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1-10-14 3:10pm Angela: on Saints-Seahawks

Jan 10, 2014|

Angela talks with Todd Menesses and T-Bob Hebert about the Saints upcoming playoff matchup with the Seahawks.

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Right OK okay wow from. We're feeling good yeah -- router bit fun. 24 hours away from the game big game that special events in Seattle. Where we will be just with grace and purpose. Over the next hour we'll talk about what needs to be done. With two of my favorite destination Todd Manassas co host of fans first take T Bob hey there co host a double snake on three WL. Guys thank you for being here thank you very happiness as always pleasure it's going to be a glorious mountains and lot of talk about a -- got. We do have I'm I'm I'm really just an older. Crank your version of Cuba we have actually established in this between the video games in the comic books that's essentially what it boils down -- well that makes me extra lucky to have that -- Two generations of people get everybody up at on generations. Let me tell you I have to say something yesterday Todd was on -- beautiful job I loved every minute of it. And I literally left the station last night more inspired about why the saints win. Based on something he sent which was in essence that kind of peaked in their own way that the Seahawks yes in that. That it isn't going to be the same game that they haven't done as well and in fact we have done a lot better and it kind of put it in perspective and I thought yes we aren't and went. I'm asking all of our listeners. -- to. Are you concerned. Are argue very very optimist and I think we want to hear from two. I wanna hear from UT. Well I think that's really seen that Todd said that because that summing it. I didn't really notice until listen team. I think Tuesday afternoon took double agent my dad's an and he was kind of talk about Russell since that is less court season. And when you look at it. It really seems like the Seahawks might be in a bid of -- outpost big saints game anger over Russell Wilson duper 32 in that game played pretty much perfect -- -- great job. Bottom Marshawn Lynch but since that game. He view for 199206108172. So nothing that impressive at all and when you look at what the saints have done since that game bar in the bad Saint Louis gain that beat Carolina and now. About playing very well. A tough Carolina loss on the road in which at least it deepens played accidentally in the -- very good performance against him Bain and obviously. First ever road playoff game last -- I think the momentum. Is in the saints -- at the plane that wild card round. -- kind of adopting that road warrior mentality. Seems to really be working in their favor and I mean. I in Russia will secure almost fool you with how mature he comes off and the fact that he is the first ever NFL quarterback. To have his first two seasons over hundred quarterback rating but. He ate a lot of pressure he's got to be nervous last year -- he ought to still kind of hot commodity they came on late. -- not too much was expected them on -- in Miami running the Super Bowl. Would they lost in Atlanta it was kind of like you know all predictable this year they carry that torch all year. They've been number one in the power rankings every week. They you know they they were undefeated home for almost two years until. Arizona beat them so all the pressure is on Russell Wilson and that Seahawks team to live up to one -- that reputation. Please have something Tom Burnett is also said that he's not sitting in the that in essence the media in pass defense and passing out at. Is really focused on San Francisco and it's like we don't count. And that's offensive. Yeah yeah it's a little and when you look at national media did not as a lot of people are just count the seats out and you know objectively. I did it work on the region talking about Russell Wilson being under pressure like where can we count upon a chink in the armor of his very good Seattle team. But that's what separates -- ball. From baseball from basketball is that it's winner take -- notices the seven game series so you don't have to necessarily be. The more talented team Europe to have more town on the -- he's got to be. The more talented team for those four quarters for those sixty minutes and anything can happen once you kicking off. Plus the national media they're trying to safe face let's faces at the beginning of this season. They'll picked Atlanta to go to the -- yeah at all. They all miss him -- picked Atlanta and San Francisco to be playing each other in the NFC championship. Well we can't get the guy we said was gonna go to the Super Bowl where at least we're going to be right about the other half and we'll have that in there and and and really a lot of them pick that waited to justify what they did the beginning of the year. I think it was what seven -- nine of the national guy's head. The Atlanta Falcons in the Houston Texans in the -- -- idea and those are the two teams that were eliminated first from playoff contention solve there you go bald guy. Those two tees. I think due to multiple. Guys you have in their life is to covers sports rise and those two teams they get bigger as more people work. Did -- so maybe and so the national guys don't know everything that's based we will still have to play the game is about depth. You know the saints right now. With what they did last week we had the money Jones on the show earlier he -- damaged and Eagles that. And that they were actually fourth in the NFL. As for his yards per rush a layouts they really