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1-9 10:10pm Scoot Show: Saints vs Seahawks

Jan 9, 2014|

Scoot talks to WWL listeners about the upcoming game against the Seattle Seahawks.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It has warmed up and it's gonna warm up over the next couple of days Saturday afternoon as it is expected to be really -- in fact. It's not part of the same system but the forecast and I'm getting now for Saturday in Seattle. Is. Very heavy rain strong winds but the rain could come to -- and by 12 or 1 o'clock kick off Seattle time is going to be about 135. So. The rain may be out of way but the -- may remain. We're having a different system but were to have almost the same situation here where were expected soon expected has some pretty heavy rain that it could be happy. Friday night Saturday morning. But -- coming to an end. By the afternoon and I think the high Saturday is going to be seventy degrees. With partly cloudy skies it to such -- going to be a great day Saturday. We're among other things talking about the saints Seahawks -- talk about that again tomorrow which will. Daryn and never different aspects of this game two to talk about on if you missed it I I will replay. The audio from an nfl.com. Video made this is from the NFL. And -- nfl.com video. That is a movie. Trailer light. Promotion of the game. The other playoff games. There essentially about you know which team is going to rise to be the winner. But interestingly the one for the saints. Eight. I think it is great inspiration for the saints but the went for the saints it is based on the idea of all the -- -- Be afraid. Be very afraid. And there's a there's a comment on the video from one of the Seahawks players. This is even gain get these guys have a mismatched get these guys on here or or something to that effect. And they they actually make it seem as if the saints are scared. To go to Seattle to play the Seahawks. I think the saints are gonna win. Now Seattle might win the game in you you can't be about blind fans and Canseco now its sights and of course -- -- -- -- not of course the gonna win. I think the saints should win a broad blog about that which still turning on -- website and a and it's good blog tonight which were also talking about isn't pressures on the Seahawks. And it's good for the saints. But -- a lot of that the blog is about the national media and in a lot of people around the country seem to have anointed the Seahawks as one of those teams that. This year of people want them to get to the Super Bowl. I guess there was a year that they wanted the saints to get to the Super Bowl and and we did in this saints so perfectly represented a city that had. Recovered after Katrina and the 20092010. Season. And people were cheering for the saints but. This part of the country. And I don't think it's because of duct dynasty and shows like dead and swamp people. Naturally hell but I don't think it's just because of that this city traditionally and as. Has been a great destination for party. But it's not always been respected as a city on on different levels one of those levels he has our football team anyway you can -- this -- -- incher with others it's a pressure. Is on the Seahawks and it's good for the saints and I've talked about a lot of things in their -- at WWL dot com if you wanna join -- -- with your comment our numbers 260. 1870. Toll free 8668890. It's happening. At a text number 677. To any of it after 1030 I'll I'll play the audio for that video once again we're also talking abouts. The Republican Party should the Republican Party support the legalization of marijuana to attract young voters. There seems to be -- talk about tennis and that's -- WW a pretty general opinion poll here's an update 45% say no but 55 its ansari. 55% saying -- And 45% say yes. And you can give us your opinion by going to WW real dot com. Also appear Thomas did practice today April primary of which yesterday maybe yesterday or today did they practice against the practice earlier today. Appear Thomas in the last practiced once with the saints as they prepared for the Seahawks. There in Seattle now. I've sort of looks like Peter Thomas is gonna play that's good news we've got that full story on our website at WW real dot com. From Seattle Eric here on -- well. It did hear from you you know and Eric are you. -- excellent. Are gonna -- yet shout out actually make you long time ago -- year you -- like scary my friends GDP in. All we -- -- Kia. Like our incoming. I DW. The sea hawks. Will prevail. I'm not one of those people that are saying. I am expecting early in the game. I will be in the am. And -- You make a lot of noise. And Erica of course I'm tired forever remember Ewing and and when I think about to die hard Seahawks fans you're. Your image in my mind always always thought your image noise comes to mind because I know how would die hard fan and you are. Why aren't why why have people. And I I find it