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1-9-13 12:10pm Garland: on recruiting cops

Jan 9, 2014|

Garland talks with Melanie Talia, CEO of the Police Justice Foundation, and Nadiya Coleman, director of Workforce Development, about how best to recruit new police officers to the NOPD.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back and think Erica laughs I do little homework and appalled approached stories from. The troops in December of last year. Says the number Bjorn police officers 39 your little mood for -- lose about an officer every three days. But 12100 offers sooners in the New Orleans Police Department the city needs. 15170. -- in order to find out -- that is still true and if there's something being done about it we have not a -- Coleman with a director of workforce development nodding your welcome to show thank you for haven't asked them what's good Millen the talk -- -- you please. Justice foundation. Good welcome good afternoon Garland thank you for having me -- -- -- -- for our listeners what is the police Joseph. We began in 1995. And collar primary purpose is to provide training equipment and supplies. For the New Orleans Police Department. And in 2013. For the third time in our history we have taken on. Police officer recruitment. And we have to going to withdraw that marketing created an online campaign get behind advantage and you can find that web site at join -- OPD got color. -- Is doing this we I 501 C three public charity. We weren't born out of crisis I'm sure many of our residents remember the crime of the nineties. And may have -- out chief Pennington said hey we need some help. In with that the business community and several inner -- leaders came together and formed the police and justice foundation. In the audience about two were forced to vote and that is concerned so it's a department of the city of New Orleans. Part of the responsibility of the office of workforce development includes our business and careers and solutions centers which are branded as job one. Our primary goal -- -- is to connect local residents to local shops. And we also want to make certain that our businesses have the local workforce that they need in order to thrive and grow. So we've partnered with the foundation as well as -- a PD and it's a make this event happens so it's really connecting local residents to the opportunities that are available. Within that you know PDs so we wanna leverage every opportunity that we have both private private and public. -- provide jobs to residents. And so we are working with them as a public entity to really see that this happened so 150. New recruits as the goal and we wanna help them achieve that goal. Brilliant speed 39 year low losing three officers. I mean officer every three days. Still true presented Peru. That note Garland that is still true you we have a rather large department. Attrition rate is not really different than many of the departments across the country of equal sides. But we are continuing to lose officers and we it's time -- -- ago full speed ahead and let's replace those who who have lost. And let's retain those who have -- who have long. And again and -- a ridiculously. Councilman or who's in charge. So we're gonna try to get it is a 150. New police officers. That's correct the mayor has the 2014. Budget. Funds for 150. New police officer. We didn't have blunted the year for anything now we've got what 300 times. That sounds about right it would -- five new recruit classes. And it that at this point in time are you getting responses from the B at the programs -- -- try and bring a million. Absolutely we hadn't had had a great response to the online campaign which officially launched August 1 of last year. It hit national reached we hit thousands I think in about fifteen to 20000 visitors came to the site. And we had several thousand applications downloaded at the time the application process was still a manual one. But it in late 2013. The city began an online application process and they have been several hundred applications received by civil service since then. A list both of you this in one of the articles players it's. On an average one in ten applicants hoopla with the new police academy and meet quote. Occasions. That correct that is the current statistic so we're working to make that are improved that statistic in part of that effort includes the event. That's happening this Saturday. At 2514. Daily street where it's the -- OPD recruitment event that we are co hosting with the business and careers solutions sentenced. -- in a PD recruitment office will be there will be a one stop shop. And we really want to make certain that we get out with some of the pre qualifications are and what some of the incentives are so that we began to see that it is uptick in terms of the number of qualified applicants. Who actually go through the process. And one of the things that we'd like to highlight today is that. Part of the qualifications include sixty credit hours from a local college and university -- -- local but an accredited college or university in lieu of that. If you have served two years as an active military. With an honorable discharge in debt can be absurd as a replacement so we really want to make the call. -- of veterans to consider extending their public service to do that domestically. As an NO PD officer and to get behind the backs. -- Miller knew of my melted