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1-9-13 1:35pm Angela: on Saints-Seahawks

Jan 9, 2014|

Angela talks with Todd Menesses, host of WWL's Fans' First Take, about the Saints upcoming playoff matchup with the Seattle Seahawks.

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Well we are on the countdown to Saturday in Seattle and what is it gonna take to win to beat the team that beat the heck out of us. Well we're going to carry the coach's press conference live in just a few minutes. But the one and the only Todd Manassas in studio with us. And he is the voice of reason and knowledge and I know you know what it's gonna take. They can win on the road they can play in bad weather and they are clearly pumped and they must remain focused. And I believe get over any psychological. Block of how frankly poorly they played many weeks ago. Well you know Angel I don't know about the voice of reason but thank goodness there's only one of me. -- my wife agreed that some. The other saints can do this so on the road and it's if it is a psychological thing look Sean Payton. Is the master. Of getting his team to do what he needs them to do. We saw that this past week with the Eagles where he took and you were up in a winter wonderland. But he took the team before the the game. Put footage together. Of these guys playing. In cold weather in college like Drew Brees and Purdue and all these guys playing along different areas. To the two winter wonderland by Bing Crosby put that as the soundtrack even brought in dry I -- to make the smoke and and make it look like it was cold and they want that -- you guys have done this get it out of your head. Which they did. This week he has painted the Seattle Seahawks logo. On the practice field out in Metairie. To get them used to running up and down they've been playing a lot of you know noise and -- you're used to that to to try to get them you know say look this is nothing it's another game. Is it going to be a test yet it's not going to be car is not going to be easy now it's going to be a hard part game fought game but. When you look at the saints historically and in in historically the NFL to. Whenever you give the lead quarterback. Like Drew Brees -- Payton Manning. I'm Tom Brady another chance. -- a defense. That made them look silly. They're gonna work that much harder. To overcome it and nine times out of ten they do overcome. Now that doesn't guarantee a victory doesn't guarantee anything this -- I just know that Drew Brees and Sean Payton. Look they're just as. I don't into -- and use the words upset embarrassed is what happened last time as the fans are. They don't want that to happen again. They were bounced from the playoffs by Seattle. At Utah two years ago. Three years ago I should -- And then by the the 49ers so. The saints the last two times we've been in the playoffs we've been bounced by the team from the NFC west which we play them again this this week. So they wanna get over that hump they want to do to do with they have to do. To make the adjustments. To win and I have the confidence that they will make those adjustments we sought this past week with the Eagles. They were able to run the ball all year long we've heard the saints can't on the ball. Steve cordon I've been very. Vocal about the offensive line and its woes in not being able opened rushing lanes for the guys. We -- going in this game -- year Thomas is out one of the Eagles game. -- standard and well he can't run he's our leading rusher and they step up to the plate Mark Ingram steps up the offensive line steps up -- Robinson steps up. And they have one of their better rushing attempts and games all season long. Outdoors. In cold weather. In misery that is right that was the confidence builder. Coupled with everything you're saying about Sean Payton has done such created my I loved the gas cans things. You are up against Lance. And it even the just it's a minor thing with the changing of the guard them. At the eating of the -- -- it's it's getting them off of that center and saying we're gonna be out of the box we're gonna do some wild thing this year. And we're gonna believe in ourselves and and that truly is what it's about I was reading one article on sorry I didn't write that one of the players had said. Which many players I'm sure do but it was great to hear him say this about visualizing the plays visualizing catching the ball visualizing running. You see you see it to you can do it. And I bet they've got these guys so hyped on all of those things and plus they want the to redeem its hopes. Look Sean Payton. And I I feel this way looking at Sean Payton this season and most of the saints fans will. As well this is his chance. To get back. Act. The man if you wanna say Roger Goodell who took him out of what he loved for a full year. I don't think Roger Goodell wants to hand a Super Bowl trophy to the coach he suspended for a year the year he comes back home. No interest so that might be something that's burning in the back of Sean Payton's mind that the fire going that I know he's trying. To get this team going with that. Drew Brees doesn't want to end again. On a bad game in Seattle. I don't think