had a lot of pride. In their run defense and over and saints went out there put it on the 180 yards rushing an average of five yards -- And when you look at it statistically Seattle straight lies -- their secondary in their past deepens. The rusty it will be good is about fiscally even with the Eagles so. I don't know I mean I don't think it's eighty loopy a little bit because -- -- we've really done it one game. But you can build of this momentum. Have success early run ball stick with me that's like you can't get down seventeen nothing. Like he did last game you need to be able to stay and it on the ground. I think it's also mostly though when you look at the national mean the things that that they like to talk about it and point out. They'll overlook certain things and it doesn't agree with what yeah they want the picture to look like example as I said they're all talking about the 49ers winning. In Carolina and I'm giving Carolina any respect I've got some friends over there Carolina fans were upset about it. When you look at the stats there's a stat we just pulled up today which we all shake our heads that it. Over the last thirteen times Carolina in the niners have meant. Carolina has won twelve time they're twelve and one against the niners that's why but no once mentioning that overlooking it. I mean that's that's when you know -- team and it look and a lot of those years. Four batters were good and Carolina wasn't good but I still managed to beat the 49ers. And you know -- I I think also win when you look at that game statistically. In Carolina for nine image so -- in every almost. Different statistics office to statistics their neck in neck. Pretty much everything -- a coin flip. I don't know how popular about a I think the 49ers may be -- didn't a lot of respect for waiting Green Bay last week but. Also like you said -- put a perspective that degree -- team that was what 87 and one. Aaron Rodgers just coming back off of injury. So I don't want to describe the niners but to have the work cut out. They're going to Carolina and -- hostile environment. I think Cam Newton is a big game player I've worked as far as playing against him in college I've seen him show up in big situations he did he get to states this year and he did he gets a forty niners in San Francisco so I don't know what's to say they can do British pounds I definitely agree that made Sampras you'll will too much. OK I want everybody to stay with this Randy and Richard I appreciate those calls were gonna get to do but now -- take a quick break. We have top Manassas and team up with -- stay with us. And that song -- health Sony it guys garden for all of that was there. Singer songwriter about town this is his latest book about the fan. Very important. I'm so thrilled to Bob and Tom Trotter here I just wanted I don't know if you saw this with inoperable street journal and the Seahawks. -- -- See at Seattle's defensive defense excuse me relies on a brazen tactics rampant interference. Are you aware of this. I was unaware of that but I just want to read this on ritual to respond okay. Quietly the Seahawks have. Achieved a thirteen three record and home field advantage about the NFL playoffs. By exploiting a loophole. And it fell ref -- are reluctant to throw endless flags for pass interference and defensive holding even if defenses deserved them. They look at it and say we may get you know called for one but not tan said Mike -- former NFL vice president officiating. You'll agree with that the they're playing like yet. Now they're playing their plane very close very lot of bump and run a lot of close to the edge -- mean it's a lot of their their very in and they're very good at doing just enough to where there -- freeze like it was that. I don't know I I'm a -- of a Politico because if you throw too many flags and they know this. Then you have the fans and then the media saying they just let the guys play let them play quid pro acquitted -- after the game just let them play so it. It's there's that there exploiting it yet -- that's exactly what it is an exploit really it's kind of funny. And I think it's more come the forefront this year has. I do like the patriots have kind of been doing this their wireless do you think back. It in the patriots game two man team where he would do terrible all the sudden. It's a pretty happy contacted it's like you said -- that rests not. Gonna -- the flag every time does it slows down the -- too much when I'm gonna be interested in how Xena -- gonna combat this. He's got a few teams doing it and it's coming to the forefront we're talking about it. What does the Wall Street Journal Wall Street Journal I mean that's so it's definitely not really flying under the radar anymore. And we have to think of something we hate it it's a tough situation because there's no there's no real. Sure fire black and white answer here because even in. The interpretation of the call you know there's so much gray area. I mean who was he played in the ball was head turned around is a lot because in each and every pass interference call. But definitely these these coordinators take advantage of the situation. -- make and it any easier on these threats very interesting let's go to some of our -- ran into more. Welcome back. Or -- Got to think about all the way and that's -- on up there it's our shot patent but it changes play calling or planning what he that. That's a patient that program is new China. It's still the -- -- all the pressure each -- there. Sort of deepens shelves territory with a surge or afford to look for the short. Other than that it won't likely ago -- for elected