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Jan 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Eating -- -- -- the the final now all of sports talk -- we can argue from Vegas -- what -- he would Saints coach on pain had to say after the day's practice and also. Saints defense according arrived Bryan and also we would hear from Saints offense when they. Pete Carmichael junior can't get enough black and go work go to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- at 6 AM in the -- -- a chance to sound off looking in with. Double coverage Christie Garrett Saints have a report act Christie Garrett won onto an anti Bob -- there will bring you the latest Somalis and break down. The Saints and Seattle's Jordan at 6 AM in the morning about him sympathy with -- point before -- PM out into -- this one and all counted. In me see what it is time now for our second part about you from Vegas and we welcome in the off. -- front of pregame dot com a -- from Vegas -- brought it back acne or Stackhouse cumulative. For well over 100 years BR three and one Lance beat six and two in his last. Eight bogeys he hit the big ones to point -- -- now we move on in the National Football League that thought in reverse order. Denver. And San Diego Sunday evening. Yet he -- like. To do in the game and more importantly if you look at quality opposition. Meaning teams with a winning record seem to find it too. Against those teams compared to that that's really important -- -- teams with a winning record. Com and more importantly he's completely full. The San Diego Chargers meaning they're playing with house money right now the team that was a piece of paper not even get into the playoff. And they all looked at Cincinnati and get since the adding that the wall at home. And when that game straight up behind -- at -- that there's something that's extremely difficult and that's speed at Denver team. That's pretty much had an extra week to prepare and let's not forget these two teams play each other twice every season so they know each other. Very well I'll -- dad said I think this may be just a little bit too. As far as the point spread -- happened a couple of nine and had ten points. Instead of looking at the line I think that -- back on -- -- daddy is gonna went on there if you look at the they're getting the first point and the second one they crank. It would -- they scored 41 that scored 47 in the second senior look at -- on -- about it before I had it beat bind. And don't get bigger here and it. Get the opposite of what happened toward the regular season that both teams are going to be able to light it up that when you look at Denver based scored 34 more points gained. For the last five weeks. You look at -- Eagles were able to put up 27 against Cincinnati 278 Kansas City on 27. And also looked like -- from. Should sport but we say. Styles make fights -- styles make gains and in this one I think you're gonna be a lot of course I'm kinda like I said with a national championship. Where you have two good. Offenses that crosses that -- out. And each team's trying to keep the other offense on the sideline I think that's what you're gonna get here you're gonna get a lot more. Running the football thing you're good at it in the world bowl. And because of the we should get it under Soviet gonna bet that game like they get beyond their 54 and 55. -- if you have to step aside I'd look for the ball -- leave it alone. They -- run of the our pregame that count IV honestly in the AFC. With the New England Patriots -- a seven and a half point favorite at home against the Indianapolis Colts. Dying in the -- what indeed did last week I mean that was just so amazing and it was great but watching from lot just totally takeover game. -- and show why even though is that. Aren't all the children. Comedy can get the job Donnie and to me that's just the personality of the Indianapolis Colts. -- they don't get respect by the betting market even though they're relentless six against the spread they don't get respect. Respect by the -- guys. But here's the team that wouldn't let him -- -- care and came bank it would it be glad I don't buy it again this year in the regular season. But -- go to new England and that's one of the toughest places you can possibly play. Com when the playoffs roll around remember the last time Indianapolis went to New Orleans. I'm New England excuse me they were ten point -- -- -- and they lost that game by 35 points. I don't think it's going to be that one -- this time all around. But I do think the end of the road here pretty Indianapolis Colts. I like the New England Patriots and I'd like that game -- well this is it not a total -- a little bit too quiet did speak to could be -- can't. I know you don't get wage -- -- under when New England Patriots play at home but again. This is too -- -- -- total if you look at these New England Patriots the last ten games the we brought. What is the total higher than fifth the only one. And now the playoff games and you look