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Jan 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to another addition the course like Crown Royal saint players show as the night on the program we will be visiting with. One of the greats that have looked on the black gold uniform a member of the famed dome patrol the great pat -- joins us from six to seven out here -- -- On veterans boulevard in matters that come on out and Jonas a lot to get to Clarke showed the NFL right -- the CBS sports dot com will be with a secure with his take. On the divisional round of the playoffs to team from the NFC south and two teams in the NFC -- remaining in. Previous games from earlier this season we'll talk about them also the two matches in the AFC the Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts. And the Denver Broncos and the San Diego Chargers in the rubber match their between those two teams. Former Saints offensive -- ankle host of fans first takes the COLT will be with that it was. His take on the Saints and the Seattle Seahawks and also Steve Cobb will be at -- -- -- on Saturday from noon to 130 count -- now with fans first take. One of the greatest that ever played the game of football and talk about all time passing yards. Hard to hold a candle to him Warren Moon -- a hall of fame quarterback and current color analyst with the Seattle Seahawks network. Will be will we hear from Saints coach Sean Payton and defense wanted to Rob Ryan as the addressed the media for the final time before that trip. They're leaving in about 45 minutes to head to Seattle -- play those -- and their touted coming at the bottom of the 5 o'clock now and it's all pat swilling a great. Visit with Burnett talk about his days with -- black and -- became the best players in the National Football League on the defense aside before the MVP. And what talk about his prediction for Saturday's game as a Saints. Plea at the Seattle seahawk BR biggest on who has been Korea how he was three among last week -- NFL games he is six and two -- -- -- 68 bowl he was rolling right now so we will visit with -- -- while flag QB QB will replay our conversation with Saints quarterback Drew Brees. And Paul was the general manager prediction machine dot com will be with. At 745. As well 260187866889087. Last week against the Philadelphia eagle with a New Orleans Saints want to with a 185. Yards rushing in the count is on 36 rushing attempt. How many yards rushing do you think the Saints. We need -- this week against the Seattle Seahawks. You can vote online at WW will not comment we have there rushing yards 100. 120 time wanted you more or less than 100 you can cast your vote online at WWL. Dot com what the Saints could really wind up. Against Seattle. What they did it half against Philadelphia I think that would be -- it. In 94 yards rushing on sixteen rushing plays in the first half alone. Against the Philadelphia Eagles in the third quarter and think really established himself controlled in the line of scrimmage Drew Brees was seven of eight and 98 yards and a score that third quarter. Fifty yards rushing -- -- passing the Saints thought at that -- dominate the Philadelphia front 716 -- that plays a 148 or two touchdowns. At that point for the Eagles got that last drive of the third they were oh 44 on third down in the second half because it's six -- on a handful of plays there at that point and time and of course put him back. On the saints' first meeting with Seattle the black and go with 56 off but it played just seventeen rushing attempts. Both 44 York so two point 60. -- rushing attempt -- look at Seattle. There on number seven against the rush they want a one point six yards allowed and passing yards -- number one. It once -- two and number one in total defense to send -- three point six. Allowed per game to give -- should take it Bible fourth. 260187203866. 8890 rates in the -- -- with the new head football coach. Of the Washington Redskins NFL names that will get I'll be picks later in the program as well as its divisional week and next week. It will be once hosted the Super Bowl 48 in New York the AFC -- NFC championship games in three weeks. It is Super Bowl forty in the new pitchers -- continues tomorrow afternoon a special edition of saint divisional. Seahawks and Seattle point to the sequence Seattle will be at arouses in Carrollton in -- city for a player to Pomona and John Darby Graham must have from fourth -- 8 PM it. Look at all your predictions and will preview all four of the divisional matchups. That will take place this week -- in the National Football League tonight pats -- darkness NFL defensive in BP formal great back of the famed dome patrol. He will be was coming up from sixth to seventh in the hooters on better a couple of off of this -- this of the -- like Crown Royal. Saints players they'll want that the object Hanukkah with the National Football League force CBS sports dot com Clark. Judge -- just now -- before we really focus in on the Saints and Seattle of the full game this week and what do you think is the best matchup. I think Carolina's campus that they'll probably is and make the odds makers he could make the fortunate one point favorite. -- that set -- an intriguing game in the mean. Carolina won that one out if it's as though it here and I think it's fortunate that they have some good pay back here have been owed them one -- Tipoff in the call because. -- simply took the experience here but Carolina's static terrific defense they played very well without