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Jan 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening a lot of our number two of sports so coming up at the first break one of the greats to ever play the game the great -- them -- is now hall of fame quarterback and current color analyst for the Seattle Seahawks network which owners talk about the big matchup Saturday between Seattle. And New Orleans. Plus at the bottom of now we're here with Saints coach Sean Payton had to say at the today's practice and -- that the coordinator. Rob Ryan operated -- or opinion poll at WW dot com -- how many rushing ought to think the Saints will gain it's etiquette Seattle team that is seventh best in the national football only allowed 100 in one point 60 it. Are rushing. Outing the Saints got 44 go -- on seventeen carries two point 60 it's a rush. In the last meeting -- basically what they got behind 170. They had to abandon any -- -- game plan their running attack. In that contest. So with Thanksgiving between a 101 point 51 point five of 515150. Or more a less than 100. -- vote online at that you that you go to comments it's the Eagles -- Saints at night before we ought to eighteen on sixteen rushes at halftime. And they want out with a book 85 all 136 rushing attempts. In the contests. BK to came by the -- Bair he is he says -- -- that you that you -- -- -- the Saints he's optimistic it's the court. Like the Saints as well we spoke to NFL analyst for CBS sports dot com -- joked that before that to this week in the National Football League. He thinks that the Saints and the sea dogs could wind up being the most distant from each other being the most lopsided this -- a bit difficult team to play at home and there are a defense causes me a lot of problems and the crowd noise those. As well since saint Pete to really get off to a groups thought they can't afford to fall behind -- anybody that goes that they can afford to fall behind to what is your take. A lot of the national media for the sake we can rule are not picking the Saints. Why do you pick the Saints 2601870. 866889. Easy rates him but he is the number two it involves coming up. In a little while we will have things that the coordinator Rob Ryan and effect will locally some coats of Rob Ryan now his take on today's practice. I mean I think pretty much everything we we did not play really are our style game at all. I think yeah that's really. The only game that you know I just don't think we -- shells little and whatever was we just. You know we've made -- mistakes we have made some fundamental mistakes. Some technique things and and we pride ourselves. On you know want to play in the game the right way so. I don't think we really did that and I think you know obviously the execution of their quarterback. Loose -- some to be seen. And though hopefully he doesn't have that type of game against us together or big trouble. Doing. Well I mean I think you know we have to. You know get pressure on him we got to attack the pocket and and we do have to do a better job of but keeping him contained I think that he was out of the pocket a lot of that was the calls on me how little attention three man rotation and you know he definitely exploited out of him when we came an all out pressure. He made the throws it and we didn't quite execute -- coverage so. It made for an awfully long long evening out there and well look at that do better in baton and we will. Think give a better understanding of what it takes is not Russell Wilson now. Well I mean I think. Getting I'd better have a better understanding of it they give him he was exceptional I'd seen him. -- previous experiences and again it was against him. Well the second week they were started. So obviously he's got a long way from there I see him as as a premier quarterback in this league. We all see it and you know we have to do we have to be excellent in. And did double our game you know to hustle this guidance. And that's you know not even mention in the great running back which is they haven't and their commitment to run the football. What was that something you've got it was that sort of priority number one -- -- -- it a lot of their big plays came on. Sort of thinks that way. They're out there I think commit a lot of them do a lot of things -- Which you're right I mean you know we. We had. You know aggressively -- about that in their running game which we did for the most part but I do anything other that we did not execute very well at. And and they obviously played great game and and deserve all the great credit that they got. You know I'm tired of facing you know it definitely -- acknowledged again. Not that I think I think initially you know it whoever back there's a great women and you know this league especially this time. A year you know you'd see nothing but the special you always see great back great quarterback. You know with great coaches also also. You know it's always it's the best of the best as wisely so great and you know that's why you know element I think it appeared -- great coaching you wanna be in this league has this world thus far. Particular challenges we'll -- the -- -- -- it compared to. Some of leadership core -- done children who have been smoke. And done that again this week and. I don't know I mean you know he says that had our game and and for others as -- Mitchell and you know -- To see how they've changed a little bit now they have a good we don't Louis is little that you start define -- -- -- of the premier power back in football. You know I love him and Gordon both how that football and run it hardly run at the right way to run it with a passion. You know that those great backs doing their rare you know and so you have to you have to gain tackle injury not gonna get down by yourself. How about Percy Harmon does he had yet yet another degree of difficulty is often. Yeah I think so all I know he's you know he's an elite player when he's healthy. You know so absolutely I'm sure he's he's got a couple good weeks and there it is to get back you know look -- and that offense and and they do a great job and and they -- relevant job using all his talents you know early on what time he's one of the running back. And receiver -- put the Sox are probably right the ball also -- all over the place so. Luke will know we know who he is and know what I'm identified and little great job. Double was quoted out of Seattle less -- he has no idea what he expects out of your defense do you believe that it takes satisfaction that. Knoll but I know you know I know you know we plan on being a lot there in the last time Lisa Austin and you know all these little gonna get that fixed in. We're excited about this -- -- we know how do you know how great they are at. And has been as you know they've they've earned home field advantage they beat a lot of good teams they've they've lined up and played every Betty initially it and still have that record so. Has no quote they're they're great team and we're looking forward to the challenge. Overall rob how enjoyable has this season -- with the snakes and knowing that there is still want to come. It's addressed the main this is what I've been waiting for you know since my my days and doing whatever they seem to forget that I did -- six playoff games here. That that was my. -- win last week but. You know it's. It's -- is nothing like being in in an opportunity. To just be a part of something successful. I guess the best thing I mean -- it does is best head coach we have an unbelievable -- -- Everybody in this buildings there for one reason that's for the Saints to win. Everything there's no hidden agendas is no politics anywhere vicious guys working their butts off to get something done right didn't know what a great leader like -- -- is a great place to come to work have a smile on my face every day is I've been. I've been another roads and and they weren't weren't quite as much fun to get to work doing a promise you. Rob I remember earlier this year you're talking about being flexible. Listening to players and have the versatility. Do you think. That came into play a lot -- you would -- unexpected personnel changes in terms of managing that keeping his defense performing well. I'm sure I take I take a lot of that is. You know experience. You know I've always and we've had injuries wherever you are you he gonna go through some injuries. A lot of injuries in Cleveland at one time a lot of injuries -- in Dallas and then this year. Is no different but. You know it's tough because you -- you know great players but again our roster is full of a lot of quality guys and I think that's what makes this place exceptional is. Is a job Mickey Loomis and -- -- do they put great players in your room and and you know some of the faces change and there would -- tremendous football players but we've got some really high quality guys behind him. Better just wait for an opportunity to play it and they're getting that opportunity and they're doing well. That is Saints defense to put in -- Brian after today's practice talk about the Saints matchup with the Seattle Seahawks he's one of the greats to ever play the game hall of Famer. Quarterback of the National Football League and of course current color analyst for the Seattle Seahawks. Warren Moon John just now want to thank you so much for the time talk to a little well Martha go on to Seattle really dominated that game. What do you take from make game one maybe if you're from a take it tickets to a player's perspective what do you take -- -- game without. Reading too much in IQ here her coach pay Mercedes week and also coach Carroll. -- this and that was the end it is now we're expecting a totally different ball game. Usually look for a football game you just look at it individual matchup should look at the -- might be going to get for the second time in the minutes. The next five weeks you've got to be how you could maybe. Take advantage of him and try and study your movement and different things like your ball but lineman or your DP's public you know -- that you go to court you know he just. -- I don't think you duplicate the outcome of the game all the good start -- in the he go to these -- just so you know. All of them as to what's really important. The most important thing here who have different football being a bit different football team coming in their -- their mentality. Of the playoffs it's really. It's a one game -- go home and so that's where you go look at it in both -- year old are actually played 21 in your -- and he -- bureau and. The great one -- on special guest on the color analyst for the Seattle Seahawks network. Warrant a Seattle -- when you're thirteen to three it and number one seed not often that you that you play far better and greater but then knocked it in the season but. What you have seen Seattle -- -- if you see weakness is a struggle at times. Was it by their own doing all audited that is opposing teams do something that they had