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1-10-14 10:10am Don Dubuc: on Jindal's Presidential chances

Jan 10, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and talks with Dr. Robert Hogan from LSU about Bobby Jindal's chances in the Presidential race.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Governor Bobby Jindal what does his chances now on getting at the White House in fact that is the topic of our. Ready opinion poll question this morning. Does governor Chris Christie's -- scandal improve governor -- those chance at the White House. It's early in the returns of -- on -- unscientific poll but 76% of you saying no it does not improve his chances. 24% say yes I don't know what I should interpret that as you don't think this is gonna bring Chris Christie down. Or you think that government Jindal doesn't have much of a chance even though Chris Christie. Is in trouble because of this don't know which way it is if you wanna explain that that call us at 260. 1870. Toll free number 8668890878. And I text message board that comes directly into the studio. Is 87870. But please remember to text responsibly do not drive and texted is illegal if you texting. Have a designated driver. -- all that being said let me introduce our guest this hour doctor Robert Hogan doctor Hogan is a professor of political science at LSU. And a frequent visitor on our station Robert thanks for joining us. -- good now what do you think is the depiction now for a for governor Bobby Jindal. Now that Chris Christie seems to be you know sinking slowly in east over there. Does this increases chances or does he really have much of a chance indeed think he has possibly. Been doing a little bit of self grooming in some other folks grooming him for the White House these past 456 years. Yeah I mean I think that certainly has has been what -- been up to I think the fact that he is. Form this political committee. That is. Attempting to account -- achievements and his policy positions and the fact he's traveling across country. Constantly and certainly in the last election cycle itself. To raise money for other candidates doing favors for people he hopes he can call on. In the future in he is going to be running so I think he's been doing everything in -- and probably treatment. -- -- -- -- but detectable. Are cookbook. Approach here of how you go about building a national constituency. And he has been using every opportunity possible to draw attention to himself and and citizens. His brand of Republican politics so. I think David hitters. Comments last week last couple weeks. Which he says well you know it basically -- did he expects him to run. For president is not something that term is should come to us. To take anyone by surprise and put it that. Do you think then then he has. Achieve this position at the expense of Louisiana. Or he has he actually changed Louisiana to put that as another feather in his cap to come build up his own stock in what -- to the nation. That's a very good question it's would you want those. One that political side as often talk about you know -- is is is is doing good job in your current positions something that you'd you know use. To help you in the next opportunities to. That presents itself and I mean he did -- that he has detractors often pointed to examples of things he has done. Which helped him to to burnish his image and his a cultural warrior a fighter for conservative principles. Nationwide but may not be in the best interest of of of his constituents here here at home. People write things like a few years ago org slash talking about the in the budget crisis the large budget hole. And one -- -- raising revenue. Ones to raise the tobacco tax something that would put we have in line -- surrounding states. And -- was adamantly opposed to that in his detractors said this was. Bobby Jindal hope when he to preserve his image as the tax cutter of all. -- comment that is something that it wouldn't have sat sat well with -- national constituency and -- -- to raise taxes. And so a lot of people use examples like that to point out sometimes she doesn't necessarily do what's in the best interest of constituents another prime example of courses. The expansion of the affordable cataracts -- expansion of Medicaid. He was among the governors who chose not to except that and a lot of people abuse that is. Merely playing two -- staunch conservatives. Staunchly. In a fiscally conservative base at the national level. To demonstrate his his credentials as as a as a budget cutter. And so he didn't do that which a lot of people say he's not necessarily in the best interest of constituents. Here in Louisiana. So overall would you say that jobs and he has done in Louisiana. Would be something that he would want to show off in a national campaign. All right what -- colleges -- it to the side because there might be some people here in the old state where he was governor. Who would speak out against him and say look we -- him as governor was terrible you don't wanna present. Where and his and his poll numbers have gone down over the last year and a but but the just say I mean I mean. First team to win the presidency you first have to win the nomination the Republican Party. And the Republican Party these days is dominated by activists. Who liked his brand of -- -- fact that he did not accept Medicaid they liked the fact he didn't raise taxes that he is. Using forms of privatization. Of health care and education reform they liked that about it. And so he definitely gonna tell. That's what he's talking about a secret trials across the country. I'm hoping that the candidates raise money is that he is touting this conservative message in his hope is. That in 2015 between sixteen. -- presidential nomination process gets under way there. That Republicans nationwide pool will want -- conservatives. Perspective. On policy making which is which is quite different -- frankly from. Christie's. -- -- brought Chris Christie earlier his his brand of Republican politics I think for the most part can be