at it -- -- -- -- -- -- it's all over the place. I like the under and I like the New England side. Now I am doing and and the under. The RCA's VR a tight one at. San Francisco in on the road any slight favorite at one point I'm looking at the total is 42 sentences -- at Carolina. Yet to me. Money's coming don't think that is going and when I feel the morning I mean the betting public I'm not the wind -- I think the shot might actually get in late. And take -- line -- -- I'll only five times. Since the Super Bowl era as. A team that's gotten -- lines in the divisional round. You know home dog and for those buying time they won big games straight up. I'll and I think this Carolina team that went into that same -- and beat them and then nine should be able to get it on at home. I'll do what he planned on. Day is turning the -- remember early on. People were kind of point them all and then they all want to win seven straight games and they cover all of that to those games. -- happen again if you look at it wouldn't it be. They beat Atlanta I think the Tampa decade -- -- -- Green Bay team that -- finished strong they work earlier that the you can make people watching his team may be just that little game. None of those teams impressed me on the flip side Carolina they work on team they were expecting it after being the same plane and being New England. But then once New Orleans. Took care of visible on and it that they won't be 3113 people kind of stop talking about Carolina and I like that that. Good teams won their stocks well. And I think right now Carolina spot isn't what it's gonna do it because you're -- -- as a home day. So for me I think down you like Carolina and I think you -- -- too well I think people out because of what happened the first game they scored only nineteen point. But I -- -- a lot more offense this time around and with a total of Florida is around 41 and any -- I like the oversight like Carolina and I like the game over the. Carolina and the over us is the -- beyond our New Orleans Saints not take a step back and usage you'd think -- -- team could beat the Saints twice this season. You said it earlier this year on a couple of cases there won't of their eight. Point road go antsy yet. I feel like I should -- want -- gay man it went on break in this game you know because this is absolutely dealing. -- that has nothing do with me have a -- future tickets on the Owens thing that it would mean a lot and and being being an -- -- there was an ambulance and -- New Orleans Saints team. -- but. If you if you look back on Monday Night Football game which had -- only about a little over a month ago. Seattle was totally sick at any point favorite granted they won the game -- -- but this line opened up making you eat it. I mean that the change about 22 and a half points. You know mom I don't think that's blanket. Estimated flying came out the I went ahead and I expect -- Orleans Saints and I'm gonna -- and -- with the New Orleans Saints again. I'll come game day I bet you -- them I can't quite for the Eagles game -- The odds -- twenty -- -- exactly what it was forty feet instead. That New Orleans to win the super ball and I said that given -- 21. Get beat Seattle and that's probably only be about a touchdown underdog but they came out a little higher and here's why if they -- -- can't -- -- The well at the bank isn't that typical. Meaning it's that same plane and Carolina. Both teams they've beaten and neither. Place walker rather be in the bank there so I think it's going to get spotlight and which I believe that we I think -- -- -- When he lines to get that -- And represent the NFC. Yeah and see what happens -- first time around it was a turnover that -- New Orleans in. And the -- know what happens spiraled out of control I stepped in the court and I hope there. In my mind that it might dot I Willie. Did -- wanna see New Orleans when -- game because I didn't believe that either team was capable of being the -- twice in the same season. -- -- -- -- that game at Seattle I think I would like Seattle this week with Seattle haven't beaten New Orleans. I love this thing it's. This week and again you can be shocked -- you're giving the credit that you could be out that I think would be the better team -- at any point. It maybe topped the -- Seattle forget what it's tough -- went anywhere in the NFL. And right now this thing to point five on the road this year one game under five conjure catching over touched down again to me that's free money I'd love the New Orleans Saints. And I think you need this -- all that money line because I actually do believe they're gonna win that game in Seattle. -- how could folks -- you on -- you get all his great information. Check me out all and Twitter at they -- slaughter or got hit me -- -- biggest honor not come home pregame. I VR come down the stretch this a couple more weeks left in the NFL and the removal want to some off -- the always gonna see. If you could the end hot streak you've been rolled into right