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1-9-13 3:10pm Angela: on the upcoming elections

Jan 9, 2014|

Angela talks about the upcoming elections with a pair of experts: Dr. Ed Chervenak of UNO and Dr. Albert Samuels of Southern.

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Yes Christmas is over the new year has begun in in the almost two and a half weeks we're gonna have a very important election for mayor for City Council and for a new coroner among other offices. We're also going to start our New York educating ourselves on who is running for watch. With the experts are beloved friend doctor Ed Sherman act political scientist from -- enough. Joins us again cannot thank you enough. And a little bitten thirty minutes or so doctor Albert Samuels is an associate professor of political science at southern university in Baton Rouge is gonna join us. Because this is very important and it's it is. This is gonna dictate a lot for the next four years. And yet in less than three weeks were going to be pulling levers. Absolutely we get that choose our leaders who will be in power for the next four years and and the question is is. Whether voters want to maintain continuity with the current administration or do they wanna change in direction they want new faces on the council. And the mayor's office. Let's start with the mayor because when you land and -- who were here last. Judgment Maris had just stepped down from his judgeship and put his name of the -- and this sort of hit the ground running. And and is now I think prop perhaps getting Mitch Landrieu to step up his game. Having to spend money. And that Michelin has had two beautiful spots that the musical sponsor just breathtaking. You know which went on talking to I've seen the the first two I haven't seen the the -- -- it's just very powerful. Anyway but a lot of money. So he obviously said now I've got somebody chasing a -- experiment. Judge back Maris has gotten 170000. Dollars pretty quickly. Yes now he's third -- very well with this initial fund raiser on their goal is to raise about 400000 dollars for the campaign. And they know that. They have to spend that money quickly and wisely because they need to boost up. His name recognition numbers. Changed least -- need to get up to at least 85%. So that's their goal right now. And you can see it in his initial land where he introduces himself you know where he grew up Torre went to school. Any kind of quickly moved out of that phase and I was gonna talk about what he wants to do it's it's not enough just to. Criticized the mayor you've got to convince people. That Natalie is the mayor and need to be replaced but I can replace them with good sound policy so he needs articulate that house. Just the overall sense of I've gotten an in a very short period of time is that judgment nearest to saying. But I'm very qualified I've been around a long time and it's a different what does the word different manner. The present mayor does it this way I'm gonna do it this way. Well even more than that. He's got to convince voters that things are worse now today. And they were four years ago so what he wants voters who was engaged in this retrospective evaluation. And am I better off today than it was four years ago and he needs to convince voters that they are worse off. Now. I mean when I look at the quality of -- Poland and and other polls. That's going to be a tough sell because there is some measure of optimism out there overall -- certainly in some areas of the city. You can safely argued yes they're not they're there may be worse off than they were four years ago. Certainly not everyone is enjoying and the prosperity and growth of the city and that's something that. Judge -- seeking to tap into other are other candidates. For mayor. The other candidates. And look at. Well yes yes yes. We have -- that -- king who was the president of the local chapter of the NAACP. And Jimmy Bruno on who is a perennial candidate. And you know not sure really how to how seriously -- I think my next life I'm gonna become perennial candidate. I really do I'll just run for everything knowing -- seventeen votes. A friends and that's. You get your name in the paper in the medium -- But. Listening to you mr. king his his take on on the situations that we have to newer ones. That there's certain areas of the city that are doing very very well. Certain areas of the city that are not and that the mayor is not doing enough to help those areas that are still depressed and so. And it is also another big issue obviously is it's cheaper oil service that anyone -- thinks he said he will do if he is elected -- It is you know bring in new police chief right away and cut you know company's strategy to deal with the violence in the city. Do you think it will be. Do you think he'll be around. It's hard to say. You know if you're at about -- 62% approval of the mayor is you know you've got about a ten point cushion there I think in terms of vote choice. So I think it's a good probability that he can