momentum. That he was sixteen of last twenty dating back to last year and they are hot and old England. That would make gains in the one game up to the opener to Seattle twelve. -- seven win. You know running back in the way crumpled on the -- awaited with five minutes ago it could've been one that need to Betts won it again. The most intriguing. Some other match -- of course Allen is in agreement as well but -- -- the bit about that one in the AFC Denver and San Diego and San Diego has played down the streets at five Juan gone as we now six someone. -- really -- a football at a high level event. And this looks like that maybe it and it close a match up that in the tempo -- make with the same club. Yeah I agree via -- and it's not a political system that is the way the point Denver and he let it. San Diego and -- -- -- -- used to cover years ago by they beat Denver in Denver a month ago. And they beat Denver in Denver six of the last eight times they've played you know Catania but you know Peyton Manning well. It didn't to an elegantly made into the plant it at number whatever reasons. So that's why. Pressure on the home team and take -- in this game they are the better team there's no question about it. But nine and a half with a ten point I I'm with you see it as being that big a split idiot that could pull the upset here. I I don't know that they're going to do but I think they could I've felt much better about their chances that we you know it. Cincinnati but they -- not -- turn the ball over any doubt that you docket outscored twenty nap in the second half as he did Bengals. That said I don't in the Eagles like -- chances. But they've got to get -- -- he's healthy and artery in the east he's. Bothered by an ankle injury you'll play but he's the guy was critical that they have to accept a month ago. He didn't play in the second half last week in Cincinnati because that ankle injury that got to get them. -- how can folks follow all -- great stuff on Twitter. Com well they can go to like -- media. But. You know I I I don't have an effective and what is it should be. But. Committee that. -- now all the fourth folks -- the last and Indianapolis and new England and Indianapolis Amanda talk about the remote emotional roller coaster. How how do they come down off of that and your thoughts on that matchup new England and -- -- He had I don't think they do come down from that but -- good that they overcome Tom Brady Brady on the very difficult to beat -- genuine note -- lose at home this year document knowingly. He's eleven and three in the playoffs at home -- a lot of games that cornerback pepper and and you look at what's going on here against that we would probably the better team only because they've got the better quarterback but it suffered. Kind of law -- Brady does it stop. Five receivers last year. -- get -- track in the middle linebacker. But that that's starting lineup and indeed what bill wouldn't swap for the top that the player that second that even the player. Start Mayo bowed out to Anke can keep the lead in an island that banked opposite team. It's really banged up and -- -- not practiced in the we couldn't walk in the vet said he. You feel that Tom Brady is one of Tom Brady. You know -- a lot more than you lose it in the deal on Indianapolis here to do would be a week ago and and making a couple of points and these guys because. And imagine knowing that he does that holes that day. You've got you -- it summary he's gonna put a lot of points up on it and it he's not there and do it Alex Smith -- -- fatigued in the second half to sort of go away. I'd -- -- -- game -- -- -- at that point where I did I think it's because of that but I do like we -- because Brady. All right -- now on I'll match up Saturday the first game -- kicks off this divisional weekend in New Orleans Saints at the Seattle Seahawks. Went when you saw the -- from the possibility clock and now you look at it maybe one or two things it just jumps out right -- the first thing come to mind when you think the Saints at Seattle this weekend. Well that's sort of equipment what. Think it last week which to win without really Drew Brees you mean yet so so game but he won because they're running game that's impressive because when you go to Seattle. You better have some but other than a quarterback that said. You're you're not gonna put -- an 85 yards rushing against these guys this is a very difficult place to win and I needed so easily happen early human I think we -- what happened in 2010. And I think when their against the seventh in nineteen they -- and and a lot of people that even -- the the top are very that they went up there. Very difficult play the plane because annoyed because a lot of other factors but the noises. -- intense it's a witness that the Giants went on them met when they went there and it took eleven illegal procedure penalties very tough place to win so. On the practice on the -- here and I think you know the think the talk in about upset a lot of people think maybe -- is that that time and played. I'm not want them I think that Saints playoff road ends here aggregate and that's what we're going to be out. Later tonight maybe that's slowly in this in the anything. Because it -- to beat them difficult to overcome with Villanova he had of their. The obvious concern over here. It's going to be tough snapper Ewing New Orleans is solvent and honestly that the odds makers. With me on this one because they make -- think any point underdog I think that's probably pretty reasonable. Clark