time. I'll read it would probably be -- immaculate -- some money man and then against -- it will be on Evans played in BA people about this better. I've got to be off BR thank you so much of the town without next week. All right so VR says he likes that on those in the Chargers and Broncos Patriots and Indianapolis he takes. Carolina and always he likes the New Orleans trade -- plus eight in. With tickets -- -- come -- All Saints actually who an -- who got it for today's press conference. Who go with a knee injury report as well and I hope the information at W did you go downtown and don't get -- -- continues in the morning Chris to get conceivably be on three WL the double covers the morning -- to those guys out some great guest -- the ball in the program all plus they'll. He did take on the Saints and the Seattle Seahawks and by the -- myself will be. Out at arouses -- -- CD four count and took a while Jonas Bjorkman avenue and there was -- off four to 8 PM local around the league preview. All four of the NF they'll. Divisional -- can't get enough Saints and we know you're looking to -- coordinator spoke on the offensive side he is Saints -- according -- Pete Carmichael June. Coach -- Marco what the difference and the -- -- -- -- and B yeah it at all does that affect. Would you hope to do out here on Saturday. Well obviously we have you know we know what the weather conditions are supposed to be and you know both sides of the ball to deal with it. And you know we've had. The Celtics ultimately think well really replicate it we Jeremy green but. I don't have to deal with those conditions and then. Do we think is best for a small forward to games where. Is is almost consider doubts. Playing the team a second time try something different isn't isn't over spoken are as a matter just execution you TV news -- -- -- an excuse to do. I think they're serving guy after the first game we came back and they give -- so -- see how they played a great game and you know we look at the game intelligent things that we could do differently and what. What would you do to help ourselves so. You know that game gives -- some sort of look at it and you know huge for our preparation for the game. He didn't do as good -- job of disrupting passing around this business. You. So absolutely they do today. You know they got a great -- -- up -- didn't get pressure real quick. And then I don't know firmer like you're talking about to do a great job. Re route you and making your rounds take a little bit longer to develop. -- Well I think you gotta help your help your players out there and find ways to hold down and you know -- that's part of what -- are game players. When you -- Without giving too much where we talk about their protection and we talk I talk to routes that they run more conducive to you know opening. -- Think yeah I think there's a lot of things you can you can have some all truly can. You know give receivers. Close together maybe allows him access but doesn't know a lot of things you can do it we've got -- -- -- does for us. Saints offense according to Pete Carmichael junior and talking about the Saints and their matchup this week against. The Seattle Seahawks were New Orleans is still an eight in hand -- and -- -- -- CN. -- from the offense aside to the defense inside. Of the football here is the Saints beat the -- -- Bryant needs weekly address. To the media this was following today's final practice in New Orleans before the Blanco boarded their plane. That's all. I mean I think pretty much everything we we did not play really are our style of game at all I think yeah that's really. The only game that you know I just don't think we were shells little and whatever was we just. You know we've made no mistakes we have made some fundamental mistakes. Some technique things and and we pride ourselves. On you don't want to play in the game the right way so. I don't think we really did that and I think you know obviously the execution of their quarterback. Lose some to be seen. And hopefully he doesn't have that type -- game against us again there were big trouble. -- Well I mean I think you know we have to. You know get pressure on him we got to attack the pocket and and we do have to do a better job of of keeping him contained I think that he was out of pocket a lot of that was the calls on me how little attention three man rotation and you know he definitely exploited better than what we came an all out pressure. He made the throws it and we didn't quite execute coverage so. It made for an awfully long long evening out there and well look at it do better net and and we -- They give a better understanding of what it takes is not Russell Wilson now. Well I mean I think. Good to have a better have a better understanding of it I think give him he was exceptional I'd seen him. -- previous experiences and again it was against him. Well the second week they were started. So obviously he's got a long way from there I see him as good as -- premier quarterback in this league. We all