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1-9 5:45pm Deke, an early View from Vegas

Jan 9, 2014|

Deke gets an early View from Vegas with GM of PredictionMachine.com, Paul Bessire.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I am now part one of our view from Vegas that you make with that brought it back. Acme oyster house still related to that the oval 100 years old and different -- -- all over. Acme oyster house policy -- a prediction machine. Dot com don't -- right now -- jump right in the -- -- eight and a half point underdogs against the Seattle Seahawks Saturday afternoon. He had an unfortunate and a great news Serbs for Saints fans here -- considered -- -- difficult with the red Internet that there of the market like nineteen points more than they did the first time these two teams met here opener animal and keep our power in. For a long time now. You'll is that the fourth was likely -- if you are -- making accurate reading Super Bowl which is figures actors they're -- after. Or major upset here because wherever that game but only 5% of the time twenty to seventeen but he scored years Seattle got. That is best overall routes in the NFL but -- -- your advantage at the barbecue I'll do it I think major that. -- game especially like you play out rain eleven point victory or he had a winning -- in the spread armed. It's all right now we've moved to Indianapolis. Is a dog and the New England Patriots now have -- Atlanta front opponent you give me the latest numbers you've got in the Patriots into a cold it. And we we policy hated that and put that -- but it actually gone up about what that happens one might expect the public has better -- exceed have a New England Patriots is as ten app. Especially this time of year currently looking at it between these two teams that -- And become more balance they get less explosive team offensively. And your major weapon in the passing game deep offensively there are a lot of holes are both of these rosters are are the only difference when accumulate game that you felt tired between the two teams. It's basically -- pure bad habit of coaching you're the quarterback in there and pitch well but it's not about to cover this spread even the part that that was installed his opinion. Going into the charter player out aligned movement is working toward managed to clear -- -- we -- spread the post in the in the wild card out hope -- keep going with -- or strongest at 28 to twenty forward to England. We need -- Minneapolis cupboard looks pretty strong. All right so Indianapolis take him with the points San -- sisco and a slight road favorite minus one over Carolina. This week in Carolina. And a bit English in the other times like -- as opposed to 1 o'clock this week that we -- that can't physically bad luck of the point past but I can't -- -- like -- if you're aware. And it went by you all yours that's winning coverage as the lone. Road team winning now are expectations now each -- that -- will have the strength and weakness is -- you can abuse matters how captain nick are somewhat similar in terms of physically and it would their strengths and weaknesses. Good up -- the line great pass rush is tremendous climb back in court weak secondaries. Very similar teams except the one major difference -- it what you are available to him. We're gonna play let our Michael Crabtree and Ernie Davis who banged up the last two years play. Are on the field and have been an explosive play that -- -- makes it the service paper it should because otherwise toward what eighteen 49ers. Niners went straight up if he wants it he went 1% of the time I think he's stronger than we've had it on Saturday. Pol and that they have a Bronco to vault his favorite this week and -- look at it ASEAN but you -- -- updated numbers damper double digit favorite over San Diego. Yeah it it was it was an. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is there much bigger and because about 4% of the time when it accumulated -- 2000 times. Denver -- exactly get -- get -- -- -- -- the big -- and apparently this game and all of our outcomes. -- -- you'd be able that you would mean yet. Do you need help offensively control clock control tempo and exploit against Ricky since the regret down the stretch obviously gotten weaker it comes to injuries. Beat many good but 334 yards three touchdowns one interception architecture. That's not the problem probably a good defense -- in the -- we like Gilbert we needed. But he covered it close -- -- -- -- predicted corporate and a half when games are definitely straight up there definitely are are. All all these -- of -- week in what what would be your advice out there for somebody who wants to do. A -- laser like a combo of the full which would be like -- this from a comfort and a hole. If yes exactly. One game as the most -- a year actually stated it became the Carolina game looks the best we can't just go we need which don't really predict there. Can respectively -- -- partner that you are valued -- with respect total. We like the under there are technical legal either team getting the sport now 42 little. And obviously