interesting because Seattle. Every city has an image in Seattle doesn't have an image of -- city that would have such raucous fans. Such wild maniacal fans and yet they do. Why do you think -- -- the Seattle fans are so maniacal. Well I think it -- The wave people in Seattle URC. Work I'd like. The badly here in the north -- And we can't EU. You know nobody knows but he cares. We're just going to. You know make as much as possible. Of course your government is -- -- now these. Past histories that are. Yet it at any live here so you'll understand the prize people in Seattle -- I'm like what you happened -- Because in your city come for a you know -- pastor. And I am. You know I I let you know for some people want Angela Atwood. From LA care. You know I hear from Seattle keep them from Seattle. You know prize. That your community. It's a beautiful city it has a lot to be proud of there. -- honestly -- I have a feeling the saints or are gonna win but -- -- that's just a feeling. And it's it's based it's based on the date the odds of being against the saints. Time it was a perfect storm for the Seahawks at the last game. The Seahawks played a great game and they are a great team might take nothing away from the Seahawks -- -- great -- are faring very well coached and they're very intelligent players. But Drew Brees had one of his worst games -- that doesn't often happen so when you combine a really. Great effort by the Seahawks combined -- is or effort by by reason and the saints. That's the perfect storm forward for Seattle. Right well and. In a little short I think poor effort and in the days. -- -- understand you're not gonna pattern in the totally looking forward to. Like it that I think it's actually going to be very close scam and I really think it's gonna come down to you. Whoever makes the least -- stay. But I do think that. Seattle. Because a distinct but there too strong in the secondary. With guys like -- -- and Earl Thomas sent it up camp's counselors. Being able to really you know get out there receivers and just really disrupt what they're trying to do. -- Now I'd I I I agree he's Seattle is or is it is a really. -- of really proficient team. You know it's it's a young team and Pete Carroll's attitude the way he is on the sidelines his persona fits the the usefulness of the Seahawks. Exactly and then you know there's there's one other political wildcard that your answer court and -- our plane -- shattered. Yeah we're finally getting back. I talked to my mind on a -- of miles Montgomery from Medicare system via the rock of Seattle a few minutes ago I talked him out earlier in the week. He was telling us that the forecast is now. Changing from what it was earlier in the week and that this system this coming through was going to be very powerful. Pacific frontal system is gonna bring a lot of rain and very strong winds. But he -- to the question that the rain may come to an end before kick off. Yeah. And the actor but it is an island. And no injuries the struggle a little bit when it comes to -- weather conditions and the thing that happened in the wind not. Win because early sex happier if the ball out cheers he urged. -- -- Oh man and I you know are out there -- line in the movie and carrier. The other thing that we that we we realize -- the the the speakers that go along with the giant video screen sets century link field. They actually aid in the overall noise of the crowd. Actually. That they did by and -- securities. You want and the tree on yes every stadium is a little bit of music. Well achievement on defense will board it will. It's their. But one that seemed to break huddle. All artificial noise have to stop them restatement and now you know our. We are on. -- right Erica let's let's play the talk Monday night's. On the show regardless of how the game turns out we'll talk it but one thing's for sure this should be a very good game and and and I I think -- the Seahawks are doing the right thing by not expecting the same team to come to town. It was say in town that Monday night. -- -- You know here all week. -- I know we had a few people from the world call our radio station and spent. We're just respecting him networks that easily you know win or. That's not the case here very nervous people we all that much better game from the same. Come playoff time then what side and it just it's not hard to beat a team twice in the manner especially pertinent. Blow it out play and tell. So we are looking forward to very game here. I can't wait. Erica looking forward to it as well and it's it's good to talk few yen. Tell you like caring guy and you know I was more begin Monday night. All right Erica thanks if you wanna join our show the comet tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. In a text number is 87870. Last night was the People's Choice Awards favorite hip hop artist. -- -- Brian Lewis. And a lot of this song -- laughed. Lot of people were offended by it it's a great message. And this is a