avoid a runoff from the insane and he he he will and to single minor numbers if you look at the numbers that. There's a good chance that he can avoid the real issue is when the election in which is in the middle of sort of playoff time fun time and good time. But it -- election time. -- it's it's there's lots of distractions out there. You know the saints won and so it's not -- -- people talking about the saints rather than talking about the campaign. I'm and I'm sure judge Greg Maris is a big saints fan but. Each tallied as -- and see the saints win in Seattle because the metal be the only topic of discussion and he'll have a lot of difficulty getting through all that noise. So. It is it's going to be very very hard to get people to focus within the next couple weeks. You know. To you know so it's those incumbents who have the name recognition. That you know they're gonna have the advantage and you know with the that the new with the challengers their two biggest issue obviously -- money. When we look at campaign finance reports they're lagging far behind incumbents and so again that's. Difficult makes it difficult for them to increase their name recognition and I was reading that some of the the end. People who donated -- people who have you know. Been upset with Maryland yes yes they're the ones who are going to fund. Yes. And others. You know there's you know some probably on the lake view this like a court 20% that is just not gonna vote for the mere hand. You know so they're looking to you know to replace him. And in May -- be just against the -- just I think there's something just. About the Landrieu name that upsets a lot of these individuals they're not just in time it's slander their anti. Mary Landrieu as well -- I I think there's just that Cora there that just opposes the Landers in general and we'll do everything to they can. To make sure that he's defeated. It might incorrect and that I read. There will. The next time this happens it will be a fall election that's correct is that we don't get in this again that's just happened four years ago. Yes and we had very low voter turnout yes so to remedy that yes. What happened was the League of Women Voters. Did an analysis and they convinced the state legislature. That they needed to move the dates of the mayoral elections from the spring to the fall because of the conflict. With Marty -- and then of course the conflict with the Super Bowl really highlighted. Just you know how -- soon the mayoral election became. Compared to everything else -- and so yes so we will be moving to follow elections form. Mayoral and council elections four years from to. The next time yes you know we're gonna do we're going to take a quick break and come back we're gonna continue our top with doctor and Sherman act. And look at the council races and some other very important races. We're gonna have a new coroner one way or the other and we've got a very contentious sheriff's race right after this. In less than three weeks we will be going to the polls to vote on a new mayor on a new corner and new sheriff. And new counsel people Ed doctor Ed Sherman act from UN -- always are welcome guest here helping -- sort of learn the ropes. But let's start with the caller Craig. You call in -- -- campaign finance. Yes I would call and a question. In regard to judge -- -- Qualifying. If he was unable to talked to anyone about and running. It was a church that's the engine -- he he resigned on December 11. -- -- -- -- -- He qualified on December 13 particular that it can't think our report he raised on December 13 170000. When he -- -- and one day. He was able to pull it together that quickly. Yes. And the reason this is that consulting as a professional business and that there are people. Who are professional fund raisers and you hire these people to you know the basically build a mail list and then reach out to individuals who will contribute to campaigns. So there's a structure there already. In terms of just a professional services and of course. You know -- Wouldn't disclose that expenditure campaign finance. Report. I don't know -- if I can't speak to that because I'm seeing his campaign finance report. But I'm sure that that expenditure will be there if it's not their it'll eventually will be there you know because he has to put on the expenditures first consultants. For printing -- and and all that so this really looking crank at the timing of things. -- he could get a consulting are you know with an update if you put it equality. Is if you can't speak about it we're sure. Look at -- certificate. Louisiana coach judicial work our racial -- So he can't speak about it should anybody it was a Wednesday. Birdie. And then. Every. 