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1-9 6:10pm Dome Patrol's Pat Swilling

Jan 9, 2014|

Dome Patrol's Pat Swilling joins Deke for the Saints Players Show live from Hooters.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to a special edition of the course -- Crown Royal saint players fill it and I we've got a great work that. Saint hall of Famer and one of the greats that eloquently of a black and gold in infield defense -- game VP. Pat -- as it was an incredibly proud -- -- -- how you go -- and doing their -- good to see you can't what you would come -- you see all these fans. That's what what he -- you think about the Greek career you hated it in the national football and expansion into well actually which is great to see that -- the fans there. Is it won't let this thing and -- monopoly back in 86 when he first got started things started. Directorate -- do you -- our whole staff and don't we thrown everything. You look at -- it's really heightened it one love the same city. I'm so excited and it's funny how good of a week goes for the Saints win -- the right now they. After like companies have them to be honest with you because you know people love us and he'll he'll love this is much so it's great see all these fans and you know these fans that affect both at the -- you got them what make you really really go and you know we all -- you guessed -- absolutely. Croquet wicket stand what do you see you -- -- what would you musicals and by the coaches playing the it's hard to Atlanta one more time while more and I think that's that's that's something that. He that you Rickie you know that haven't been out on the field in which says -- -- look at each other and we all got that we both have a saying look we can only play one more time you know. But but the come variety and salmon on him. Difficult board to the patios at. You know I had opportunities -- we became a ten deflated there -- it. It I looked at the -- hit in the -- this race -- this arcades he almost nonstop and they put it will be difficult but. And you missed the players the relationship the end there. It -- I don't think we really take the -- is definitely there. But when it's over for five years 67 years two years into -- those players you -- by the end and all the fun we had all the things. And yeah there was some pounds. -- the dream while -- build off and find yourself. We can look at you you thought you would just in the games the -- you feel immediately was that at the desk. You heard those stories. But. It's funny I think couple times a year. In a minute ball game and hopefully it's unbelievable to me and I think the worst thing about it you wake up. You can't play in -- you're not really play it. But for a couple of hours some nights you've been in a similar Robert it's funny -- played last night. And it's a wonderful thing -- -- to be able to do that but that the worst thing about it you wake up in Napoli at the news victory no doubt about it. Pet now all of a career you head. What what's up with the baby -- -- post season appointed time -- go back that you look at. I was. Our little pup and I thought out out out of the zone team. He either would have beaten anyone you know I was the physically or hear -- you know things just kind of fell in mind then. You know DK it's not only that though and it is for me that was wonderful but. You know we have such a stretch as a team as players and you know the play with a great Ricky Jackson Hole favorite salmon on in that deal will Sidney if Frank Warren and he goes on and on it. You know -- -- all those guys that. You know for myself I think anyone. Owls in the zone and -- the cap. Has some great years ago 1516 sacks for five times and but I think that one you know things can fill the place. You know we've we've made it to the playoffs that in enforcement got beat by -- Philadelphia but. That was my year that really really felt unstoppable. Did things really went my way in. You know. I treasure that time that I had. Then when I look at a few years ago was there and there's some home on the benefit of replays all the time the NFL network's best of teens my back -- this and that. And the only team that it -- it. It did win a playoff game play for a championship. All those lap back with the New Orleans Saints and I think now to have. All the people who potent offense and in the people who voted a couple of utility bill thought about before -- -- cope with it for a long time. Made it a long time and -- that to me that that speaks baby and is much to how you guys played and how you guys played. If the thought of that wail at the dominance that you guys had to get as the best of opinions. And because tell me just I'm a marked by the fans here we all kind of sit there and and fourteen I've heard about it and I didn't know what's going on and you sit the you watch this thing right and they go five and go for it. They go three in his face that he talked about and people called me on the phone to man I can't believe -- think about you guys in the all think you guys didn't. They go to and they get on the one and the thing you know it's us it's us. And you know for myself you know -- he's in the hall of fame. In no I'm -- I'm always ask about that but to me. I'm already in the hall of fame I'm in the Saints all the fame with with -- for the best players they're putting game with salmon on at their position and I just leave that. -- them ever met with a I'll make the NFL hall of fame and not. I'm already there with those guys and that's enough and they got careless about the rest of -- but. You know for our peers around in -- film -- all the media because the best run back in court two as the fourth of their way to game. That's that says -- and you know that's something that you know always treacherous as a player that you can't use the Conan but like -- you -- -- What would want other people think it you know and other people play and -- we don't