message that's coming from. A young generation. And those who don't get it. Eventually. Will have to accept. Changes. In America. You might not like them. But you won't be able to stop them. This is the -- show. Like from New Orleans Thursday night. And we'll be back to VW well tomorrow morning and Demi WL first news with Tommy Tucker he'll talk about the disaster in December that Monday night game saints and the Seahawks 347. Saints were never ever ended down from the very first plane near the end of the star spangled banner it seemed like it was seven nothing. Seattle. Is that gonna help or hurt the saints Saturday and will knowing what to expect and the revenge factor. Be positive for the saints. Which team do you think has the most pressure on. As one of the things a ton of talk about tomorrow morning to -- Tommy Tucker weekday mornings from six to ten here on WW real here's a quick update on our WWL pretty -- opinion poll tonight. Should the Republican Party support legalization of marijuana to attract young voters to the party. 46% say yes but a majority. Still close 54% say no you can give your opinion by going to our website. WWL dot com. I have learned that. The the people who monitor the seismic technologist who monitor earthquakes. They have placed. Two extra. On. Slice of meters. One on the field. And one in the stands. To determine whether or not it registers on. The richter scale. Now in the in the they -- that took place against the Swiss. This was a game that took place above what was -- Al -- it was a Monday night game but also there was another game that took place. Where it is -- Tennessee well I guess it was a playoff game. In 20112000. Attentive to 2011 season. And the the new ways and the rumbling from the crowd actually registered. On on the richter scale it was a one to two range a magnitude. And so they're gonna determine whether or not there's going to be earthquake like. Response. Monday night and it again I've got a text a moment ago what video my talking about they just tuned in. And if you're a student coming up after. After 1030. I'm gonna play the audio for video. It is on nfl.com. It's a movie trailer like video that promotes the saints Seahawks playoff game Saturday. And the other. Promos for the playoff games. On -- positive about both teams. This woman makes it seem as if the saints are scared all the horror. That's the theme of all the horror of the states that are scared to go back to Seattle because of what happened Monday night and I thought that was very unbecoming. Of the NFL and I don't think I'm overly sensitive when it comes to these things. Most of the national media and most of the nation predicting -- -- Seahawks are going to be the saints in the playoff game. At these predictions are based on this embarrassing loss on December 2 34 to seven loss and certainly added that this Seahawks are high performance team. The saints have some injuries and there are people who just -- -- still even though they won last week it's only 11 victory on the road in. The recall whether the the saints are not an outdoor team especially when it comes to the playoffs. But every year it seems like there are some anointed favorites in the NFL and this year Seattle seems to be one of those anointed favorites. It's it's almost fair to say that with the exception of the 20092010. Season when the saints won the Super Bowl. And represented this does come back a far below city New Orleans following Katrina. That the saints have not been one of those teams that it's more respected in the NFL respect for the saints is certainly changed since John Payton Drew Brees had been running the team. But I think we often find ourselves in a it's us against the world. Kind of scenario. The city of two worlds is laughed. As the party destination. They seem to be little doubt that this is them. The best city to party and and it is little doubt among even the national media that this is the best place to host a Super Bowl. But there's also this national temptation to disregard New Orleans. -- crime rates. Later. Corruption. An image of a city that tip puts more priority and partying and trying to begin effectively run city. All lead to the Tennessee to bash new worlds and every opportunity. Now I'm proud to be from New Orleans. Born here raised here spent much like grew up as a kid my parents to get to that we saw everything that was New Orleans as as kids. But it is with complete honesty that I I recognize the reality of our problems but I still recognized the rebirth of this city what do. What a great city this has become that would agrees it's always been a great city but it's a greater city. And becoming an even greater city in all of this since since Katrina. I hate to think that a disaster. Has led to. This city. Finding the motivation to to challenge itself to be the best it can be there was a lot of outside influence. That came from other cities people coming here to wanna help after Katrina. And they stayed