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1-9-13 2:10pm Sean Payton press conference

Jan 9, 2014|

Saints coach Sean Payton speaks to the media following practice on Thursday.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our third day we'll work some red zone short yardage goal line and comic effect appear we're leaving this evening and we'll get in their later on tonight and he questions. You're listening to coach John Payton on WW well. It. Well I think through your first question in Philadelphia. You know we we wanted to have balance going in we we didn't with the weather was going to be like and I think. Start off all the sudden we felt like we were pushing him pretty good. I think with regards to this game you know there's -- obviously higher for high chance of rain appears in wins. So you know each game's different you know we'll try to have that balance and in. And make sure that we're not one dimensional his way but. Just paying attention to how the game's unfolding the conditions all those things are important. -- This. Well listen it's been colder here. And so we've been outside and I think from a temperature standpoint you know it sounds like yeah. You know it's going to be fine it's his deal with when rain it's been windy here couple days we're outside so. I think we'll handle that as far. Well look at it anytime you play a team the second time. You know you're you're you're spending. All weeklong extra hours on the whole season of the last game but that's part of you know fifteen other games in the study. Going back -- even last last year so there there's always nuances that take place within the framework of the game. -- -- All drills all those things that we -- during the week earlier. But it's. Because of the world but having been affected this team we're. Yeah listen. This is that this is a divisional playoff game and so. That mentality. Of playing your best game it's playoffs. That's that's reason enough. You know and so. We don't. It anonymously. I think in the last forty years are leagues on a great job of paying more attention to fantasy football than what there. With the underdog or favored is -- it's just it's a lot different sort I would -- tell you. You're certainly when you're playing the number one seed -- team that's outstanding in all three phases the well coached. I've got some Pro Bowl players. In their exceptional so were gonna. You know we're gonna have to have our best effort. You -- Saints coach Sean Payton here on WWL's Saints radio. All they do this and they do a great job they play a lot of bump and run the very confident. Corners. They've been deep position group that. Three of the three the starters -- you know first team pro ball players. Came chancellors extremely physical he's got size range. You know -- and you see that on -- But there they have a scheme and they played extremely well you know whether there in their zone schemes are in their man schemes. Often times -- -- one -- might appear to be one it's the other. But Sherman -- is. Got great they all have great ball skills so they all can. Catch a ball that's not located just right Thomas the same way. He's a hundred mile an hour on the back here and he's very suddenly in court to key in diagnosed very Smart so. You know they're they're extremely good. -- I think that to some degree I think all of it may be like. Like NBA basketball you know how it's how it's officiated. I think. You get a feel for. -- Just you know try to block him a little bit better. Try to do you keep the third down scenarios. Through favorable down and distances. Looking at the match -- you know where you gonna help your protection all the series was. It. Well he lines up in a lot of different spot so hopefully you know we can get him it's such -- in this game in and I think that. You know whether it's zone whether it's man that was -- come on third down there may come in the base -- the in my from the Ritter he's an important part what we do. If you're hearing coach -- -- on WWL's Saints radio. He's doing well in these -- extremely well you know in he's an explosive players got great range and size. It. Well look he's a dynamic player he can wrong. Exceptionally fast changed direction very well. You know you've got to pay attention where he's that. Any time he's on the field as a returner and they clearly as someone that can line up a lot of different clubs that we've seen. As as a tackler on offense. -- -- I think it was comfort going in the last. So obviously we didn't play well enough but it's not about should they be more confident. This is this is. We're in this tournament where you win it you lose you go so that's that's. Pretty simple. It. -- I'm not aware and you know -- pressure right now anyway. I think it's been very important for us you know. There's three potential starting outside linebackers and Will Smith Victor Butler Parys Haralson two starting corners. Starting strong safety those. You know that's that's a lot of attrition and that's that's our game that's the nature. Of our league and I think our players and coaches have handled that real well and guys have stepped up. And then played a lot -- so you know developing those players that are. Working with maybe predominately special teams and yet they're getting reps in practice. That's. That's a very important and it's been been pretty good for us. Versatility that. Well I think it's. What you have to develop. You know the next player in and so the starters you know typically wouldn't get every rep in each period. And think look I think the most important thing we try to do as coaches. Say who's in two or. Our best eleven for this situation red zone third down and then we'll try to put them in the best position possible. There. Listen I think it's significant the noise level. And you know I think experience experiencing it the first time. For a lot of these a lot of these guys -- some veterans that are on this team that whether. Back content so. You know we've we've got the speakers I think we blew out two different speakers and here. Go over rated for. Thank you.

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