in Philadelphia on strike for about security even though it's very windy out there. Well first off let's get it is gonna depend which way the wind -- -- kids that's obvious. Secondly I don't know Shayne Graham kicked in Cincinnati which is a place that's known for its windy made the Provo Mary -- here for many years. Is is he gonna change his game plan. I mean you have to adjust your game plan for the conditions but as far as outright changing it. Maybe not I guess it all comes down to the situation is look we've all seen games outdoors where it's been very windy and right when they go to kick. The wind kind of dies down a little bit. Or just before they're about to make that decision the other with a win may stop or it's not windy at all and a gust comes out of nowhere in and blows the ball around so it's all situationally at the moment. Yet now it's it's it's kind of unpredictable but the main thing like Todd said direction and take you back probably guarantee -- shot added it's been going against you. Definitely it's sneaking it as far as three game and I would say the may be there's just going to be a bit of that heavier emphasis on the run. -- just advertised may be wet conditions windy conditions in the passing game that so reliant on precision. Like you re runs I mean you look at the windows they -- its balls in they're very small. -- age it is tough that's why he is so good that's why so few people can do it at the level. That he does into the wind might affect that -- an outlook for the -- kind of build up last week success. Run and thirty run the ball 36 times Korean past thirty I don't know that's gonna happen again I definitely look for them to try to get Ingram and that ground tag on early. And they get ready just one of the things you're talking about the coach who kick -- onside kick in the Super Bowl. -- so. You know the the Carolina game remember the rain came down sudden drew put on the gloves they continued to pasture. So the point he may he may stick with the his passing game plan who knows because they think he's gonna run. I don't know which Sean Payton hit a heavy and that it is today that -- here we don't. We're not in those meetings are not merely. As football Smart not even close to update yeah so like you really it's it's tough to get in his mind. With the we're gonna take a quick break we have other collars and now we appreciate you calling him but now let's go to -- names in the news. Yeah me because. Isn't -- -- Manassas here and we're talking things -- please give us a call give us your thoughts your concerns your hopes for Saturday's game. But you have something special time. Oh yeah look you know we were talking about this yesterday and it's been all over social media in. And -- Bob is seen as well via the NFL on their website they put together these little movie trailers about the upcoming games for this weekend. And what they did for the saints in the Seahawks. Was not very favorable. To the -- I haven't seen most saints fans are very upset about it as the should. They did it as this is going to be the sequel in Seattle we've been calling it that the sequel and in Seattle because we played him in the playoffs you know three years ago when -- They ran all over us and it was all kind of problems and this season we played their we lost again. So they made this like it's a horror movie in the saints are afraid to play there and it's scary in the be afraid and and so forth and so on so. I just say it's not it it is a sequel OK but it's not a horror movie sequel. I think it's a sequel of another movie that we all know in law. Let me tell you that -- could learn from time there. I got your father is great well bill I have to thank everybody. But that's that's the sequel were talking about yeah rocky lost in the first when he won and that's how -- how -- and that's the sequel yeah telling time. Now this is you know that we have a wonderful friend William Taylor who sends all kinds of factoid about -- and he said this yesterday we need to remember. -- in 1976 the saints beat Seattle 51 to 27 and this is right after they got him. Then. In this 91988. We beat them twenty in nineteen. Get this in 91 saints beat Seattle 2724. In the season opener. And Bobby de Beers returned to the club after the 1990. Contract dispute. Yes and I says in 97 we beat them when he seventeen in overtime it can happen. Elegant definitely happy no doubt about that this has been very good Seattle team but. Come playoff time it's team that's more inexperience in the saints aren't saints had more success in the playoffs your Brees is six and four. In the playoffs. This is it really incredible stat when you look at all the major quarterbacks. Brady's up there it's insane I think he's. I'm seventeen and seven. But that's a little odd because he started -- you know and his playoff career right excellent 77 cents. Manning's 9/11 -- six -- -- but breezed by far away averages more points in either those guys. With his playoff teams averaging thirty points -- -- and the saints can get up near their to get the saints score 27. 