170000. -- our dollar and -- It you know it's possible. I'm sure my -- but once he resigned in cherry picked up the phone and called a consultant and then it consultant it's on the phone and they and they start talking in their people and. A little bit campaign contributions -- you look at them most of campaign contributions come from trial turning. That's no surprise either that's -- actually most judges get their campaign finance funds are from trial lawyers credit I really appreciate you calling. Okay. Let us move on -- we can too -- City Council. Because we're gonna have some. Perhaps maybe some changes. Absolutely. -- the one change that we do you know happen is that it will go back to being in a majority African American council. Post-Katrina that hasn't been the case I'm just -- go back to the way. Things used to be it is a majority black electorate. Only nine when a crunch numbers typically about 53% of voters are African American. When we look at that the City Council races we're we're seeing their challenges across the board. I did talk to some of the challengers and and a lot of what they talk about primarily. Especially young candidates as. Tomorrow is now it's time for change in leadership it's time for new face it's time for new -- That you know. You know there are now bracing young children. And they say they fear for the future for their children can they trust. You know Jason Williams. Who's running in for console large mention effective can he trust his son. To New Orleans. Ten years from. And that's of this is why he's getting involved. So a lot of people a lot of the talent just feel it's you know just the same old. Same old and the incumbents basically have stronger relationships with those. Political insiders than they do with their voters and so. In challengers feel that that relationship has kind of been skewed its relationship should be with the voters now with the political insiders. Interesting that to the mayor came out and endorsed. Since they had to round. And clearly you know we've -- good working relationship here let's let's continue that yes. Certainly the mayor wants to have enough votes to prevent Vito. Miller or an override of his beat analysts'. And you know. Even though you know the city charter gives the Maryland power of the mayor can't do everything by himself he doesn't have the power of coming. He needs the cooperation. Of others primarily City Council to get things done. Mean it's the nature of the American pokes its system we divide authority crossed the branches. And so we require them to work together. To get things done and so he does need his allies on the City Council and so we can't bring begrudge -- the fact that he's going to be endorsing individuals. Who he feels he has a good working relationship. Stacy four council large hands. Eugene green. You know here's a real study in contrasts in this race -- Stacy had news post-Katrina. Candidate district be representative. An advocate for good government transparency and accountability. I'm going against Eugene green. Who is a product of the William Jefferson regime and also was a member of the morial administration. And so you have you yet here here's your choice you know UK and go with who you know she's the incumbent who you know in terms of she asked tough questions on how the money being spent or do you wanna go back to someone. Who was in power. During the time when city government was not efficient it was mismanaged it was corrupt and so. You know but of course the question is do you want change. For council district and councilwoman Susan entry has to upon it. Yes. Actually -- history. That -- the contest so David has so -- and Jason Coleman's parents. Jason Coleman young African American. Mom is involved in the taxicab industry. He believes the tax reforms that in the promoted by. Council member injury and others our unfunded mandate. And that taxi cab driver just need more time. And grants to help finance the changes that the counsel opposing them. He also believes that the council should be more independent from the mayor and good pass though is a labor lawyer. Who advocates a working wage for city workers. So not really sure he's a good ideological fit for the district this is the most Republican district in the city 2.2 percent. Or Republican identifiers in the district and amateur they're gonna vote for someone. Was advocating. For a working wages which means increased taxes. To pay for city workers. And Andrew Ward he's the only Republican. Interesting fellow. He's his approach or his argument is that New Orleans is but the City Council was taken kind of just outside in. Top down approach to. Development regulation. That's not about. Seeing. Small businesses here. It's about just looking each for big box retail succumb and and kind of take over. And he says were swapping -- for Campbell Soup. Am. And his his his argument is that the core the real core of the -- promised poverty that you can tie everything else all the problems that we have. To poverty in the -- we deal with poverty the city can move forward. -- councilwoman Jackie Clarkson jumped right back. Yes the three minute retirement brief period basically. And she basically was besieged by calls from the mayor on down. To get into. The district seat contests once council member Palmer decided she was going to run for