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1-9 4:20pm Deke, Saints vs. Seahawks

Jan 9, 2014|

Deke spoke to Clark Judge, NFL writer for CBSSports.com, about how the Saints-Seattle match up will turn out.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

One of the top gentlemen who -- the National Football League force CBS sports dot com Clark. George -- just now -- before we really focus in on the Saints and Seattle all of the full game this week in what do you think is the best matchup. I think Carolina's camp but it will probably is and make the odds makers he could make the fortunate one point favorite. But that's -- an intriguing game to me mean. Carolina won -- one out if it's as though it here that they support that -- -- that could pay back here and being owed them one it's a tough game to call because. Gillick simply took that experience here but Carolina's static terrific defense they played very well they got momentum. That he was sixteen of last twenty dating back to last year and they are hot and 017. Big gains in the one game is the opener to Seattle well. And -- wind. You know running back the end of way and coupled on the equal -- with five minutes ago it could've been one that into -- -- it again. The most intriguing. Some other match -- of course Allen is in agreement as well but that's how the bit about that one in the AFC Denver and San Diego and San Diego has played down the streets at five Juan gone as we now six someone. -- really rushed for about a -- level that. It just looks like that maybe it and it close a match up that that the tempo the make with the saint Clark. Yeah I agree yeah and and it's not just the way to play them stretches where they've played Denver and he let it. San Diego and designating it -- to cover years ago but they beat Denver in Denver a month ago. And they beat Denver in Denver six of the last eight times they've played there and the Catania but you know Peyton Manning. What they did a little against the remaining in the plant the patent number for whatever reason so there's a lot. Pressure on the home team to beat -- in this game they are the better team there's no question about it. But nine and a half points to ten points I I'm with you wanna see it as being that big -- -- his vehicle could pull the upset here. I I don't know that they're going to do but I think they could I felt much better about their chances that we feel in. Cincinnati but made -- -- and it took the ball over -- any -- that you -- outscored twenty -- in the second half as he did angles that fit. I don't Indian elected chances. But they've got to get -- -- -- -- in arteries in the east -- Bothered by an ankle injury you'll play but he's the guy was critical to -- except the month ago. He didn't play in the second half last week in Cincinnati because that England did that got to get them. Clark how can folks follow all -- great stuff on Twitter. Well they can go to like gadget that CVS. But. You know I I I don't I'm up in that -- -- they should be. But that's remedy that. -- now all the -- folks Hussein is the last and Indianapolis and new England and Indianapolis Amanda talk about it remote emotional roller coaster. How how do they come down off of that and your thoughts on that matchup new England and Internet. Yet I don't think they do come down from that but -- -- could not overcome Tom Brady Brady on the very difficult to beat as genuine note -- -- at home here document knowingly. He's eleven and three in the playoffs at home because one of the game's best quarterback that -- and you look at what's going on here again that we would probably the better team only because we've got the better quarterback but it suffered a kind of law -- Brady does it stop. Five receivers last year. -- -- -- -- the linebacker. But that that's starting lineup and indeed what bill that well for the top that the player that that in that -- that the player. Start Mayo bowed out to -- to keep a lead in an island there banked opposite team. It's really banged up and adopted not practice in that we couldn't walk in the vet said he. It -- back Tom Brady is on Tom Brady. You that was a lot more than you lose it in the deal on Indianapolis here to do what they did a week ago and and they take up a lot of points and these guys because. And imagine knowing the people that holes that day. You've got you know it's somebody he's gonna put a lot of points up on it and it he's not there and do it Alex Smith and that fatigue in the second half with just sort of go away. I'd be a tough team to with a at that point where I'd get a ticket to be close to that but I do like we -- because Brady. All right -- now on I'll matchup Saturday the first game -- kicks off this divisional weekend in New Orleans Saints at the Seattle Seahawks. Point when you saw the good from the possibility clock and now you look at it maybe one or two things it just jumps out right at -- first -- compliment you think the Saints at Seattle this weekend. Well that's sort of equipment what. Think it last week which to win without really Drew Brees you mean yet so so game but he won because -- running game that's impressive because when you go to. Seattle. You better