it's in Saudi Arabia. Wondering you know others in the and it's spreading to different countries. Going to be very blunt I wonder about why we went into rock while move on to the Middle East and first please and are -- or else there -- Pro Bowl wrote an article. As leverage over the you brought you wouldn't we wouldn't we be we about the purse split crews welcome shore appreciated call. I. Agree with -- you know what I mean -- actually people elaborate article saying that. President Obama's foreign policies just misplaced. Shirt and pulled out of the way we did we will be going back in either. On humanitarian. Basis or backing up multi. It. Well first of all obviously without being in Iraq is horrible tragedy don't dispute that the question for Americans especially should be what if anything we do. To make it better that's for -- -- a loss. What what is happening is a rocket Iraq is a political. Problem is a civil war it is individual groups groups will be in the country. Who don't trust the government or who -- government does not trust intern. And so much -- close in the fact that. Majority Shia Arabs in the country are. Have been have been oppressed for decades under the Sunni minority -- now. The tables -- turned. And that Sunni minority is either desperate to get back there. There are privileges they enjoyed under Saddam Hussein or or if they can't -- that at least survive. And that's what's happening. -- art community the United States and US troops as as brave men as. Excellent fighters they are now that we were supposed to broker a political dispute. Do the figures I've -- between a rock in Afghanistan in -- -- expenditures somewhere around trillion dollars. Lot at least at least loan laden. Lot of veterans there -- maimed mentally physically. Are being taken care of where there should what was worth it. Well unfortunately I think not I think that if the advocates for the war in Iraq who are so vocal in late 2001 to early 2002. If they've gone to the American people and we're gonna spend over trillion dollars over 4000 American to be killed. Tens of thousands injured and potentially hundreds of thousands of Iraqis killed in the incident civil war. So that we can put in place a very imperfect democracy at most American kids -- know if you look at. The case that was made for war back in in 20022003. It was predicated on the on the belief that it would be cheap and easy. Obviously I think the reason why. -- from my from my perspective. Great error was not paying attention to the danger of civil war precisely what we see happening now was not but it was going to be. To be hard to defeat Saddam Hussein's Army which has been punished for years by. Sanctions it was a not a very good -- in the first place. Winning that part of the war was never the hard part. The hard part was winning the peace waiting. Of this political reconciliation process which at the end of the day Americans do not control cannot control. And it was foolish to think that we ever -- it. There with his second. Get better known maligned Chicago. After hour. We do -- time -- and a -- to calling. That your mind my question is from triggering. Antsy. Was it worth it was yourself complaints in the rose sacrifice worth it. The short answer is no but it mum on -- problem might. You know contribution and -- Toobin. And -- it is not so much. You know what we're trying to do -- what are we first got there. All he would need women and in new demanded that they were coming our armed and given us four hours and -- on the that was -- -- That being -- You know we got rid of Saddam and about the present these people that. Are really hate to say it. And it's about exactly what their country need. You lose you Google they aren't fears and EDT. -- and they knew where it took if anybody with mr. dees he would kill and eat the Q don't those people the other. Even but he really need each other. And that means that he was an americanized person but it. You know I mean that that was back -- that country needed and now we are audit come in the school's civil war thing. Because Hewitt little skirmishes between all these factions of evil that we were there in force out there -- -- worsened. Has it poured into our allies. That loss. Come. You know it is really care how well he trained in or me if somebody is going to look themselves. -- kill one -- two people that they get some -- and it's impossible. It's completely. I've got -- attendant regularly break word terror elements were appreciated what you and others dude in the question of work. We know we're complexion -- what you do the question news. Did weeds and -- to a place and give -- the wherewithal and the acting on which. We did not come and I'd like them. Welcome back we're thinking about the Middle Eastern and wondering your party. Ever increasing range planes in scenery. Now Lebanon. If it threatens to and calls of conflagration. To virtually all countries in the middle aged and console wars. When we -- these kind of issues ago via experts -- problems with the white prison for infants and foreign policy studies. The kid -- institute proves a coach you're. Told -- that. Talked about mr. boot to. Or Alter. Yeah I'd get -- US's lack of leverage that compelled the leader. -- to do the right thing when it comes attempting don't there's civil