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1-9 9:10pm Scoot Show: Saints vs Seahawks

Jan 9, 2014|

Scoot talks to Seattle's KISW "The Men's Room" Host Miles Montgomery about the Saints upcoming game against the Seattle Seahawks and the legalization of marijuana.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening it is so good to be back with you -- dot that I don't enjoy the shows that I do during the day when I fill in for Tommy you're for -- -- Angela this week as she wasn't able -- get back because of all the delayed flights from the the snow and the polar vortex and that'd be colder weather so. -- Angela pushed back today but before that was filling in for her it's. I -- a couple of times it's just. A little too difficult to do both shows so this issue would prefer. Then I just do one show a day but I'm I'm glad to be back with you on this crucial. And I'm I'm -- witness there was such a controversy you've just joined its this week -- differential -- talk to us some money from our sister station in Seattle. I'm miles Montgomery from the TV show up for that are on their radio show the men's room. And -- KI SW and he talked about. The crowd noise is enhanced. Because it's. The the speakers with the big Jumbotron the giant screens. That's pumped in to enhance the crowd -- and at one time that was not legal in the NFL. -- the NFL in 2012 has relaxed that so now it's not illegal to do that so may be if that's allowed. Why doesn't the super don't do that while the saints do that. Right now miles Montgomery from the men's room and our sister station the -- Seattle KI SW choices on WWL miles good evening. You -- a -- I'm I'm great when you talk to me the other day I got text in there and phone calls it right away about -- your comment about that the popping of the the sound the enhanced sound from the speakers and at one point in the NFL that was not. Allow -- but now that day it is then you're not doing anything wrong in. And I eat your point was wide as in the superdome have -- speakers and and -- screens. Well I think I think when you look at the whole perspective you know what what you're pumping the credible or what what what what to serve but not the but the you have to look and he liked you when you look at what they're doing and sure there's -- older they're they're putting a brand new. They -- doing -- in the putting too cute. Video screens and speakers both it's so totally upgrading facility which basically have. You have the equivalent of both ends of Iraq culture. It would be like it's about one stage one and the end -- and the other the other and just all there so I'll bet. And that's what they thought was -- -- and the superdome there -- Super Bowl just the fact that you know first oval. The fans deserve -- -- and that BQ school so they can march 2 and that's going to look at small and we and you know and he still yours is your room walls to get that. And I know you're saying that you know consistently. The scores the fitness concern with the -- and the music you could probably into so that should make it really out just -- Despite you know the government now. I don't know the -- I don't know that we have to have the record because we know we're effective -- on third down situations we know we intimidate teams in we're getting a taste of what we give teams wind will be go to Seattle with a when they come here between now did Selena -- in a -- that feels like peddling in Seattle but also different situations. That's just experienced that and in the world could you imagine there were too -- Speakers still you know Jumbotron on everything up that just adds to the level of spoke that'll teach kids to. And it's definitely. Your conversation with me earlier in the week is definitely sparking this conversation and it's gonna be itching to see if something develops between. This conversation and next year about it because I think a lot of fans going to be calling for the superdome. To put in some bigger speakers may be some. -- maybe some bigger video screens as well. Miles what what's the sense in Seattle right now the team is either there or they should be landing soon. So they've I guess they went there about a day early. What are you hearing from the fans in Seattle about this rematch between the saints and Seahawks. Well the big news at a Seattle today as a as a -- -- in cities ago. So that seemed to be you know that that -- and -- and it's a guy that you are waiting to take field EEE Portland game. Yeah I entered this -- at some pretty serious surgery and you know as you know it's. That's not easy to come back from near the speed type guy and I think it minor impact when. When the vikings came to town just play resulting in apple -- and in what it was a very effective yet. Forty Arctic -- turner classic one Patrick's there was eighteen yards and just missed another but. Keep the electorate and in particular currency to bring back you could tell just -- testing lots and listening at the time that he was playing. -- kicking collect you know internship and just right after the game battle swell up and we something -- -- At this point to -- to Israel and he said -- first and then coach Carroll is what he reiterated that should -- to impose them on you know -- eternity ago. Now will be effective I don't know but it definitely adds a different dimension to sea hawks may or were. They were in the ball by a very well upon Portugal for Turk was shall change were a you know fairly average on line and goes about spotters and sure kicking game so -- -- -- special genes are