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Jan 10, 2014|

Dave talks about Saints/Seahawks, banana brawl, and fog

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news on this tenth of January 24. -- see GE RA half wore out. I. Blow you ran. You all. Yeah okay okay okay. -- It was done. -- -- -- And I spent the night in Seattle -- They went up the emerald city. -- -- kind of acclimate themselves get a feel for the place. That again that is the same thing last time -- there would. That part of them now but this -- a totally different to different balls different everything. I've never had any well -- like this and I'll never did that expressions of -- -- different possible I laughed. And the anyway. Yet of what happened the last two times really doesn't matter now all that matters is who wins this -- They're not playing those games and all the display in this. Seattle makes a mistake. We get a turnover. We get an easy touchdown that could be the whole game right there in -- -- -- you that much nine dollars or anywhere for them but. That's gonna happen we've got a belated thanks. Making bad decisions you know you know away -- don't care it's no fair. Fumbles that and I've been working with. Ball's covered in water football covered in water practice this week to get ready for -- anticipated rain sloppy conditions in Seattle. Are -- turn just about everything paying the field. Balls with water and yeah that sound systems moved on for the crowd I might go in the and I don't know what pregame meal they're eating and that they're definitely relaxed and killed and end. Getting in the right frame of mind. And hopefully that politics but again it is gonna bring it. -- to bring fast started wearing a fast start your right here and never let up a little red and I tell you want. You win this one you're in the championship. Game NFC championship either Sampras as an outpouring Charlotte home. They've Cunningham who wins that game between the 49ers can't gas. -- last that's championship but it sure is Super Bowl in new features -- right around the corner. Now. Just like got that they've -- -- ten days in the 2014 already. -- forget that. Fact that looked out the window here is thickening at the corner of waitress in magazines I and that's. The craft connected I connected my home in any evidence that the -- exists no exit blog is right there but. High ground level from Metairie all the way here into the CB might have anonymity problems at all. But that doesn't mean it's not dense fog in some locations if you argue way to where you're going see dense fog. And you get there and completely stopped it out of your vehicle please text -- today 78%. And let us know where default one. So that we can warn other people who may be getting out and about its. About the possibility -- I did we get back in fifteen minutes more for its news you can give us your prediction on I will dig into my grab -- back up ruled a score beep when the game is over between the saints and the Seahawks in Seattle will we be celebrating -- jumping up and down. Or holding our heads. I don't know. Well like you know half a are you -- know what you predict ahead Torrealba got a great -- -- -- 530 is the time we traditionally unveil lad after the news at five days. -- I'll give him advice prediction on what will happen at the box office this weekend as we take a look at the new movie that are out there but it. You don't have to wait to send me your predictions that made it 7870 how you feel -- saints fans you really expect the team to win this one. Gore as a fan you just hopeful that they will win you realistically expect this thing to win. With so many. Experts. Saying they will lose this game next mediate 7870. On this Friday morning your forecast. -- Eighteen minutes after 5 AM -- early edition of got -- WL first news. Fog on I 55 coming in from Hammond says one text message to -- 7870. Another says fog on I 55 and man -- and other says the soup. Thought heading from home while on the highway to Morgan City. Another one -- dance ball back 55 sounds like that's one troubled spots right now regarding mystic that it's an idiot but he. The other ones that light fog in the home the -- is light on the I ten through Metairie Kenner. Also on into New Orleans but over the monitors spillway you may find them more dense fog will keep an eye on it and continued Q. Bring you the text messages were getting it rates at any new ones that August act. In capitals in -- chase who -- your predictions for what will happen. To morrow yes the game is tomorrow we keep talking about Saturday in Seattle one now that's suddenly tomorrow. In Seattle getting some very good text messages late seventies and about that a share of them after your forecast. Well the cold air is moving out of a milder champs movie and heist later today at seventy but it comes with some showers about a 40% chance for this afternoon and evening. -- overnight tonight rain chance is up to 70%. At some showers and a few thunderstorms move then. Lows dropping to about 61. There will be some rain showers out still early Saturday morning but those will come to an end as we head toward lunchtime still mild for Saturday with highs of 71. And Sunday is looking beautiful mostly sunny skies mild Temps -- the upper sixties. From the Eyewitness News forecast -- I'm meteorologist -- tell. Quarter mile visibility. Down along the coast include -- quarter mile visibility so you will find some areas with dense fog warm -- 53 airport in Kenner. 