any of the team to the offensive line all year long saying they can't knock people around these guys are bullies in Seattle the defense -- wanted to knock them around. We heard that about you know the Eagles defense that most not as good as the Seattle defense which is ranked number one by the way saints' defense is number four. They were able to do what they needed to do the saints defense was able to stop the leading rusher in the league last week. So I think they've got confidence. That they can go and do this now. What I find interesting. Is that every. Every one I've talked to every one I've listened to everyone I've seen on the national media. Does not give the saints a chance. To win this game. -- in fact there already talking about the NFC championship game between Seattle and the niners so they don't you think Carolina can win either. The last time I heard. The national media this confident. That a team could not beat another team. Was in that Super Bowl. When the then undefeated New England Patriots were exposed to storm all over the New York Giants. And Eli Manning and we know how that turned out and Eli Manning won the Super Bowl. Tom Manassas unlike the way you think. I like it a lot I think we're gonna take in the race -- gonna come back when everybody stay with this we're gonna have the coach's press conference. And and then we wanna hear from you to you who dat so stay with us. While we're on count down to the Seattle game top Manassas thank you for being here with this as we talk about. The -- the game. And also were waiting for the coach because there's going to be a press conference. In the meantime I wanna do today is definitely will pretty jaguar opinion poll. What's -- as your second time beautifully most of the national media give the saints little or no chance of winning in Seattle. Do you believe them or do you believe in the strength so we wanna know your view. Tech and that -- we're gonna give you the results. Yeah you can just go to WW dot com and cast your vote beaten. As my partner in crime Steve court always like to say it's an unscientific poll but we have fun with it. Of course -- just would like to know what people are thinking. And we're gonna know what to want to know what you think after the press conference to so stay with -- as we -- for Sean Payton and his coordinators are also going to be talking. And find out if he'll even let us know some of the special things and then to. Well you know and Sean Payton is he learned this from bill bill that after -- from Bill Parcells. About how to. I don't -- manipulate the media. But. The system with the NFL give out just enough information. You don't wanna give too much for your your team Bill Belichick does that as well with the patriots. You don't wanna give out enough information for the other team missy -- sometimes you may wanna do about. Analyses misinformation that something that makes and guest. You know the injury report yesterday holding it. To release the and report to the latest possible moment that he could simply because Seattle still practicing their two hours behind us so. If they know someone's out that makes it changed their their game plan so. You know you wanna kind of do those things it's gamesmanship. And coach Payton is a master and he's learned from one of the masters as well so. Are we getting close to love. You know what. Stay with -- everybody we really are gonna go to that press conference but we'll be right back after this. Well we are all thinking very positive thoughts about a very very important game on Saturday. And we're also waiting for the coach Sean Payton and Rob Ryan I understand. Who -- going to be giving a press conference very soon their walking over we understand Steve dollars over there we can't -- -- him. But -- -- they all have to be very I'm just imagine. They're doing this is I know they have to do this and they're really so profoundly focused on get on the plane get over there look let's get it done. If you if you left this up to via NFL coaches and not to the NFL these are these are press conference that the NFL makes them have. They would at a press conference -- may be on the plane operated on and wouldn't have to talk to you wouldn't talk to the media because. What they don't wanna let out -- and efficacy of this before with there they're trying not to let out you don't wanna say something or have the media askew question. That's gonna give them some kind of fodder to put out there that the other team can latch on to now. Most coaches and players will tell you that you know you don't need bulletin board. Material for a of the playoffs but there are things that you can use to inspire and another coach can use to inspire that. This is what they're saying about you type thing. So that's why you get these relief. Short answers usually occurred and no yes no will do that maybe I don't know you know things like that so. A lot of times you back and get a lot of information on this press these press conferences. And that's why you hear the reporters asked. The questions a lot of times the same question many different many different ways if you're trying to get something out because that your job and they know