some success of the Seattle especially out there where it when he didn't. They didn't really played bad but it always these wanna game that you play bad it came from a anyone they lost that one game at Arizona but. Was it more maybe teams haven't had success Scioscia not playing well it. Well to open up all you gotta give the future player against -- stopper -- the things you -- And -- an awkward blame yourself when -- we can execute better or whatever but. Sometimes used -- beat an individual matchup and and when you get the most matchup what he bought the right guy or not you're used to beat by. Back where he gets picked up all the running plays. -- and the other teams so. Yeah I don't know sometimes like that where they've -- have a minute run applause it's -- they like to. And when you don't do that in your bread and butter it's gonna make everything else -- them were true long -- situations on third down which -- -- -- to convert so. The running game from Seattle whatever they have played well all of the leader because. They have -- augur well. Warrant an opening days of play in a different players have a different take but what is it about may -- a mindset. Physically. Different from regular season. To the post season the he had prepared if leading up to you to kind of what is it about the rain and it's like it's the. You try not prepared differently at all you want Buick back into it too cute future there you know make him change -- that are and beat them. I think the biggest thing. The motion and he would just -- the game -- -- more than their record between game. All -- like earlier you know if you move. Told him as a salute them on the line. In the -- and all of the -- court receiving game you couldn't move -- game and yeah next week. Next we beat them now -- to prepare the -- I think he would get beaten -- because you know Kyle Orton. And I think you. But you are to be different because oil everybody played well the -- so much more -- Aunt and look at -- -- -- -- -- -- clubs out of the familiarity the next -- Seattle -- play Carolina. And San Francisco likewise in the wall Owens but. Curtis wallboard -- and -- you -- Seattle need to do in order to advance to host the NFC championship game next week. Well I got a rubber ball well and they can do that that -- apparently -- wanna do offensively. And put them in situations where they can dictate what they want to often public. Don't with a purpose while ago put pressure on Drew Brees like it is the first time. Gotta make you go to a one of the pocket and it got beaten turnover Q were there it was due to him so. If they can do most -- -- that look all that I went out -- may do well in this football game. Warren Moon -- it is always a pleasure thank you so much for the time have a great call Saturday afternoon. Well they're not real -- Game. All right while we appreciate warm of course so one of the greats that Lee. In the National Football League it boy and one of the season you think about that but almost had it in. -- you go back to that he would be well ballclub that those -- hopefully it beat hospital earlier this season actually beat Buffalo in the final week of the regular season. Turnaround went played and a big lead and lose it the because come from behind effort against the national football only can it come from behind orchard park New York department team that straight regular season course. With the top -- of the Chiefs in the AFC divisional round with Joseph Montana so he's been and down that great -- -- payment he's now Portland Seattle Seahawks. Yet -- welcome back if -- coach I'll pay it off. -- -- about -- from Vegas with Paul was here we'll get a little view from Vegas coming up in just a few moments with Paul with -- a prediction machine. -- 504260. When he seventy told 3866889. He rates him but he he's the number negating all that you'll think it's that the take. All of the Seattle Seahawks at the -- or eight and point underdog will get -- before they took it -- overseas take that and at. After the as break in the in the -- at 7 o'clock now -- program will replay will coach rob Bryant at this they've. Also think coach on Peyton and his take on today's practice in a playoff. Action right now would go to WW wrote that out and also three W yeah. There's -- -- -- they've been they've got some good stuff but he bounced out of motivational speech he don't give you a perspective that no one else and because -- only 32 that only 31 of the people walk at mesa or keep it perspective what that means is there's only 32 Sadler reports. He is one of them that number 32 which -- will now -- on eight with 48 each conference he will be on the field down on the security stadium field. This Saturday evening will go to Christian in the count down you can with the bird's eye view what the weather is -- to -- camp now that it's taken out what do. And Christian -- one. And of course Walton walk over and tomorrow we will be paralysis for a while counting its city can't -- can't -- to the Seattle CL. Talk game day crew is up on their way to Seattle as of right now. -- Even at about the 335 Christian told me so it -- got a long flight out there and be activated to see it to all the program like with the Atlanta Friday will it take. From our game day crew here -- Saints -- Christie here hope you guys on and -- Anderson upon we'll have brought that prediction -- a bit hope you guys now. Steve coach Anderson all of -- Brookner screw it up at QB -- you will. Dot com coming up