24 points are gonna have a very good chance to advocate I expect this saints -- come out with a chip on their shoulder. They there haven't listened all week about how great this young Stevens is granted in turnovers Seahawks have been incredible it's either plus when he seemed to -- to. But besides turn over statistically. This -- Stevens matches up right there with Seattle's Santa the only team in the playoffs whipped. A top by deep into the top five dolphins so distinct is -- go out there and play like who they are. And I don't think the stage is going to be too big -- I think that you have better -- and you have more experience stages gonna be big for anybody. Going to be for Russell Wilson -- second year quarterback. With the hopes of an entire city. An entire franchise. Really ride on his Blake has passed and -- played Marshawn Lynch and doing it. Averaged a little over two yards cared Russell Wilson played easily his best game of the season. Stay with -- We'll be right back but the two great guys this -- -- Okay we're talking the same thing every time the saints game and we have team Bob and ominous this year I have one last act. On November Angela are pulling out all the facts and yes you are much better doing just that I really do. In 1985 -- 27 to three loss to CN. It turned out to be fullback who recognized John's last and it -- game injured. And yes that's -- An emotional. Yeah Hokies Hokies got a little guy he's got more chips in the pot so they got to win one for the poster. And -- and I have not been pushing -- was -- that tremendous growth this is such a missed opportunity. And we got to mark tomorrow morning yeah weapon not tomorrow yet but the bottom line is we can't get out there currently. Wind early. Well we can't we can't get behind. Like we did last time you can't dig yourself this is not a team you're gonna dig yourself out of -- hole if you look at exactly Seattle only the games that they lost this season the other teams were able to keep it close. And if you can keep it close with him I mean that that battle with the San Francisco and San Francisco. And went back and forth for awhile this field goals and and one score than the other scored just staying close and Rodman out to be and the same thing with that leave Arizona that's how it stayed with them as well. In Seattle you can't let him get ahead of view because. That defense of that defense starts getting three and out three and out three and out. You're not gonna catch up no matter how far ahead they are you gotta you gotta stay really close that we can't have. The quick turn -- like we did that give opposite pick six which is which was a killer. In that game and hopefully you know hopefully this time around will do that and we have our first pick six of the season. And and don't get it twisted as good as a team. As Seattle is it gonna take. A couple breaks to -- the -- way probably yeah you can't have the two turnovers and -- daily. Last week game you might need luck on the way but that's not. A detriment you know that's not saying the mega -- -- in eighteen never won a championship. Has had something go their way that bad balls balance of weight gains it made me decide on the smallest. Of odd things that. Could have been a coin flip almost so this ain't gonna have to play their best are gonna have to get some breaks but really. When you look at this Seattle scheduled go back to -- finish to last quarter of the season as strong maybe it's because they don't have as much plea for. They were -- into. And when you look at the season as a whole. How many really good offense they play I mean they'd be now granted the saints they shut the saints got the best -- played actually shut down but. Besides that -- down this list there's not much there Samper and dolphins -- -- Jacksonville. Soda. The giants -- Russo. Really the only other one I'd point out there that may have been good all that is Indianapolis and they actually beat him down before 28 so. The look into I don't know it's just you know the optimistic side that bands I've delusional optimism now let's talk about. But I sort of feel good about it and maybe it's also the -- trees and gives this is my first year. Being on the radio during playoff run like mr. playoff time and it's a lot of fun now and I've wanted I want it to continue. -- -- not offense you know football is it's a great game as -- center but it really bonds people everybody else in this community has a conversation. A complete stranger you have something to talk about it. When it's so true and it's funny because this morning on double coverage we had dwindled pierce drama the wire two man earning him and -- copy on. And both them win without being -- Debbie pushed that direction. Both of them talked about the extremely unique relationship. Between the saints and the city of New Orleans. It's it's more they need is and other places as a city that truly. Truly likeable leaves in dies in this team they -- it can affect the whole mood how everybody acts on a database it just really not seen. Anywhere else in the country and in news Super Bowl after Katrina and how to -- of the World Series back everything it's just it's. Interesting to hear that come out of people's doubts about us pushing them that urged Reno asking he got questions and of their own volition. They they they talked about that relationship and that's and that I think coming from Atlanta. Having experience. And other -- seen how they operate. I think it's completely unique to stay with us we'll be right back. -- thinking about tomorrow it's going to be as good. And it's very positively again I think he's and -- and if you are no -- alike both thank you thank you so your final thoughts. I think the -- just said this this morning I think they win now 2724. If there's ever a week to -- objectivity out the window and just -- the hearts this week. I think a story for seventeen -- they keep it really close and instead of the field goal of -- when I think they. When the with a touchdown via I don't know very -- Think I'll remember these were. All of us watching on Saturday thank you guys very very much steak every kind of this weekend than we've seen on.