that's their job but it's it's. It's a whole complicated thing sometimes you can get a lot there -- some coaches that like to talk and give you things. Rob Brian's brother Rex is one of those he loves to talk in the media and give them all kind of stuff that they want. But coach Payton is not that way I don't think rob will be that -- either today. I think I interviewed Mike Ditka one time this -- after the season. What a master of media. -- want total on C I look at it from the point of view of the media and you don't have to give me facts you don't have to give -- a -- a game plan. But you need to talk to the people who are supporting him who showed up at the airport at 4:30 in the morning. And you do that through the media and so even though they may not like it I think it's a huge responsibility on a coach is part. Well and I think you hear that from coaches after a game if they've won. Then you hear McConnell let out and talk about how good it was this was and so forth and did this we did a wonderful job and were glad about the fans and with the -- That's when you hear it but before the game leading up. You're going to war you -- or you don't want the other got to know anything about what you've got two or. What you're planning you're you're keeping it's close to the best as possible and that's what they do. We have a wonderful coach we have wonderful coaches and Rob Ryan has been such tremendous addition. -- definitely for number four in defense now from last year. What a statement. Last year was. Was pretty bad. And that deal the only thing that would have made their last year a little bit better is as if this year is Dallas Cowboys defense had done worse and I and I think they didn't. They didn't make it right we're still statistically mark. Now mark mark and arts and check on forming. But I think they came pretty close to breaking that horrible record we have last year bomb. Yeah and to think that this man came in didn't make a lot of personnel changes to be honest brought some people in. From the guys he brought in got a certain training camp and haven't played. And to turn of around that quickly yes and to do the things that he's been able to do with them. They don't give a defensive coach of the year award but he certainly should win it. They should give the defense of coach Dearborn you know they don't. No I don't think they should do that offensive defensive and now super coach majors skipped I think that just could head coach of the year. Because all the team effort. Do you believe do you believe they can do this. I believe they can do it. I think Drew Brees -- beat these guys have not forgotten. That game a couple of weeks ago. They know that they didn't play their best game. That was. Coincidentally the best game the Seattle Seahawks. Pretty much play belliard Russell Wilson that was his best game ball years so. I I don't think that's indicative of either team. Him. You don't have it's very rare you have one team played their absolute worst game of the season and the other team played their absolute best at the same time. And that's what's happened I think you're gonna see a much closer game. You can see a game similar -- you saw in Philly this past week I had a great so. You know saints fan Jack I don't think you're gonna see a blowout I don't think you're gonna -- The saints rounding up it's gonna go back and forth. And it's probably gonna come down to a last possession at the -- So. If you want drama in the playoffs that's which again it's gonna get -- in Seattle I don't think you're gonna CEOs of big. Russia points like you did last time with TOV. That's just me talking -- would like. Well -- but you know a lot and pay very close attention and respect which is saying the drama was in Philly Newton and that I know that we have use that. Method of running out the clock before sometimes not successfully -- but. It just puts all of one human being on hand for one moment now well that's what they look for that's the pressure that they want. We're back. Thank you Steve very much. Coachella. A good sport talking and I'm listening I'm really was listening to -- kinda. Talk about how -- doesn't want to. Saying anything that no answer all the questions him. I really liked what he said though it isn't about confidence is about them understanding. That if we win we go on and if we don't it's over what will. What you heard and all those answers in what the media was try to get out of him. Should -- be overconfident or more confident than he says well no we're not going to be more confident going in this game you don't wanna. Give anything for the Seattle CC was there overconfident they think they're going to be -- guys. You know to say is and always a factor -- what you have -- always the factory's gonna admit to that and Nazi nauert you know we we don't we don't pay attention the noise I mean. Coach Payton says everything that needs to be said. And has a good way in -- saying it because he just basically took any kind of ammunition. The Seattle media or the Seattle. Fans or team could have. Is this team comes in and it's ready to play them. Well we're gonna take another break but I want everybody to call us and Telus. Do