and they continue to contribute to the city. I find it interesting that you know when there's a rash of murders here -- the Mother's -- shooting or couple years ago the shooting at Halloween. You'll have people around the country to start talking about are you can't go to New Orleans it's not safe. I find that interesting that they are countless shootings in Chicago over a weekend. And absent is the national outcry that Chicago is a terrible city and and you shouldn't go there. Fox News host bill Riley said after -- after the the video came out of the prison par meeting in New Orleans parish prison. Basically saying that you know New Orleans is a trash city. And a lot of people share that opinion. For whatever reason New Orleans seems to fight for respect a lot of categories our football team is one of those categories. The Seahawks are an excellent team their record speaks volumes of of what kind of team they are. And it is possible that the Seahawks will be the -- Saturday. But there does seem to be consensus that this playoff game will not be a repeat of the 34 to seven blowout. December 2 on that Monday night. And a perfect example of the lack of respect for the saints and Seahawks is this movie trailer like video that I keep talking about from nfl.com. It's to promote the game. And the theme of it is all the horror. And it features audio and video that gives the impression that the saints coach Payton are scared of the Seahawks and the saints can't win on the road. And there are other nfl.com. Videos promoting other playoff games that that don't have that attitude toward one team. In a recent -- blog which is still getting a lot of attention on our website WW dot com his title. Why the saints should beat the Seahawks in Seattle you can find it on does -- page. And -- our web site. You might agree or disagree with the reasons but one thing that I write about in this at the blog is is how I think the stage is set. For the saints to take advantage of the emotion factor the motivation factor which I think is is on the saints' side. But the saints are gonna obviously have to work for this win. And I I like the fact that they lost and I remember saying on the -- I guess it was on for Garland. And give them the Tuesday after that Monday night game. Or maybe it was on the show. I remember saying. Wouldn't it be great if the saints had an opportunity come back and go through Seattle and beat Seattle on the road. In Seattle. Silencing the critics at the saints can't win on the road. And I have heard from people like. Zach Strief and and players say. One thing Sean Payton said after that game in the locker room that Monday night. He told the team remember how you feel right now. Because we'll come back to Seattle. In the playoffs. And that's the scenario. That has been set up. I love the way Sean Payton prepares the saints mentally as well as physically. And if the saints get off to a really strong start. I think that's gonna put even more pressure on the Seahawks to live up to the high expectations that their fans and the nation heads the national media this sports pundits across the country predicted the Seahawks are gonna win. It a lot goes on in a subconsciously. And if you think this game is not just mental. I mean if you think this game is just physical and not just metal. Then you disagree with Sean Payton. This week they painted the profile of the of the Seahawks the Seahawks logo. On the practice field. So they would be used to seeing that so they're they're they're they've already got that in their minds. And there were other things that they show on page has done that in the game before Philadelphia. And in this game before Seattle other things that -- has done 22. Get the team mentally and emotionally. Ready for the game. The game is as much mental as it is emotional. At that level of football. There's a lot of a lot of equality. When it comes to all the players. Quite often it's just that factor voter ovation. And quite often have the motivation comes from being -- the saints being in the -- the Seahawks being at century link field and in Seattle. I just like this position the saints -- -- And there's no guarantee they're gonna win and I'd like this position their -- emotionally. And I deceive them. I see them. -- an entirely different game. And if the if they do get on top of Seattle I'd like I have this sense that that's gonna put even more. Pressure on the Seahawks two to one live up to what they've done and we you know we talk to miles Montgomery from our our sister station and in Seattle -- W. And he was saying that the the Seahawks have not been impressive. In their last few games -- I think since you correct me if I'm wrong but I think since the the Seahawks beat the saints that Monday night the Seahawks were two into. And the cardinals did beat him at home. Individuals and teams have these sub conscious voices in their -- You have them in your I kept them in mind. And those voices have the ability to