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1-10 9:10am Tommy, Saints bet

Jan 10, 2014|

Tommy talks to Gary LaGrange, the Executive Dir. of the Port of New Orleans, and Tay Yoshitani, the CEO of the Port of Seattle, about a bet they made over the Saints/Seahawks game

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Morning line by a lot of stuff going on Leno David quickly it was mentioned in the soup that -- for the the last. The Eagles game yeah accident vegetables so candy -- -- government has not had any and all week but -- embodies mixing in. Dude eat this suit out Jessica -- soup. And councils and -- chicken to lawyer out and announces that it can remember the T shirt that war is a lot of saints teacher you will now. And so many texts and and it's easy to promote the soups aids. Makes it's all over the front of -- of course you have been acquainted by analysis kind of ratty and that's cool listen to this real quick Tommy -- who'd had an Illinois last week. I was gonna -- pop guys who were snowed in a I want dated this weekend and I'm afraid to jinx it I'm eight months pregnant and my hobby is open for a blowout because he's afraid a close game could cause me to go in a labor all man god bless whoever sent -- -- I'm at Illinois let's talk to. A couple support guys here we can take you know -- Connie this yield of the port of Seattle. Good morning nice to meet yet. Good morning nice to be sure that you provide immunity on the show. Thanks for coming on and of course a friend of buyers and their body knows Gary LaGrange executive director of the Port of New -- morning Gary. -- so let me get today the real serious business. That with the saints in the Seahawks let's talk about some of the things you guys do for a hobby like running -- boy. Who. We do with how do you determine ports size and I guess business that new law Orleans does is opposed Seattle whoever want to jump in here go ahead. I'll yield to tell me he's against. -- that area and that have you on the show in our area. I'm sure will be seeing each other person vote. You know it's by Syrian. New Orleans is -- well our sports. -- is the -- Seattle. And -- -- perplexing for Jerry Jerry is. The premier commuters within our industries that a great job and I'm eastern reporter after Katrina has just been amazing yeah except those few Jerry. -- Seattle you know -- major port on the West Coast. Most of our business it's route that would Asia as you would expect Japan China. Career and so forth and most of our cargo is can gain since sir general cargo. We've been around for a about a hundred years. Band what are the aspects that I think you may be of interest since we have. Would go over the Pacific nor -- fishing fleet. And we can't force somewhere around and sleep until about 60% of the suspect it's consumed. In the US. Comes through our ports. That's the first that caught up in Alaska and the Pacific northwest. And of course catch and very different from the Kerry as if that is sport and -- you it's basically. No regrets and sort of. They -- well. On today -- on the the Deadliest Catch -- that's where a lot of the Alaska -- goes on any maintenance right to CN. Right exactly that's part of our and it's a major part of our tortures. There there's some it just -- differences that I think I challenged -- point. A preacher Jerry and I. You know which are -- In blue -- The challenge beat your. All I think the challenge. The challenges certainly begins to more after the knew exactly. -- club marks. Us well there's -- challenges -- it would be it would basically catered to different market areas and Seattle -- pretty much -- at all. You -- and so and thank you for the time -- stereo differently so. Very diversified port. The hallmark of -- long ones. Missed out that won't break bulk cargo. That's article that's actually not in containers that's on palates -- wrapped with metal bands. Things so of the sort London metal exchange levels saw. -- -- robbery and so on and so forth. -- -- -- What were also built into the container industry the cruise ship industry. We have the largest last week facility in the Northern Hemisphere that we just opened last -- a lot of relief for. Or you will frozen products that we export premier. Poultry. Tommy poultry eggs poultry seems to be the name of the week. Yes speaking -- her old ruins but let's get to the -- now what is it between you guys. Well well we will -- alligator on proposition and all pictures. I'm not really sure I read your bill at a much it would help videos but he could exploit. The yeah exactly it's the sponsors. Sort of purchase both sides or sides -- it -- pretty large. Silly and. We've across Asia alligator notices against Janice and. Oh no I don't know. Because he's an assignment. Whatever whatever and deliveries made. You know other sentiment pretty much longer -- but depending on what country here get different turn to -- An alphabet which it you know quite generally if you go to restaurants that are expensive. Very good at it and day crowds as well. So that's what we're going to be putting but you know we really haven't given much thought to -- because. We're generally pretty -- and we're pretty confident that we're currently. You know it happens accountants say if I don't see some go to my grave regretting OK I gotta say this. -- -- that convinced that the Seahawks are gonna win or did you do it just for the development. This bill that I couldn't I couldn't go on my the rest of my life that I wanted to leave it up to him. -- about -- -- but I got to tell you Jarvis Green because you vote you up has also don't know these barbecue shrimp from -- reptiles. And today I just wanna tell you what can or quote from John -- are coached. We're bring out what -- taxable. I love it good luck to both young thanks for coming on the record.

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