you think the saints can win 260187260187. We'll be right back this is WWL. Top Manassas -- every year listening. We've listened to the coach but. Not Rob Ryan he was gonna talk but now he's not may be -- from the plane we'll find out but what we have. Are people fans who -- and others. Who have called and we wanna take your calls to 601878. And let's start with John in home. That's. -- -- -- aren't. You one thing. There you can upgrade and off for two marine -- Eat that -- The bird. Yeah you know John I think what everybody forgets is that first playoff meeting we were winning that game. Everybody seems to forget that what happened was it was on the defense event we have a lot of defense of injuries. In that game and we were playing and and running backs I -- remembered Reggie Bush was the only guy we had. And everyone was injured again for that for that game. So it caught up to us and -- we couldn't sustain that that that -- in our defense was so banged up. That that's why you saw Marshawn Lynch run like crazy over -- Charlotte and run like crazy over the saints in the last game. You're certainly yeah -- -- -- -- a lot of but. We that there -- But the truth is that role models. Per carry it and that's and Resop. Don't want -- -- that we -- More so like yeah yeah yeah and that war. Are there were -- back -- -- -- reluctant -- Florida. The -- -- give an. Accurate read these ticket that would change that would. You know that Abu. The last game the last game three weeks ago look. They got a rhythm quickly because. Ride away they had points on with the with the the first past the interception knocked out. Guy runs it back for a touchdown. That -- them off Broadway and yes there's the saints offense -- get a chance to get into rhythm so they've got to start off fast they've got to start off. Like you saw them you know a couple of games here in the superdome. Start off march march down the field. Get that touchdown get some lights -- out like they did New England I mean against the Eagles. Get some points on the board and then go from there than you can settled. Yes you're absolutely right there. You know yeah. Are -- we really appreciate your calling him thanks so much that some of the -- And I believe is that these Billy none -- Hello how -- you. I'm doing great and I really. I don't know doing all right right. Well listen I'm gonna tell you gonna win the game. This team coached owners. Have -- passion you know has been people apartments is still talking about them come down. After he lost they'll have an auction off that -- raise money for the Jewish men and the whole Cheney came all the way. Fort Jackson I'll have drops out in the black that's parish. And everybody is -- form and I just I got the field and and everybody down -- parish this is they're here again and you don't win this game. We wanna hear that thanks so much for Colin. Thank you -- than that yeah. -- Well -- I'm good how are you. Can add to. Oh yeah. You know -- on the true. Going to be it's going to be following that you contain that got on the story and would be right. It. Well you know let you know what -- Russell Wilson. -- we said he had a lights out game against the states. He looked fantastic but he didn't look that way all season. -- -- -- -- He had a light game against the and it. And they have been beaten at home the cardinals were able to beat them so -- it can be all right if you keep it close. No that's the that's the first loss Russell Wilson has had at home was -- the cardinals in the -- to -- in the area. Well okay but it if you don't you don't on the right block outlook will be all right yeah. Tickets we -- You've got a -- -- your adult to call thank you so much. Denise from -- to. I Angela. Thank you for sure. At that point yet and there and and I'm calling just give us female perspective. I'm really happy all the changes they've made as far as the psychological side and it within -- -- -- -- -- Gatorade. -- cold another agreement to hold the psychological and they don't like that music. It's like -- I woke up and realize that those things can really make a difference on a male health nurse and are like ten or eleven years and that kind of motivate and he's really helped. And so alpha male -- -- pay attention colored. But -- you into it to Egypt and night. And don't worry about what I was gonna. Mention in the last game of the Seahawks. I noticed that there are buried there. And uniforms just kind of from top to bottom line eat their hi thank -- very visible in saint I would never say changed their uniforms. But I wonder if they've ever considered doing anything to make them war. You know. Appearance -- -- his body -- by senator October. When its I'm a cancer awareness month they weren T. That paint the right decision accent and I wanted severed. Well it adds it. To -- Denise just alleged to change anything. On a uniform. First often has to go through the NFL they have to approve it so. If you gonna make any kind of changes to the uniform it takes about. Two seasons to go through. To get everything done and you know you can't just change it for the next week in right and and something like that so. So that's that's not gonna happen but I you know I I