next now let's get -- beat up by Saints. -- back in the -- hall of fame one of the greats to play the game if things don't throw the greatest I'm back -- unit of as voted on by the media and there was -- NFL NFL network a few seasons ago. Pets -- -- -- it here at the course like Crown Royal saint players have now part one of our view from Vegas that you make with that brought it back. Acme oyster house still related to that the -- 100 years old different sporting raised all over. Acme oyster house policy -- a prediction machine. Dot com don't just right now Paul has jumped right in the Saints steroid eight and a half point underdogs against the Seattle Seahawks Saturday afternoon. He had an unfortunate and a great news -- for Saints fans here because it is to just pick out -- -- -- you could -- there on the market like nineteen points more and they get the first time these two teams met here opener animal and -- -- power in for a long time now. You'll -- of what was likely chance you are and make you think you were really Super Bowl which is good characters they're gonna. Or major upset here because whenever -- -- game but only 5% of the time twenty to seventeen but it -- years -- got. That is best overall routes in the -- -- felt that home field advantage or a big number you'll do it I think major that. -- game especially like you play about -- rain eleven point victory for -- he had a -- puck in the spread -- It's all right now we've moved to Indianapolis. Is a dog and the New England Patriots now have that update Atlanta front of opponent you give me the latest numbers you've got in the Patriots into a coach nick. Yeah and we we published dictated that and put that -- but it actually gone up about what that happens one might expect the public is better or -- have a New England Patriots is as ten -- Especially this time of year currently much if between these two teams that both. And become more balance they get less explosive team offensively. And your major weapon in the passing game -- offensively there are a lot of holes are both of these rosters are are the only difference when it in the league games get you down time between the two teams. It's basically on pure bad habit of coaching you're the quarterback in their advantage as well but it's not about the public respect even the part that that was installed his opinion. Going into the charter -- out aligned movement is working toward managed to clear -- -- we -- -- the post in the in the wild card out hope we keep going with this or strongest at 28 to twenty forward to England. We need but Minneapolis cupboard looks pretty strong. Right through Indianapolis take him with the points San -- sisco and a slight road favorite minus on over Carolina. This week in Carolina. Candidate Ingrid in the other times like he is supposed to want a clutch as he -- that we get but I can't physically bad -- other point -- grandstands the electorate if you're aware. And it went by you all yours that's winning covering the -- Road team winning now -- expectations now each -- that it will have the strength and weakness is you can't do wonders how captain nick are somewhat similar in terms of how physically and it would their strengths and weaknesses. Good offensive line great -- tremendous climb back in court weak secondaries spirit similar teams except one major difference but it what you are available team. When they -- let our Michael Crabtree and heard Davis was banged up the last two years play. Are on the field and have been an explosive play maker pat makes it that -- the favorite and -- that you because otherwise toward what eighteen 49ers. Niners went straight out if you want sticky point 1% of the time I think he's stronger than we've had it on Saturday. Pol and the Denver Bronco to vault his favorite as we -- have a look at it ASEAN but you keep -- updated numbers -- double digit favorite over San Diego. Yeah it it was it was -- promote yet statement that opinion simply the two days you can get on either write to congress -- I'll be honest that -- -- that -- Extra hole half a point if you can get ten. And there are much bigger than at because about 4% that I would accumulate this game 50000 times. Kenderick exactly get we get out of style hamburger the big -- -- -- this game and all the other well outcomes. To -- you'd be able that you would need to do it all done offensively control clock control tempo and exploit against Ricky since the regret down the stretch obviously gotten weaker it comes to injuries. -- Manny put the 334 yards three touchdowns -- mourners that you architecture. That's not the problem probably a good defense and still an -- doubt we like Gilbert we needed. He covered it close thirty Fort -- -- -- predicted score of rickety at one game are generally straight up there yet but there are. All all these match -- his week in what what would be your advice out there for somebody who wants to do. -- -- laser like a -- of the full which would be like if this from a comfort and -- -- Yes exactly. One game as the most admired here actually stated that this game this compare violent game looks the best we can't just go we need which -- going to predict there. Respect my partner that you look in their -- -- with the -- total. We like the under there are projected school of either team getting the sport now 42 little. Any and obviously that certainly possible that teams can get to that point when you look at what happened the first publicly against each other how he