and now -- Fourteen that have gone and had some success this season Tampa Bay had some success from a today gain an incredibly -- for the half that in that gallery down hated to come back. But at Arizona as of late or -- some things teams have head to do to go wanted to just hang around me would go back and we look at -- -- -- don't wanna point out that. The first game prop five histories the Saints don't go to take it today tko isn't he really doesn't do any good talk about that -- with the first three draft at the Saints. You know my first play the game minus four yards Pierre Thomas replaced three yards. Of one minute -- at second so you're not only don't have but 11 down in the first quarter. A handful he ought to get your first first down put it down seventeen to zero UQ the defense -- touchdowns so. You obviously can't -- that start but what does that things those teams that when they have had a chance to win would they be successful. Well the only team unity to keep that chip and only won once the Islanders on aaron's done one would like -- -- -- -- Carson Palmer threw for an attempted Beckett. And it still one that's not supposed to happen if they shut down what you got to keep him. In the pocket it's it's odd to say because you think you know which would you gotta keep to -- Apocalypse Now that we need to. Libyan promote quarterbacks you let the world and so being outside the pocket that. He's a Smart quarterback in inside the pocket. He has -- some trouble you know he's downfield and make -- play. He's a special guy he's a playmaker -- they played outside the places like. And wouldn't doormat that the puck keep it in there that can't you -- -- -- they did they bottled him up and and he would. And the SE Utley had a lot of trouble fluently ten point connecting you cannot fall behind these guys that is so. Critical opening tip attempt -- when he went up in. And they let him get back in the game -- -- played very well be sensibly and in the opposite but you cannot fall behind at the Saints did that seventeen nothing you talked about. Because you start taking chances. These guys live on that they can pressure the pocket and the ride with takeaways and turnovers led the league in interceptions. The league in takeaways that Italians have said that -- made it to the very good -- sensibly and he'll thrive on that so he can't get too far behind because they don't gamble and gamble. That that's when the really take advantage of -- so I looked at what happened against north that happens a lot of -- there didn't. That this is not that the only he definitely the only keenly hasn't allowed an opponent to score on the opening drive so that the total success early he does something early. Media in a close game ticket playing -- you're probably dead. Clark of the format of this week you do you think this is the one it's most. Likely not to be close -- -- to see. That's sort of my feeling yeah -- -- look at it at that of the four teams in the four games that is the one I'm pretty sure about. And some people tell me that -- gonna have to physically at that it is -- win. I'm not too sure about it on this planet to kind of look at you know everything he stack up. Against New Orleans yeah I know they won on the road let -- -- important. Against Utley went two weeks in a row and you know went up there really nobody wins the needle -- twenty point two seasons. I'd define your odds of that happening really really difficult thing. Capable of going to the conference championship at the things that people go to. -- but to go this way to go to Seattle and play against this defense and afterward there I haven't seen it happen. NFL writer for CBS sports dot com all is great work is right -- CBS sports background Clark do it caught. Thank you so much to break it down all the games or cigarettes of extreme it's I don't the Saints at Seattle. You pat -- jaundice and six to 70 and this evening here on a course like Crown Royal saint players show -- -- on -- they have load at this moment NFL defensive MVP of member of the rain dome patrol. A member of the New Orleans Saints offensive plan in the eighties when they became a power in the unit that -- particularly NFC with Steve coordinate all of our sports -- And a fans first they don't just now Steve a lot of people feel that the the Saints can make this to close a game but not -- Theo. They can win it when you think of the New Orleans Saints at the Seattle Seahawks may be what's the first key for the Saints you think comes to mind the. Well you know it could -- it's funny you mention I. I don't know I have felt more confident about this game that I did last game and only from the standpoint of the way they've performed last week. Certainly told me that there sort of hit and strike -- good time because I think when they began to run the football. And I think that sort permeate through the whole team and I think that actually helped the defense so well at the same time when you look at. Number elected Drew Brees who has -- superstar as the year. Has a kind of a pedestrian day as he did. It's nice to see that you don't have to rely on Drew Brees to throw -- four yards and four touchdowns to give yourself shot the wind so I think that it is at a good time he can actually do more -- about it then that I did last week's game. And it and that's not to do to what they did owner wrote last week goes Stephen you know despite. Now the two picks in the first half in falling behind seven to six the offensive line seemingly started to gain