see it and you know we have to do we have to be excellent and and did a couple of our game you know to hustle this guy -- it and it's you know not even mention in the great running back -- -- they haven't and their commitment a lot of football. When was that something you've got it was that sort of priority number one less sense in it a lot of the big plays came on sort of thinks that way. Yeah I mean I think they made a lot of them doing a lot of things good to which you're right I mean you know we. We had. You know aggressively and attack and their running game which we did for the most part -- -- -- anything other than that we did not execute very well it. And and they obviously played great game and and deserve all the great credit that they got. You know I'm tired of -- things get it back. Me personally talents again. Not that I think I think initially you know -- there whoever's back there is a great one -- and you know this league especially this time. A year you know you see nothing but the best so we always see great back great quarterback. You know with great coaches also also. You know it's always it's the best so that does is why initially so great and you know that's why you know element I think it appeared -- great coach you wanna be in this league is as this world and thus are. Particular challenges when you go against the backlash -- compared occasionally. So the players should go first time he showed them film to be smoke around haven't done that again this week -- Blanton. No I mean you know we had that -- our game and and for others it was good -- one you know. To see how they've changed a little bit now they have -- good we don't -- is little that you sort of fine I think he's a good premier power back and football. You know I love him and go -- bowl how that football and run -- hardly run it the right way to run -- with a passion. You know that those great backs do their rare you know and so you have to -- yet to gain technical nature you're not gonna get him down by yourself. How about Percy Harmon does the ads yet and yet another degree of difficulty is tough. I think so I know he's you know he's an elite player when he's healthy. You know so absolutely I'm sure he's had a couple good weeks and -- it. To get back -- bevel and on offense and and they do a great job and and they do relevant -- using all his talent you know only one -- lineup at running back. And receiver early -- are probably right the -- also -- all over the place so. Well we'll know we know who he is and know what -- identified and -- great -- Double was quoted out of Seattle and -- certainly has no idea what he expects out of your defense do you believe that it takes satisfaction that. Knoll but I know you know an old you know we play on bail out there and the last time -- -- -- -- and you know all. Woo -- gonna get that fixed in. We're excited about this presumably know how do you know how great they aren't. And has been -- you know. They've they've earned home field advantage they've been a lot of good teams they've they've lined up and played everybody in this league and still have that record so. That's no quote they're they're great team and we're looking forward to the challenge. Overall rob how enjoyable has the season -- with the snakes and knowing that there is still want to -- It's the best I mean. This is what I've been waiting for you know since my my days and doing whatever they seem to forget that I -- went six playoff games here. It. -- win last week bit. You know it's. Its greatest doesn't like being in in an opportunity. To just be a part of something successful. I guess about saying I mean we -- that is best head coach we have an unbelievable -- fear. Everybody in this buildings there for one reason that's for the Saints to win. Every there's no hidden agendas is no politics anywhere it's just guys working their butts off to get. Something done right it and what a great leader like -- menace is a great place to come to work. Have a smile on my face every -- because I've been. I've been another Rose and and they weren't weren't quite as much fun. To get to -- doing -- promise you. Rob I remember earlier this year you're talking about being flexible. Listening to players and have the versatility. Do you think. That came into play a lot this -- all the unexpected personnel changes in terms of managing that keeping his defense performing well. I'm sure I take I take a lot of that is. You know experience. You know I've always said it we've had entries wherever you are you gotta go through some injuries. A lot of injuries in Cleveland at one time a lot of injuries flasher in Dallas and then this year. Is no different but you know it's stuff. Because -- you know great players but again our roster is full of a lot of penalty guys and I think that's what makes this place exceptional is. Is a job Mickey Loomis and Bryant -- do. They put great players in your room and and you know some of the faces change in there which -- tremendous football players but