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1-10-14 12:10pm Don Dubuc: on Saints-Seahawks

Jan 10, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and talks with WWL NFL analyst Mike Detillier about tomorrow Saints-Seahawks playoff showdown.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us this hour. Familiar voice on the station are NFL analyst Mike to -- -- joneses might you fired up for the game. Yeah rodeo. I think this is gonna be really calls football game. And I know they claim on the road it and the weather conditions are conducive. I'll put this off I've just got -- -- -- this particular point it's not stop their feet and also about a football these. But the one thing -- did all week equalized. A gain turnovers and that's something that grew through the saint got to get this football game. I -- a statistic that. Inning game when the saints have never committed a turnover they -- Sean Payton is not lost. -- that true that a problem -- that is that all it is really. Hybrids quite. Movement offensively they wouldn't take a lot of chances. Last week against the Oakland. Well now that you know it is -- open -- We gonna do it to heart -- all Mets and what they're paying any game. It takes away the wall at the world could get away. One of the things that. A lot of potential actually I wouldn't want somebody who has not -- Not necessarily been that cold -- It's been windy conditions. That cycle. For you. That the pocket away from it so to combat that. The short passing game. What all the polls that position or more like a big -- forward basketball. Poll that big tight end out with Jimmy Graham. Do you deal in swat and baucus calls -- -- yet flight ended probably the tackle. But on the be honest in his game. We knew what she and he did it shut them. They've been patient running the football. In the not villains. Is back this year they did it. This week in that big of patients. Told one that while. It's not a big unit in front of let the big guys but. What do you guys or -- You want a human god. You take advantage. And now the -- a little bit on them and -- got. That -- on the lap you put -- all that well what it is saying. We're at a point. -- -- only got a little bit of a theory on this like you to comment on it and that's what are called element of surprise and I think it's under rated. In the reasons why teams pull upsets so dwindled by the team's. And look at that this situation is 34 to seven mean Seattle handled it handed the saints but they played in May only have. Now in getting ready for a rematch. Seattle. Does not know what the saints are planning to overcome what they did that was successful of the woods the saints. They saw what what was going on and how they don't want I have very well prepared to deal with -- at this time. But by the same token -- into everything. So there's nothing for Seattle to prepare for other than what they did last time. And the same thing and do the same thing they did last time to think that gives edged the sites. One of the things done too. Is that despite -- Seattle about what the law. So I -- portable game comments you would not want you go back and the oil gains in twenty yeah. That was the last mood I'm in Seattle where law so you'll like him every year. So you're on the road that you would -- personnel. And -- from me with doors. It would it would Carolina ought to have Francisco that you you know Carolina you played quite figured out what differences go every year. So I think you become a big -- now that does not believe oil. That there is always a player to. -- individual. That is. -- -- -- But he's saying wow. Look at that play in -- in the white played the right time -- an unbelievable. I caught the ball toward the end. Season. Are in the -- for the -- -- real football player or an optical port that's now. -- awhile. Until the final minutes. And a lot rolled the ball in the -- defensive back doesn't play well. It'd be wildly but it would have -- you know put his name. You know -- in Baltimore Ravens comic -- and they weren't. In school boards. That something you can't predict right now -- we're gonna come up with that huge way. That is big change. Last year what would have been difficult -- -- a -- And it made those plays in. Yet it was you don't display. Let's -- them. To get that victory following importantly. There there. When it had been met and want. Under Tom Brady winning it. All of -- -- had he been written not cold all the way. I mean not out of football game. Development would not put this in the rate and what it would -- Accomplish. That -- and -- unexpectedly. That you could not predicting the time. We haven't changed the outcome of both those games the rape and a 10. Very likely that could happen tomorrow would talk with Mike -- -- a -- -- NFL -- we come back -- -- be up first I got a bunch of text and -- in the wanted to comment on it will be right back we get ready for the saints and the seagulls kicking off tomorrow right here on the big 870 WTO. And those of you who are asking for a saints music you asking you shall receive beginning and I would talk in saints in the seagulls is our columns of you have been texting me saying -- On the seat chickens on the Seattle water buzzards. There really is no such thing I can find as they see hawk. Closest thing you can find is a fish hawk which would be an -- brace so. In light of that let's just stick with seagulls they've been called the rat with wings -- this is Mike to get a WW LN FL analyst and Mike I got a text you have like it addresses says Don and Mike. About and funny isn't that so many implement it. Hum. Was asking about the weather conditions and I gave the prediction on the score. Here it is wind and rain will