control of the last Edmonton at first there. Yeah they certainly did on his talent -- that is one of those things that. You know as an offensive line begins to sort of get their confidence and it became the -- -- well on defense. To me that that speaks volumes because that permeates like that before you're tired teams aren't that confident value. And you can run the football control the clock especially hostile environment like that's going to be. What sort of taken their game away from about being they're gonna lie obviously again and it try to -- that it. You know get a lot of heavy Marshawn Lynch here and then obviously you mix it up with Russell Wilson but I. It would be hard for me to believe it that this that Drew Brees would have these kind of two mediocre games in a row like -- don't see that happen as well as. I don't know I just see them if the defense is playing the way -- I think this is going to be promising for us. Steve court former Saints offensive lineman his auspicious he has given -- his take on the Saints and the Seattle Seahawks could -- Stephen Thomas is and the ball for the excellent outing can. Saturday it be if from noon to 130 with fans first take. You don't want thirty yards Saints radio bit because you are at Steve. The Saints could have got off to a worst thought the last time anyone out there before they can break the 11 down at. Can't fully yards down seventeen to zero at the -- the first quarter the first three drives not good at all five passes for your relatives. And those who put a school bus Seattle they've led seventeen to zero how important is it to at least. Not be behind the -- -- what we talked to him you see it with teams that went over may have played it stayed in the game Tampa Bay got off to a good start. And what was interesting is that Arizona one. Despite -- by -- Carson Palmer thrown for reception that was remarkable that they still want that ball game. Yeah when you sort of look we don't you -- that that's about it the -- that you can dig out. This saint obviously there are a team that can pull themselves out of that you thought last week. You know -- a couple of years that -- it's been obviously been able to overcome that come back but. That was dedication to sort of staying with a lot of the same time that it was beginning to not make mistakes and I think it. They can't reported that this will be conducting routine the better team -- them in the Philadelphia Eagles were but nonetheless are still very beatable. Steve when you saw the teams thought to the beauty going run the football last week what did you see last week for them to -- rushing the football vs when they were trying to. To do that more often against Carolina at Saint Louis with an attitude give it was a take from their office -- -- Well -- tell you that that he got the big part of it you know and you know I've thought about it before but you know there's sometimes when you I know that but we used to go on that is you know those. Other cities on the on the road. That was the best thing you have what a strong defense that are running game and that those two biggest Ortiz if you could sort of -- at that time I think it. This is no different this time he saw some of that last week -- -- -- -- to get an attitude. Ottawa they think they maintain their blocks and that the same time. Running back used his vision and and used it the first ability to sort of get you there and obviously not turn the ball with a look. Yeah which you can get and then and then wait for the next down but that. And he is like the most encouraging sign and I've been really all year long so if we get replicated here that I think we're in good shape he. Steve now -- look at and Seattle they did seem like a team to -- this feeds off vote of intensity you know sometimes. Of the tackled it may be in the formal blocked shot -- or or their -- in beating Pete would just get fired up out there. No not go back to last week for much of that second half they gave it it's the Eagles in NATO Merrill Reese who one of the longest to get voices and also volatile with a yeah. The Lincoln Financial Field for the different fans can't get real loud with. Other than that once Burton its taken him through pretty much kept that the crowd out of the game. You can do that by about controlling the football like you say one thing you can't take out of the game. Is the weather -- at the weather affect offensive lineman. Well the only -- you can go to a place like that -- could take their crowd out of it. But I think you've done yourself that you paper. And -- to the I think that sort of what you do at this point you know I think you can. And not sort of self implode like we did last because men that get them -- I mean they've thought that they -- and you do that again the good football team and the crowd like that. What you sort after a double dip right -- and yet because if you sort of take that crowd out of it. And and begin to sort of play them hard nose football it sort of turn it around on. But can't get into the video that -- they can't continue that this sort of be like -- so I don't think that's going to be our best weapon at this point. How does it cause effect -- the. You know it got -- god they're -- we had not been played at the report when they played the Kingdome and it was. Just as loud if not because of the way to put down out there and on the concrete at their best. I could tell you that. Is it can be distracting at times and all you have to really do is focus that you realize -- time. That you