concerned. They weren't scored special teams sports that nobody's desperate to have that guy that too and they'll also put the mountains about. And which. Whether it will be more to decoy or whether they'll be used effectively kept her child but he Kuwaiti. You you can -- to take notes and -- exit field just because he is that the -- so. I think that little bit of -- dimension to the offense and on and everything else he's -- and play. Are if you're just joining us on this couture tonight into the WO we're talking two miles Montgomery from the -- from a terrorist sister station the -- of Seattle area SW in Seattle about the saints Seahawks game. Coming -- Saturday. Miles tell us about the weather you know 100% chance of rain doesn't always mean that much in Seattle -- it's one of those really strong Pacific frontal systems that comes through and brings a lot of heavy rain and wind what do you expect yeah. And you know that's exactly what's happening and left them to orchestra that it happened biggest -- -- -- here be about four. And the chains -- forecasts now -- expected this huge -- to come to be sure that jet -- carrier as well into -- But it's bringing serious storm through parading clout and when you look at this thing isn't opened up I mean it has -- Extremely fast you can -- it's going to be nasty here the next couple days -- saying is that. As the bellwethers -- about. Saturday or or around -- You know and we what you -- we've got who want to change kick off district should keep you guys that. You know it it's supposed to break somewhere -- -- on Saturday now the problem that. Is that what's pushing for its thirty to forty miles away. So once that clears now it's going to be a disaster intersecting with the wind is going to be significant and there you know. And making some additional. The -- we have a couple floating bridges and other groups to adhere to -- in other. There always liked to be on the -- -- quote urged -- clinic this kind of war. You -- that it would and in the normally right. -- I think that's what happened -- so that it if that really does happen it's gonna. It's gonna play Africa and you know a lot of the offensive step for holes. Special can opposite thank you so the team -- game upon game I mean at that vacuum that can be a factor so what are we. Now obviously since it's in Seattle has an outdoor stadium there in that field is so is well on me irrigated. It is it's if this is not if the rain does come to an end I'm assuming the field's going to be and in great shape. Yet that culture it's it's it's the stuff where it's. The bristles at about five and boost call made to stand and that -- put her. They they take old rubber tires and they basically grind them down a little BP and they they they -- put that on top of the state of do you catch two -- And what applicable so much richer and the book -- and ordered a lot more when it'll deter. But to they have this Robert and also credentials to the -- talked to to ground to a lack clout to local dust. -- And that's cool for fans because you know you keep it -- also helps the officials say they would constitute determining whether or not a -- is inbounds or out of bounds play. 'cause I actually think if you can -- I get the impression that it did Pete Carroll and the Seahawks. Are not expecting the same saints team to show law it was the perfect storm for a the Seahawks not only are they have very good team. But they had a great game Russell Wilson the team had a great game and Drew Brees had a terrible game and priest doesn't have too many of those. On are the fans in agreement with the Seahawks aren't are the also anticipating that this is not going to be the -- same team the -- -- sixteen come and -- Although a question and it ain't no other change that momentum and -- play well on the outside and I think every saying thank you are so and look at the team they've watched years. We're not the team -- put strengths and just toward the end of the year you know I think. Tech coach Carroll was a little bit. You know pessimistic about the fact that we if we if we get the whole thing are we if we capture the day at the Pepsi beats. We -- hold onto that there's like that it amateur games that. That he was or that the team would try to go and -- And just you know -- do what works -- to cardinal game here game here that that you play your starters states. -- rhythm again and you know they have the ball well the last four games like they've only averaged eighteen points -- and the that they don't have that sparked it turns it looked very lethargic and they did against action. You know -- it -- operation which -- they programs that it did not and and you know they. They didn't need to get on alt smokers need to -- you know players were sustaining drugs -- the ball. Due -- the job and that's that's also the very steep. Together to do that so you know I think they're -- count on some of the things weaknesses and try to exploit them and I. Think that means you know that of course are trying to tell Marshawn Lynch which I am not Douglas Adams he's not a bigger game. Particular pro ball I think we're gonna throw the ball very completed -- secondary. I think you're -- expansion of guys like harper complaints and -- -- you know it's a little regard Specter in the organized command little injuries. Debt to -- and like most law school game plan. But in -- to do so it's it's terrible accident. I think the stage is set for the saint stoop to to wind and I don't say that is six fans who looks to the world through unfortunately colored glasses if you