drive one that isn't in the 850. Big -- about 15100 applicants how's that go. Well we've had several hundred applications online and we expect great turnout on Saturday's event. The the chief and that civil service and the mayor have come together. And created a fast track for exiting military so we hope certainly hope that exiting military will come out and apply. Day they'll be able to be hired rather quickly and they'll start they'll get an incoming as soon as that happens. It's a conditional employment type of thing so we have had really good success thus far and expect even more on Saturday. It all right we'll take gophers break come right back. You're pulling -- out there you -- know more about what's going on other more importantly somebody that one should be pleased when those. Questions comments -- -- call 260170. Told -- anywhere in the country needs 66 ignorance you -- -- double yeah. Or -- think about trying to recruit more pleased we have gone nodding your Coleman with the -- of the workforce development for New Orleans who have milled in the how you would lose you please just found it shouldn't. And we're gonna come back to our guests but we go on my favorite people on Wendell Pierce. A low Wendell thank you blue collar -- I'm flattered. I you do or don't do very much and I really didn't get. -- and Olivia tall you'd tells me the jewel like five years of Zetterberg and -- but she remembers you. I just wanna give up my age -- it's it's great great. Great to see -- make a Milton Osborne and Ben Franklin high school out there. It would sell well and any help in the city recover and come back bigger and better than before congratulations and all of your success. And argue about one or two I want to run by discussion. And and oh -- and loans and I know that and worked there has been of low interest loan program. Well first responders who focuses specifically admit -- but one yeah. -- -- It's a great opportunity to one recruit. Our ultimate victory here. There's controversy EU presidency. Also that you're like it would take some of the also police officers 01% 2% mortgage. Tried to blighted property. And that didn't simply put into movement in this city. It would also -- -- mitigate the light issue. And then also it would give the treasury. But money back with interest does not want our gore and other grant. We actually went out and police officers outside of the -- district back to the city of below the 1% interest. On a monthly -- what -- you -- -- about that first responders mortgage low as program. Parts of the blighted properties. It would insert Smart people move to the city is also dedicated life and it would also recruit. Like -- say all great ideas particularly the new Orleans police justice foundation hitting ahead. Day and law enforcement housing assistance program very similar in the past and some of which you've mentioned that things are working on now and summer novel ideas we'll definitely look into. But in the meantime we don't want to. We don't want that to stop folks from coming out on Saturday. And I don't. Coming to the job fair and applying to the police officers in the meantime they just need to know that we are in the background with the city of New Orleans with the mayor's office with the chief. Working on incentivizing. Living in the city of New Orleans in the coming in new Orleans police office. Where no I gotta tell you gotta gotta come up gonna -- I was just telling them off the year. You know -- Meet the -- to others you may have all of us look bad and you do acting. Yeah its apparent in oh you do viewed your revealed a bit more since the. That that's a great compliment that the New York church bode well. Mystery. And a under appreciated. -- that. Attention should hear that and you know. We all sheer. -- desire initiative -- the straight and are moving forward. So would bet this say thank you I'm going to my here. A typical attitude Seattle. Go to marital -- During the -- -- figure that he. When do you make it's Oprah thank you remember. That. All right let's go back and -- some movement pulled clause and so that we 300000 dollars for recruiting that not. -- -- -- No we have. We have enough money for a 115 new recruits. And so. That's what we wanna make clear to the public that the money that was allocated the additional money in the budget. Will find 150 additional. Recruits in this year 2014. News and lose a murderer a total who what when sir so we've mentioned. And part the event that's happening this Saturday. And for you all who heard me earlier. I misstated the address so -- wanna make sure that they give it to the listening public very clearly now we are going to be located at Kipp central city academy in central city. And it's located at 25143. Street. You all may remember -- as the Carter G Woodson building so we will be right there doors will open at 1130. And remember this is your one stop shop for anyone who is interested in becoming an NO PD officer now are in the future will begin building a pipeline so. If we have some high school or college age individuals were interested in law enforcement we encouraged him to come out. We want them to be engaged they'll have an opportunity to meet several. Officers who are serving now we will have since special units president -- they're tall weighs in their gadgets. This show and share part of what the inner workings of the department is about. We will also have -- -- be able to apply. Directly on site which is a huge plus so. -- computers will be available as Melanie mentioned that -- application is on line so computers will be available. You will be able to do that at the time that you come into the building and you also get confirmation of that application. As well as a test to date for civil service so we really want to help expedite this program we wanna help expedite the hiring. Of the additional officers and we wanna make that easy for everyone who comes out on this Saturday. At 11:30 at Kipp Kipp central city academy news. And you know it's a great career choice for young person there's 22 weeks of state certified law enforcement training. Health insurance dental insurance vision insurance excellent retirement plan. Free life insurance. And that and if you want to. -- suit your higher education the police and justice foundation offers tuition assistance program. And that's in conjunction with the universities who are also offering tuition assistance to. New Orleans police officers who choose to attend all the university. It's Loyola. Tulane Delgado and southern university new month. And Garland and -- just as a minute those universities will be present as well on Saturday. So we want to make sure that people understand that this is about presenting the whole package. And if you still have some credit hours that you need to earn come out -- of the universities see what's available. Are if you're interested in applying to become an and a PD officer. Let's talk about those incentives that Melanie just mention so that you can understand what's availability complete her degree so we really tried to think of Nadal and put it all under one roof at one time to make the job of job -- much and a much easier process. I'm OK a minute show opened implied would what Bartlett good to see you and how should violent actions and he'd come with a cold and -- yeah. A new others' concerns about tattoos would policeman news era. Dress code. Two they need to bring -- thing with the. Yet all great questions. As a workforce development specialist. I always recommend that you put your best foot forward. That says there is not going to be -- in forced dress requirement on Saturday. I do understand that many of us after this event will be headed to tailgate and watched the saints so we understand that you might be and -- so come on -- don't let that stop you. But you will have the opportunity I mean chief will be there the mayor will be there at first impressions are lasting ones so. Put your best foot forward we certainly will put our best foot forward and we hope we hope to see you on Saturday. A millimeter boom we talk about to we're -- what's the range of that Joseph blow -- A meal ticket or extend its important -- is that. -- some of the universities offers significant discounts on tuition and at the police and justice foundation it's 300 dollars. For a person master on undergraduate and 600 dollars per semester to graduate. Does anybody think that the residency requirement abuse scene. Because I concede your you're doing ads and -- right. Bus stops and whatever the bulk sheltered you do and television improvements. Yeah there is -- TV -- running right now featuring -- surpassed that some of the officers you know kind of response should be getting getting to respond shoot expected. I think so we have we have a lot of folks are interested in becoming members of the -- as police department. Some some currently live in the city and some hope to live in the city in New Orleans has really become. A destination city and that's where people wanna live that's where people wanna relocate their families. Raise their families and enjoy life in New Orleans is a great place to do that. What. There's but. Bin over the years human -- fundraisers for pleased that previously known blood on the job -- hearing you talk about like insurance and benefits. Or there Korea is Tuesday that it. Cup gets to where he can't work anymore than speaking Kara. Good question nobody knows. -- where you say -- good. You know I can only go -- -- Well at at the foundation we have the tragedy and an officer or officers who are members of the tragedy funded that's as little as a dollar paycheck. Immediately become an -- eligible for. For some financial award should they be injured or fall sick. Doesn't have to be in the line of duty it could be anything and then after that it's up to it's up to civil service and -- in the city of New Orleans and their policies and their procedures. And will be honoring tomorrow will be honoring four officers who have to -- shot 2013. And one who is say who made the ultimate sacrifice last year. -- -- come down to the bottom of the have power. And location. That. Absolutely -- give -- you gain we will be act Kipp central city academy. This Saturday January 11. Beginning at 1130 doors will open the address is 25143. Street in central city. And I also want to direct folks to our website or its joined in OPD dot board so joined -- -- PD data -- if you were unable to. Write down all the information it will be there and available on line. In addition to that there's a pre registration that's available online for Saturday's event as well. Ladies thank you so much and -- -- followed. So I don't know how we love is now -- right. You have a good day and appreciate them and thanked fans and the double mobile brigade celebrity -- moral 53 at.