we've got some really high quality guys behind him. Better just wait for an opportunity to play it and they're getting that opportunity and they're doing well. Any Saints defense scored in a row Bryant addressed in the media after today's practice in the full injury report from debate practice. Is -- online at WW will dot com they knew that a Seattle they reported -- at wide receiver Percy Hartman is expected late Saturday divisional matchup. As Seattle hosts the Saints at 330 here on Saints radio you WTO from the saint perspective. Full participation in today's practice was spot on stead. Cornerback Keenan Lewis. And guard Jahri Evans limited participation in practice defense -- Hakeem Nicks. And running back Pierre Thomas now did not participate in today's practice for Seattle. Was linebacker KG right through the evening with a foot injury and growing interest with today's defensive lineman. Jordan Hill the following players -- full participation. That in Luke Wilson -- ankle. Wide receiver Percy Hartman and safety. Cam chancellor though lose or today's practice numbers and they are -- on line it did you get you real. Dot -- We'll come back in we'll hear from the big balls and head coach of the New Orleans Saints Sean Payton in his final address -- the media. Before Saturday's divisional game. Against the Seattle Seahawks and welcome back special addition the course like our All Saints players show saints' injury report the freshman is up at WW OO dot com. Today's Andrew pull for the black and go big innings in Seattle is that pretty common is expected to play. And this weekend's game full participation for the Saints tackle drop -- instead. Cornerback team Louis offensive guard Jahri Evans limited at practice they would be at the and the team makes. And nursing an ankle injury and the running back Pierre Thomas -- a chest injury. May as it did not -- -- with Seattle at today's practice I'm -- -- KJ Wright and defense to tackle Jordan he'll. Full participation for Seattle tight -- Luke Wilson and wide receiver Percy Hartman and safety. Cam chancellor operated debt or opinion poll it's up online at WW will. That calm all the Saints will solve them last week Ross in the football for 185. You -- Which amount of yardage do you think the Saints will rush for this week. A hundred to 145. A 150 or more or less than 100 you can catch a -- Online at WWL. Dot com and we'll if you have some of these resorts right now as I click on. And -- we -- Internet to keep clicking here and you can also vote less than now 100. -- results OK now it's the Canadian. And we'll see right now 32% of you are saying this thing to a game between 10125. You know. Point 4% do you think one point 52150. Point 7% to 350 -- book. If if you're right in the Saints give -- a -- rushing or I think the the chances of them winning golf ball great. All -- great. With those type of rushing numbers that will be almost beat the or more 49 York small. In Seattle allows on the season allow one of one point 60 rushing. Content of contests Russian football today opponent which was seventh best. In the National Football League this season and 72 -- say less than 100 continue to cast a vote on line. At WW dot com his Saints coach Sean Payton following today's practice out on a line drive. Just finishing up. Our third day we'll work some red zone short yardage goal line and -- got to get packed up here relieving this evening and we'll get in their later on tonight any questions. -- the bull. More than past this past weekend how much of that answer was there to do that initially it could be significant this week. Well I think to your first question in Philadelphia. You know we we wanted to have balance going in we we didn't with the weather was going to be like and I think. Start off all of a sudden we felt like we were pushing him pretty good. I think with regards to this game you know there's -- obviously -- high four for high chance of rain appears and wins so you know each game's different you know we'll try to have that balance and in. And make sure that we're not one dimensional either way but. Just paying attention to how the game's unfolding the conditions all those things are important. So what does it do preparation. Or is it that you simulate -- as well listen it's been colder here. And so we've been outside and I think from a temperature standpoint you know it sounds like yeah. You know it's going to be fine it's just deal with wind and rain it's been windy here couple days we're outside so. I think we'll handle that as far -- girls they had no idea what to expect. Right there that's actually. Well look it's on -- players a team the second time you know you're you're you're spending. All weeklong extra hours on the whole season in the last game but that's part of you know fifteen other games in the study. Going back to even last last year so there's there's always knew once is that take place within the framework of the game. Sure you can simulate the noise you can simulate the logo and look