best described as pragmatic. Someone for governor. For variable state. -- that's Republican. Have to do things in order to it's sort of got to be more in the middle. Gentle. Red state -- had to do that and so that's what people like McCain said. Few days to go home and not -- Morgan's. That Christine agenda would be a good care you have the more pragmatic. Republican paired with a more ideological. Republican in gentle so. And that and then that's often what you see see this balancing in in tickets. So. You know it depends in and did. Bobby Jindal fortunes and depends in large measure on on how the winds go in the next few years from Republican party's. Are they going to be seeking someone who's an ideological. Social conservative. Fiscal conservative. And and that is something -- that's the place and ideological spectrum is trying to position themselves. And right now there are lots of them like that right there's there's rubio there's Cruz. And story and our -- Rand Paul. Who were trying to Sosa bats that part of the ideological spectrum is crowded right now and that's what people thought you know Christie was was. Good at. Because he was in in sort of the pragmatic area where there's not as much. There's not much competition for. -- so. It's really can depend on where the Republican Party is. A year from now. And whether or not they're going to be in the market for the type of -- Candidate like like Jindal is is trying to stop and so. Very interest and we talked a professor of political science and L issue doctor Robert Hogan. -- gonna talk about Edwin edwards' political future but right now we're talking about the future of governor Bobby Jindal and his chances at the White House. Perhaps improving now with the situation with Chris Christie. -- Hogan historically looking back. Has it been a good thing for states where presidents have come from you do they do -- little -- -- home cooking -- Today more have a tendency to use their state to their own advantage and once they get to Washington well in almost forget about Louisiana. Or. Does it may be even bring and economic boom to the state because it gives it some exposure having the president I guess as the president. She is popular across the nation so becomes his home state. Yes that I think that of the I think that suited to the benefit if there is one two it is is that it brings. Attention to the home state. And especially as governor read the chief executive a lot of people start -- you know they're pulling back the curtain and if you want to run for governor you run for president. Let's see what you've been doing in your own state and they have been in the national press. Religious sort. In particular the critical look at the state. And and and so you get more attention and then that that can be good -- to the extent that publicity is that's only good thing that's what people say. You know. People pay attention. To the state and that might stimulate some degree of economic. Vitality of a and subway but you know. That is a double edged sword I mean they -- look at table will look worse Louisiana it. Is still the bottom of all the good lesson as people say -- always had a couple bad lists and that hasn't changed a lot in the tenure. Gentle. And you know. So you know I think that's a whale Lotta people will I -- but I like a -- You know that the key part of that does the presidential races two -- race the first first thing he had to do is -- to support the party activists. In the Republican Party. And win their support in order to even get get nominated. I would just got a minute or so before the news we come back we're gonna talk glib about it when that was the last question for -- for this topic. Chris Christie did he do the right thing by holding to our tell all press conference should he have kept as mulch. Well that he had any choice he had to come -- and there was no he couldn't have bottled himself up. And it was necessary to come out and and the -- -- That he gave in in the apology. I mean that was something had to do. But I don't think this is going to be in beauty ended that -- is just the very beginning I think a lot of people were going to be coming out and saying okay. We you know we've had some problems with our traffic system and Walt why is that yeah. Was someone for being punished for that they're gonna start asking well you know some places maybe got some benefits. That they didn't think it was going to be getting I don't know you know. To the budget Procter processors. So a lot of people but they're going to be going back in and asking lots of questions. And this is just going to be the first of these types of press conferences in which he's gonna have to account for a lot of things a lot of people. I think have a hard time swallowing. Hard time. Bull buying that notion that this was simply an isolated incidents you in debt for some reason. You know they picked this particular count to suffer. And that's never happened in the past. Before. That is something that's that that lacks credibility I think. And I think that is gonna do nothing but but mr. more and more and more questions and more investigations. I think. Christie's chances at this point or are pretty low. It is you know that the whole incident. That's -- into the notion. That people have said about him for the Houston police. And uses you know New Jersey type tactics except to get things done and this is you know and did this as just the beginning and so. Now one thing I think is certainly in the -- and open up the -- all across the nation that you know person national commentators now sing in the it is not the news is just a political gain in the way it's played. You know they hold people hostage with things like this all the time and I think now is going to be more scrutiny and more -- will be uncovered of this nature. -- they would they were gonna -- a news break we'll come back we will talk more about Edwin edwards' political future. You listen to the think tank on the big 870 W Dario and welcome back into the Friday edition of the think tank come down to -- -- for -- and -- and it go back with you on Monday. This how would talk to a doctor Robert Hogan a professor of political science at L issue we have discussed governor Bobby Jindal future as far as the White House. In continuing to ask you to participate in our unscientific. Already opinion poll question which is. Does governor Chris Christie's bridge scandal improve governor Jindal stance at the White House. I'm not much change 79%. Saying no it does not 24%. Saying yes it does cast that vote on our web page at WWL dot com. Phone lines are open for you to 60187. If you wanna join in the conversation we also have a toll free number. 