reelection. Of course that made an open seat and so that's where we see. A lot of challengers. Her so. Obviously Clarkson nose at districts the voters know her. She's being challenged by -- -- Moran who was. The this -- world analysts school board. Also Nadine Ramsey who. Unsuccessfully ran for mayor four years ago. Carlos Williams and Ellis Wyms. And were. Former -- Ramsey does the nearly arguments pretty much the same it's time for change. That in fact what's really going on is that. Jackie Clarkson isn't necessarily breaking the law but circumventing the law of term limits she was term -- at the large. And she's Kansas sliding over into the district CC. And that it's just time for change right that we just -- new faces. When we -- it. Talked to Carlos Williams. He works and hospitality industry his idea is to. Retrained. Individuals to basically. Convince businesses to come here and that he has his own retraining program that he says is the successful he would like to implement this on the larger scale. To help develop the city economic. Okay we're gonna have to take a break and go to news that but please stay with discuss this is important it's very important to our city. We're gonna learn more about some of these candidates. And in this next half hour will be joined by doctor Samuels from southern in Baton -- to talk about some statewide events not in this election. But the ones that are coming up pretty quickly. Now let's go to -- -- Well we're talking about the election that will be in less than three weeks an election is going to affect all of us. Doctor Ed Sherman act from you went oh we've been talking about that the council districts let's wrap up with council district Dini said. -- sure we have Jerry preset. Running against -- of doing and don't -- of law. It's an open seats but larger percent is spent closely aligned with moral family throughout his political career actually started out in council members girls. Office as chief of staff. And so that the -- challenge results Avalon and just -- we. Are looking to prevent what they considered and an ointment. -- believe that he's been anointed to take over. Cynthia has -- seat. But they're also running on the issues. In me you know they talk about more jobs more economic opportunities funding internships. That they need to improve the quality of life and district. I talked to them don't several he. Feels that their needs to be fewer loopholes in code enforcement. One of the reasons we still have lots of blatant district. This is just a lack of of code enforcement and so. You know if if you want this issue dealt with then he's the man put in that seat. At fort district eighty councilman James grain. Running against a former. -- moments yes it. Yes. Interest saying that as the -- you know she's kind of an incumbent slash challenger. She was representative of district he for 22 terms was immensely term imminent. Seeking to regain that seat. And I think it's going to be difficult I think people. I mean she's very likable she's just an excellent campaign there. But I think. People basically said look we gave you an opportunity. We're gonna look elsewhere this time. Andre Kelly is one of these he yeah the young guys who is looking to get on the City Council. -- economically it's just not happening in district. Yeah its nice to -- the big box businesses but we need small businesses in the east and you know areas in need to attack -- aggressively especially -- The major quarters and so he's one of -- tomorrow is now individuals. We are now joined by doctor Albert Samuels is an associate professor with the science at southern university in Baton -- answer I really appreciate you joining us. Can't sit there we go from a local election. That's coming up very quickly took the little forward. What's happening with in the states. Also this year but in the fall. And we have they'll be run for governor in the other runs just sort of an overview thought from new. Well. First. Appreciate the work you know to be doing your programs. It. Pat apps that -- effective. This year I've been after her travel quiet it -- of these exit with the exception. Special election in the fifth district. Believe -- the -- -- retreated to order of the next two years of a lot of campaign. We the US senate race. Sent to Maryland June. Seeking the full term. And the Republicans have and both independent state and nationally. These -- in this one. Most vulnerable Democrats. And do we -- in the in the the rebels in the bill capacity. Who promoted to assist where it is it is it is -- main town of politics. Or at least. At least most those. Mean it's one to a count as well that could be global -- field in a row and can't in my mind of my life. In this could be be. Republicans think divisional. This year could be the year that they found in -- Mary Landrieu. That may be seeing where we can expect to in the a lot of -- that money it was already being spent. Yes it is. In the spots are already running. In you know because of the -- buses. In the America's