WWL>Topics>>1-10-14 2:35pm Angela: with Paul Soniat

1-10-14 2:35pm Angela: with Paul Soniat

Jan 10, 2014|

Angela along with Ian Hoch talks with local songwriter Paul Soniat about his new tune "I'm A Who Dat."

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Truly truly. One of the gifts of this community is a man -- it. Many many many people who pulse Sony -- as the man who runs the botanical gardens at city park was the founder of celebration in the -- But they also know him as a great songwriter and singer. And so he emails me his latest song which is very -- net. And we're going to be playing it through out. The hour between three and four that policy on the phone with this now Paul thank you for sending that you were still -- on talent and. Hey there good solid all at the pleasure. To work with you contact your your verdict in the city. None I think it's all about the let's talk about you and your song right you were inspired -- On this song. Well now I -- in the grandstand. And stadium I was I was there in the first game actually early on. You can buy it. At that followed that gains to a stadium that you're under. Sixteen that the -- publishers. Kids and check that you brought up into the game. You know that. You know that. Olga. Go all the fans all. Members that patient I've tried it. How to capture what what am I believe the scene and also. You know records and -- -- -- because you know it was such a strong partner. That you got BO. And it just -- leader in the community. And also in a real change all that patient stroke earlier about the and maybe because a little bit of contribution to the -- on tomorrow. That take that as for. You all let me newly leased to think all the good earth and that's how I met and I would do we beat England gardening and planting at center and never knew of this interest in music. Or your life. Well enough I never really took a model -- -- you know -- started flying and -- college. College and and you know caught up in the law that so many great magician so you know it's hard. It's a little challenge and go out -- piano player in this town hall. But I remember you know all about our troops at the botanical. Remember on election years. And one very due to get. We got one camp. So. -- -- play piano. Instead you know really. I only played ball all that ultimately agreed music -- And that -- -- general under the try to do so I had about -- we are high enough music to play ball and try. Our culture and I was able all the -- on a number of people. At the end of the concert in a -- -- election CBS media. And that. And I really I really liked the crop by the music and completely that it's great their community. And the people enjoyed one. Well we cannot wait to hear this song and again we're going to be playing at throughout the next hour. And isn't ready yet but first a little -- let's at least a little snippet right now. Please. -- -- -- Kennedy. Emails. Yeah. -- And now I -- JUU. I'll quote very. Well if we -- if we wanna push it around owners are social media networks is zero website are you sharing online. You know I'm lucky -- -- so. And that it at a -- at all outlets by and I mean what I could do it wanted to post on W you know if people wanted to -- coming. It's -- that we you know I'm not looking to make its money where does it hopefully -- people play and get excited and and so if you yell that out that -- you know maybe it'll which little let -- I think people don't -- that some -- we want we get a lot of people sending us that are there -- attributes obviously even just listening back clip that that's a -- people are gonna love that they are and we do and we love you Paul sign again thank you practiced for everything you do. And -- here and the flight tomorrow it would who get on. -- -- -- --