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1-10 9:35am Tommy talks to Mayor Mitch Landrieu

Jan 10, 2014|

Tommy talks to the Mayor of New Orleans Mitch Landrieu about his bet with the Seattle Mayor over the Saints/Seahawks game

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You know David I never like to toot my own horn but it -- so many nice text here after that segment with the Seattle radio station Algiers street this one because it relates to the game. And says Tommy if the saints handled the Seahawks like you handled that Seattle radio show -- We have nothing to worry about opt opt for a man handle apparently I 930 time we have our guest whistler on this morning it was going to. Whistle and Gloria. Guess what it is like let's hear it. Yet to guess our mystery whistler glad mr. whistler get a little bit up and Kenya. The mystery whistler apparently bailed out mayor Mitch -- the morning. Soledad mystery you. On the. I'll lobby you about the disparity is that a great job. Thank you. That's a beautiful thing I like that from the -- the Philadelphia mayor Entergy sixty years. You know that contribution that prompt. Descent to the needs and not -- -- it. Out until night. -- -- -- more victories is is likely but luckily we we to the -- Seattle yesterday was stressed out -- Equitable and you know -- -- -- cable you know likely that the -- do their jobs. So you know we will -- -- and now you know talk about it -- -- really good about it. Yeah I think machine. We I think you know really -- it should -- pretty well on. Bought a Gator -- regroup and we are. You know at an -- Angel -- -- opposite trip and again in the future -- You know and the like so after all that go out and out. It. At this weekend about feel good about it it's going to be a great game. I don't you don't see some by the mayor here Seattle pi Ed Murray thing is named in rated overall police department gets you to have a conversation about that. Wish her well let me as we promised double -- conversation about it. A home you know what we want play football so you don't like it was nine days yeah I mean he inherited a difficult situation like god it's gonna try to chisel out. I'll just go out -- -- about that particular thing. And actually Heidi they're operating consent decree -- they're operating under that degree as we are right now and it's a complicated formula so I'll try to taken some are sold out. You know option -- and some libraries and went to see we can. We reported together and make sure that we you know we can provide safe street trust in the sun -- -- to the -- -- on your -- Mail yesterday. We had some objective observers commitment with ticket got 101000 properties in street -- which is there. Goal that we sought for a sales which is kind of the fastest Japanese anywhere in the country. -- bought -- continue to be a problem you know what took office we have 40000 blighted properties which isn't -- sort it -- is number in America so. We are trying to -- the struggle that we -- that in the mail to increase ask at the end of the day ago I mean the best way to get rid of like people ticket property that they own. That's the thing that really has that happened in the got to give. -- enforcement move in the direction so we got the dust and not being good neighbors you know going to be penalized not to the extent that it's. Our real economy being in people's self we get the proper -- A little complicated because that's private property and you know take People's Court to get it done but it'll look at a personal responsibility compliant goes along way. And then finally to take and getting back into commerce -- the reading it ought to share sale polemic Milan Italy no question about it but we all -- What do you call -- about -- I think it's executing the estate or something like that where. That the surviving kids get together and and decide what they're gonna do it they'll have to vote and however work at. Everybody knows what happens there's object people don't know who want to property are you know someone died only a little adjustment and that is ownership of the property and previously that there. You know it's just not which is about to block the major commercial -- in this city it's so bad result bought property. You know companies and you know the taxpayers should I have to go put. Nickles the majority particular prodigy you take down the candidate who got it you know we get very aggressive about enforcement because it really treacherous. The other vitality -- city but the good news as. That will reorganize it was what got 101000 down which has you know beyond people's love -- imaginations and we get to keep working harder. Because at the end of the -- whatever property commerce. You know to the extent it's possible -- -- -- what you want to -- occupied commercial space. Let's be serious talks football you lose a little luck now let me just say well versed -- -- will we get it delivered to consecrate. But we're trying to shore up domestic and more across seas and Greg -- the other guys that are not as -- on top of that you know for another crawfish -- makes an antique. App that -- pocket crawfish can take -- he can and it's like you tonight. Demand for Seattle to -- a evidently a famous doughnuts are there. And actually -- -- note that five that he is sending out some of that you know -- some of that Saturday I think it's a special man. That agreed to do that of course we try to do some community relations work. I'm in each respective cities as well I'll think we need -- I really feel good about the -- -- what they like so much about him and coaches but they're really Smart. -- and they as you've seen them all put it over the year for first second it will really kind of reorganize themselves around. You know typical situation particularly the first and second quarters and now we're at a point two weeks a look at what capital SW up there. And I think it was a really company -- its own and feel really good about. All of them being able to compete especially in the stadium which is really not nearly as difficult as what people -- last week -- Philadelphia although the noise level early on we used to do -- You know an -- just -- feel really good about it. Island -- in wanting -- we go get a Texas says the mayor was whistling a money grows on what you. No I guess you may be good that'll. Get you beat nation authorized. Apple bought it goes. I indeed thank you mayor Ike and I am not -- and I -- land route with his -- with Seattle.

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