don't know I don't think the saints uniform needs any changes. I wouldn't aren't you and I'm back and change you know am -- on the uniform and as saying media. -- looked like -- Atlantic with a pink line. And you bring up a very good point you know you keep that everybody loves him all of the black that it's so powerful right out something -- people who -- gunning Angela but. A blink of gold at that Jessica -- Something that very visible and -- -- one entity well I'll luck as as the guy that spot for Jim Henderson. I don't want a -- gold Jersey because it's hard enough to see the numbers now we're -- -- -- for helping others that are -- -- -- I don't -- -- and look at all black is not a well I might as saying. I -- I think Drew Brees has been able to find the guys. He throws the ball where he throws the ball he throws it to their eyes. He doesn't throw to their hands them through their chassis throws it to where they can see it whether reaching with their hands to catch it. Away from everyone else not every quarterback does that. And that's why he's so accurate Mets one of the unique things he does -- he throws -- you know he puts it right where they can get it. And usually the -- the defense a guy cannot give it. If you see an interception thrown a lot of times it was the guy jumped the route the defensive guy jumped the route -- knew it or the receiver was. Kinda off where he was or drew didn't put it where it needed to be -- I knew that I that I we've had these great but -- to find import the job on their right. An -- on line here your whole thought -- on it and I really do and I think that. Some of the things that they've done the last couple weeks are gonna make it right it's the right now it is sort of jarring them and it's making them think and it's it's not just regular plays -- the other. Angle of the game. It does thank you so much for companies. What is that that running joke about football football is. 55%. To. Mental and 75% physical or something like that it's it's that it's a joke where you you end up with more than a 100% the figure it all out. I do like the idea of something flashing her. Gold bracelets goals something on the helmet that's you don't want wanna you know wanna do that -- -- that would be too distracting trying to. Stay with us everyone and keep calling 260170. We do wanna hear from you and if you think we can really pull this off now let's go to the newsroom. We got people calling in and were so happy to hear from you were gonna go to first Walter. Morgan City. -- -- -- beat it what does it what all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A lot of -- but their -- back. Leg and the corner. -- -- -- -- -- -- German German national average and I will be open. And it is all or. But. There ought to. Get the better equipped. The daughters -- back out shut down the. Thank you are wonderful to call in thank you very. Thing about may be receding in the playoffs when the Seattle got into the playoffs at seven and nine and won their division in the west that on the west -- was not very good. And the saints went up there and lost to them and and as we explained for the saints defense was already beat up at that point in. And things were kind of little rough on him there were down -- just Reggie Bush is their running back. And a couple of guys that they picked up off the practice squad so they did start to -- that game but eventually they couldn't overcome those injuries in Seattle was able to catch up. However. You know Seattle is a good team they do have some good players Pete Carroll has been able to put together. A lot of guys especially on defense. That are able to fly around the ball and move real fast they held to a lot of schemes I mean they're not a very and they will tell you that they're not a very fancy defense. They're just a bunch of routes they like to get out there. Hit the guy's bound -- the line Mickey Ron. One registering note the guy at the linebacker. That they use last time to help -- Jimmy Graham is hurt. So he probably will not play. In this game what does that mean I don't know. Could -- meaning Jimmy but Jimmy Graham could get open more but this guy it was a -- -- a linebacker fast climb back music we'll stay with Jimmy Graham and and pretty much neutralized him for that game. Chances are he's going to be out. Percy -- and they're still trying to figure out if he's going to be back in or not for the Seattle Seahawks. He had a surgery in August beginning of August on hip. And hip surgery. He's practiced once or twice this week they still haven't said and this is the gamesmanship whether he'll be full go or not. For the game on Saturday now. One interesting thing who -- Just to let you know as we know we like to look at all the stats what stats mean I don't know what their fund a look at. Since the 2005 playoffs. The number six seeds which the saints in the chargers are this week. Playing the number one seed. They're five and two. So we'd like that's that that's that's good that that bodes well for this so will will see but the the other number six season five and two vs the number one seeds since 2000. But you also says something in a break that was disturbing to me and that