866889087. And if you wanna text please text responsibly. Don't know why -- driving is simply -- 787. -- doctor Robert Hogan joins us again enough find it very interesting and Ed when Ed was just does not go -- what he. He's still talking about -- not really talking a lot of bottom but these days there's kind of some little. Feel is being sent out that is a possibility his political career is not old even after he's been present. Yes difficult again politics that's -- system. When we knew Ryan and and the -- is someone who has lived it forces in from almost all of his life. Except what can the president. And it was difficult to do have a system I think can use this. -- somehow is flirting with the idea of running. For the six congressional district. I don't. Put much stock in that I think it is is probably. A -- -- two ways of getting attention. I think he's you know earlier he is the problem. This is television showed -- work out and not not much attention being paid him. In recent weeks and I think this is may be ways of getting back in the news. Is -- a viable candidate -- would you have much of -- -- I don't think so I think he's you know I think people. Clearly is someone has an immediate name recognition. -- managed. That's what was something helpful politics but. You know he has because the baggage it's at least in fact he's 86 years old it is is something to I think would. Would not worked to benefit. And I don't I guess I get happen. You know -- I don't believe it is this this is a real possibility. But he don't have fervent supporters in the state you know and this district -- one in the in the Baton Rouge area. But I don't I don't I -- got a lot of Stockton. I got a couple of text here in and this was something we talked about early but maybe you -- clarified for the text. He says could you please tell me why it's a problem that a governor from Louisiana may have the opportunity to be elected president of the United States. Well -- I don't necessarily say it's a problem I mean I think some people say it's a problem. If you have any governor who is. Governing in the way that benefits. His own personal political ambitions. Within the Republican Party. -- lose interest may not necessarily coincide. With those of the best interest of the state I think that's the argument that people make and aspersions cast -- -- -- Exactly I we have another text message that comes in Governor Christie should act surprised like Obama does on every issue. The press gobbles it up every Tom or quote Hillary what difference does it make. I would imagine for you classes this Chris Christie political incident is going to be some really great. Classroom material. May -- you might wanna comment on on what the text is saying is he should he just say me and it bothers me from the blind side. Lori Judy you know just own up to and say look the buck stops with me on the guy and I'm gonna do it takes to solve this. Yeah that that that's basically what he did in the in the press conference yesterday -- -- the high political theater watching this has gone. For nearly two hours. Defend himself and to stick to this ideas that this is. This is something you know about those -- I'm surprised -- You know -- the hard line he's taken witness that added here and think about it until yesterday. He -- that's where people are going to be looking to see if if in fact he did. Know something. And and that will damages his credit his own personal credibility. You know -- damage. With -- exposure this anyway. With with people believing I think that did that he fostered or certainly didn't try to diminish. Culture of that's. Getting back in bullying type of tactics in his office. These two very close and but it's gonna. Well we'll just have to see what happens if is their shoes to drop. More of these attacks or should -- emails are coming -- Today I think and may shed more light on what we. Is is it unusual that the Republican Party. Is kind of not really coming out in his defense or even making any comments as he become toxic right now in -- waiting to see how this is gonna turn out before anybody. At a support semen in what he's doing. Yes I mean this is the silence is deafening you don't have people. You know lining up in front of cameras thing you know Chris Christie in this guy's in this is so so. Different from the Chris Christie. And you don't have that. And and you're absolutely right people waiting to see. What more comes from and I think most people are expecting that term more is more is going to come -- certainly more questions are going to be race. -- just a -- that we pettiness of this on on any issue. And in that thing is that people can't figure out what is it that what was he trying to do was he trying to punish. The mayor there's some speculation and he was trying to punch the legislator who represents that area. You know that there isn't it is it really all of that isn't clear yet. So that there's a lot more information that's gonna come out about this and markets earlier I think a lot of people start questioned all sorts of things. And you know it's it's. He's going to be spending a lot of time over this year I think having press conferences like this where he's explaining. Himself. Politics very interesting -- -- at times doctor Robert Hogan thanks for joining us as always we appreciate. It. I -- goes knocked over Robert Hogan professor of political science and L issue.