to make us question our own ability. Intellectually we can try to silence those voices but those voices sometimes get louder than our conscious reality can. And can silence them. And and if you look back on the first game in Seattle last month. I think the saints just started to hear those subconscious voices that. Well we we can't win in in bad weather on the road in Seattle always wins at home and I. I think the saints made the the Philadelphia Eagles here are some of those subconscious voices said this this past weekend. The Eagles were 44 at home so they were not invincible at all. And Eagles have not always gotten through the playoffs and their fans are brutal. Now I I've talked about this said having spent so little time earlier Philadelphia. Honestly I think the I think that the Eagles fans. And more fun when their team loses then when their team wins because they love complaining. They love bashing they what they they turn bashing the team into a recreational sport. In this playoff game Saturday at Seattle. There's more pressure on the Seahawks -- on the saints. And that's a great state of mind for the saints to do Ian. A mansion at the saints win their second playoff game on the road. And the weather's not perfect. I can't wait. Here at the national media. And those Seahawks fans. And what they're saying. After the game. -- -- If you gonna join us for the comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. And a text number. Is -- 7870. A -- like tonight is -- pressure is on the Seahawks and that's good for the saints and that's a WWL. Dot com so we've been talking about marijuana being legal in Washington State now as of January 1. And also legal in the state of Colorado and that Michigan and many other states are -- seriously moving toward legalizing the recreational use of pot. I'm not here to promote pot. I don't smoke pot I don't criticize people who do smoke pot in the same way that I don't criticize people who drink. As long as you're responsible. With what you do. And it seems. Like the day is. Almost two year when -- when -- going to be legal and Americans. This country doesn't doesn't like. Does it like to change quickly when it comes to a lot of things. Same sex marriage and legalizing pot. But I think there has been is irrational fear. About legalizing marijuana. And I don't understand the argument. That alcohol can be legal and marijuana can't -- If alcohol can be legal why can't marijuana be legal. Here's our WWL pretty -- my opinion poll tonight should the Republican Party support legalization of marijuana to attract young voters. To the party. Give us your opinion by going to our website WW well dot com. Here is -- taxed. Should the saints win the Super Bowl the most difficult opponent they will face will be Seattle this Saturday. You know that's that may be true and and we you know we've all seen this over the years sometimes. A game getting to the Super Bowl. It's a tougher challenge than actually the Super Bowl -- Chris you're on WW out good evening. Sir I'm good. I would disagree with that affects. -- sell -- market happily. But this -- going straight to you all were at this point would be going so they're so. While that would be tough and and of course you know we all have those memories of Seattle locking us some of the playoffs and again gave it looked like the saints their we're gonna win that game and the 49ers came back and beat him. It's not real winners so -- now. This isn't football so I wrote a note the guy at all. But one that's -- I was so -- just cheap. It's because. Well why don't -- every -- are okay but we're not talking about really actually hurting the guy. Oh sure. But all or four years old. And -- Jakarta worry. There's only one wait jittery. And she lost somebody each. Figuratively not literally. -- I don't sort of promote. Injuring somebody. Sometimes that happens but you can. You can use that did the rhetoric you could talk about what you know we were -- -- team Luminex element would have but we don't really want while we don't really want to. It the of the voting is not to actually heard an -- in nobody gave his it is still too fresh in our memory to even support that idea. -- a multi year. -- -- -- -- -- -- You would say. -- can't try to hurt to play sports. Where -- I didn't anecdotal -- You know port -- But what -- older. Trust me there are and they're there are out there and belief -- I don't buy into -- you're always going to visit my lawyers and legal. -- For mayor. But we sport there are side. Make sure Carol good back. I watched that our. Ears and I'm excited about a fire ball. Okay you're making too much -- -- cheap shot that aren't there. And as being the -- it's kill or Ornette 49ers seen -- too long art career. -- -- so remember that that playoff game I really thought we had a game one and. I'm not sure what I'll be your actually. -- All history to eBay and -- go out and regain -- to keep each. I'm I'm I'm like I'm. I really well. The saints' biggest