will. I think the stage is set off for the emotional aspects of the game to be. -- to be with the saints the bye week I don't know what that's always a good thing for a team and it sounds to me like that might not have been the best thing for the Seahawks although. Both of these teams are gonna be ready I think the saints are gonna win but one thing that the fans. I'm not only in in Seattle into worlds of yet but around the country they're gonna get a really good football game. Public yeah you know I think all these games sweeteners baker -- tortured you know it's bigger it's going to be your technical game of people thank. I think it's gonna come down to the quarter. You know that it might come down electric in that case. You're directors that that's good guys and you know we've we've had a -- -- game. -- that this -- to kick the field goals last four games they won by just so. I think that's impaired but I think you know it and that is just being an archer kind -- -- the entire ball. It's -- to sink or concerns to the saints or water to treat players away from I think to be pretty incredible forces -- triple. The Seahawks have been very young aggressive smack now -- and they cover guys they're big they're strong they're fast. And New Orleans I'm not sure the scores -- -- -- matched up against those guys play as well. They're older they -- system been ordered the degree session sleepers but. I think the saints in the draft because -- receiver package needed to draft of the big time running back -- Brees needs help. And you know the -- it was important -- potentially in the -- -- games has been shockingly well that you know -- to our system. But at the same time they don't have that -- are with world class speed that's excellent tree can help true -- You know a federal program and the Nazis and I think that's -- -- he's he's he's hurt all year. -- an amazing tight -- enacting the thing about him is that. You know she going to be key factor -- With the linebackers and urged him not almost all pros and secondary and linebackers and secure way to stop them. At the same time stop -- trend so. I think those -- the challenges for the defense and I think that things are one or two players away from really being that -- -- -- Really and it vice president this year there -- receiver. Kenny stills has been very impressive but he is he is a rookie united he has a lot of a lot of potential -- would be great game. Before you go tonight we've also talked about -- January 1 and recreational use of pot became legally and Colorado and Washington State -- there any noticeable difference is about. People walking around -- pioneer square -- Capitol Hill -- -- town. You know now now -- an -- in Fremont which is going to be for access to an -- And he hopes he hears is that different it's it's always been you can always smoke -- in Washington opened to the point where we hostile action. Could happen now -- and and that aren't as long as the broken openness -- -- which is to distribute your score so I. -- -- -- weapons and upper twenties and -- you know so for me. I just it's weird you know it's it's now and I -- medical error or patient. That dispensary anyway I think he surprised about sport who beat this is. It's not it's not really and there's. Hash oil in places like it again as strictly protections are key you know fifty straying too we need. There are lollipops. There are there Orioles batters -- that they. There's so many different ways to smoke -- and that's the biggest change. Since the legalization. Now. I mean you could fall on the ground in downtown Seattle it would -- you. Not hard we can count on any -- in as a nation and I'm just glad to Colorado -- that -- speed they seem to be able to bring attention to. So we can appear because you know when they don't care it's just. It's like the French Quarter due to stoppage or -- -- mystery. -- to. You know not immediately are targeting coached Peterson that would lead you cannot deny that it just gonna have a good time you know. And the same mentality this year and always has and the differences is that. That's your country you just walk into -- store in Dubai that you. And you -- to -- well. -- -- it taken out of hand to some degree taken out of the hands of criminals. Without question we have a big problem appears -- national -- They're they're there are people who were composers -- -- and setting booby traps in their boarding there they're crop than you know it's millions. The dollars that -- Tiger Woods. You know regular camper or -- -- at least I stumble on that machine but it. And in -- eliminate that entire element. You know -- gangs that are. They're growing lead in the district in traditional point relieving having that much Border Patrol and anti -- it's it's it's one we believe we expect we shouldn't. You know but it's it's it's. But that particular -- from BC. Com. Just. -- Iraq acting -- it's happening in the end -- not as much changed to a to not it's not too well it's Seahawks and Broncos. Lose Super Bowl to me that's. You know it's like -- might be a lit -- a little -- to -- embassy W -- Yeah that would beat Portland trailblazers basketball. At Merrill was -- -- -- that bigger -- A few practice. Apps that -- man you have -- more power -- to respond to. -- Miles let's make up an appointment to talk of Monday night on the -- after the after the game has in -- or are Myles McGovern thanks a lot. Aren't you do that's miles Montgomery from our sister station the ruckus Seattle KM SW in Seattle and we'll talk to him Monday -- right here in the -- --