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1-10 7:40am Tommy, weather for Saints game

Jan 10, 2014|

Tommy talks to Brian Monahan, a meteorologist with KIRO TV in Seattle, about the forecast for the Saints/Seahawks game

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- mining and joins us now meteorologists with KI RO TV in Seattle in the morning Brian I don't. Good morning Dario I'd I've -- -- black eagle on aka the Blue Line absolutely right here. -- -- -- Did to do what would mean to get ready for cutting worker got the would you wait years overdue on where -- we're expressing. Why it is that the saints again overcome that debacle in December. All of the things that are on our side in that you know what. David slew Goliath. -- ET did. Did you want it. I've seen that let the doctors are not typical number. Are pretty strong team we know that -- -- dirt -- it respect the. It. So much so that you referred to lose to -- is that it's the not the cynics that somebody respect. -- -- what's the feeling among the people in Seattle we got this. You don't -- there -- cautious optimism. The -- -- at some expectations the beginning of the -- and I mean they went into the T and then in the Brock does it paper to enter -- So content and bower bought mentality here today it obviously didn't. Two years to -- out in the Super Bowl we will talk about what happened there but yeah you're that you're -- Eight years that that team that in the -- and -- -- long time out at that ever seen it a very balanced team got rocked the world and we got. March on lynch we've got. Richard Sherman we've got everything ready to go got a balanced attack and what were talking about on your morning. And what. The weather. And it can be windy and you've got one heck of a trap out there could be entered in lots and agreed try to negotiate that really strongly in the clinic. Yeah let's get to the weather now. Yeah I've seen a 100% chance for a few hours and David Blake -- newsman were in around. And when you -- defined weathered another city and we do it here during hurricane season. It -- up the forecast to find one that you like the most of it has little or nothing to do with the let's get action actually happen so. It chance of rain a 100% are we talking and torrential downpours are we talking a drizzle here there -- definitely rain. You know I'll play like it in the order is where we're the worst of the -- Detailed a person and not on the -- then we'll be -- for the game. It's gonna be wet it's going to be really miserable tonight tomorrow morning. Yeah we're gonna have shower around at the time I read the story I think the big gonna hear the about Andrea brought out into going to be the -- -- -- -- It the window were talking about 354050. Mile per hour wind up during the game. Probably out there hello unique -- Easier. On our own currency. We have adult and -- -- out fifty miles now your meteorologists that tropical storm Danny and a tropical storm a ten mile an hour or stronger than a week tropical storm the -- Union league and I hear from. Well -- deal thing is I would be concerned other than the last time we played there was the march on -- -- a thousand times this week and is that we were out of running backs you amendment we do they called -- to play running back Brian that's how bad ones. That was a game of the of course workshop in game over and over and that. The -- and he actually shot. But. One thing that people here in Seattle up there would be very healthy respect saint. And what a lot of people -- -- keeping that we feel. They can handle the environment entry because -- such sold out crowd -- at Indian tent city -- one. I'd be on the same line -- -- -- people are saying you know the -- have been in that environment sure it didn't go back in December. It's not like they're coming into something that they don't know how to prepare for actually heard that on the -- -- they were cleaning up. Did they did I don't think that was to. Enemies of the conditions I think that was hard to remind them of the way they were humiliated on Monday night and get them ready Brian and you gotta go so most of the rain will be gone. Like kick off but you're talking about sustained winds in the twenties and gust of thirty to forty to fifty miles an hour. Yeah that's -- the other -- going to be the wind it's certainly that -- at the open stadium. The sticking Burberry are out there were. Of interest in Google and an incredible Brian appreciate -- time -- really deal -- a great game but again they -- to win. -- -- -- -- the wind but it's not a guy Brian thanks a lot Brian mining and meteorologists with Cairo TV in Seattle.

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