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1-10 8:15am Tommy, Saints vs. Seahawks

Jan 10, 2014|

Tommy talks to John Breech, an NFL writer for CBSSports.com, about why he's picking the Saints

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tommy Tucker get ready for the saints hawks' playoff game tomorrow and a lot of people have complained that the national media and in the saints any respect they don't government's. List. Week we're all about saints play outside came in on the road that cold is gonna disrupt him and one of the few guys in the national media. That disagreed with no that was our next guest on breach NFL writer for CBS sports icon morning John. Well thanks for taking the time listening very -- You nailed it last week with the Eagles game and and will look forward here tell me what you think is gonna happen tomorrow afternoon with the saints play in Seattle we just accuracy -- Seattle meteorologists and most of them. Range should be on -- kick off it winds sustained at one gust up to fifty. Yet that that -- Especially when you have quarterback like -- read in the top ten like that same day. Roads that probably Morton C are you so you don't wanna see gusts of wind up that -- miles an hour and New Orleans. I'd I don't think that will be a big issue yet when -- quarterback like Drew Brees he's been in the weeks since 2001. Think he's waited a -- Game the port so I don't think weather will be a big factor. Toward New Orleans. -- -- How did so tell -- John what it is that make you picked. -- the saints. Well I think a lot of people third biggest issue -- what I'm eating at that he talks. -- so dominant. And easy to army did New Orleans and that team back in December and make it down toward the thirty board that and we look at. Historically. Bad game for the -- -- that -- I think breezes or worse game. -- eighties -- a year. That was the best team -- -- the -- eat that played out and it was the worst game hands down more on talking even close. It was the worst game of the saint op them -- and they didn't even put -- total York. That would be only -- all important Portland. Didn't reached two yards I think it would equities at -- the illusion that it. Perfect confluence of events where he played one of their net gain in and it played one of the worst and you are not negate. You sport -- in -- in the -- and so. You know sharply in new breed they saw what they're up against Seattle and that the Smart coach and more quarterback. And I think the world and is gonna fine a lot of success that they didn't -- -- Seattle. Well John -- -- tell you what you know and sales they tell you when they say yes quit talking and so I and elect to go right now 'cause I like everything you said. Yet it it's just. You know I do understand why everybody is taking the talks. One of the reasons -- -- New Orleans last week is today I just wasn't completely buying -- they can't win on the road they knew going in. To begin at the Eagles Portland never won a road even -- -- history on the in the achievement. True -- that never run and won that game. Our player on the road. If you look at which -- has gone in the playoffs on the road you know hadn't been his ball -- you look at he -- game -- After the 2000 panties and they -- at 719. Blooper over Portland -- and two touchdowns and I don't think anybody. That logic -- what they would pick his spot they lost that. 4136 game called. Wait did you look at that game against the 49ers following an effort as you know -- throats for over 150 yards and four touchdowns. And again it would shoot out and once in. These were his fault that they want and I think that is what we're gonna see tomorrow. From the opposite. But such -- the matter of whether. I think he sent bring -- -- and I think it will after the way it happened I think he gained that weight on the seeing the first time around without them seventeen and not the first order. And I that would be something like that happening tomorrow. -- let's say you're right and we all know hope and know that you are on the other side of it who idiocy. -- at least in the other divisional playoff game who would you seizes saints playing in the NFC championship game. I would he New Orleans if that this and getting -- rematch of that game from two years ago a tough time. Seeing the Panthers beatings 49ers you have call and apathetic or. Two I think -- -- went with unbeatable on the road in the playoffs he had -- problems put you on the road we thought he did that. Green Bay beat falcons. An NFC title game at ease and and -- started -- -- require opt in and true Montana and Ron Amadon had combined in prince says go to a that excited people eager on the road and I think that the big part when you think about what a quarterback it would it would oppose -- game whereas. On the opposite that you're in Newton poignant hated. First career post season game and quarterback Peyton Manning Matt Ryan and Andy Dalton and tell you. Her career that -- -- erupt one. John -- I appreciate your time I hope you're right and LB had a great weekend. -- -- -- --

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