have some that other than a quarterback that said yeah you're not gonna put an 85 yards rushing in these guys this is a very difficult place to win night. I needed -- easily happen early human I think when he's not happening 2010. -- -- when they're against the seventh in nineteen they law and and a lot of people that he would leave the feet up partners that they went up there. Very difficult play the plane because annoyed because a lot of other factors but the noises. Our intent is so intense that the Giants went on that I met when they went there and it to eleven illegal procedure penalties very tough place to win so. I'm departed on the -- here and I think you know the thing that popped it about upset a lot of people think maybe it is that the time and played. I'm not want them by I think that Saints playoff road ends here aggregate in the affluent going to be out. Later tonight maybe that's what point in this in -- thing. Because it's it can be so difficult to overcome. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The probably get the turnover here. It's going to be tough -- up there -- -- the -- and obviously the odds makers. With me on this one because they need to think any point underdog I think that's probably pretty reasonable. Clark and now -- Fourteen that have gone and had some success this season Tampa Bay had some success from today game and Brandon -- for the half that in the gallery down -- to come back. But -- Arizona as of late or aura some things teams have head to do to go -- -- to just hang around me would go back and we look at I know you don't wanna point out that. The first game prop five histories the Saints don't -- -- take -- today tko is that he really doesn't do any good talk about that birdie with the first three draft at the Saints. You know my first played a game minus four yards Pierre Thomas replaced three yards. Of one minute appointments that -- so you're not only don't have but 11 down in the first quarter. A handful he ought to get your first first down put it down seventeen to zero UQ but the -- it's a touchdown so. You obviously can't he looked -- start but what does that things those teams that when they have had a chance to win would they be successful. Well the only team -- evening -- that can't remember only one once the Islanders don't air's done one would like that defense was in Carson Palmer threw for an attempted Beckett. And it still one that's not supposed to happen if they shut down well you got to keep him. In the pocket it's it's odd to say because if you think you know what would you gotta keep Drew -- Apocalypse Now -- remixes. Libyan promote quarterbacks you let the world and so being outside the pocket that he's a Smart quarterback in inside the pocket. He has had some trouble you know -- downfield and make contemplate. He's a special guy he's a playmaker probably make that played outside make the play that late. And with his arm outside the pocket keep it in their attitude and you look what they're building did they bottled up and and he would. And the NC Utley had a lot of trouble -- ten point connecting you tend not fall behind these guys that is so. Critical opening tip attempt that when he went up in. And they let him get back in the game is being played very well be sensibly and -- opposite but you cannot fall behind at the Saints did that seventy nothing you talked about. Because you start taking chances. These guys live on that he can pressure the pocket and the ride -- takeaways and turnovers led the league in interceptions. But Lee could take -- at -- -- has said that it made it to bury -- -- -- and he'll thrive on that so he can't get too far behind because they don't gamble and when he gamble. That that's when the really take advantage of -- so. I looked at what happened against north that happens a lot of being there I mean. It's that he not only he currently the only usually hasn't allowed an opponent to score on the opening drive so that the total set early he does something early. Media in a close game if he can't explain to tip your troubling yet. Clark off the format of this week Q do you think this is the one it's most. Likely not to be cloves the Saints at this and. That's sort of my feeling you have never look at it that of the four teams in the four games that's the one I'm pretty sure about. And the people come and attempted to benefit the physically -- that didn't -- win. But not too sure about it on this planet to kind of look at you know everything he stack up against the world again I -- they won on the road let -- that's important. But it's something that went two weeks in a row and you know went up there really nobody wins the needle -- he wanted to see -- I could find the odds of that happening really really difficult thing. Capable of going to the conference championship at the things that people don't. But to go this way you go to Seattle and played at the defense and afterward that there -- out of it happen. NFL writer for CBS sports dot com on his great work is right the CBS sports -- Clark do it caught. Thank you so much to break it down all the games for us to give us of extreme it's I don't the Saints in Seattle. Let's put it thank you.