typical oriented but they have the -- are. I think it's like to get his seventeen point where are. More than. Between -- first team to get over like they were good games into the team we think what was it to that number. And be able to decent that would keep Carolina from court to court. Pol Pot holes out there who don't know we were there a couple of sanctity three QB once all season all but. Those may be illicit tellem that the big difference on exactly how you draft from these picks and a prediction machine given that given the methodology. It ricocheted back on the the site are monitoring we played against the -- out -- quit that you played we're using oracle to predict elevator which bill I think -- you're using special interest in bed. Just seeing it every game I nightly basis now what that means is that we're allowing all week -- players interact every player come up with. Know after all do a bad record of depth what's that. Terms the expectation -- games that later -- girl. Possible interaction with occurrences Lydia L game. I can tell that knowing that it's been very successful as well historically my career I -- get this ready to move forward we -- quick prediction machine since we launched a four years ago. We're 38. All time out numbered here I'll play out who had eleven you know three years -- would Bordeaux Al. Against numbers hopefully can keep that still using technology to -- an -- relative to the public opinion the center line. Thought I was. Well around and look at -- have different numbers and in this is it was varied tree incident all from a from a predictive standpoint. And all of the wagering done in Vegas which is considered tickets you know legal -- numbers of all sports baseball football basketball hockey -- -- -- horse races. About three billion in it -- year whereas the legally illegally. From a standpoint. Eight. Billion is -- do it every week game in our program by that that's -- may. Edited by. Is that number the number in terms of the estimates having been in your estimation in terms it was happening offshore. Island in in back -- and back -- and text messages and phone call because the country that numbers or what -- expected to get that many expected Huard is stated he wore what happens in Vegas psychedelic Bill Walker. What happens -- of course set but no I don't mean whenever. And bill and anything illegal but it is certainly adjusting to be absolutely. They get it back if it didn't feel much occurring because. When the government and when when a lot of decisions are certain to be made now on those line. There's money out there to be back to be added as possible situation. -- -- he's starting to decide figure out there are not a -- -- with other opposite games chances well. That -- that there is an -- you need to make some money off. -- now. At a football season what it what is -- double one thing people that went went went to football season is so what do they jump on. It's March Madness and -- you I would eluded that certainly almost 85% of all the action in sports wagering is Indiana -- it's another 10% -- so that start. After that start out so volatile and lead but it seemed percent of all action for all the other sports and upbeat Jumbo that comes from the thought that thought -- And brilliantly until. A little bit of opportunity to really want to -- to get the Mark -- the major difference -- -- receive such huge uptick injured those by far. Are the biggest events the NFL -- with the court season. The council bought -- with a sports -- And March Madness are very good major times where do we get information on every sport including any challenge -- And and that -- beat -- as fortunate that you -- nearly. They don't drug areas much interest for our databases as purple as well. -- again I don't know what's up that prediction machine that jerk. Yeah we've got all that talent that book not that he's admitted to police perforated billboard site right now and it felt he has broken -- -- box scores and see exactly does -- those predictions. I'm Angela another commissioner -- others -- that we do art theory bases invite me -- just a prediction machine that Tom on Twitter at predict machine. Paul was here. General manager a prediction machine dot com Paul thank you so much we'll talk next -- as it moved to the championship round. Product I call -- those numbers of money way to 75 missing it is on the National Football League. Though another -- percent of all college football and in the other 15%. You alone is -- the rest of the field at baseball it's in BA it's college basketball. And hockey that box and as the Triple Crown races. All of that Santa Anita derby. Whatever you -- wager on it he says don't fit the team was hit it to wait for the seventh out with an NFL it's him Pacific college football. The majority -- 50% of the home March Madness so all the money its way to the majority of it is. On football. And then -- banners outside of football coming up next now all we all going to visit. When one of the greats that have looked on the black billion fall pat swilling and about the famed -- -- NFL. In NFL MVP already that this out of football is sitting right next -- -- nice there's look at what he's doing that course great fan -- -- who it is take. All the Saints the Seattle Seahawks in our view from Vegas and the game will hear from think he fits coordinator. Rob Ryan coach on pain in there the 7 o'clock hour are hopeful all sorts of information all think Saints is it going to be WL background.