prosperity you are running an answer packing. Scandal Andrew. And certainly front and center in this campaign is point to be be affordable care. And what impact that will have on on. Her. Well actually the -- it potentially disconnect because it both ways. -- is certainly would be Lou who. Her Republican challengers all going to try. Two. Run against Serbs less and as she voted for the local care. And try to explain to Louisiana is -- the local volunteers ex CE whichever term you prefer. Is this really definitely a bad deal and you know and you know the Louisiana purchase those the -- to go to our use her vote that the two don't put it will look at it against her. And I -- And as certain as as an and certainly would be the unfortunate rollout. -- candidate on the no probably did not help. First of a process similar Andrew. But they don't try -- -- the that is that the what what they're they're hoping is that Obama care is very unpopular it befall. And and led to will be will be part with this. There's also. -- -- probably going to be effective way of run against President Obama. But you know if and when I'm reading you all would know more is that she's very close to becoming. Head of the energy committee which is a very powerful position. And hopefully you're. And from -- Andrew just think that her people really push that to say we don't wanna lose that as a state. Yeah at it didn't make an epic that academic and that it was in Iran -- Matt Matt Matt. Not skeptical about -- the power of the drug. I really don't think -- believe the Iranians Dolores agree. Care about it that much. That can be proved wrong. And we'll move -- I mean we. I'm just remind them 1990. Wind. David -- Challenge. David Geffen and David David just based on the disabled list that he was known -- into committees. -- that did did out of the -- -- to be Appropriations Committee and was bringing millions of cells Louisiana's. And quite regularly in the world that -- -- David duke -- when it opens on the ovals statewide and fix it was so the white vote. Problem I'm not so certain that. A lot of -- a lot of voters. To hear about that these issues OK let their position as much as a lot of us political insiders think they ought to. Hold on stay with this we're gonna continue our conversation about. They upcoming election and the one a little further along with doctor Albert Samuels and doctor incher and right after this I'm Angela under the -- It is election time with him doctor Albert Samuels from southern university in Baton Rouge and doctor -- connect from UN -- And and doctor Samuels let's continue on with there was a poll I think it was before Christmas or after Christmas but it was. For the governor's race and it showed that. -- bitter and Andrew would be leading. That was surprising I don't know why should be surprised that a -- your thoughts on the well. Some of at this point it is name recognition. And in they visit the BetaNews the most well known Republicans and stabilizes and -- because it was a -- Ms. Glynn -- the -- -- the most well known Democrat. They are available so. But at this point that name recognition that you know. That's what actually what I would expect. With you know. But that's all those numbers mean right now. Bill don't have a different meaning about a year so there. And your thoughts. No I know I totally agree it is on name recognition. And and not only -- -- name well known throughout the state put them at center was also elected lieutenant governor yes several times owners are familiar with him as well. Doctors say this you had mentioned. Had commented about to have rushed into the bill Cassidy is decision. So they'll be no incumbent in the sixth congressional district what are you seeing there. Well you know -- politician's dream publicist dream is -- -- -- It was an opportunity to -- -- -- because they have. You know at least he's quite a bit so would we expect to be -- be crowded field. Probably. At least right now one of the -- -- that -- have been in it raises stakes the day plated. But could have a chronic that a bit of this democratic field and that and and there are people who. This in this as a candidate who who who have announced this bill people like Tony Perkins. Those you know look it's our wish is intrusive camera was also from them bad and China area. Who made is that they will call the -- for the spoke -- -- -- Voted democratic field at the district that is. Obviously will Republicans that was huge advantage. After American -- as a valid point 2% of the electorate. That's one of the consequences redistricting. Those issues. So that is if the Republicans the district to move. The Democrat -- to -- in the seats. Other -- cholesterol while attending and that. But that would -- -- crowded field. And. Well a -- please stay with us everyone we're gonna continue our talk about. All kinds of elections run activists. Thank you doctor Ed Sherman back and doctor Samuels. -- we'll continue our discussion on election another time thanks so much now let's go to the newsroom.