war. And a portrait of that are interesting. Points. Well thank you right I heard is that for a couple weeks now that in what was happening in Iraq was because the United States didn't have leverage over. The Iraqis especially the Iraqi leader prime minister Nouri Al-Maliki. And that if only we had US troops on the ground in Iraq than we would be able to give it to do it would. That was the right thing to do -- all that president that we know the right thing to do it I think I also linked to a very fine article by Douglas followed on that. Experimental biology is doing right now especially pollution to the other restive provinces. Best places in the bailing on -- province -- the city's dominate. Is trying to win a war a war against insurgents that are trying to destroy his government. There are in perfect parallels of course -- wore it like. Abraham Lincoln being convinced what he needed to do was make peace with itself -- I get that probably since the subject result apparently Louisiana but you know there is civil war on Iraq that's what. What it's all about cutting concessions will be expect reasonably expect now could make. And -- he would make those concessions what would happen to him with -- and other political leaders Iraq who represents those positions. A takeover instead that person be better for US interest better for the people of Iraq. I think it pretty hard to imagine such a scenario playing out and so on come constantly amazed by the though the level of could get the disconnect between reality. And what people kind of -- to be -- Rangers you use that. These these people that are saying we have some close where you ignored. Republica tied for leaving viewers from in rock back in 2011. Even less enthusiasm today put Gordon back in and former fashion. Brings up rose for an -- for them apart. Oh no wind I've read about the level loans seemingly being pulled in to -- -- read about the escalating tends of thousands of refugees Turkey Jordan and see the backing of some Robles and serene about it broad enough of them by Saudi Arabia. The civil wars spreading to a rock Libya is still love fractured and -- whose article today. All right reporting the other group not to bring an oil shipments. Run. Can can bring those things in Jalisco. It's the Middle East are going to be fighting each other for another 101000 years and just forget about it or does it eventually give effect to office. Well -- certain liquid. Effect so we have to take very seriously about what those circumstances might be course -- Lot of people worry about most is the possibility for the destruction destruction of oil flows between effect the United States but especially. Into the global -- -- United States it's possible from from the last atmosphere including the United States itself. It would disrupt the global currency early -- could -- -- -- to be concerned. Up that it's important understand why these wars are raging of course a lot of it has to do with. The interference of the western powers in creating artificial country's doctors Garcia in the one reason why. These countries are fighting like this party inside these countries that don't actually reflect. The wishes of the people air they know they don't reflect. The ethnic -- Different sectarian divides and again that was very deliberate western powers later. Policy divide and conquer and we're left. With these artificially constructed nation states that. It shouldn't surprise likely. That. Again it's tragic that there is considerable fighting men and likely will be for some time. Iran and Saudi Arabia. Be pulled into where they're actually fighting each other. I think that bear bear some excel ready the saudis of course are. Deeply hostile towards Israel now he's Shiite there there's Sunni. The Iranians have always had considerable influence in Shiite majority Iraq. They certainly have more plants that are now than they did ten or fifteen years ago. Saddam Hussein was their bitter enemies ought to horrible war -- -- -- -- On that please see the saudis in particular being constantly eating. The two leading. -- United States and respectively. They are involved. In trying to tip the scales. In Iraq in Syria in Lebanon. Again I think that's likely continue. When final quarter and well I would under what circumstance. Or circumstances. That Indy. Should we ever consider going back it. Well I think that we would have to have that they would have to. To be compelling US national -- -- excellent reference refute the likelihood of significant oil disruption or that. Evidence as the ones in the cases of Afghanistan in 2001 evidence -- An Iraqi Government that was actively and knowingly if supporting al-Qaeda of course that the opposite value of the Iraqi Government fighting. Itself. -- but equally important is. Is what will use of force accomplished do we know that power going again. Little significantly improved US security if it is not likely that fact. But I think that we should have a very very high bar against the US military that fact is that where. A very safe and secure country we'll realize there's much we should. And therefore a lot of the times we do wage war abroad it's not really do -- -- that security is so much just to get security. Cruces awards closure of the -- -- happy new year rate. Thank you -- you very much.