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1-9 4:35pm Steve Korte, feels good about Saints

Jan 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

That's willing to all of this and six the 70 and this evening here on a course like Crown Royal -- players show -- don't say -- that it. Moment NFL defensive MVP of member of the rain dome patrol. A member of the New Orleans Saints offensive linemen in the eighties when they became a power in the -- that -- particularly the NFC with Steve cordon of about sports that. And a fans first they don't just now Steve a lot of people feel that via the Saints can make this to close the game but not me Theo. They can win it when you think of the New Orleans Saints and the Seattle Seahawks may be what's the first key for the Saints you think comes to mind the. Well you know what he it's funny you mention I. I know I have felt more confident about this game that I did last game and only from the standpoint of the way they performed last week. Certainly told me that they're putting it in stride and a good time because I think when they begin to run the football. And I think that sort permeate through the whole team and I think that actually helped the defense so well at the same time when you look at. Nobody elected Drew Brees who loses superstar as the years. Has a kind of a pedestrian day as he did. It's nice to -- that you don't have to rely on Drew Brees to throw for four yards and four touchdown to give yourself shot the win choke. I think -- hit it at a good time he can actually feel more confident about it then that I did last week's game. And it and that's odds are due to what they did owner wrote last week goes Stephen you know despite. Now the two picks in the first half in falling behind seven -- six -- offensive line seemingly started to gain control of the last Edmonton effort there. Yeah they certainly did on his talent yet that is one of those things that. You know as an offensive line begins to sort of get their confidence and it became the exact their will on defense. Two lead at that speaks volumes because that permeates like that before you're tired teams aren't that confident you. And you can run the football control the clock especially hostile environment like -- going to be. Are -- sort of taken their game away from about being they're gonna lie obviously again and again try to -- -- You know get a lot of heavy Marshawn Lynch here and then obviously you mix it up put Russell Wilson but I. It would be hard for me to believe it that this that Drew Brees would have these kind of two mediocre games in a row like to see that happen as well as. I don't know I just beat them if the defense is playing the way -- -- -- that this is going to be promising for us. Steve court former Saints offensive lineman his auspicious he has given me his take on the Saints and the Seattle Seahawks could -- Stephen Thomas is and the ball for the -- outing can. Saturday will be if from noon to 130 with fans first take. You know 130 -- on Saints radio bit because you know -- Steve. The Saints could have got off to a worst thought the last time anyone out there before they can break the 11 down at. Handful yards down seventeen to zero at the end of the first quarter the first three drives not good at all five passes for your relatives. And those who put a school bus Seattle they've led seventeen to zero how important is it to at least. Not be behind the clock -- we talked to him -- -- -- -- teams that went over they have played and stayed in the game Tampa Bay got off to a good start. And what was interesting is that Arizona one. Despite points by -- Carson Palmer thrown four inception that was remarkable that they still want that ball game. Yeah when you sort of look we -- you to hole that that's about it the -- as you can dig out. This -- obviously there are a team that can pull themselves out of that you saw last week. You know thrown a couple of years that and by the way it's been obviously been able to overcome that come back but. That was dedication to sort of staying with a lot of the same time that it was beginning to not make mistakes and I think it. They can't afford to do that this week conducting routine the better team -- -- and Philadelphia Eagles were but nonetheless are still very beatable. Steve when you saw the teams -- to the beauty going run the football last week what did you see last week for them to beat Russia in the football vs when they were trying to. To do that more often against Carolina at Saint Louis with an attitude -- it was a take from their offensive -- Well -- tell you that that peaked at the big part of it you know and you know I've thought about it before but you know there's some times when you I know that but we used to go on that is you know those. Other cities on the on the road. That was the best thing you've had with a strong defense that are running game and that those two biggest Ortiz if you could sort of -- at that time I think that. This is no different this time he saw of that last week -- bubble guys to get an attitude. Ottawa they think they maintain their blocks and that the same time. Running back used his vision and and used it the first ability to sort of get you there and obviously not turn the ball with a look. Yeah which you can get and then and then wait for the next down but that's. The media like the most encouraging sign -- I've been really all year long so if we get replicating that I think we're in good shape he. Steve now are looking and Seattle they did seem like a team to use this feeds off of intensity you know sometimes. Of the tackled it may -- in the form of a blocked shot -- or -- their docket if -- he would just get fired up out there. -- not go back to last week for much of that second half they gave it it's the Eagles in NATO Merrill Reese who one of the longest to get voices and also vote -- that. Yeah the Lincoln financial feel it and for their fans can't get real loud but. Other than that once Burton its taken him through pretty much kept that the crowd out of the game. You can do that by about controlling the football like you say one thing you can't take out of the game. Is the -- -- of the weather affect offensive lineman. Well the only -- you can go to a place like that he could take their crowd out of it. But I think you've got yourself a huge paper. And sent to the I think that sort of what you do at this point you know I think you can. And not the development mode like we did last -- -- that -- -- I mean they've thought that they just and you do that again the good football team and the crowd like that. What you sort after a double dip right -- to yet because if you sort of take that crowd out of it. And and begin to sort of play them hard nose football it sort of turn -- around on. But can't get into the video that long they can't continue that this sort of be like -- so I don't think that's going to be our best weapon at this point. How does that noise affect -- wins the. You know it thought it god they're -- we had -- -- -- at the reform when -- played the Kingdome and it was. Just that loud if not because of the way it it had doubts about the -- on the concrete at their -- I can tell you that. -- it could be distracting at times and all that we really do is focus that you realize I'm time. That you really so focused because that -- -- almost forces you into that. If you obviously you'll pay more attention you would be their normal crowd noise there were times like couldn't hear at all. And Bobby would -- in the play in the huddle. And we would have to go filing out with tackles with sort of look at and that my first move and are you better I would make it count because -- -- that and it's hello. This is it what he was. -- a little bit. Yeah but that -- dead body with so -- lately is no way you can hear it but where he was so. He with this particular guy -- -- and then make difficult at the same time and and you know that's what they had to do that that point but it just takes a lot of focus there and you know everybody sort of on the same page. Former Saints offense and I'm a member of fans first take one of our cohost the court -- as a all right court. You know -- Saints are eight camp on the dog it was -- prediction. I think it's going to be really close game -- I would be surprised if it's just it's -- last week slump but I'm gonna I have not been you know almost here. This is be looking at it realistically looking at this team and so they have they have the swagger in their moxie. At this point and I feel good about it I think the Saints beat them by by three point that they Klecko. You know maybe a 21 point four type deal. You know. The -- of ray of hope. For the Sudanese jumbled the court Steve -- hasn't has has the -- you know. Oh bumpy -- those who don't know what is the next level for English bullet though it. He's a ball low credit earlier and he is a bed -- this week maybe the -- period the let's be -- look forward to the coverages we can't you give -- -- -- take from -- and lack of respect is the it happened as will be with the as a ball for the fixed or you can from noon to 130 Saturday with fans. First -- almost think the offensive lines the courts he always a pleasure thank you so much my man. -- -- --