have to say -- -- you put the tape bonus is that you know those that don't think. Meant to pull it -- offers -- -- golf is saying. I'll let you rule would a Mercedes -- going to want. So many. That's -- a now that my friend who. When the toughest greedy since that backers -- to a six 65 found that could run -- to and twenty pound -- They just love to hear it as Roger Craig you know the funny story rough every time Aussie Greg Tikrit. He looks at -- he smiles. And he says to me. Man I can't believe -- how hard they guy hit me. He can never forget the time he -- that we -- gap. And I'm on the right side and I think Sam mills closed in he had nowhere to go sweet Ortiz hit article hit -- it doesn't handle it but just loved him I mean he was done. He was done before just when the most fierce hitters platelets. We can do it. This way to play the game. Islam back but it I'm just talk about your toughness. You know coach Mora always talked about being in the foxhole -- hole you'll Ricky Jackson there I mean this that was that'd be a football. -- -- -- -- After the car Ricky was -- went down airline in. We go to the hospital and he's all -- up it you know it means means that dog you can sit there and look at it that. The thing and aces up clinics -- mean I mean don't feel the need to play and what you know but that's that's him but. Ricky Jackson the best proof football players I've ever -- -- you know. -- -- -- Coach -- and that's how we felt the you know it. He cadets and -- the guys there -- he was the coach from the field. Great football player five not to it without -- strong docks but knew every Tennessee. I could hear how a sack me it's like man these comment he comes segments actually he's got it. He knew every play. I mean do you sit there -- quick to -- on the Connecticut McGowan to happen Sam. Gives us he's a student of the game but he is our coach in the field the great. That's willing gives us the answer yes he got -- quest -- pent up online you can also Texas City seventy eights in -- -- -- -- secret that you. Did you note dot com wanna while saint covered into each and every morning during the divisional round. All agreed that you know it's double carpet the morning drive Christie Garrett can keep out a fair. 6 -- and -- you take about three if you -- thirteen -- he. Beat him head this matchup this week the Saints at Seattle. What is. What's the most difficult thing mentally a player faces. Gonna get the team that pretty much had it when we few in his prior meeting. You know the people that I've talked to a lot of people this week about the team. I think the -- of him my own personal. That you beat a team the way they beat us first time. Sometimes most guys. Will have to feel well we beat them once we'll beat him twice so unfortunately. You have to look different. You approach maybe a little different. Even do coaches try their best to say okay we got rid of this team they're great team inside when you've been team the way they beat the Saints first time. You know it gives you a little misconception that made it's going to be easy this time. I think honestly. The Saints according to a pretty good situation in human -- -- -- -- they how can it be. I just think at this point in the way to get beat first term payoffs and I've completed that this time around too. It is always difficult to beat a team twice I don't Q when you that he tried so difficult. Honestly think there's going to be an upset I think we went to football. We got to play our best when it's. Had. A lot of guys object calling for it by beating your house advancement will -- a big -- home people coming up. College and -- A guy who is up up the company through the fish don't have presidential volley on my team and I three did you build it you spoke with you get this week. Idea is kind of fighting against Princeton he told me he's been look for me for about a year I think -- and I -- -- that -- -- -- -- -- thought for the most part note where are they of course you can but definitely someone estimated knows me. And he called them. It was kind of funny you know that the allies mean. You know he just wants them -- -- And you know it was kind of strange in. So the message crisis that you're playing as good as I've seen you play that's it. You enjoy it reminds me a lot of -- -- and you know. He wanted to some advice about this week in and -- -- about in his career. And I told him that he -- you completely down I think this week is the main thing you want to do with glee every damn -- don't lead they'll they'll leave one out there. Because when you leave out there one that you prompted immediate differences. And you know we we have a great conversation in you know. You know foam pieces we want to -- don't look so to. That's that you -- be don't spoke to. As outlook because we want it you -- be to mess that was the main thing it's not just play that's that's great opportunity you guys that. He's doing well as a failure but I'll play every down. That's what they got to love about him in it you would think when you reach them they'll take it down though that's -- -- agree. Pet in you talk about pretty easy when you when you break down film what you see is -- maybe sometimes dazzled. If not baby and and and breaking down is that your real good on May -- some guys that have what would it take some plays off is it maybe sometimes it. That's a much -- not taking plays off he's just is not. Revved up. They don't have that motor then you move. They don't have them vote and that's something that's a peculiar about. And I sit out watch you think you have them -- -- that now Michael Oxley you've got edit mode for a long time. That's that you got -- to a 10000 sacks if we're gonna have that -- And that's that's one thing you know I think you know watching guys play it -- I watched it and figure out a football game I watched. In not watching runs to the -- in the -- you don't run to the ball. I'll say this that you