obstacle is the peak of one spare those. Can't stop it back gotten our actors backstage that he's been another -- well. Yeah I think this sink in I think I think severed Cisco is going to be the Panthers so if we do beat Seattle I do think we'll be going -- Cisco Chris Iannetta gets a brave -- Politico the show. Right there thank thanks ballistic. I hear is attacks says it reads. Screwed born and raised a New York Giants stand moved here ten years ago and have always rooted against the saints. But this week. I'm all in saints -- If you wanna join us tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. -- receipts entity seventy when we come back after the break -- gonna play the audio from that video from nfl.com. All the horror the saints are scared to go to Seattle should the NFL be promoting that I don't like it as a saints and does it gives us great motivation. We'll be back every WL last night was the People's Choice Awards Justin Timberlake. Won best album. Actually called favorite in the immune people's People's Choice Awards favorite album. Favorite male artist. And favorite rhythm and blues artist. Justin Timberlake and he'll be coming in Orleans. If you enjoy pressure with a comic tonight our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. In a text amber is 87871. To play this this audio for you this is from. This is from nfl.com. Now there's there's some graphics there's some some words -- -- that does the screen when the video's playing and I'll I'll tell you what with those -- we as we go through visits that's not very long. But I was surprised that something this bias would come from the NFL. Before I get to that let me read this text -- the national media. A fickle bunch should the saints win Saturday they will start to jump on the saints bandwagon. They will. They certainly will that will definitely happen but right now the Seahawks seemed to be one of the darlings of the NFL. And their fans expect them to be in the Super Bowl this year. We can stop that. Are really think. I think we should I'd just I'd have this this feeling that this stages is sent but it was it was a surprise -- this audio if you. In the basic theme of this is all the whole aura. And I know it's not easy to hear it. Everything but you're -- hear one of the Seahawks players on the sidelines say something about this is a rematch this is a -- get them out of here. There are fans in the stands. Chanting. Blue breeze not Drew Brees but -- breeze Sabrina stands says something the effect of -- can't play out of the dome they can't play outdoors. The only positive thing about the saints is the Drew Brees chants toward the variance so here's the audio for this video promoting the game this weekend there are. -- We live. Be afraid. Very afraid. -- -- Okay. Where we're. It's. It's clear about that. Again. There are so many people predicting the Seahawks are gonna win. And if it's based on that last performance. That's ignorant that Pete Carroll. Is Smart enough to know. Then it's. This same saints team that they played Monday night December 2 is not going to be the same team that shows up Saturday afternoon. And the saints are safely. In Seattle now they are but I guess they went a day earlier -- know they have to be there 24 hours before -- -- kick off but I guess because of the long flight the time change everything they went to they went early. And now we're hearing about the forecast being a little different than it was earlier in the week. 100% chance of rain in Seattle doesn't necessarily mean anything that ban because of the rain can be light he can be misty. However. Now it looks as if there's a very strong Pacific front moving ashore. And it's gonna dump heavy rain and a lot of very strong wind is pushing this front through Seattle. And the -- hoping is that the rain comes to an end by kick off which use when 35 -- time 335 our time. However I don't think the wind. He's gonna go away and that's going to be something for the saints to to adjust to but the Seahawks left to adjust to the same thing so. I'm sure that field since it's in Seattle when there's so much rain there I'm sure even if it rains early in the day that field will be well. Irrigated they'll be a lot of drainage they are some of the field should be just fine shape. If you what did you ushered right our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. Our -- number is it 77. And we'll be right back on -- show like for New Orleans on Thursday night on to -- WL. We're talking about the saints it is the buzz of this city it is the buzz of Seattle right now of course with the pot being legal in Washington stayed there steadily just there's. A more than -- kind of well you know it's not legal here but it honestly a lot of people -- Buzz within -- not promoting it I'm just recognizing reality. I will talk about this again tomorrow night to the the saints getting ready for this playoff game in Seattle it's. It it's expected to be a great game and and fans will get that would be for the saints for the Seahawks. Or you're just a fan of NFL football this should be a great match up from Fort Polk -- -- wager -- WWL. Electric culture. -- well or less but do their part all show. I. The game plan that we had against Philadelphia. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think it's the way that this you ought to play at last few weeks ago in the air with the same attitude. That we can win. -- that instead I still think that possibly. Either Carolina or or share -- -- Jean-Gilles matchup problems but I'm double fault for. A gene in our division. Who. And here I was born -- Atlanta so we can -- country. I will be all Carolina this week I think matchup wise we probably. Shot. Sheryl stack I'm out there that you need. Right right I agree with you I I I think the CI I think the 49ers will be to the Panthers this weekend but I would rather played the Panthers again because I don't think the obvious again even going to Carolina. I agree I mean certainly separate Cisco just with Michael Crabtree back they can spread the field -- stretched steel. -- cabinet in my opinion there's far more bankers. When he gets out of pocket then. Cam Newton as I would much rather as well. -- -- what more better with Graham and since it's as close. Yeah I would I would prefer to face a Carolina too I just have a feeling the a 49ers may win that game but hopefully not -- what do you think is gonna be -- the key for the saints in Seattle Saturday. I think we need to do a little more containment -- Russell Wilson. -- not try and pushed the -- so much from the edges. You know keep else I can keep it inside that -- to push you more towards the -- -- big threat not let him get loose and then our. That -- had seen Jane Willis back practicing it means. I like that all worried at first that we might have to go and arrogance those receivers and over there are expected possibly. The outburst you are not black -- keep it close on the field. What or white -- Epic you know -- they had to put her last week he'd give me a lot operators. You know as it moves forward what else but it was. -- Pierre Pierre Thomas practiced so it looks like he's gonna play. I almost got the got the feeling that the F -- appear Thomas in the game against the Eagles on motivated the other running backs. You know what I love what I'm seeing from marketing right now. And Robinson and the the other running backs if if really. It really stepped up in this in in this this landscape its its hard to commit to the run at the -- not working. But if that the Seahawks are are really focusing on the run. And we do get the run establish well of course that's what opens up the passing game and what makes play action pass effective. Correct I think Mark Ingram. They're against Dallas earlier in here or the other day up my where a substantial doors. Sitting in the back. Active. At all. Over and over and over. Against -- yet -- -- art and I think over the next to. -- felt. -- actually and so they understand. The army show out what makes the ball but sometimes. Orchard where. Four six it's not there. -- just open. There's a struggle all we've got one dimensional game you know. Carol. -- as well Seattle's out there there's of course there is an ER on worries and the -- It. Hopefully not but it you know it could be wait I'm glad to call the show and thanks listening at night in Fort -- a from Biloxi Anthony year on -- -- show. -- -- man. You know. I'm I'm very optimistic I would call hopeful optimistic about the topic like our chances. You know you look at that game -- Seattle for the wire Tampa -- could be a lot shouldn't be them did -- The football player now you'll look at trying to gain. Yeah. Day -- on arms. Men -- additionally airliner into little. Took a lot of why. -- Atlanta. And this year they always play a few days -- got a lot of pre game they actually that they are capable. I'll be fine man they don't think that the -- game. Yeah monkey off your back out additional comment that now all all the national media well. When asked them which you it'd be itching to Gatorade player. Where it originated between -- recipe alone it would be useful way. -- I think during the question on your party here in the claim that they're we're gonna talk on the field. And yet it did against Philadelphia called dignity question I can do Seattle man and that these these you to him very similar. He's such an incredible. And and there. Well and you -- ended that Carol the cardinals. In the game as Seattle when they beat the Seahawks they did they demonstrated that you can contain. Russell Wilson and -- and you can't win the game. I'm Anthony are really glad you called I've got to get to a news -- go saints. If you -- I join us with a cut your -- stay with us if you -- join -- with a comment our number is 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. -- Amber's late 77 so glad to be back on at night with you it's the -- show -- -- New Orleans under the WL.