51 with fog at the National Weather Service office in -- Sports time now on WWL. And Steve -- do you believe it it's actually tomorrow. It actually was very long week yet in a week valley took fourth amber. As we waited for the saints you go to Seattle which they did yesterday afternoon -- that to play in Seattle what they'll do tomorrow afternoon yet thank goodness we have to wait till Sunday -- -- one. -- we did you find out the first of the playoff games if we're -- nine -- common home Steve -- bring it to law while -- of -- -- anymore. Good morning and happy Friday everyone. Saints running back Pierre Thomas returned to practice on a limited basis but him playing on Saturday still seems unlikely as -- suffering from a chest injury. The only player only other player not a full go with defensive tackle tackle a -- hicks. Who is also limited with an ankle injury tomorrow is game day and not many NFL analysts are giving the -- a chance to come away with a win against the Seahawks. Safety Malcolm Jenkins says though they expect everyone to doubt them as the number succeed. Numbers sort of good bit through the playoffs in you know slowed us it really doesn't bother us that nobody thinks we can't him. And I think that that helps us from our confidence and we know what kind of team and we know we have to do to win. Seattle quarterback Richard Sherman says don't think for a second though that his team will come out flat because it says the Seahawks are always playing with a -- Our team was made clear -- supporters shorter regardless of the situation regardless of the notoriety they're didn't regardless of anything because you can't -- -- you can't take it off. You don't want to do its own story is all. WW those pregame coverage starts at 9 AM tomorrow kickoff is at 335. Well the fifteen modern day error finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame have been announced and former saints kicker Morten Andersen is in that number. But 46 member selection committee will now vote February 1 in New York with a minimum 80% required for induction. Jay -- been introduced as the new head coach of the Washington Redskins the seventh hired by owner Dan Snyder since he bought the heat for him back in fifteen years ago. Brigham was a five year gets a five year contract for his first NFL coaching gig. Taking over a three and thirteen team that finished last in the NFC east and five of the last six seasons. The pelicans look to snap a three game losing skid tonight when they host the mavericks all the action on that game starts at seven on the flagship 1053 WWL let them. And former USC coach Lane Kiffin is being considered by Alabama. To replace offensive coordinator Doug -- -- there's reportedly mutual interest between Kiffin and tide head coach nick Sabin. They have four on sports talk it's seen its Friday. Joined by BA beer and the -- be on the location at -- is supermarket in mid city at 400 north Carrollton avenue. I'm Steve Geller with your early morning look look it's. Ports like three minutes after 5 AM the early edition of WWL first news on your Friday morning happy Friday to you and yours Steve. -- utes won't go ahead. Happy Friday to you viewers as well -- you -- back in here in about 25 minutes more -- we'll get your prediction for the saints and the Seahawks. See how you're feeling about this one listeners. Most of them are feeling pretty good I'm asking on our FaceBook page says do you expect the saints to win or do you hope. The saints will win acting as a big difference will see -- that'll work that right now that I want to predictions for the other game. Specifically and most importantly. The Carolina Panthers in the San Francisco 49ers pleased to whoever wins in the sense of the Seahawks is playing the winner of that game. I'm extremely high on the 49ers right now as a matter of fact I have them. Going -- -- They just have a complete team in a very balanced right now the offense is finally -- league now that seems that Michael Crabtree is back. Four -- -- -- who's playing at a belief level right now he's looked really good rushing the football and throwing it. And their defense is just lights out so I like the niners over the Panthers all right so if indeed the saints win on Saturday. They will then have to go to Stanford Cisco fewer correct rights of the state of the first game on Saturday at 4:35 eastern 3:35 central. Then at 715 -- time Indianapolis that knowing I just see the patriots coming out with this one they had that week of rest what shall get them ready for these colts team that. It has been playing decent of late but I just -- turnovers to be closely. And the Indianapolis has just been turned the ball over way too much of late. Andrew Luck does have that so -- factor about him though but I still take Tom Brady as the -- got to come out victorious in that one and then Sunday the early game at noon is San Francisco Carolina then San Diego -- Denver. While I would love to take the charges just because you the number six seed. Has had success -- last couple years going five and two in these match -- but. They they were able to pull out a victory earlier this season in Denver but I just think