is yes. That Seattle is really their press is talking about San Francisco yeah it's like hello work the saints are coming in. And -- and and you know maybe they're just being cocky and think we really beat them badly which they did. But. Do they really think we've been sitting here twittering her thumbs. Well look Pete Carroll is trying to get in the heads of the media in Seattle and his own team to say look. Don't pay attention to what happened last time. Don't ride on that don't think that this is going to be the same team that's common in that you're gonna be the same team that's gonna take the field. Everything is brand new so he's trying to get ahead of his own team. Because the media there and the fans are already talking about bring on the forty niners because they think the 49ers will be the Panthers on Sunday. And the NFC championship game will be in Seattle against the NFC west foes 49ers. And Seahawks. Now. That history hasn't been written yet. And usually as we see how these things play out when you start to project that that's what's going to happen. Usually doesn't so somewhere along the lines something's gonna happen I mean it may end up. I think it may end up the saints and Carolina. Playing in Carolina for the NFC championship. Which would totally turned everything upside down wouldn't it the one thing I think that the NFL doesn't want. And I know we say this and people always mean the NFL doesn't want something. Roger Goodell especially they went ahead and did this thing against what everyone said and put the Super Bowl in New York City. Farmer's almanac has just read a -- their prediction. They are saying by the time the Super Bowl takes place on nor'easter is gonna be blowing in so it's going to be a snowy. Cold Super Bowl. They -- nightmare would be. For the two number six seats to make the San Diego Chargers that play in California in nice weather. And the dome team of the New Orleans Saints playing in a cold Super Bowl. In New York because that would just go to say look. This we shouldn't play games in cold weather and they've finally they've already admitted this week. After the game they're gonna look at it and make a decision on whether or not they should hold them in cold weather again. They're not -- And that -- that is of. Very interesting -- see you think when he out of the box you're thinking way ahead. You know I just think that's that's not you don't we have another call Nancy. -- -- I think that's the Arctic land. I have a projection we have thought it would it one and earned a -- are from. Is the don't have a lot. And I have simply don't want to. Greed. Recipient it'll make it up -- Regarding the -- there -- pathetic aren't great ideas and it's very much but time was talking about they don't believe in superstitions and I say let's create -- system. Roger it's it's routine it's not superstition if you ask any player it's not it's not a super says some may say but most say it's just. Their routine and and that's why coach great -- said. But change the color of the Gatorade we're gonna do this tournament you're trying to break the routine in -- OK let's start a new routine that we follow that leads us to win and it worked in Philadelphia. You can -- in Seattle they're gonna have whatever color Gatorade they had NCA in Philadelphia. They're gonna eat pop -- fried chicken in the locker room before hand. They're gonna Wear those sweats I mean everything that they did in Philadelphia they're gonna do in Seattle to try to replicate that same field. And to make sure that. You know part of it has to be a game we're talking the psychology of the game but these guys are gonna go to that very stadium where they weren't there student so a big. Portion of the brain has to be -- men are gonna show on this time that much better them but there's also going to be that little haunting -- only god this is what happened we didn't play well it and it depends. On the player every player reacts differently. Some some will say you know what we've been here already live and we've heard the noise twice. It's not that big a deal Leno will move -- we can handle it -- we can sustain it for this long. The weather we've played in rainy weather before we can sustain this long and look when you say in this the other when you say 98% chance of rain in Seattle. That may be a missed okay that that may not driving that we're not talking. Hurricane force torrential rains like you get in the Louisiana 90%. This might be just a little miss the little drizzle we don't know just enough to make it unpleasant. But. Can this team play in the rain we don't know. The article on the nfl.com I just read that case the weather report was kind of strange. Talking about Marshawn Lynch being a mother. You can run in the mud. But Reggie Bush isn't -- Reggie Bush isn't on our teams I don't care we can run in the -- or not. Can Mark Ingram and Kyra Robinson and we don't know yet and they may very well turn out to be those guys that we need the. Coach in his press conference even commented on the wet ball practice and do I've read where they are much more concerned about went to -- us. I'm far more defining issue yes the water yes and be a twenty mile per