really so focused because that no wait almost forces you into that. Then you've obviously -- pay more picks you would be their normal crowd noise Duberstein black couldn't hear at all. And Bobby was scream and play and -- And we would have to go filing out with tackles with sort of look at and that my first move and are -- that -- -- make -- count because not all that and it's hello. This is it what he was. -- a little bit. Yeah but that -- dead body was totally where he is no way you can hear it but where he was so. He with this particular guy you McCown in the neck of the calls at the same time and and you know that's what they had -- reviewed at that point but it just takes a lot of focus there and you know everybody on the same page. Former Saints offense and I'm a member of fans first take one of our cohost the court don't all right court. Don't -- Saints are eight camp on the dog give issue predicts. I think it's going to be really close game B yeah I would be surprised if it's just the close of last week's one but I I'm gonna I have not been you know here. This is mile an -- realistically looking at this team and sort -- out they have their swagger in their moxie. At this point I feel good about it I think the saint -- abide by three point that they Klecko. You know maybe 21 point four type deal. You know. The -- of ray of hope for the Sudanese jumbled the court Steve Reed hasn't has the -- you know. -- -- -- Those who don't know what is the level for English bullet though it is a ball. Earlier and he is a day -- -- sweet baby -- period the was the will look forward to the coverages we can't -- -- it take from -- and lack of -- is the it happened as will be with the as a ball four of the extort you can from noon to 130 Saturday with fans. First and foremost -- -- offensive lines the courts he always a pleasure thank you so much -- man. Whether Belmont -- all the great land back kind of famed dome patrol NFL defensive MVP pat -- which analysts. In about a hour and ten minutes here out -- -- out here who goes on that little or. In this respect authentically to Pete Carmichael junior addressed the media today as a Saints at their final practice in New Orleans before they. Hit the road take on Seattle is coach -- Coach -- Marco and what's the difference in vogue. -- went to that -- -- beyond -- yeah how good at all does it affect. Would you hope to do out there on Saturday. Well obviously we feel we know what the weather conditions are supposed to be and you know both sides of the ball to deal with it. And you know we've had. This -- -- -- people -- really replicate it we can't make green but. I don't have to deal with those conditions and then. Do we think is best for us -- forward to games where. Is is almost consider now. Playing a team a second time try something different isn't isn't over spoken are as a matter just execution you meet your same thing -- first an excuse to do. But it doesn't think -- after the first game we came back and they get creditable Seattle they played a great game and you know we look at the game intelligent things that we can do differently and what. What would you do to help ourselves so. You know that game is some sort of look at. You know usual preparations for this game. Did they do is good job of disrupting. Passing routes this is this. You. -- absolutely they do they. If they got a great Russia -- didn't get pressure real quick and then on the firmer what you're talking about to do a great job. Re route you and making your route to go that walks develops. -- Well I think you gotta help your help your players now and -- finding ways to help them and you know bet that's part of what -- -- game players. When you say get out. Without giving up too much where he went about their protection that we talk you talk about the particular routes that they run that more conducive to you know opening. -- -- yeah I get a lot of things you can you can have some ball truly can. You know get receivers. Close together maybe allows you access but I mean there are a lot of things you can do it we've got -- -- or does for us. And -- Saints offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael did you tell that it immediately follow the Saints. Final privacy New Orleans they'll be open -- about man it's as the hated. To Seattle 2601878668890870. Saint George 485 yards last week in a 26 point four -- Philadelphia. How many yards with a blank go -- for looking at Seattle this week. Hundred current point 5125. To 15150 or more or less than 100 you can Kay show vote online at WWL. Dot com we got a lot to get to on today's program like it took -- from Vegas of the 7 o'clock our hall of Famer Warren Moon -- this next hour. And -- here with Saints coach Sean Payton and the for the -- Rob Bryan had to say following today's press coming up next now -- he would saints' defense coordinator Rob Ryan had to say today also Saints coach Sean Payton. And we will hear from hall of fame quarterback and current. Color analyst for the Seattle Seahawks network Warren Moon. Would Jonas plus your take it operated jaguar opinion poll on line that BW I had to count the Saints gave the Eagles last week to the tune of 185 yards. How many -- to think the black and go get this week etiquette Seattle. A team that is a number one in the NFL number seven that is against the rush with Seattle allowing just a hundred in one point 60 it. -- concerts with the Saints get a 10225. Over 120 about one of fifty or less than a hundred you can cast your vote online at WWL dot com.