but how do you simulate. You know the way. Conditions. Quarterback. What all drills all those things we've done to -- -- week earlier. It is because of the world and having him back it -- -- -- group. Listen. This is -- this is a divisional playoff game and so. That mentality. Of playing your best game it's playoffs. That's that's reason enough. You know and so. We don't. And obviously. I think in the last twenty years our -- done a great job paying more attention to fantasy football than what the with the underdog or favored is that. Just. A lot different so I wouldn't he'll tell you. -- is certainly when your playing the number one seed a team that's outstanding in all three phases they're well coached. We got total Pro Bowl players. And they're exceptional so were gonna. You know we're gonna have to have our best effort. That area as well. Today. Coming close -- -- All they do this and they do a great job they play a lot of bump and run they're very confident. Corners. David deep position group that. Three of the three of the starters are you know first team pro ballplayers. Came chancellors extremely physical he's got size range. You know -- and see that on tape. But there they have a scheme and they played extremely well you know whether there in their zone schemes are in their man schemes. I'm often times you know one look might appear to be one it's the other. But Sherman is is. Got great they all have great ball skills so they all can. Catch a ball that's not located just right Thomas the same way he's -- miles an hour on the back and he's very sudden and quick to key in diagnosed very Smart so. You know there are extremely good. All. I think that to some degree I think -- Bit may be like yeah. Like NBA basketball you know how it's how it's officiated. I think. You get a feel for. Me. We just you know try to block him a little bit better. Tried to you know keep the third down scenarios. Are favorable down and distances. Looking at the matchups you know where you gonna help your protection all those things. -- -- match. Well he lines up in a lot of different spot so hopefully you know we can get him his structures in this game in in. I think that. You know whether its -- whether it's man those Mike come on third down there may come in the bases they might come in the red area he's an important part of what we do. This year the numbers suitors. Is doing well he is Stewart's been extremely well you know in. He's an explosive players got great range and size. -- Well look he's a dynamic player he can wrong. Exceptionally fast changed direction very well. You know you gotta pay attention where he said. Any time he's on the field as a returner and they clearly as someone that can line up a lot of different spots that we've seen. As a as a player on office. -- I think it was confident going in the last time. So obviously we didn't play well enough but it's not about should they be more confident. This is this is. Or in this tournament where you went -- continuing you lose you go so that's that's. Pretty simple. -- I'm not aware and you know Norwood rusher right now anyway. The way. I think it's been very important for us you know. There's three potential starting outside linebackers and Will Smith Victor Butler Parys Haralson. Two starting corners. Starting strong safety -- You know that's that's a lot of attrition and that's that's our game that's the nature. Of our league and I think our players and coaches have handled that real well and guys have stepped up. And then played a lot in so you know developing those players that are. Working with may be predominantly special teams and yet they're getting reps in practice. That's. That's a very important and it's been in pretty good for us. My versatility that home. Well I think it's -- you have to develop. You know the the next player in and so the starters you know typically wouldn't get every rep in the period. And yeah I think look I think the most important thing we try to do is coach uses. They hey who's in who are. Our best eleven for this situation red zone third down and then let's try to put them in the best position possible. That are and better here. I listen I think it's significant the noise level and you know I think experience experiencing it the first time. For a lot of these qualities because there's some veterans that are -- seem that whether. Back content so. You know we've we've got the speakers I think we blew out two different speakers and here. Who won't regret -- for. And of course that is Saints coach Sean Payton addressed in the media today following today's final practice and you'll run the team well on their way -- on a -- but the reality now they'll have about 5 o'clock hitting. In Seattle and it's gonna do it for us out here at the stakes game -- to do indeed Colin on the regular on a great shielded weights and -- onside. Engineer at Busch Landry I had the ability out on an -- 48 PM on not counting for all -- -- -- -- the sports talk. You've been listening to WW now but he.