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1-10 9:20am Tommy, Who Dat vs. 12th Man

Jan 10, 2014|

Tommy talks to Fitz in the Morning on 100.7 FM in Seattle and a Saints fan and a Seahawks make a wager over the Saints game on Saturday

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And I believe we're talking into fits in the morning David Gregory -- And Greg -- -- After me without men and -- you -- difficult definitely. They'll probably is that you know people would see that -- advocacy for the court -- well. You -- people get this morning. Everybody -- -- I was like oh man you really love the school them like element school but not that much. -- When I was eight -- actually did graves. Really the that it will be elected grave and witnesses -- probably dead and holes -- government scholarships so that the that the political football. And the -- little -- because of the explosives from a victory. -- Israel definitely because -- -- it was -- that was unfortunately I don't think you left and also understood them about it because that'll be different. It will be forever. All right -- dot Kia I really wanna give him to have everything about your life in just a second but but we haven't as a radio station in New Orleans. Right now station WW now they have been they would be called the conduct of our show and they want to place a bet for this weekend's game and I'm like you know what you can do that. I'm bring unity on this Friday plain and simple what are we talking about it and an talent a great question and one million let's -- you can pick up Tommy Tucker -- yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I yeah. It could put a little. -- first and -- how to say. Would you refer to -- New Orleans summit commentary OK it's handle low AW LIE enhance. And 008 RO LI NS new long ones not a lot of -- and are running gathered new long ones. -- -- You can make a mistake my -- this country partly the police she and New Orleans -- -- That's a territory. -- as reportage Yankee territory in Dallas cowboy territory. We have Mike from the parish on which is saint Bernard parish and areas here called -- mad did just. Not depart by Katrina but you know everybody from -- because they Wear white shrimpers boots. That's -- of their -- nation or not Mike good morning Radio One. So I'm confused are we betting a listener we betting Greg Scruggs. Well yeah. Greg want to hear the -- -- don't vote ultimately in the big until to level the Betty and I told. This is pretty I guess relatively mild bike from the parish couldn't tell what you will want to put up. -- -- -- -- A large -- -- adults. Hey give back a little cool. Particularly here from the -- and -- -- would be needed. So -- -- it. Into and they and a couple actual written even right. And on top of that. The -- -- and a Pacman he's gonna see that in the -- All of I don't think that we we have. One of our loyal. I'm -- industry. Eight logo on the back and why it. The Seahawks lose right into the hawks lose -- even happened. I trash man -- freshman Mike does it. Treasury and you need you need to yup the NE a little -- has thrown in some new wall and stuff for -- -- -- king cake which is. Probably the most militias have ever had so what can get what can you sweeten the deal win. We -- Padilla and Starbucks I elect. -- pretty rare stuff you don't find that everywhere I don't think. And and just sand. Seattle's greatest copy how about that giving Seattle -- in that -- called Allendale incorporated -- -- -- a big the most recent pace from the fish market must buy yet must be related costs you don't even know the name. Towards my friend. -- -- -- become apparent in the united mcdannold wrestling match and mentally forget about the bad. -- people have confused Greg kneipher Quincy -- wanna do that. Let me ask you this we have a deal and trash man Mike you put not some stage from Seattle. Would say Seattle's best coffee. Shop and save and logo and backe had Mike from the parish are you willing to except is that. -- -- I'd sounds great so -- to do is this will. Put a body on hold you guys can get back to work I will as well Deborah quick from Greg I'd like to get his take on the game in his. I don't he wants to give a prediction or not but just he's seen a film like Greg did you play in the first game. I did and I had knee surgery this is so I didn't play in the first game but I of that the global vehicle watch also helped and I don't think he knows what he I don't I'm. I don't I don't bad told anybody the game the yet to be played -- -- that he engaged but. I think the match up are you that I think. Now I think Drew Brees will come back better than last time I honestly do. -- -- it'll be it'll be so. What the environment but you gotta run the ball being given read given history. We have attitude is that your run defense and you'll have struggled -- until about the blatant to run the ball. A home split but you would likely current move quickly that. Well you know Saturday you know single player out -- in New -- very poor operating results a home. You know I think it would be a great day and you don't make it to forward without having to -- on building your program with debris -- Mark Ingram has really been run the ball really well you got more difficult than -- out of the month. And a home. Immigrant drug want to say yeah. Yeah. About it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- any serious real quick in terms of whether we talked to. Brian Monahan earlier meteorologist with Cairo TV say even what could he said that did the brain should be over with -- kick off for the most part but the winds are going to be a big deal 22 miles and hour sustained. May be a fifty -- Natalie that he had -- the Friday Saturday actually they're on the coast appear they're expecting X 75 mile per hour wind -- it's gonna be some some great weather coming not used to playing in her right -- we. How hot -- we know how to deal with the crap that are likely to get a and a -- man you can't be right well man period. Now did you guys. Did you guys know what they did -- new loans highly paid at the Seattle logo on the on the saints' practice field how is Seattle area reacting and that. We don't care only did I don't care at the -- that he had a field. I -- is that it knows no disrespect but that's still worked at like article. Do you have. Continued -- wouldn't. Do it. -- a -- of the TV debate that that the global. So apparently -- describing. The area of the longest you say no disrespect you can say whatever you want right. I felt like here in the south we say god bless them. God bless -- but you know they adapted their kid's face looks like a dog's -- and the god bless -- -- you know. I'd look we enjoyed talking -- -- it's Ellen Randy and Greg Scruggs resettle up with you Monday morning Mike from the very she good. I didn't freshmen Mike you good freshman Mike tracked -- Mike are good. I am very. Mike what do you do for eleven I'm just curious. To know -- and a pair of black -- Yeah -- no not me when he talked about come on Mike and the Irish are. I probably well. The uniform of the united 888. Make fun of that -- animals aren't done yet. Twelve and that they. Teach you -- -- saddle up Monday thank you all the they -- I would -- Monday.

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