that certainly possible that seems to get to that point when you look at what happened the first publicly against each other how deep typical or is it -- there for Carolina -- I think it's like to get his seventeen point where are. More than. Between -- first team to get over like they -- games into the team we think owes it to that number. And be able to defense that would keep Carolina from court to court. All of puddles out there who don't know it would be a couple ascendancy to -- QB once all season all but. Those may be illicit tellem that the big difference don't exactly how you drive from these picks -- F prediction machine given that given the methodology. It ricocheted back on the the site are monitoring that we played against it he thought that it would -- played we're using oracle -- particular -- which built by figures you're using special interests instead. Just seeing it every game I nightly basis now what that means is that -- well all week to players interact every player come up -- You wrap your old you were bad records but -- what that. Terms the expectation game at -- later count -- Possible interaction with. Occurrences really at L game. I can -- that knowing that it's been very successful well historically my career about wanna get as ready as you look forward -- -- -- prediction since we launched -- four years ago. We're thirty we all -- out numbered here I'll play out who had eleven you know three years it would portal now. Against numbers hopefully can keep that you'll use because technology side. Relative to the public opinion the center line. Thought I was. Well around and look at -- -- different numbers and in this is it was -- tree incident all from a from a protective standpoint. And all of the wagering done in Vegas which is considered tickets you know legal it numbers of all sports baseball football basketball hockey box in the Austrian said. About three billion in it and -- year whereas. Either legally illegally. From a standpoint. Eight. Billion is wagered every week in our program that that some may. -- -- Is that numbers the number in terms of the estimates having been in your estimation in terms of its happening -- sure you know it in back rooms and back Alley and text messages and phone call because the country the numbers -- look like. It is expected to get that many expected -- -- you stated he wore what happened to Vegas psychedelic Bill Walker. What happens is that you of course said but no I don't think we ever. And bill. Anything illegal but it is certainly seem to be absolutely. They get it back. It -- the how -- occurring because. When the government and when when a lot of decisions are certain to be made now along those lines. There's money out there to be back to be added as possible situation. You're injured you start to decide and figure out there not a sport where he would rather opposite games chances well. That they're that there is an out you need to make some money off. Pollard now at a football season what it what is a double Wednesday people -- what went to went to football season is so what do they jump ball. It's -- man and it's been really I would eluded that certainly almost 85% of all the action. In sports wagering is on the other ballot fanatic and see bettors though that start. But after that starts out football own lead but it -- percent of all actions for all of the other sports and now being chunk of that comes from the thought that -- didn't -- -- until. A little bit off the -- really want to when you get to March Madness with a major and your retirement or receive such huge -- injured those by far. Are the biggest event yet there are either with the court season. The council bought season with a sports season. And March Madness are very good major times -- we get information on every sport including -- challenge BA. And and I -- Eto'o beat down the sport but that you start nearly. -- don't -- -- much interest our databases as purple as well. -- again I don't know what's up that prediction machine that jerk. Yeah we've got all acknowledged that book on the base. That it was -- appropriate billboards -- -- right now yet and it felt instructing downward box scores and see exactly does that those predictions. And other information on the others -- that we -- -- -- by me that just a prediction machine that Tom on Twitter at predict machine. All of -- here -- General manager a prediction machine dot com Paul thank you so much we'll talk next week as -- moved to the championship round. Our product I call you -- those numbers of money way to 75 missing it is on the National Football League. Though another team percent of all college football and in the other 15%. Yearlong is all the rest of the field -- baseball it's in BA it's college basketball. And hockey that box and as the Triple Crown races. All of that Santa Anita derby. Whatever you -- wager on -- he says don't fit the -- hit it to wait -- the center -- it's an NFL it's it was a college football. The majority 50% of the home March Madness so all the money its way to the majority of it he has. On football. In March Madness outside of football.