Peyton Manning will have too much on the line and he's. Coming winding down at the end of his career. And once we get that Super Bowl ring has been phenomenal this year with 55 touchdowns in just ten interceptions I like the colts still -- big in this -- Right humanity document the Broncos I mean the Broncos are yet while Manning the quarterback now that's a hard habit to bracket -- -- you're taking New England. San Francisco and Denver yes find out if you're picking -- -- Seattle link it to back in less than 25 minutes here on WW. -- 27 good morning I'm Dave -- she's missed meteorologist Laura bucked. Now court today look for mainly cloudy skies as those clouds increase and the afternoon. And a 40% chance for some showers later today and tonight with -- reaching seventy. They did tonight look for Temps dropping into the lower sixties as 70% chance for rain overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning. Those guys that will start to clear by mid day Saturday looks smiled with highs around 71 and Sunday is looking nice with some sunshine. Highs reaching about 67. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark -- tell. I would get a lot of text messages about dense fog patches both North Shore South -- east bank West Bank to be careful out there folks 53 at the airport in -- 51 and slide down your text messages will the saints went after this. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this the tenth of January already gotten the year 2004 to a boy it's been a long week TG. I asked I am so happy to tell you this morning. Welcome. -- Everybody get up well everybody did -- run over. Want your help because it's in the air bits and around the breakfast table. It -- feel good apparently home right now. Let's dream what that means -- -- All the way to work home. -- people who mourning today I just hope. Homeland what they've really. Grind it out. -- -- -- Lot of things that if you were. Pretty as hard as I honestly think the saints will win Sean -- -- out -- as he knocked -- Ingram on another -- ground game Ole boys don't want to that would love for you to text me money tells me I'm wrong. But I think Seattle wins like double the heights those as we run the ball 39 times past 42 times. And win time of possession by eight minutes. But without that and we will win 33 it's when he sent to learn. Stopping them on the last drive go to defense Arrigo. It's when he for a seventy into the -- when he won seventeen to another breeding ground these dirty birds Dave and what we do know what will stop us from having another black Eagles Super Bowl and all that. That not all wants -- we get through this -- had into the big show if it flies it dies as well. Some people going with the chickens. Are you ready probably our goal has been very busy this week with -- fifty at best not. And the saints in this game as hard fought and as I mean -- -- -- you know knock your socks off. But there's going to be -- turnover. -- way overdue and the saints are -- it it might be -- tipped pass. -- short pass that gets tipped at the line and somebody picks it up and takes it in. For a touchdown. The bottom line the saints are gonna win this by six. Points 2721. And that means to Shayne Graham field goals to ice it. Why you've really given this a lot of thought I doubt it's gonna end on a defensive score by the saints. And there's going to be too Shayne Graham field goals along the way our rights you have the saints. Eking this one out -- heart stopper for the -- detonate six points -- -- saints by six says David play. While he really -- -- -- I hope you're exactly right -- be a fun game injury. Predict the box office -- one big movie opening this weekend frozen -- got out legend of Hercules. Opens this weekend and he -- field now -- of ice on the end of this dude on TV and you know I'm used to my Hercules beyond really off I mean -- again you know and this guy well. Is look like your guy that's been working model. Well he's gone up against. The current top five of frozen the latest paranormal activity the latest hobby it. The wolf of Wall Street an American council Monday morning which of these movies will be a lot lawyer Laurie I'm Odyssey -- -- the government -- -- better than. And -- and about it each week or whatever it is arguments cabinet again non politics. Oh shoot I think maybe the Hobbits swings around you don't think Hercules in Vietnam. Thank you David for your predictions even when he met a person is. WW now. And god let's go live directly eyewitnesses forecasts and it figured more than number. That mess meteorologist Laura blocked now live -- and happy Friday do you yours this meteorologist -- now. I mean it's Friday it's the -- Bryant black gold shot up and you're actually wearing a black eagle -- -- We actually all remembered for the city but I also remember to Wear black coat it's -- Have played -- helpful that bodes well for the saints I've got my black and gold on so I think we're ready to go I think we are all right. Folks have to drive through some of these dance -- and dogs though maybe not feeling good about getting thicker over the last half. It'd it'd probably will delegate you know little -- on writer -- that yet the way we got like. And they'll say eat your -- and then talked to be careful on the rated that down to about half a mile time. That we know that -- to blow up a red. Extra time to get to that school work to. Folks revenue at 55 or Thomas it's crazy six some spots on the high twelve down in the whole area to just about everywhere there are patches to get Dan's blogs yeah. Just as you're seeing clearly now doesn't mean you will be in a couple of miles you're exactly right and other than that his -- a warm and muggy whereas those rain chances growth throughout the day. Yeah secondly today actually the crowd kind of increase its gonna transition from Bob -- -- Overcast -- at the height density and didn't have our kind of world we met while 40% chance pretty -- in EB hours. And so when does the bulk of it all but just forty during the day I -- probably. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- About that. And for early Saturday but don't worry you guys are clear during the day Saturday. Gained you know get right became it's going to be fine thank. Party people over there and don't -- its nuclear out writes that the rain has gone. By the afternoon that's our -- -- clear out as well yeah. What about it yet gathering at apple and it is it is there without -- -- currently. What they've got a chance -- serious heavy rain -- -- tomorrow and they're going to be at the party out our going to be in the forties and chances are eighty to 100%. The games should be wet and we. No doubt that -- -- practicing all week trying to recreate you know that conditions currently closed but pants so. You know it is going to be it is fabulous black and -- -- -- right. Aren't what is your prediction for the game saints and the Seahawks who got your prediction for the weather winter prediction for the game it will help and back when it comes down theory that. I think this giving -- top one. Does this going to be at this you know I think in a -- long we we -- this game -- unthinkable like that there's a -- access and I think the saints will win it in a sweet idea I think it could be closed -- a -- -- how we want -- don't volume all you know and I. -- -- that's how we want last week I didn't come down the end and the -- equivalent out there ready for summer events. Feeling at -- time tolerant more about tells -- that many of our listeners are to -- mortgage text messages today's deadly -- coming up after the why would people vial. In no way to Connecticut. Police have labeled a man they're looking for the banana eating spandex. And you heard about this -- not been out all ball well he crashed his station wag in. It into a gas station. Wall right shatters the glass. Gets out of the car grabbed a banana off the -- Eats at exceptionally. -- I want it. That's all he -- why didn't want -- -- -- -- figure out I don't know the video shows a Ford freestyle. Backing repeatedly into the store and breaking the glass doors setting off the alarm. Getting out eating the banana. And leaving before police around. The -- you know that I've ever been me you support you banana right now I -- -- you know like banana -- now like finance boss is out now like. Nothing I can't and a development. In and out like this happen and -- in that vicinity where it enough that if that means that. So we know it's not Laura but it was not good that's true. Very. Well it's we've ruled out once. They do I have a great weekend. Heidi happy Friday to you and you thought you Monday. Are about to outline a direct from the Eyewitness News forecast. She's not the banana and it but the person who is right in the wrong with people file messed up the cars break in the class. For a -- paid 77 as as I guess he just west and us. By the way it. As several people texted me to say the movie lone survivor opens this week based on the failed June 20 2005 mission operation red wings. Four members army navy seal team. Were tasked with the mission to capture or kill notorious Taliban leader Ahmad shop. Well the Internet Movie Database which is what I used to tell me what movies are opening didn't -- that one but when I go into a deeper it Scioscia. It's got an opening date of January tan so there you go lone survivor also at the movie theaters that will have to give game like the past. And give him all the information from making that prediction. But Steve Geller has all the estimates. We'll get that process this Friday morning right after he tells all about sports to morning seeing. Good morning Dave and good morning everyone mothers hope that running back Pierre Thomas could suit up Saturday for the saints now. As the running back returned to practice on a limited basis. The only -- only other player that did not practice and full was defensive tackle a team hicks who is also limited due to an ankle issue. The saints get another shot at taking and the Seahawks in the NFC divisional playoff after the black and -- put up a stinker in week thirteen of the regular season. Safety Malcolm Jenkins is confident they learned a lot from that 3047 Seattle route. The -- who wasn't our greatest performance and his -- are -- all year. But the good thing about that is they can only be better this time you know we're looking forward to another soul in this game for sure do a lot different. Even Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll expects a much tighter game this time around there's a familiarity both sides and in great respect from -- end of it. And look forward to and it's we know