traveled with him immediately -- them and gone. But what -- -- mean -- we race to the ball we reds involved for reason. He if he can do if he wasn't running I was running. Now what that's that we competed in is that over competing -- each other and I don't like that you get after Jackson we compete against each other he want is that. And I want to -- too. With -- -- did somebody hit about what to do it will be me -- we competed and there's nothing wrong with that took them I hit violent. But he got a -- competition between each other. And who else is healthy. You know it -- it makes things really easy for the other guys and that's what they about being recently completed. And a look at some -- -- 86 season. It and now is look at -- either that they have now you know wait. Hear people say well that's a big -- this fast and all I don't know if if if the defense that did it beef it's without -- you dancing -- like on the snap -- -- ball. You know in the back fallacy with that San Francisco game that we went out there or or in -- in -- -- going like. Mound no doubt the fans that -- supposedly France both be bigger stronger but. I can't imagine nobody fans I'm not not talk about like clock talk about all the field I don't know if I've seen it -- I think he's -- -- that front seven is that day. The -- -- they went out I watched -- his and I go down it redundant and I watched the game in. Kids are faster out of the please fans completely right -- -- -- it definitely. Philadelphia you would -- two white guys they were fast it runs over is that we would -- him. Seth Joyner Claxton. -- -- You know we played in the Philadelphia. It was that thing to see I'm -- I mean I. I'm mark but it watching them play vs those plays well immediately it was some believe I think the game was want to in the ninetieth in the twelve or something like that but. Kids these days are. -- -- -- -- I think they're stronger quicker faster I don't think the plate they throw it faster. I think deeply and take them off I think that's the difference if he -- would way dean wins both play it -- don't know maybe. They -- because of -- that but maybe they played that way. These teams will be unstoppable team needs you know it it would be hard to stop these these fences but. I think I'll look at some key is the other they went down a weapon that the Carolina for the Saints and you've got defense -- back to look like -- back. They're 622 and fifteen pounds and are cut from hit so -- -- treated our keys to Britain. Backed into the Africa like that but we -- fans would they ain't bad but you Morton. -- -- expect to play defense immediately fans you'd be overlooked on the -- fast out a year in Modesto weekly game. What is the lands them head. Q have you been -- like to watch a team president and the thing is just watching you know argue is there one point down. He did in those again nature of the big -- it -- just want to beat you you constant like. It's -- matter -- getting better at that but by how much don't -- time I sit there and watching the linebackers play defensive out west because it is not a long and and fortunately. I -- them in there and ability -- in it goes the to pass rush most guys from the field Stan. And I keep -- -- in the camera -- -- and that's the -- with them to do something different all that Smith. The free. But all of Smith has the Pittsfield and told me hopefully he's thrown out Smith well in. But all of us missed probably one of the few three or four kids who really know how to play. And ask them to meet junior talked about he wants to it would mean it worked -- moves work with things. And after probably helped him because the ante deals that make those -- back with this but there's some good things fault that they can help me -- become the players -- where. I'm just will be -- pitches great coach him it's it will both. But I think that's with this in the game. We'll -- these kids to pick off and run it really for the game but. To your question that I go watch the game now -- that through our chances if for tomorrow you know who don't like maybe that normally watch the game you've been around in companies. Might -- of inactivity and once the games with it. Well I say this week with a with a group in. Then they count the company oh yeah and an -- -- it is important but I I'm not likely out -- through your recent play. But what I try to do the Washington State is lineup. And I watch him look left in the state to go to Lebanon though -- were right back over the incident but to reach -- -- with a game. I think the thing is you relieved to watch him play because. He probably not going evidently though that the -- Sampson. The Saints this season throughout the season your take on his team dominated divisional round now with Elton at five and most thought that sixth lap down the street. -- both obviously we'll -- it so well you. You know yes you know surprising. There was thought they're gonna kind of randomly and everything with it and I think all of us and at the corner of Iraq and the sort of watch Carolina practice. -- Carolina got off to a such a rough start and once they started really playing him at that that he -- they -- to happen. -- we have -- chemicals all the sees that in the years. You know lost two games there and that. You know right now is all that really count you know we won the fourteenth that the this thing got a great opportunity -- -- -- -- To get out there -- it and hopefully win this you know win this game it. -- not actually seen that. You know I've heard odds makers from early early when you guys have a -- talk about the Saints -- -- -- immediately -- what -- went. That I and is believed they got a great opportunity to win but. You know when it's I've hit certainly did you read an option to have him back to the phone to go to school uptown for Mike Mike you on with. The great and it's winning -- Saints radio that you get -- Not only on it. They America -- you