reduce passing in field goals. Teen who runs best will win saints win 2724. In OT that's from mark. Mike pride thing on the the wind and the rain you know wind if it's a crosswind certainly affect all field goals if it's blowing from one end zone to the other could help you on some and hurt you on the other. But as far as a passing game in the rain. I think it's always given the edge to the offense because the receiver -- quarterback know whether balls go on no the plan. The defenders the one that's gonna slip and slide when he has to adjust to make the cut. So I think it's going to be an equal thing as far as it does feel conditions what about you. I think field conditions if it's wet it's I think it was well. The windy conditions as -- -- they call. And sometimes. Nicole Pratt didn't think it's gonna get there and it does Bible. And got the one thing we wouldn't bet a lot of you've seen in the world -- conditions. Of the ball movement short. Well it doesn't quite reach the target point so -- -- that's why it's so that credit. -- haven't watched Jim Kelly all you do -- you talk about that whether it would be accomplished and what probably gonna win. -- don't do it just every once in awhile. What did we -- in the wet weather conditions are and that's what he'll tell you all. The -- can nationals there were so good all picked up. Sometimes don't agree with the call the -- in game it's. In the that it is well now more on. And then the number and. I think that some of the point here is that this week in or is that you. He's got great -- gotten any you've got greens going up against the young kids. And Cam Newton in college -- -- And rocked the world -- -- and -- -- and not paying for the young kids that doubles box of the global. Bare -- But what the Obama about it. But we wanted to get in the championship game that not to gain well greens in standing. And -- to run the football. And I did it setting. Because of -- -- I think -- -- -- -- a lot of young quarterback. Right now so you don't put it all up call Ron Russell Wilson did a good job. In the regular season game against the -- running the football and don't be read option play. Mike Bob before we get to Chris in Metairie or another text that comedies and handed him which you've been talking about says Sean Payton. As a propensity to abandon the run early when the saints fall behind. Do you feel any cuts it off too soon on do you need to keep that running game going and ought to be able past when you need Emeka and we need to play catch up ball. In that you've got out balanced got to run the football you cannot get away from I think one conventional bit last week work. -- -- ball up in the words but you adjusted. And came back in Madrid in the football great well in the second half. Insane that. The outdoor better hope that he didn't equals there's no question about it they're better eating the carpet secondary -- -- In disputed line backwards I think -- -- one -- -- which you can -- ended. Not a plug and play that because if you actually read the report all -- if I'm. On billboards -- will not -- dramatically. When they ruled that much -- got out ballots and got on the football. You can't get them. Just want a little football. And sometimes you're thinking shall get back. We want the idea of awkward form in the Eagles game. What that. Quickly they saw on -- the right way and the -- would ultimately to the right. -- -- Equal reps they did a great job they've got. Involved. In particular idea which is not cute you. -- let's bring Chris in real quick before the news Chris glad you're on the Mike detail yet. Yeah I was. Global. Yeah I'm. Okay. This could be a factor. You know but it now I've been displaced to campus and while some practice -- my dog. And it is like you know the classic game which operate and how he wasn't as. He was -- -- -- stop with you know over the digits garnered. They would two. -- say that -- -- this group can be five. Well others should be out there. They got belief -- -- We can't -- Seattle look out you know. My arm I -- so -- -- -- CO2. Because that repeatedly goes struggled. And will ever comes away what are -- -- saints have been loose ball well you know they -- in the second round. They beat got witnesses and by you know it is silly I like their chances. And I think it's gonna talk about Q. I'll Google and there's got to be a target he he's got to make right decisions. And he can't he can't forces to those in I believe they're gonna -- -- Right Chris from my thought it was meant to but it turned out it was -- two way it was Coen for. They have -- -- he had. That. Equipment. The -- in his spot. You'll lose -- all along has not been there all. It ended it well outline as. Great job a phenomenal job with all injuries taking this thing in getting in the divisional round. That. Assistant coach of the year before. What what job is done and all the talk about this great short -- port to build and gave them. -- -- but what do all of -- 02 in this game went. Michael got a break the news do you think rob Bryant could be defensive coach of the year. To turn around he's done. There is no question. Yet he says the -- to hear what took home court. And it -- a lot of the player I think they're able more than any team in NFL history. And you brought about why did the opening play gave -- -- But you've got -- top button -- that's the hope for the future although a puppy got. Of the outlook would be a big balls taken -- -- team to win another Super Bowls somewhere down -- All right Mike you going to be would -- after the news. It would I know I know you're busy guy you'd gone a lot of directions -- thanks to you Tom as always we appreciated. All right Mike to -- again on WW LN FL analyst.