that there are great football championship club chip -- coaches and players and all that. And we give them a lot of respect pregame coverage on WWL starts at 9 AM tomorrow and we'll beat you up to kick off at 335. The Pro Football Hall of Fame has trimmed its candidate pool from the class of 2014. From 25 to fifteen. Former saint Morten Andersen is eight finalists and will be just the fourth kicker inducted into the hole. The class will be selected February 1 the day before the Super Bowl. Jay gruden did introduced as the new head coach of the Washington Redskins. The brother of former NFL coach Jon Gruden got a five year deal and takes over a three and thirteen team. It's finished last in the NFC east in five of the last six seasons of 46 year old spent the last three years -- the offensive coordinator of the Cincinnati angles. And the pelicans host the mavericks tonight as -- -- is out to snap a three game losing -- Kicks it off on the flagship one of 53 WW bella then Matt savage. Today app for on sports talk it's saints Friday join Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia -- location at -- is supermarket in mid city. 400 north Carrollton avenue I'm Steve Geller with your early morning looked. At sports -- fifty -- they've -- Steve Geller with you on your radio on Friday morning on saints Seahawks EU battle in Seattle part -- Is tomorrow. The view already told us they use thing that the 49ers. Will win in the late game. I mean the early game on Sunday you think that Denver will win the late game on -- new -- New England will we win a late game tomorrow all that -- the early game tomorrow. The saints at the -- Yes he would definitely a much closer match up this time around but I do have the Seahawks coming out on top 27 which won me I just think. Seattle's defense is the best in the NFL playing at home in these adverse conditions it's just. A lot of things are against the saints in this one. I wouldn't put -- -- in the world with a pull out the way and I'm just not betting on sides if you had to make a prediction which you do because I told -- -- -- -- you aren't -- the Seahawks -- seven does that -- you don't even the -- that -- United -- -- No it does not mean any advantages believes the fact I think Seattle is the better team and playing at home and if it was different were New Orleans was in the superdome in this one. I'd be taken the saints aren't well a lot of people who are on our FaceBook page right now again dozens of comments to the question. Do you expect the saints to win at Seattle or you just hope they will win -- a lot of people tell us they believe and they think. They believe the saints will indeed it would. Now I know that Vegas is saying it's going to be Seattle might -- I think it's back to -- -- yen just found out from RJ bell of pregame dot com sent us a little sheet of all the games and says that. The eight point. Underdog at the saints are is the highest point total. Under Drew Brees ever for the New Orleans Saints though is the biggest underdog the saints have ever been against anyone so by that means if they do whether it be the biggest. Oh. We're coming. A underdog -- I get your biggest upset for the saints ran the saints' biggest upset win ever. Right we appreciate your honesty. And I do not personally condemn you at all but there are plenty that we don't yet they're gonna get people who will say that yours trader that you're stupid that. All -- this because you're calling it like you actually see it. I hope you're wrong hey let's say but I appreciate your honestly folks on the Eagles fan and I think the saints last week you were right yeah. But I hope you're wrong with I hope on the -- you honestly think these people of the entertainment and sports at WW well AM map on the back on your forecast coming up that. Right. How are you feeling about this. You've been -- Send me all morning at 87870. And by far. The largest number of people who were texting me really believe. That the saints will win saints create turnovers says one text to donate 77 in other -- says I'm not going to say they will win. I will say they can't win. Another says wake up you all given the fans -- -- saints three Seahawks 31 outcome time really. Man Netherlands as saints beat the hawks 2827. Threes drive saints nine game winning drives days ago folks -- keep talking about this. All morning long Tommy talkers in next and he'll be talking about your predictions -- in the predictions from the experts and and a. This is it this is. The time. One person tech made it 78 tonight that tailgating beginning today not even going to work. No particular day -- get ready for a game that's tomorrow. Which is that we will -- density -- screwed act. That as as payback. You can imagine what the -- these -- is best served on a cold and wet feet deal -- another gimmick get that yet temperatures in the forties. Raining on and off more on that off. And the wind that's what really concerns me. Is that the winds are going to be consistently. Blown around swirling in that stadium in Seattle that really hurt the ability to pass the ball. And the ability to keep the ball into the way so we're gonna see a lot of try to have the -- your back timeouts are going to be used in odd places either way let's hope the black holes. Ghost thanks.

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