predict we'll put up. I didn't see. All you do you must feel as I am. You must feel as I -- that followed that alone I'll watch what you go out. After -- you could be a little. Out. Don't know that -- could you pitch these days in and watch what golf is we have now I'll feel that we put on a little one. Our championship. You've yet to all of its. That we have now and if it -- -- -- even though early night the most watched including -- policy. Samuels. Pick six and oddly similar. I agree with Jeremy and unfortunately with the situation where we had by the end. Griese came around men. -- this defeat and feel like you know that you know he wanted to be -- -- -- at that point them million dollars is that you know kind of a drop in the bucket. But -- with their few quarterbacks that thinks the walks came in here with ten for -- and we hit great defense and fourth that this is not enough lead at the quarterback position to get us over the hump but. You know -- which our local young could play with a great Drew Brees in his office sent -- that but it's fun for us to watch. It's good but in debt nation and everyone knows would probably the winners that this team this team in the city deserves a lot of -- it was great for us to be a part of it. Doubt we hope that he did not Beckett or. -- -- that -- -- a -- you don't get to a ball put in a bright -- the most mostly. Given that they -- -- the coordinating he's doing a good job and they can only gonna get better on the get better Mike thank you for the call the head. It seems like when you talk about whether -- you don't make it go through how to fix all fans how does the weather affecting things. Well you know I watch the game I think last week given that watching guys that been down fallen down and I remember when I played in. Fed's noses it will always said this coach it makes you get shoes right. In this will be important for the men up the Nazi out of the have the right shoes on. Because even though they on one of those Robert turf BO that -- that he got it right -- that make you got the right. Three quarter -- cleats you know sometime these guys like that with basketball through today kind of what -- you -- -- something that's gonna keep you some kind of attraction so. You know as deep as the clear -- shoes is the most important thing to have on. You gotta make you get the right attitude that means coming out to out for the game. Tried all different -- to make sure that your that your foot your feet in years you -- -- accurate ago. Can't as far as crowd noise how does that affect called the things some things that may well. As the deepest league and we feed on that and in I think you can kind of get a flipped the script and you know that if you play great defense. That for the the crowd cheer -- cheer about that is about. So you know the that we played a lot of great defense we've seen obvious that they they're quiet the whole game via ivy you don't move the ball do anything -- -- it's I think it's important. That on the road to play great defense I think -- thinks the fifth of the most important part is that the football game commit. They have to play well and her coach Ryan's -- it. Unfortunately his knee is the worst game they've had I think you talked about it -- -- hour ago was against Seattle. Got to play and they will they better in the mid September around that put them. -- Win. It took buddies steal things that he needed them to obviously well coached on maiden speech until about wooten couldn't shoot when we did. You certainly is the word that. And -- What kind of blown me -- was. But you don't value guy who -- back -- doing that time it. You know I meet here really really mean they lose that I mean -- losses cool but. He was right I mean to you because San Francisco beat the top because you're in Europe in your division you know you can't talk about Wales. And and he was definitely right in and force -- it that we we had done anything. To be in this situation demands of the questions though you know. I think -- -- it was a good motivational tool that they went on that the Jiri nick years that we won the division. You know we -- and that means you'll mockery here's the thing. And now come -- you more. And you know he believed inherited it in unique unique things aren't them practice failure to properly and you know I think that's the way we we played it. That's -- we were that it what we did that he believed it deep and -- -- well. With with all their defense -- they take me through that I know Rick has known this before you head. You guys out there and you three and out three and now we're in now and before you know -- you with you know being it's down. You back out foursome of -- now. He Conan silent William you know you get in -- me insane man about the -- appalled -- that we need -- break. Well and the Florida game. Our young that are Rickey always this source worst of dropping him about -- -- have a few. You know Ricky. If I thought that you know motivation you know -- the say. You know we. You know I got to a point where I felt like hey the more played -- it's just get a sack so I think -- play it in I was young in. That being the youngest -- group we just kept him but you know it was a -- -- though it wrong it was but fortunately that. We weren't built the same way it is they built these things right so -- -- -- the more conservative cause more athletes whose defense. This team placed his office. Has yet to Rita Benson. All the knees and look the fifth and his team -- great but now he has a lot of -- -- is he fits in better but to have much time of the look different. And it with the frustrating thing now with the for the fans as well but. That we Hamlet and look at this way played that many that would Evans 1617 sacks -- Rick would have won -- 50s60s that it is what it is so. You know we we kind of played that way. Now right now Russian outfield who who recognize. Personal -- his physical. Guys that will