hour winds as with third and that's not insignificant. Now snuffed. You know especially on a passing team but as they showed this past week they can run. Now that'll build some confidence for that offensive line there were able to make holes and were able to make them all year long that hey guys we can do it. And we just got to go out as Bobby Hebert would say and -- a snot bubble in their nose and walk a mile away -- get the job done. We love Bonnie Blair and Nancy thank you very much for calling and I I think we should should suggest that take a little piece of actor and never hurt. Jordan. You do a good -- that. -- -- called Israel ought. About Mark Ingram. I believe that it is now got this. You know content mine. Epic -- in -- downhill. All the -- running game -- short alone. What Peter -- now is you know guilt thing that was a key factor in him performing so well last week in -- they'll do the same that we. I think it was. Mark has said in Miami hasn't come out and said it but other people have said it about and there are certain types of running backs that like to get a lot of carries. And though that there of the featured guy. And as the game goes on the get a little stronger. Mark Ingram may be that guy and he seems to be like that Kyra Robinson seems to be that way as well. You know Pierre Thomas is the kind of guy you can just bring him in at any point and you know orchard and again. He's gonna run like he always runs. There are some running backs that the more you hit them the more they get pounded the more they pounded into the line. Then they start to figure out what the defense is doing and they start over power him as -- get tired and they run harder. Marshawn Lynch is like that. And I think Mark Ingram may be that way as well. And hopefully. Will see him on that heart again and the confidence of his run hitting the holes in the guys break making the holes on the offensive line. That's gonna be key as to how well we run this week in Seattle. Thank you so much Jordan. Are you ready from Denham springs. I don't know on Eric. -- -- -- -- -- -- He will work from palm top achieve that district currently aren't a lot. And body -- because communications and it does work if we're not talking about. All of she did debate being against Seattle is you have to. Play well that you have to control the game. It control you sell within the first eight to ten minutes of the game against Seattle on this is the reason why. Betty -- you know this game is predicated on common out giving it based on defense and intimidate you. And they intimidate teams in tune these -- And that you can work on it get into a normal bowl game not our hearts go on offense. At all in it you just got to weather the ball play good defense and play good offense in you whether the story can be Chia. Yeah Seattle has had a couple of games where they did score a lot of points but a lot of it is like you set off defense of turnovers and and making the other team make mistakes. I'm. You know in big game against the saint Russell Wilson as we've pointed out ad nauseam had a great game. And played really uncharacteristically of how he's been able play. For most of his his career he has had those flashes of brilliance he and he and Colin caper and a -- predict are a lot alike. And that respect. More sold those to her life -- like them either one of them is like Cam Newton I think Cam Newton. As come into his own this year and Cam Newton has developed. The pass first before he runs now. Caper make a kind of done has done this year Russell Wilson has started to do a little bit better this year and -- start to recognize those reads in those passes. But I think those two -- more alike. The NC Cam Newton Cam Newton that the problem with the Cam Newton. As opposed to Russell Wilson. Korea are Colin can't predict is their big. It's like trying to tackle linebacker when those guys take off running -- Russell Wilson as fast and elusive but he's not that big I think he's maybe a half inch shorter than Drew Brees yeah. Grow and so he's he's another one of these. Smaller quarterbacks -- over achieving in the NFL. -- thing I noticed you want to thank Jim Ingraham is also he's an unbelievable. But if that. Jimmy -- got -- man up that prompts when -- when they offered him off but why. Is a little intimidated. And and it has been as you know that's not crazy to say. But it's close and completely off his game he's -- the -- -- -- Seattle he's got to get open when they explode or open -- -- -- lot. Jim and I think that's that's part of it look part of it is also. He's been dealing with that foot injury. And a lot of LSU had it not and I've had it in trust me it's painful. You can perform with that you can do what you need to do but when you're getting bumped you have to push off. Don't make your cuts and push off to get away from those guys that's where you feel the pain is where he goes to push off like that and that's probably. He's not gonna come out and say at teams are gonna come -- say it. But I can tell you that may be why you don't see him push -- as hard when these guys are bumping him because it's it's kind of -- painful form. And you see what and I think walking -- you have an advantage. But some sort of outline -- a lot of what they played in Carolina and that it was like he works in the cart communications consultant. He's had walked in. Was package update in the broad view about he without articles seven -- to pop up again. A reason we get. So -- -- -- -- talent appeared palaces getting in he's also a lot. -- -- -- Symbian if if England can continue to do what he's doing I think that's a big advantage -- Seattle also. Great thanks so much for calling and all your inside and we want to. Market -- to stay with this will be right back this is Angela under the to -- well. I'm so grateful to top Manassas who knows so much about football and the saint. And other teams and I may make an -- -- as we go along no you don't you're very very knowledgeable. And I also very grateful to our callers so let's get to -- Harvey from Metairie. I -- don't. Call. It like I want to comment. About Seattle who. -- -- -- -- -- But we did beat the saints. Since then there complaint or they play -- changes. They want Hillary lost true wanna worry that they want. To be fine. I think that the saints on the other end. And it looked like the greatest human world against a play and they really even states. Very well against equals. That they're ready to witness game. What other -- everybody's talking about Mark -- It appears to me that forward to it appears. The only -- use marketing most of all it's -- it's middle law. Our -- -- extreme -- producing marketing group. Tackle -- brown. And his performances from its. I think the guy. Here and so. On so. Heavily on. Well number. There are the reason they ran him straight ahead I mean look Mark Ingram you've got him he's your batter program. He's the guy you wanna run right at the line over and over and over to Wear him down. And and eventually you break it out and then you can have the other guys do the stuff on the yet. Darren Sproles academy only goes around this the end Pierre Thomas can do that too with no Pierre Thomas mile Mark -- do -- he's been at for fairly well last week. And by the way. All social -- so. What artery problems. And I don't vote chipper but at 1 PM NBC announcers. And all estranged said that -- patent troll -- That the only thing keeping. Larry Robinson from being a great player bushel on Payton -- -- violent. Right exactly and that's that's anyone of the running backs media so you know -- I like your attitude I like your thought process and thank you very much -- for call. Or we'll keep Mike from Hammond. Hi Angela is a lovely show. And -- god my question for you seller is. How can they overcome. The tight coverage around receivers. This week that they still in this plant yeah I heard you say that. One guys covered you know. Our receiver -- yeah now. Covered together the guys that primarily the linebacker they used on Jim Ingraham yeah. Ride so. What can make do do efforts. You know unlocked it tight coverage. Well first off they got to give Drew Brees time. Last time around if you remember the defense our offensive line did not keep Drew Brees. Upright -- the next people like him apart that keep them given enough time he was zero -- everywhere they Arenas face. When that happens you -- break down these guys can't get open. He did have time to do all these check out if you if you would look at the film. After a play happen. Where we go through the ball was not there or he had to scramble run. If you look at the play is breaking down and drew starts to scramble you'll see. A Lance -- you know you'll see a Marcus Colston suddenly guilt but by then he didn't have time. To wait for that to happen. Our receivers know how to get open they know how to get away from these guys and we've got to we've got a good core of receivers run by drew spreads the ball around so much when you look at some other teams you've got. You know Detroit's got -- front. You name any the other guys they got receiver there. No you can't. You know same thing in Dallas would Dez Bryant can you name any the other guys not really now that's the big target that they use yet we get Jimmy Graham. But we also through to the other guys as well Marcus Colston. Has quietly that's why they call in the quiet storm has quietly been. Getting receptions and moving up the chart in the kitchen catching for the saints I mean he doesn't have as many as Jimmy Graham but he's right up there a year Thomas out of the backfield. He led all risks all -- backs in the league. For catching the ball out of the backfield. Policy so so or anything be different this week. So that. Offensive line can give him more time. I think I think with Toronto Armstead who has been playing very well as a rookie on the line I think he's got a lot of confidence he was able to keep. Woods and yeah I've drawn a blank -- the Eagles guy off of him last week Trent Cole off of him. I think you're gonna see the whole offensive line with a lot more confidence playing this game and they'll be able to keep drew. Protected I love the power of positive thinking and I felt the whole last hour and a half top Manassas thank you. Our listeners thank you stay with -- we're going to be talking elections for the next hour. But now let's go to the newsroom.