haunt them -- -- what were there a couple of little more difficult to know that the to get around local rule went through. We're here and you know it do in my career might -- is always minute guys in the line I mean made him -- -- added that. He's always the media always talked in my case the -- -- -- that's how you or hurt my kid and in my Q with the IQ was that with the long long. I think Hilemon probably Anthony who knows the though you know I have a few minutes and went to this blizzard but you know. It always seemed like your talent turned around you know Mike it was noticed it -- it out in that. Morneau it's always want that to where musket and that the fight him but. You know that you know they're there weren't any team that we played that. -- -- -- -- -- -- that most of them they're concerned about the double team you have a season that team at a that we Ricky you know what you can do. So that we cup with each other but don't the two of the players and outplayed through much. You know bonuses all the favorite -- you may be one of these days well these great players. Coming down the homestretch with a great chance of winning here on Saints radio that because you know any half as bad as. I can't present at these big matchup on -- Saturday in saint at all to a vote of matters most on and also the -- I don't think I'll personal thought before you could -- They don't have a first down a handful of yards down seventeen to zero. Not take us through maybe some keys derby in his ball game with the Saints the beaten. Well obviously we got to move the ball and I was glad to see last that we ran the football -- in the game like it together on the football can keep Russell Wilson who has dazzled field. You know with much is it won't keep safe so the Phillies Ricky -- -- soaked field. And can you have to play great defense that can't afford to let them. You know run the ball -- -- you've got to make them one dimensional in the nervous thought you were here but it's true that the team can run -- pass -- you. I mean it's going to be a long day especially with their our profits. A key here that writes that linebacker who spoke rear real good he's out this -- it. Got to convince -- that. Who have who's in there we've got to commit -- that. Hey you can zone. Well what's what's so a lot of the ultimatum to it -- -- it was a -- was on that team is it would that he thinks it's not who do you come back with some heat on special teams right in the game like this immediately you'd be tight -- team picked him he'd been out of the house roles -- -- have to move the ball -- -- -- return yards. Can afford -- line you know on the five -- Euro loan which restored with you know that starts you know downs. But the best you think it goes back to playing good defense we have that it is. On the road Liguori. Always good because we've -- you on the road. Office that could start. In the playoffs -- that team office that they. You know when this football game I think it tests that well we don't play well on defense when it's. That. When you look at the. At the waiting game is Natalie certain teams or feel it it seemed like obviously be -- is it -- huge part of it. And this is you know when you're around do a lot of fourteenth I think you'll feel like the Saints because it was still looked at the fans you know run defense. Couple of -- native also worked prospect it now and now it's kind of offensive you'll. With that defense -- you've seen here in New York is just wanted to that'd -- think if you've seen it. You sense over the Arizona name now. Well -- zone defense I think it's coordinator vacancy mentality. You know. -- right now I think football is -- and football team that -- office and enough he'll stop. If you look at the rules you look at. Can't hit anybody anymore. I mean there's no more intimidation because of back knee to the bases fifteen yards on the other way so I think you know I heard something of a thing about Rob Ryan and I think it was about Seattle says there's no rhyme or reason to what he. It is positive -- it will rise in the recently. I think that we may simply be this you know because unfortunately they -- office so. This is probably -- -- -- this is the best the pit stops you know. But I think that that would Nader. He got some good players. Got -- the job the scenario that that the key at this out as well good safety. You know we've got two young -- that it is got to rest pastor. You got pretty good it's not back in -- -- you really that it. So you know this one the best that the -- -- moments vamp with a great chance of winning and what you have TV yeah. The development company. The gap a bit of growth business. Of building and most opposite there's things that nature. The last witness -- 1520 years and coach the basketball in my case you Martin in. That is what we don't pay you that's what we know fourteenth. In Friday's -- expletive it while it. -- -- it's there it's -- -- is that there. Yeah. Mean he's who is well over there and you've got a few good and I'm glad you mentioned yet and it -- if I would do is try to make it. -- you know obviously you -- to do well and compete at a high level but you know whether it. It's small through defense because it's just something about being around a bit in game in his own mind that at the lucky you know I'm -- -- used -- didn't. I am -- -- you know the main thing is try to get -- back on the differences. That's what we try to do it. You know we did in this community Walton and although we the end. I've been forced or less. If partners community you hear it in there. It might be part of the day. Now there's got to cope with that incident you -- your prediction Saints since the end to school to witness that would -- -- -- -- certainly -- force things that great. They have a 56 -- thank you comment -- evidence that he's one of the best folks I've -- haven't read about pressing hello you've got a Deke Bellavia visit W that your.